Children live in these 4 types of families. It’s hard to think of them as good or not. How much does your family account for?

Children live in these four types of families. It’s hard to think of them as good or not. How many do you occupy in your family

There is a kind of child called “children of other people’s families”. Not only are they good at learning, they are also talented and polite. See how good it is to look at your own children. It is even more dwarfed, and it also makes people wonder, why are other people’s children so good? 

This question is actually not difficult to answer. Many children know that their parents and families must also have their own advantages. 

Like Mao Xiaotong, who has been very popular in the past two years, he is beautiful and has good acting skills. Dancing is also a good hand. After falling in love and meeting a scumbag, he is also simply agile. 

Such Mao Xiaotong is definitely a “child of someone else’s family.” Many people have seen reports that Mao Xiaotong’s father slandered Mao Xiaotong on a show and asked her for alimony of 50 million. They couldn’t help feeling that she was a bit pitiful, and that her excellence was hard-won. 

In fact, Mao Xiaotong’s excellence is due to a reason, and it is inseparable from her mother’s childhood education. 

Although she was abandoned by her father when she was a child, she did not know it at the time. After her mother divorced her father, she devoted herself to nurturing her children. The versatile little fairy. 

At the same time, she supports herself and her children by herself. No matter how hard and tired she is, she also leaves her love to her children. She has created an independent and positive female role model for her children, making Mao Xiaotong’s personality gentle and likable, and at the same time Independent and decisive. 

If there is no excellent education from Mao’s mother, then even if Mao Xiaotong’s father is not such a superb scum man, then Mao Xiaotong would not be so good. 

Parents admire the excellence of other people’s children. In fact, children will also envy the warm atmosphere of other people’s families. Moreover, between the family and the children, there must be a good family environment first, and then some excellent ones. child. When the family atmosphere is good, the children will naturally grow into “children of other people’s homes.” 

these 4 types Family conditions are too precious, nurturing children and intangible, more rare than economic conditions

Parents loving family

Now many people will sprinkle dog food for their parents with the sentence “Parents are true love, children it a accident”. This may seem like a spit, but in fact it is also a kind of show off. Growing up in a loving family with parents, even if the financial conditions are not very good, the child is very happy. 

Parents are affectionate, so the love between the two for their children is indispensable. They rarely quarrel and fight in front of the children. The children have a full sense of security and confidence in their hearts. They are more daring to try and have a more cheerful and generous personality. 

Parents with educated parents

When I was out to play before, I happened to encounter a parent with a child throwing garbage. The child reminded the parents not to do this, but he was taught a lesson instead. 

At this time, another pedestrian criticized the parent for not understanding what the child knew. The parent immediately started attacking the other person, and the child was soon frightened and cried. 

The child must be very scared and helpless at the time, but I believe there will be many times in his life. The parents themselves are not educated, and they have not set a good example for their children. There is also a lot of resistance for children to learn well. 

Families where parents value their children’s studies

Unlike before, parents now basically attach importance to their children’s learning, but many parents’ attention is ineffective. 

For example, I only care about the children’s scores, but don’t care about the children’s physical and mental state; they will only put pressure on the children and do not care about the children’s inner thoughts; they will only supervise the children and never take actual actions. 

This kind of attention not only easily arouses the children’s disgust and resistance, and becomes difficult to learn and ask questions, but also tends to become too psychologically pressured, leading to increasingly introverted or rebellious personality, and very depressed in my heart. 

The true emphasis on children’s learning should be to create a good learning environment and atmosphere for children from an early age, and not to promote the uselessness of reading in front of children. 

Don’t say bad things about the teacher in front of the child, don’t put too much pressure on the child, and participate more in the child’s learning process, such as thinking together with the child, reading a book together, etc., making learning a kind of child Habits, not heavy characters. 

Families that do not spoil their children

A family with the above three characteristics is already very good, but if parents like to spoil their children, the previous efforts will be wasted. 

Spoofing children can be said to be ruining and intangible and far-reaching. Parents personally make the children rebellious, disobedient and incompetent. 

Any process of progress and growth must not be smooth sailing overnight. Parents are reluctant to let their children go through this painful process, or always artificially protect their children under their own wings, so it is difficult for the children to have substance Sexual growth. 

Oranges born in Huainan are oranges, while those born in Huaibei are oranges. How the children perform in all aspects depends on how their parents cultivate. 

If parents fail to provide a good environment for their children to grow up, or provide a good education, then no matter how good the inborn advantage is, the child will be hurt. 

Compared with economic conditions, the way of getting along with parents, the way of getting along with children, and the educational philosophy at home are the important factors that really determine whether a child is good. 

The situation and conditions of each family are different, but as long as the parents realize that it is their own cultivation and the environment provided that determine the growth of their children. 

If you try your best, then it will be enough. The children you bring up will not be said to be very different, and they will not be bad. What do you think about the relationship between children and family environment? Breastfeeding in public on the subway, young women called her “spicy eyes”, and her mother’s two words silenced her.

The female friends who have successfully promoted to Baoma know that breastfeeding is a painful process, and there are also periods during the period. There are many inconveniences, either breast tenderness, or “soaking wet” in front of the clothes, and they are always criticized, especially the “breastfeeding in public”. 


I took the subway two days ago and I was about to get off, but there was a “small storm”. At that time, a mother was holding her child while sitting in the chair, crying from time to time during the child, and everyone did not take it to heart. 

Not long after, the child kept crying. The mother hugged the child and got up, walked through the crowds in the aisle, walked to the corner of the carriage, and then started breastfeeding. The child stopped crying. . 

At this time, a pair of young women who were standing in the corner of the carriage were not very happy, and then began to discuss, “What, doing this kind of thing in a public place is really disgusting.”

< p>Another woman answered, “Yes, really hot eyes.”

The words of the two young women made Bao’s mother very embarrassed, and then it was obvious that she was closer to the corner. In fact, Bao Ma also used another piece of clothing to block it, so it won’t affect other people. 

The young woman said again, “This is too embarrassing. Normal people don’t do this. The quality of citizenship needs to be improved.” After speaking, the two of them also laughed, and did not hide their voice. 

An aunt standing near them can’t listen anymore, and glanced at them fiercely, “If you are a woman, shut up and open your mouth for a smell.”

“When your mother gave birth to you, maybe it was too much. You want milk when you are hungry, and your mother has to open it up for you to drink in public. There is no place to cover it, not ashamed, and there is reason here. Discuss.”

I have to say that Jiang is still old and hot, and the mother silenced the two women with a few words. After the car arrived, the two women did not care whether they arrived at the destination. , I got out of the car quickly, or I would have to be stared at all the way fiercely by the aunt. 

To be honest, seeing this situation really relieved my anger. It is true that someone should speak up for the breastfeeding mothers, it is really not easy for them. 

Many people see the situation of breastfeeding in public, and directly applaud the superiority of their “quality” regardless of whether they are indiscriminately or indiscriminately. They always feel that the behavior of the mothers is offensive, and they also criticize and correct the mothers. , Is already standing on the moral high ground. 

The present mother Actually, many people don’t understand the real situation of the mothers at the moment. They always feel that the mothers are very leisurely. They only need to bring a child. In fact, the problems encountered in this process are more than you think. need more. 

Nowadays, most parents-in-laws in the family tend to be younger. They became grandparents at the age of 40 or 50. They still want to make more money before they reach the age of retirement, so they basically work outside. . 

Therefore, most mothers can only bring their own children, but the breastfeeding period is as short as six months, as long as one or two years. During this period, mothers can stay at home every day without going out. Do you buy other things? 

There will always be so many emergency things that need to go out for handling. At this time, you can’t keep your children at home, you can only take them out together. 

Children are not like adults. They cry and make trouble when they are hungry. They don’t know how to control their needs and emotions. If they want to comfort them, breastfeeding is the only way. 

Some people might say, why not use a bottle and just prepare formula milk before going out? The mothers who have given birth know that not all children are willing to drink formula milk, and there are even many children who are extremely repulsive to formula milk. 

Some people may say, why not squeeze the milk in a bottle? This is still a question asked by some inexperienced people. Anyone who has experienced it will know how difficult it is to squeeze milk into a bottle. The pain is not something that all mothers can bear, and they want to squeeze the baby out. It takes a very long time for the intake. 

Furthermore, from another point of view, there are no special breastfeeding rooms in public places in many cities, so that mothers have to choose the corners of restaurants, changing rooms, and supermarkets. Waiting for a place to breastfeed, these are really the next best thing, it is the best way that mothers can think of. 

Therefore, it is not that the mothers are willing to breastfeed in public, but are forced by many factors that cause the mothers to be “forced” to breastfeed in public. 

And now the mothers have a strong sense of privacy. They will use clothing or other things to block breastfeeding, and will not expose any privacy. However, some people still don’t give up and still feel this This kind of behavior is improper, and you have to criticize and accuse you to be more comfortable, in order to show your own quality. 

Let’s ask, it’s the same problem of breastfeeding in public. Why some people can turn a blind eye to it, some people can even cover it, while others are eager to criticize, and some people even take it too far. Mobile phones want to record and take photos, and threaten to upload to the Internet, so that everyone can see this so-called “indecent” behavior. Which side are you willing to stand on?

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