Children go to kindergarten easy to catch a cold? For these reasons, parents must solve them in a targeted manner

Children go to kindergarten easy to catch a cold? For these reasons, parents must address them in a targeted manner

As the epidemic gradually ends, our lives have begun to be on the right track, and the “little beasts” who stayed at home have also returned to school. And kindergarten. Many parents say that they are finally liberated and no longer have to worry about taking care of their children. But there are also many attentive parents who have discovered a problem, that is, children are more likely to get sick after entering the kindergarten. 

Many parents are very anxious after discovering this problem, for fear of affecting the healthy development of their children, they have thought of a lot of ways to solve this problem, but the effect that can be achieved in the end is relatively limited. of. 

In fact, if we want to solve this problem smoothly, then we must understand why children tend to catch colds after entering kindergarten. Only when the reason is found, can it be solved in a targeted manner, and the effect will be more obvious. 

First, why do children get cold easily? 

1. Changes in work schedules

Due to the impact of the epidemic, children have been staying at home and cannot go out, but many parents have begun to resume work, so in this situation There is no way to keep an eye on the child’s work and rest. Many children always go to bed very late when they are at home, and wake up very late on the second day. In this case, their work and rest habits are not particularly good. 

After entering the kindergarten, it is necessary to resume normal work and rest, but many children are not used to it, so they catch a cold. 

2. Decreased body immunity

Since children cannot go out to play while staying at home, they can only stay at home to study or watch TV. This situation leads to a sharp drop in the child’s exercise volume, which affects their body’s immunity. Therefore, since the child’s immunity has not risen to a normal level just after returning to school, it is relatively normal to have a cold. 

3. The possibility of infection increases.

Many parents are curious about why the children’s immunity still declines while staying at home, but there is no cold. ? In fact, this is because there are relatively few people in contact with children when they stay at home. Children can only contact people in their own homes at home, so they are relatively less likely to be infected by the virus. 

However, after children go to kindergarten, they not only need to contact the teachers and parents, but also contact with their classmates. In this way, the possibility of exposure to the virus will increase and they will naturally become more likely to get sick. 

Second, what should parents do to prevent children from catching a cold? 

1. Vaccination

After understanding why the child has a cold, we can solve the problem in a targeted manner. Now everyone will start to vaccinate from birth. The main function of vaccines is to vaccinate babies with various antibodies to prevent them from being infected by external viruses and causing diseases. 

This has a very good effect on the prevention of many diseases. After the child is vaccinated, the corresponding disease will not appear. 

2. Strengthen exercise

Exercise is very necessary for children, because it not only promotes their physical development, but also enhances the body’s immunity . After their immunity is strengthened, it will be more difficult for the virus to invade the body, so it can also play a very good role in preventing diseases. 

Of course, parents should also pay attention to controlling the intensity when exercising. If it exceeds the range that the child can bear, it will easily cause harm to them. I believe this is a situation that no one wants to see of. 

3. Reasonable diet

When the child is in the developmental period, parents must pay attention to their diet. Only when the diet is controlled can the body be able to make all kinds of things necessary for the body Nutrient elements can be supplied in time, which can also ensure that children are in a healthy state of development. At the same time, it has certain benefits for improving their immunity and can prevent them from being prone to diseases when they are attacked by viruses. 

But for many children, milk powder is still an important source of their usual nutrition. So parents need to pay more attention when helping them choose milk powder. Only in this way can they guarantee the child’s health. The required nutrition can be adequately supplied, and at the same time, it can be ensured that the nutrition the child needs is fully in line with their requirements. 

3. What problems should parents pay attention to when helping their children choose milk powder? 

1. Look at the list of ingredients

As long as it is a regular milk powder, it must meet the national requirements. The ingredients are sorted in order of content. Therefore, we can determine the composition of the milk powder through the ingredient list, and also know whether the milk powder contains a variety of ingredients that can help the child’s physical development and improve immunity. In this way, the milk powder we buy is the most cost-effective, and it is more beneficial for children. 

2. Look at the nutritional elements

Many parents cannot accurately determine the nutritional elements contained in various ingredients, so naturally they don’t know. Whether they are beneficial to the child’s development, then in this case we can observe another more intuitive surface, this table is the nutrient element table, and the nutrient element table on the milk powder package clearly describes what it contains Various nutrient elements, which contain a lot of trace elements necessary for the development of children. 

If parents can buy these milk powders, it will also be of great help to the growth of their children, and at the same time they can improve their immunity and help them stay away from bacteria and viruses. 

3. Choose a big brand

There are many brands of milk powder on the market, and the quality is also uneven, so many parents don’t know which milk powder brand to help their children choose. In this case, we must try our best to choose big brands to buy from formal channels, so as to ensure the safety and quality of the milk powder we buy. If the channel we buy milk powder is not a formal channel or the brand purchased is not If it is not a well-known brand, it is possible to buy inferior products. In this case, it is easy to threaten the child’s health and safety. 

The health and safety of children is a matter that every parent is very concerned about, so everyone must be fully prepared. If the child becomes sick after entering the kindergarten, you don’t need it Too worried, as long as you carefully find the cause of your child’s cold, and then adjust to the cause, you can solve this problem. The above methods are very good for improving your child’s immunity and helping them prevent colds. Everyone is in normal life. You can use it with confidence. The proportion of precocious puberty has increased year by year. It is speculated that it may be the cause, but parents still enjoy it.

In recent years, the topic of children’s “precocious puberty” has gradually become one of the topics of great concern to many parents. After all, according to the latest published data, the age of “precocious puberty” among Chinese children is constantly moving forward. 

For example, in 2002, the average age of girls at menarche was still around 12.25 years old, but by 2018, it has become around 9.96 years old. 

In the past ten years, with such a big change, children’s “precocious puberty” will inevitably become a concern for parents! 

Previously, a Ms. Wu from Sichuan rushed to major hospitals to treat her daughter’s “precocious puberty”, which attracted the attention of many parents. 

However, after examinations in many major hospitals, the answers given by doctors were temporarily unable to provide effective help. So, why does Ms. Wu’s daughter have the problem of “precocious puberty”? 

The cause is still from a year ago. At that time, Ms. Wu saw her 8-year-old daughter, both in height and weight, and she was far away from her peers. 

In order to let her daughter catch up with her peers, Ms. Wu bought her daughter a health medicine that claims to allow her children to grow up quickly through a WeChat friend who sells health products on WeChat. 

However, what Ms. Wu did not expect was that after less than 2 months of continuous eating, her daughter’s breasts developed rapidly, and her menstruation started soon after. 

Her daughter’s changes made her panic. She wanted to contact the seller, but her WeChat friend had already been deleted. 

So Ms. Wu took her daughter to the hospital for an examination. The doctor concluded that the use of hormone-containing stimulators caused the child to develop prematurely. 

In the face of today’s situation, Ms. Wu can be said to regret not the beginning, but everything has become a foregone conclusion, and regret is useless. 

Ms. Wu’s experience has sounded the alarm for many parents who eagerly hope that their children can grow up quickly. 

Many health medicines on the market that are claimed to help children improve their intelligence, immunity, and heighten their children. Not only fail to achieve the effect, they may also contain hormones, gonadotropins, etc., which may cause such as Irreversible harm such as precocious puberty! 

Long-term, excessive What are the hazards of taking health care products to children? 

Causes precocious puberty

If a parent buys a health product produced by an informal manufacturer, the ingredients contained in it are very complicated and there is no guarantee whether it will be harmful to the child. 

At present, there is a dazzling array of health products on the market. It is difficult to guarantee that no black-hearted business will add a variety of hormones, gonadotropins, sex hormones, etc., in order to achieve advertising effects. These hormones will undoubtedly cause children to appear. Precocious puberty. 

For example, health care products that promote growth contain a lot of hormones, which not only cannot help children grow up healthily, but also speed up the closure of the epiphysis and stop the child from growing taller. The gain is not worth the loss. 

Causes the child’s physical development to be abnormal

Some health products contain additives or hormones that are not good for health, which often damage the child’s fragile organs, resulting in children’s developmental abnormalities and severe damage to their health. 

It is worth noting that if you take too much health care products and take in too much nutrition, the body cannot absorb it completely, resulting in excess nutrition and obesity. 

Dependence on health products

Children’s health and immunity need to be maintained and enhanced by health products. Once they get used to it, they will become dependent on health products. Stop taking it will lead to weakened resistance, such as colds, coughs, fevers and other diseases that can lead to weakened immunity. 

The damage to the child’s body is immeasurable if the child takes long-term, excessively taking health care products or eating some health care products whose quality and ingredients cannot be guaranteed. 

If parents want to supplement their children with nutrition, when choosing health products, they must go to a regular hospital to consult a doctor instead of listening to advertisements. 

In addition to taking health care products, in fact, a balanced and nutritious diet, reasonable exercise, etc. can promote the growth and development of children. Instead of relying too much on health products, parents should use scientific, reasonable and safe parenting methods. 

How do parents get it right Help your child’s growth and development? 

Help children develop good habits

Good habits include good eating habits, work and rest habits, etc. Children will not have a partial eclipse, lack of sleep, and can ensure adequate and balanced nutrition. Enough energy and secrete enough growth hormone to cope with the growth and development of the body. 

Supervise and accompany children to exercise

Exercise can not only promote the growth and development of the child’s body, but also improve the child’s resistance. 

Parents may wish to supervise their children to exercise moderately. At the same time, in order to establish a good parent-child relationship and ensure the physical and mental development of their children, parents can accompany their children to exercise together. 

Ensure your child’s scientific diet

Instead of relying too much on health products, it is better to prepare natural meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy products for your child. Provide children with adequate and balanced nutrition through healthy, scientific and reasonable diet. 

The healthy growth of children is closely related to the parenting methods. Therefore, parents should not overly rely on health products and do not abuse health products. 

By cultivating children to develop good diet, work and rest, and exercise habits, to ensure that children’s diet is scientific and reasonable, and nutritionally balanced, it can also provide effective assistance for children’s growth and development! 

If parents must buy health care products for their children, they should take their children to the hospital for detailed examinations and supplements according to the doctor’s recommendations! 

Do you usually buy health care products for your children? Welcome to leave a message to share!

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