Children have these 4 manifestations, the stomach is not “working”, parents shouldn’t be stupid.

Children have these four manifestations. The stomach is not “working” anymore. Parents don’t feed it stupidly

The younger the child, the easier it is to have stomach problems. For example, babies in infancy have very small stomach capacity. , Eating a little too much will make the stomach upset, eating too little will not be able to meet the body’s nutritional needs. 

So the baby should be fed frequently, how to grasp the degree is a great test for Baoma. 

If you feed improperly, it will damage your baby’s health in the slightest, and delay his physical development in severe cases, and the negative impact brought by the latter is irreparable. 

At the end of last year, my friend Xiao Zhang complained that her five-month-old daughter had a small appetite and vomited as soon as she ate, which prevented her from sleeping well all day and preparing to feed her baby anytime and anywhere. 

Although the five-month-old baby does have to be fed many times a day, the condition of Xiao Zhang’s daughter is obviously abnormal. On everyone’s suggestion, she took her daughter to the hospital for an examination, and the result was diagnosed as pediatric gastritis. 

The doctor prescribed medicine for the baby and developed a detailed feeding plan for Xiao Zhang. After more than a month of treatment, Xiao Zhang’s daughter’s condition improved and she was basically back to normal before the Youth Day . 

Xiao Zhang was very happy, and still thanked her in the circle of friends, saying that without the help of a doctor, she and her baby would not be able to spend the new year happily. 

The stomachs of infants and young children are very fragile. Unfortunately, many parents do not have enough awareness. When a child has symptoms, they even mistakenly believe that the child is picky eaters. 

This will not only delay the baby’s condition, but may also accelerate the deterioration. When the consequences become more apparent and finally attract parents’ attention, it is probably too late. 

These 4 appear This signal indicates that the child’s stomach is not “working”. Parents should be wary of

1. Milk spilling

Milk spilling is a phenomenon that many babies have. The reason may be that the feeding time is too long. , The baby eats too quickly or the feeding posture is wrong, etc. 

But if none of these conditions exist, and the baby frequently spills milk, it is worth paying attention to. This is likely to be a problem with the baby’s stomach. At this time, it is best to take the baby to the hospital for examination immediately, and strictly follow the doctor’s instructions to operate. 

2. Bad breath

Before you brush your baby’s teeth, Mommy can use her nose to get close to the baby’s mouth and smell it. If bad breath is severe, it is most likely a problem with the stomach. 

Because severe bad breath is often related to gastric ulcer or severe gastritis, it may also be caused by Helicobacter pylori, which are related to the stomach. 

3. Extremely foul smell of stool

Baby’s stool must be smelly, but there is still a difference between normal smell and foul smell. Babies with poor stomach conditions are likely to mix incompletely digested food in their stools. 

Such stool will have a pungent stench. So if you find that your baby’s stool has become more smelly in recent times, and you can even see some incompletely digested food from it, there is no doubt that his stomach must be “strike”. 

4. Picky eaters

There is another signal that may also be related to the baby’s stomach problems, that is, picky eaters. When it comes to picky eaters, many mothers will subconsciously regard it as a bad habit of their babies, or blame their own cooking skills for not being good enough, but very few people will think that it is related to stomach problems. 

A person’s appetite is positively related to the health of the stomach. The stomach is uncomfortable, and the appetite will definitely not increase. So when you encounter your baby showing picky eating behavior, you can consider whether it is the stomach problem, maybe the answer is here. 

Stomach disease is generally not a serious illness, but it should not be underestimated. Because the child is in the developmental stage, if the long-term malnutrition intake will seriously delay the development of his body and brain, it will be difficult to make up for it in the future. 

So if you find that your child’s stomach is not “working”, the parents must take action in time, but don’t go stupidly anymore. 

The child has stomach problems How to do? Three ways to help you solve the problem

1. Eat small meals and eat more

Three meals a day are for ordinary people. For gastric patients, eating small meals and more meals is more suitable, which can effectively reduce The burden of the gastrointestinal tract after one meal. 

2. Improve sleep quality

High-quality sleep can help improve the body’s immunity and accelerate the repair of the stomach. But it’s not that the longer you sleep, the better. If you sleep too lightly, it’s not good quality. 

No matter how much time you sleep, it won’t work. Parents should try to provide their children with a quiet and comfortable sleeping environment, so that his body can recover as soon as possible. 

3. Adjust your diet and focus on lightness.

Different foods are difficult to digest. For example, foods with heavy oils are difficult to digest. If you eat too much, you can easily nausea. 

If the child already has stomach problems, he should immediately adjust his diet, change the bad eating habits in the past, focus on lightness, and take into account the balanced nutritional intake. 

As long as parents can follow the three points mentioned above, it will take as little as a week or less than half a month at the latest, and the child’s discomfort will definitely get better. 

However, the above is only for children with mild symptoms. If the symptoms are particularly severe, they should still be sent to the doctor as soon as possible. After all, there are many types of stomach problems, and they can be mild or severe. In case the child’s condition is delayed and the child’s condition is delayed, it will be too late to regret it. Whether a woman has given birth to a child, the comparison chart before and after childbirth, the most eye-catching is these 3 parts

Maybe many people think that whether a woman has given birth to a child is not very different. After all, some women After giving birth, she was still relatively slim, and there was no difference. 

Actually, it is because you have no experience. An experienced person can see the difference between the two at a glance, and the difference is not small! 

Are there any women After giving birth, the easiest to distinguish between these 3 parts

1, breast

Usually, after a woman is pregnant, the breast will undergo secondary development and reach its peak during the breastfeeding stage. According to The differences in the physique of individual women may only increase a little for some women, but there are also some women who have an increase of 2 to 3 times or more. 

Without exception, after a woman finishes her breastfeeding period, her breasts will begin to shrink, and at first will become smaller than before pregnancy. This is mainly affected by excitement and fluctuations, but afterwards The recovery to a state that is larger than before pregnancy, and the tendency of sagging at the same time, will become more and more obvious over time. 

The main reason behind this is that women’s breasts develop rapidly after pregnancy and their weight also increases significantly, so it is normal for women to experience sagging. 

Therefore, compared to a woman who has never given birth to a child, the difference in breast size and shape is one of the key parts of the distinction. 

2. Crotch

It is no exaggeration to say that a friend of mine can clearly see the changes in the crotch before and after pregnancy. Before pregnancy, friends belong to the type with a smaller crotch, but after pregnancy, especially in the later stages of pregnancy, plus twins, the pelvic structure begins to change, just to better protect the fetus. 

In the process of childbirth, she also had a pubic separation. The combined effect of various reasons caused her crotch to be much larger than before pregnancy. 

This is also what some elderly people often say. You can tell by looking at the hips to see if you have had a child. In fact, it is the change in the width of the crotch, which can be seen from the comparison chart before and after pregnancy. The difference can be clearly seen. 

3. Belly

The belly is the most prone part to accumulate fat, and women who have given birth to the abdomen are more prone to accumulate fat. The reason is that after a woman is pregnant, the abdomen swells faster and increases the abdominal wall fiber Elasticity also gives more space for fat. 

Women need to supplement a lot of nutrition after childbirth, and most of them cannot get timely exercise, so the abdomen is “increasingly plump.” 

Some women even think that this is because the belly has not retracted after delivery. In fact, a large part of the reason is just because there is too much belly fat. If there is no exercise or other methods to lose weight, you can’t lose weight. Restored to the level before pregnancy. 

Of course, besides the physical changes, the mothers have one very obvious change, that is, the psychological aspect. 

Affected by the disruption of hormone balance, the hormones that were relatively stable in pregnancy will change drastically after delivery, or decrease (such as progesterone) or increase (such as prolactin). 

At the same time, this also caused a big change in Bao Ma’s mood. In addition, taking care of the newborn is the most difficult, there are a lot of housework waiting for Bao’s mother, and the husband’s attitude is not good. Under the pressure of various factors, it will naturally make the mothers become sensitive and irritable. 

Maybe many people have heard of postpartum depression, which is also caused by these reasons. This is why it is necessary to pay attention to the postpartum state of new mothers, otherwise it is easy to feel anxious and uneasy. , And finally evolved into postpartum depression. 

By the way, in fact, for the obvious changes in various parts of the body of the new mothers, it is not without targeted solutions. If you can persist in the implementation, although you can not return to the pre-pregnancy state, it can improve a lot. . 

1) Reasonably arrange sports. Exercise is very necessary because it can improve the body’s metabolic function and help to consume fat more quickly. It will be easier for new mothers to lose fat in their tummy, buttocks, and thighs. 

2) Participate in professional postpartum rehabilitation courses. For some women who have undergone major changes in body shape, pelvic changes, urine leakage, pubic separation, etc., can actually be improved by taking some professional postpartum repair courses. 

It is not recommended for new mothers to practice at home, because postpartum repair requires a high degree of accuracy in movements, otherwise it may hinder the degree of recovery and cause greater damage to the pelvic floor muscles, which will be The gain is not worth the loss. 

3) Pay attention to care before and during pregnancy. If you have an early awareness of this aspect and pay attention to all aspects of your own exercises before pregnancy, such as pelvic floor muscle exercises, or breast care before and during pregnancy, the impact will be relatively small after delivery. For other pregnant women, your starting point is much higher. 

Of course, for many mothers, these physical changes are not the key, because they have shifted all their focus to their children. The changes in body parts are also a testimony to their pregnancy, leaving behind It’s okay. It can be said that Bao Ma who has these ideas is really worthy of admiration.

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