Children grow taller to madly supplement calcium? Parents should know the three critical periods when children grow taller

Children grow taller to madly supplement calcium? Parents should be aware of the three critical periods when children grow taller

In many families, soon after the birth of their children, parents begin to worry about whether their children will grow taller, especially if their parents are not too tall. Parents will be even more worried. As the saying goes, one white covers the three ugliness. Relatively speaking, one short destroys everything. Therefore, in life, parents all hope that their children will grow taller, especially boys. 

When the child is about to go to kindergarten, parents see that the child is not as tall as a child of the same age, and they can’t help being anxious. How can other children grow so tall and why don’t their own children grow so tall? Will you get “short stature”? 

So, do you know what are the misunderstandings about the height of children ? 

Misunderstanding 1. Stretching can grow taller.

Many parents believe that stretching can help their children grow taller. In fact, it is not because stretching will only temporarily increase the number of joints in the child’s body. In the gap between the time, when the child takes a break, he will return to the original point again, which is of little use to the child’s final height increase. 

Misunderstanding 2, calcium supplementation is necessary to grow taller

It is inevitable that children’s growth and development cannot do without calcium, but it cannot be said that calcium supplementation is necessary for children to grow taller. The specific situation is still It depends on the child’s situation. Excessive intake of calcium is not good for the child’s body, and it may be counterproductive. 

Misunderstanding 3. Children’s stature is “late growth” when they are short.

When the child’s puberty is shorter than the children of the same age, many parents think that the child grows late and blindly optimistic, causing the later child to miss the best Timing of treatment. Once the child’s epiphyseal line is closed, then the child may lose the possibility of growing taller. 

So, you know the three key periods when children grow taller When is it? 

1. School-age period

The school-age period is when the child is about 5 years old. At this time, the child is at the basic stage of development. Children in this period of time may often have partial eclipses and picky eaters. To seize this stage, parents must take pains to make their children’s diet more novel, with a reasonable diet, and strive to let the children rush. 

2, school age

Children’s school age generally refers to children from 9 to 15 years old. This period is a critical period for the child’s development. This period of time is basically acceptable. Lay the final height of the child, so parents should pay more attention to it. 

3. Puberty

Puberty is the last time period of children’s height sprint. The children’s epiphyseal line has not been completely closed at this time period, and there is a growth potential of about 3 cm. This is a reasonable intervention to tap the child’s growth potential and let the child’s height jump again. 

Combining the above, I want my child to grow taller , It is necessary to treat the timing of the child’s growth correctly, and seize these opportunities to make the child’s height jump. In daily life, parents should try to avoid misunderstandings, listen to rumors, give their children height-enhancing drugs, madly supplement calcium, and grow late. When the child is found to be short or abnormal in height, take the child to see a doctor in time to find out the cause and intervene in the correct treatment. “No matter how hard it is, I won’t let my children live in school”, Bai Yansong said, uncovering the dangers of boarding schools

Nowadays, many parents around us send their children to private schools, although the annual tuition fee is very high. However, parents generally believe that this kind of closed education method can be more conducive to the improvement of children’s academic performance. There is a teacher watching it 24 hours a day, and the children can’t steal if they want to be lazy. 

Although the starting point of the parents is good, it is easy to overlook an objective fact, that is, whether the child is really willing to accept the life and study of living in school. Presumably many parents will sneer at this issue, because the children’s feelings are completely out of the scope of their consideration, that is, they are automatically ignored. 

On this issue, the famous host Bai Yansong Have their own opinions. As the host of CCTV, Bai Yansong has always been sharp in speech and unique insights. When discussing whether children should live in school, he clearly expressed his point of view: No matter how hard it is, he will never let his children live in school, and this has also been won by his wife. consensus. 

Yin Jianli, a well-known parenting expert, has the same views on this issue as Bai Yansong. For some parents, who pretend to let their children live in school, can exercise their children’s independent ability, Yin Jianli directly stated that instead of this, it is better to send the children directly to the orphanage. 

Because in their opinion, living in school is particularly harmful to children. Perhaps living in school does have a little benefit, but compared with the harm, it is really negligible. 

What are the hazards for children living in school? 

  • Affect children’s psychology

    Many children now live in school when they are in junior high school. At this time, their peers are still growing up under the care of their parents, and their parents are responsible every day Pick up and drop off, you can eat delicious meals made by your parents, and you can chat and play with your parents. 

    But they can only be kept in school all day long. Such a sharp contrast will cause a big gap in the children’s psychology. Some of them even regard living in school as a punishment for their parents. Otherwise, why don’t their parents keep themselves by their side like other parents? 

  • Affecting children’s body

    Children live in school, which means that they spend all their eating, drinking, and sleeping in school, which is of course not difficult for a teenager. But at this time when the child is growing up, the school’s diet is naturally not as good as at home, and there will be differences in hygiene and collocation. 

    This will naturally affect the physical development of the child, and if the child falls ill at school, he cannot be taken care of by his parents in time, so he can only bear it by himself, and sometimes even affect his condition. So no matter from which point of view, it is not good for the child’s body. 

  • Interpersonal relationship damage

    A 10-year-old child does not have enough ability in interpersonal communication. If they are in an ordinary school, they only go to class for a few hours a day to be with classmates, and get along with their classmates naturally. Would be better. 

    But if we are together 24 hours a day, it is inevitable that there will be some conflicts and frictions, and it is difficult for children to deal with these problems correctly, which may lead to a worsening relationship with classmates. Some students will even be isolated in the dormitory or class, which has a great impact on them. 

    How should parents treat their children? 

  • Try to accompany your children as much as possible.

    As Bai Yansong said, no matter how busy and hard you are, you must spend time with your children. Don’t send your children directly to the boarding school. Because some things are man-made, as long as parents are willing to accompany their children, even if there are difficulties, they will try their best to overcome them. This is the performance of being responsible to the children. 

  • Give your children a little more care

    For children of school age, in fact, in many cases, what they need more is their parents to care about them psychologically. Because at this time they already have a certain degree of self-care ability, and they rarely worry about their parents in life, but facing the pressure of study and other aspects, they still hope to be able to confide to their parents, which requires parents to care about their children as much as possible. 

    If it is really not a last resort, accompany the children to grow up together, this is the gift that parents give to their children on the way of life. In these 3 months, fetal development will be very rapid for pregnant mothers. Hurry up and stock up on nutrition for the baby.

    October pregnancy is one of the most special and happiest stages in a woman’s life. As the baby grows up day by day, pregnant mothers will also pay attention to supplementing various nutrients, hoping that the baby can be healthier and smarter. 

    In fact, at different stages, the development speed of the fetus is also different, so the nutrients needed are also different. If you want to provide a more comprehensive and reasonable nutritional intake for the baby in the belly, the pregnant mother must understand the characteristics of fetal development at different stages and supplement nutrition in a targeted manner. 

    Neighbor Sisi is 6 months pregnant, The whole person is as round as a blown ball. Many people think that she is about to give birth. It turned out that Sisi started a series of supplements since she learned that she was pregnant. Her mother would stew various chicken soups and fish soups for her to drink every day, and her mother-in-law also made all kinds of delicacies and delicacies for her. 

    The original material is very standard Sisi, she gained more than 10 kilograms in 3 months of pregnancy, and her husband also advised her not to care about her weight. After all, the development of a child is the most important thing. Sisi kept eating like this every day, and gained more than 30 catties in 6 months. During the check-up, the doctor warned Sisi seriously. This is very bad for the fetus. Moreover, the fetus will not enter the fastest growing stage until 7 months later. At that time, more nutrition will be needed. Sisi has started to supplement it so early. Make up, it’s really too early. 

    The fetus develops from a small fertilized egg It takes 10 months to become a cute baby in the mother’s belly. In these 10 months, the development speed of the fetus at different stages is different. 

    And the size and weight gain of each stage will be very different, and the nutrients needed are not exactly the same. Therefore, pregnant mothers must understand the development of the fetus during these periods, so as to supplement nutrition more accurately. 

    The development of the fetus at different stages of pregnancy

    In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, the development of the fetus is not obvious, so the pregnant mother’s belly will not show up. 

    After 14 weeks, that is, the middle stage, the growth rate of the fetus will begin to accelerate, and the weight will gain about 85 grams per week. At this time, it has not reached the fastest growth stage. 

    After 27 weeks, that is, 7 months, the fetus officially entered the stage of the fastest growth. At this time, the weight began to increase at a rate of more than 200 grams per week, and the more weight gains each week. The more until childbirth. 

    In the fastest stage of fetal development, pregnant mothers should How to supplement nutrition

    From the 7th to 9th months of pregnancy, the fetus has officially entered the most rapid stage of development. During this period, not only the weight of the fetus will increase significantly, but the growth of the brain and bones will also be very special. fast. The body of the fetus begins to accumulate fat, the body shape becomes more rounded, the bones grow rapidly, and the height will also change significantly. The brain has also ushered in a golden period of development. Brain cells grow day and night, and neurons increase significantly. 

    During this period, pregnant mothers must first provide sufficient fat to the fetus, because growth requires energy, and energy mainly comes from fat. Therefore, the diet should be supplemented with high-quality fat and protein, such as deep-sea fish, soy products, and milk. Sufficient and high-quality fat intake can ensure the normal development of the fetus at this critical period. The second is to supplement DHA, which can make the baby’s brain develop better and improve the baby’s intelligence. 

    Because the fetal bones are also in this period Rapid growth, so pregnant mothers should also pay attention to calcium supplements. You can drink more milk and eat soy products and dark green vegetables. You can also supplement calcium tablets and other nutritional supplements under the guidance of a doctor. The fetus will not lack calcium. 

    Other precautions

    After 7 months of pregnancy, although the fetus has entered the fastest growing stage, the pregnant mother needs to take in enough nutrients, but it must be controlled at a reasonable level. Range. If the supplement is too high, it will not only cause overnutrition and obesity of pregnant mothers, but also lead to overgrowth of the fetus, resulting in huge babies, which will bring some hidden dangers to health, and will also affect the smooth delivery. 

    During this period, pregnant mothers still need to pay attention to the following points

    1. Body control

    In the authoritative pregnancy reading “Sears Pregnancy Encyclopedia”, the author Hilles suggests that normal women should be pregnant for 7 months In the middle and late stages, the weekly growth body is important to be controlled at about 500 grams, not more than 1.5 kilograms. In other words, it is advisable to gain about two kilograms of weight per month at this time. 

    Therefore, it is necessary to balance nutritional intake, increase protein intake, reduce high-sugar, high-oil, and high-fat foods, and eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins. This will not only provide adequate nutrition to the fetus, but also prevent the pregnant mother from becoming too obese. 

    2, maintain exercise habits

    Pregnant mothers cannot always lie still at this time, and should exercise moderately if their physical condition permits. For example, a more soothing exercise such as walking every day can not only help control weight, but also strengthen bones and muscles to prepare for future delivery.

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