Children do not want to go to kindergarten, nothing more than these 4 reasons, although small things have a great impact on children

Children do not want to go to kindergarten, nothing more than these 4 reasons, although small things have a great impact on children

For children to go to kindergarten, parents can only use “somewhat happy, somehow Worry” to describe. Fortunately, the child finally grows up, and he does not have to take care of the child around the clock, so he has free space; the worry is that the child is reluctant to go to kindergarten and is worried that the child is being bullied in the kindergarten. There are also reasons why children do not want to go to kindergarten. Although these things are trivial, they have a great impact on children. 

The child suddenly resisted going to kindergarten. The mother’s method is worth learning.

Xiaoyu is in the big kindergarten class this year. It can be said that he is the “old fritters” in the kindergarten. He is also very popular with children at school. Since going to kindergarten, he has shared with his parents what he was happy about in kindergarten. 

This afternoon, my mother went to pick up Xiaoyu from school. On the way from school, she found that Xiaoyu’s mood was not right, and she was depressed along the way. His mother asked him why, but he did not answer. Mom decided to wait for Xiaoyu’s mood to relax. Communicate with Xiaoyu. 

By the next morning, Xiaoyu suddenly resisted going to school. It stands to reason that Xiaoyu is already in the big kindergarten class and shouldn’t resist going to kindergarten. Next, the mother’s approach is worth learning. 

Mom asked Xiaoyu gently, “Xiaoyu, tell your mom why you don’t want to go to Zhang’s kindergarten? Only then can my mother help you.” Xiaoyu cried and said to her mother. Mom, the teacher gave me a nickname called “Rain”, everyone laughed at me.”

My mother took Xiaoyu to the school and reported the situation to the principal, Yuan Chang found the teacher to communicate. The teacher realized that an unintentional remark caused harm to the child, so he sincerely apologized to Xiaoyu. Since then, Xiaoyu has been going to school happily every day. 

the child is not willing The reason for going to kindergarten? 

1. Rejection

There is a reason why children suddenly become unwilling to go to kindergarten. If children are rejected by children in school and children are unwilling to play with him, this will affect Children’s emotions about going to school will make them unwilling to go to kindergarten. If this matter is not resolved, it will affect the child’s mental health. 

2, was given a nickname

The reason for Xiaoyu in the case was because the teacher gave him the nickname, because there is a homophony between “Xiaoyu” and “Rain”. The child’s heart is very sensitive. Because the name has a homophonic sound, the teacher’s nickname hurts his self-esteem, so he is reluctant to go to kindergarten, which will hurt the child’s self-esteem. 

3. Being bullied by children

There are many children in kindergarten, and there are always a few more naughty children in each class. Teachers have to look after dozens of children every day, and there are always times when they can’t take care of them. If a child is bullied by a child at school, the child will also be reluctant to go to kindergarten, and may even cause psychological shadows. 

4. Always ignored

If a child is always ignored by children and teachers in kindergarten, he will also feel resistance to going to kindergarten. For example, neither the child nor the teacher can remember his name. When he took the first step in making friends, he was ignored by the child; when he and the teacher uttered his request, he was also ignored by the teacher. This will hit the child’s self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Why does it appear These situations? How can parents prevent, avoid and solve? 

1. The child’s character is too withdrawn and leads to optimism.

Children are rejected in kindergarten, often because the child’s character is too withdrawn. Most children have more optimistic and enthusiastic personalities. If the child’s personality is too withdrawn, it will appear that the child is too “different” and will be rejected as a result. Parents need to guide their children more and let their children become optimistic in order to make their children popular. 

2. Be careful when naming a child with a homophonic name

If a child is given a nickname in kindergarten, it may be because there is a homophonic in the child’s name. Make everyone want to give him a nickname. 

Parents must be careful when naming their children. You can read them several times in Mandarin before naming them. If the child’s name has a homophonic sound, it is recommended that parents change the child’s name and actively communicate with the teacher so that the child will go to kindergarten happily. 

3. The child’s personality is too cowardly, so that the child knows how to fight back and ask for help

If the child is bullied at school, he doesn’t know how to fight back, and he doesn’t know how to tell the teacher, he just chooses to escape-not going to kindergarten, this is because of the child’s The character is too cowardly. 

Parents should cultivate their children’s perseverance, so that when they face bullying, they know how to fight back bravely and ask the teacher for help, so that they can solve the problem fundamentally and make the children fall in love with kindergarten. 

4. Children are introverted and communicate with their teachers.

Children are always neglected in school and have a low sense of presence. This is because children’s personalities are too introverted and difficult to impress others, even the teacher Will often ignore him. 

But introverts also have a desire to be paid attention to. Parents can inform the teacher of the child’s situation, communicate more with the teacher, let the teacher pay more attention to the child, and the child will go to kindergarten happily. 

Children’s reluctance to go to kindergarten is nothing more than the above four reasons. Although small things have a great impact on children, parents must find the reasons and solutions to make children go to kindergarten happily. 

Parents, do your children like to go to kindergarten? What did you do to make your children like going to kindergarten? Please leave a message in the comment area for interaction! Huo Siyan reveals the truth about the actress giving birth. “Giving birth to birth” is not a myth. No one understands the hardships behind it.

Pregnancy and giving birth are undoubtedly a shocking thing for professional women. For glamorous and beautiful female stars, pregnancy is a big challenge. 

Balancing career and family, coping with the appearance and image of the appearance and image, coping with external public opinion and paparazzi, and protecting the baby are all female celebrities need to consider. 

It is said that female celebrities generally just announced the good news of pregnancy, and it will not take long for them to give birth safely. What kind of process have they gone through? Huo Siyan told the truth. 

When Huo Siyan was pregnant, she was once written as a big belly fat woman by the media. When she was pregnant, she had to eat a lot of food to ensure the health of the baby in her belly. 

And she once bluntly said that the career of female stars is also very cruel. In order to retain the opportunity, everyone is unlikely to announce pregnancy at an early stage. When the melons are ripe and the pregnancy can no longer be covered, I will say. 

Why are the female stars so afraid of the fact that the pregnancy will be announced? What kind of unknown hardship is behind it? 

The reason why female celebrities conceal the truth about pregnancy

1. The competition among peers is too cruel, and female celebrities can’t escape the pressure of reality

There are too many female celebrities. Now, there are endless beauties in the entertainment circle, and the new generation of Xiaohua is one after another. But how can a female star who has already gained popularity and can stand firm in the entertainment circle can easily tell the story of pregnancy and let the excellent producers and directors let them go? Yang Ying, the top beauty in the entertainment industry (anglebaby), was still filming during her pregnancy. 

2. Prevent the media from exaggerating and protect the fetus in the womb

The flash of the media has always been facing the face of the female celebrity, and the private personal life behind the female celebrity Will not let it go. If the fact that the female celebrity is pregnant or the specific time is made public, the reporters who deliberately secretly filmed the female celebrity will follow the female celebrity and wait for the female star to give birth. 

A female celebrity is always afraid of being frightened when she is pregnant, but the media’s hype and reporter’s follow-up shooting are also a lot of pressure for pregnant women. In order to protect the baby in the belly, even female celebrities who are at ease facing the camera, in the spotlight, and who are at ease will have to avoid them. 

3. I don’t want to be photographed in ugly photos.

Even a female celebrity, when she is pregnant, her figure is out of shape and her limbs are cumbersome, so she won’t look so good. As a female celebrity who relies on beauty and face to eat, she naturally does not want ugly photos to be taken. The ugly appearance is known to the public. 

How do female stars recover immediately after childbirth, as if they have not had a child

1. Carry out postpartum golden period restoration work

Women after childbirth, in Within half a year, they are in the prime time for production and restoration. At this time, postpartum pelvic floor muscle repair, physical recovery, and wound healing are all very good. At this time, the female star will definitely spend more time and effort to carry out personal postpartum repairs. 

2. Adjust your figure, control your diet immediately, and shape your body immediately

Female stars are notoriously eating less, but when they are pregnant, they will eat a lot for their babies. Big s Xu Xiyuan, Huo Siyan and other female stars have not escaped the fate of getting fat during pregnancy. But they immediately adjusted their figures and made healthy diet plans. It not only guarantees the intake of adequate nutrition, but also ensures that the body is getting thinner and thinner, as if you have never experienced childbirth. 

Not only that, the figure of female stars also needs exercise to assist in shaping. After giving birth, the lower abdomen will be looser than before. The buttocks and legs are also easy to pile up meat. With diet and fitness, minus excess meat, the figure will return. 

3. Personal status changes

A female celebrity who is pregnant and has children, even if she takes care of children, is estimated to be much easier than ordinary people. Without the many worries of having children, it is much easier to restore the personal state before giving birth. After making good adjustments, it is enough to restore the spirit and energy as before. 

Take care of children without having to do it yourself. It will be a lot of help for women to re-adjust their status and devote themselves to career and work. 

4. Confinement well

Confinement has a great effect on the maintenance of the parturient. After giving birth, the parturient will need to undergo a month’s rest transition before they can adjust better. 

Nowadays, many confinement centers and confinement women can help women after childbirth go to confinement comfortably. A scientific and nutritious diet and hygiene will also help the parturient to take care of it and adjust it well. And the expensive female celebrities are naturally well taken care of during the confinement period. 

The conditions for female stars may not be met by ordinary families. But the hard work and perseverance of female stars in order to recover is also worth learning for ordinary people. If you want to recover from childbirth, you may wish to learn more about the secrets of postpartum shaping and maintenance of female stars, and use them to help individuals recover. 

Childbirth is a major difficulty experienced by women, but it is difficult, and mothers will be brave for the sake of their children. But in addition to taking good care of the children, we must also take care of ourselves. After all, if one’s own state is adjusted well, the child will walk better under the leadership of his mother.

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