Children have these kinds of behaviors since childhood, which often implies that he is a hidden schoolmaster, and parents need to focus on cultivation

These kinds of behaviors in children since childhood often suggest that he is a hidden schoolmaster, and parents need to focus on training

Smart babies are the expectations of every family and also their expectations for the future of their children. 

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There are a lot of facts And research data shows that children’s IQ is affected by two important factors, namely genetics and acquired cultivation. Many children’s early IQ performance is not particularly outstanding, but later they successfully counterattack high IQ. 

This is because not all children’s IQ can be manifested. Some children have explicit high IQ, while some children are recessive, which can only be manifested through reasonable development and training. 

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Through research, it is found that children who often have these kinds of performances are likely to have a higher IQ. Although it may seem like a normal performance, parents should pay attention to it as soon as possible and pay attention to tapping the child’s inner potential. 

Several performances suggest you Family baby is a hidden learning master

1. Developed motor cells

Children’s growth and development will have a certain pattern. 

When the baby is born, it mainly sleeps and eats, but the baby gradually grows up, about three months or so, it will have a certain sense of activity, and can make actions similar to actively turning over; about six months old Will gradually learn the movement of sitting. At this time, his support ability is stronger and he can see more places. He is no longer limited to the sky when he looks up, but he can also see the colors around him. If you have more things, you will learn more and faster. 

Of course, this growth pattern varies from person to person. Some babies can turn around freely in three months, and walk crookedly in ten months. This phenomenon is a manifestation of the baby’s strong athletic ability and well-developed motor cells. And these children tend to have relatively better intellectual development. 

2. Focus on doing things

Mr. Ye, Master of Development and Educational Psychology, Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, pointed out: Focus is a continuous cognitive activity. 

It requires a person to be able to concentrate on and do something continuously, just like a practitioner who consciously shields all interference from the outside world during practice. 

According to research, a person’s concentration is inextricably linked with the development of the brain’s nervous system (frontal lobe of the brain). Generally speaking, compared to adults, younger children often find it difficult Focus on one thing. 

This is mainly because the children’s brain and nervous system are not yet mature, but there are also some children who have strong concentration since they were young. Sometimes they can stay and watch for a long time when they see a bird, trying to build blocks. When waiting for the toy, he also concentrates on it and is not disturbed. 

Such children tend to have well-developed brains. They can concentrate on doing the things at hand from an early age, filtering out useless information, using useful information, and observing, analyzing and understanding it, etc. , It will naturally be easy to succeed in the future. 

Three, sensitive to music< /p>

Many times, we will see such a group of babies in square dances, wearing diapers, and dancing to the rhythm of the music. This is a manifestation of the baby’s strong ability to perceive sound. 

A research report in the United States shows that children who are generally gifted in music have much higher performance in language and mathematics than those who are not gifted in music. The reason is most likely due to music. Can develop people’s right brain potential. 

Parents can focus on cultivation from three aspects

Exercise: Encourage and help the child when he starts to have some physical behaviors. For example, when the child just starts to turn over, parents can assist him. When he turns over successfully, encourage him to make them feel more fulfilled. 

Secondly, when the baby is learning to walk, parents can encourage the child to slowly stand still by supporting him at the beginning and then stand on the opposite side of the child and let the child walk by himself. These gradual methods are all conducive to the improvement of their athletic ability. 

Sound: This ability is It can be done before the child is born, which is what we call prenatal education. Pregnant women can choose to listen to some relaxing and soothing music when they are pregnant. This will not only cultivate the child’s ability to distinguish sounds, but also develop the child’s character. 

After the child is born, you can still choose some music for edification. Soothing nursery rhymes, nursery rhymes, and piano music are all good ways. 

Focus: This aspect actually places higher demands on the children themselves, and what parents can do more is the role of guidance. For example, give the child a fairy tale book or leave a toy that the child likes, so that he can concentrate on one thing, which is also conducive to the cultivation of the child’s concentration. 

Knowledge extension: Does a child’s IQ depend on innate or acquired? 

The latest research has found that children’s intellectual development is affected by both innate factors and acquired environment. The brain structure is determined by genes, and the link between nerves is determined by the acquired environment. 

The younger the child is, the greater the impact of acquired environmental factors on the child’s intelligence, and parents can be more targeted. 

Under the circumstance that genetics cannot be changed, we can still shape and cultivate the baby’s intelligence by changing the environment of the acquired life. Pay attention to the baby’s intellectual development as early as possible. 

[Said fortunately pregnant]

Genes are only possessed by inborn children. As for the future development of children, they need to show their magical powers. In this journey, parents are the best Helper.  A new generation of “nibbles” was born, It seems to be good for the child, but it actually harms the baby invisibly

Money is indeed the goal that many people pursue in their lives, but as parents, you should have the idea of ​​”a gentleman loves money and gets it in a proper way”. 

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The term “nibbles” is no longer Unfamiliar means that children still depend on their parents when they grow up, but recently a new corresponding “nibbing tribe” has emerged, and many young parents have fallen into this new type of group, and the situation may be more than gnawing the old. serious. 

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Sister Fortunately, I recently heard of a new term called “child model”. I don’t know if you have heard of it, it refers to underage child models, usually less than ten. When I am old, I usually do graphic models for some clothing stores, and some take on various commercial performances. The economic benefits are even higher than that of many adults. 

Soda is a small child model, 5 years old this year. Since she was a young girl, her parents wanted to train her into a “little internet celebrity” and often took her to participate in various activities. From time to time, he can still win awards. Later, Soda was picked up by an advertising company and became a contract model. He has a very considerable income every month and is the envy of many children of the same age. 

With the protection of soda, her parents didn’t even go to work. They became the “agent” of soda wholeheartedly. They packed her carefully and helped her to go to school activities. Soda didn’t go to school anymore and enjoyed the model halo. , I don’t even bother to be friends with those of the same age who are still in kindergarten, and become very snobbish at a young age. 

Parents were immersed in the joy of “nibbles”. The family enjoyed it for money and quickly became the “nouveau riche” in people’s mouth. The practice is complacent, thinking that it is really wit to train children to become “red men” from an early age. Not only are children sought after, their living standards have also risen sharply. 

But after Soda became popular, it was a bit arrogant and often irritated at events. The company was very dissatisfied with this. After they found a new child model, they terminated their cooperation with Soda. Finally, Soda’s parents lost their financial support. , And Soda also missed school and it was difficult to enroll at the right age, and the family’s life was in a dilemma. 

In the case, the parents of Tong Mo Soda are typical “nibbles”. Seeing the huge economic benefits brought by their children, they try to live a life for nothing. It seems to be done once and for all, but they don’t know that this behavior will affect the growth of their children. It has a serious impact, and the original close parent-child relationship may also be broken. 

Parent’s” The behavior of “nibbles” seems to have considerable benefits, but actually hides a lot of harm.

1. Parent-child relationship alienation

Under normal circumstances, parents should play the role of raising children and have the obligation to raise children. Children grow up under the protection of their parents, but the behavior of “nibbles” turns the cart before the horse. The responsibility that originally belonged to the parents is passed on to the children, which undoubtedly complicates the relationship between family members. 

The kinship between parents and children is gradually being replaced by interests. The blood relationship is getting weaker and weaker under the temptation of money. It seems that the material life has been greatly improved, but the communication between children and parents is becoming less and less. , The estrangement continues unabated, and the closest parent-child relationship will only become more distant. 

2. Deprive children of childhood

The most carefree and innocent period of children’s growth is childhood. At this time, they have a simple mind, no pressure of study and work, and can enjoy the free and free time. Even if the material conditions are not so abundant, having happiness is a kind of happiness. 

If at this stage the parents are forcibly “squeezed” and rushing to various occasions that should not belong to them, to create more economic value for the parents, the child’s heart is actually full of pressure and distress They also hope to lead a carefree life, thinking that they are a person who has no childhood at all, because they have never experienced the joy of childhood. 

3. Affect physical and mental health

When I was young, I still had many beautiful fantasies about the world, and I was full of longing for the future, but often went to various commercial activities, driven by interests, and the children were pure and good. Their minds will be contaminated. They are used to being drunk and gold fans, and their eyes are full of desire for money, and they become lustful. 

Facing the complexity of society and the various life situations too early will inevitably cause children to have psychological problems. They may have a strong sense of utilitarianism since childhood, and become snobbish in dealing with others, full of vanity, like comparison, extremely It is not conducive to their physical and mental health, and it is difficult to welcome the future with a kind and innocent child’s heart. 

The child is still young, and there is still a long way to go in his life. Parents must not become a “nibbler” that endangers the healthy growth of their children due to temporary financial temptation. As a parent, the greatest wish is for the child to grow up safely and happily. , Instead of blindly pursuing economic interests, just want to live a life once and for all, but affect the child’s life. 

“Small Family” is not beneficial to children’s growth. Parents need to pay attention to

1. Control the desire for money

Money is indeed the goal that many people pursue in their lives, but as parents, there should be “a gentleman who loves money and takes money.” The idea of ​​”the way is right”, it really takes a lot of money to maintain a life and raise children, and they can get it by working hard on their own, instead of thinking about seeking from their children. 

Even if children do have market potential and can bring good benefits to their parents, they should stop the losses in time and focus on the children’s growth law, so that they can learn when they should learn and play when they should play. After all, money can’t be made completely. If you are not in a hurry, parents must learn to resist temptation and control their desire for money. Children grow up happily than anything else. 

2. Don’t use children as “tools”

The reason why parents raise children is definitely not to use them as “tools for making money”. Children are the crystallization of the feelings of parents and a bond to maintain a family. , Is the most precious wealth of parents in their lives, not a “tool” in exchange for monetary benefits. 

Parents need to be clear about their own position, play their role well, and take raising their children to grow up as their main task. There is nothing wrong with trying to create a better life for them, but be careful not to deviate in your mind. Confound the relationship between parents and children, and be qualified parents who love and respect children. 

[A question today] What do you think of the “nibbles”? 

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