Children can often eat these foods before going to bed, not only to sleep peacefully, but also conducive to height and brain development

Children can often eat these foods before going to bed, not only to sleep soundly, but also conducive to height and brain development

Children can often eat these foods before going to bed, not only to sleep peacefully, but also to height and brain development

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There is still a long time between the children’s meal and their sleep. Therefore, Many babies will be hungry. Parents who care about their children will prepare supper for them. 

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But many parents are about what they have at home, let their children eat, or eat whatever they like. They rarely care about what their baby eats before going to bed to be good for their health? 

This causes some children who have eaten midnight snacks to be unable to sleep at night or have uncomfortable stomachs, which will affect their gastrointestinal health or height and intelligence in the long run. 

So we are arranging for the babies When eating food before going to bed, you can start with the following three. 

▶ Milk

First of all, milk or other brewed milk powder contains a certain amount of dietary fiber, which can increase the feeling of fullness and prevent children from feeling strong hunger. But it is easy to digest and will not add extra burden to the stomach after falling asleep. 

Secondly, milk is rich in The calcium element has a promoting effect on the development of bones and the growth of children’s height. Moreover, calcium element can make people’s mental and emotional stability, which is conducive to sleep. 

Finally, milk and other dairy products contain a certain amount of tryptophan, which can be converted into a chromatin substance in the body, which makes people feel peaceful and relaxed, and also has a certain effect on promoting sleep. 

Therefore, taking milk as a baby’s supper is not only good for health, but also promotes sleep. 

▶ Almonds

Almonds and other nuts contain mineral magnesium, which calms nerves and soothes muscles, and can improve children’s sleep quality. 

And Chinese residents The dietary guidelines recommend that children eat 25 to 30 grams of nuts a day to help supplement high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, and it is also conducive to brain development. 

If they don’t have time to eat nuts during the day, they can be adjusted to the evening. 25~30 grams can not only increase satiety, but also make it easier to digest. 

Of course, you can’t eat too much, so as not to consume too much fat, you will have gastrointestinal discomfort at night, and you will get fat easily. 

▶ Grapes

Grapes also contain dietary fiber, which can increase satiety and is easy to digest, and melatonin helps sleep. 

Eat grapes before going to bed, not only It can make the baby sleep more peacefully, and melatonin can also promote the secretion of growth hormone, which helps the baby grow taller. 

Before going to bed except for some food Foods, and some absolutely prohibited foods, no matter how much the baby wants to eat, parents had better not buy them. 

▶ Chocolate

Caffeine in chocolate, milk tea and other foods can make people’s spirits in a state of excitement. And it usually lasts about 6 hours. If the baby eats before going to bed, he may not fall asleep all night, which will affect their health and the secretion of growth hormone, causing them to grow short. 

And babies love chocolate They are relatively sweet and contain too much sugar or fat. Eating them before going to bed is not only bad for teeth, but also easy to gain weight. 

▶ Fried food or grilling

The food in the grilling or frying process will produce some harmful substances, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, etc., which can cause irritation to the intestines and stomach. 

Moreover, high-oil, high-fat foods are difficult to digest. In order to digest these foods, excessive gastric acid will be secreted, which will also cause harm to the stomach. 

When babies are inactive at night, their stomach digests food more slowly and the burden is heavier, which will have a more serious impact on their intestines and stomach. 

▶ Flatulence-prone food< /p>

Sweet potatoes, potatoes, whole grains and other foods, although they are rich in nutrients and dietary fiber, are beneficial to the intestines and stomach. But they are also easy to cause flatulence. If the baby eats at night, it is likely that the stomach will not have flatulence, discomfort and other factors will affect sleep. 

In order to have a good night Sleep and growth hormone are secreted normally, and parents should pay attention to these matters when their children fall asleep. 

▶ Do not let your child play too excited before going to bed

Baby who is in a state of excitement before going to bed, even after lying on the bed, it is difficult to calm down. After falling asleep, I also dreamed of being overly excited, resulting in poor sleep quality. 

So, accompany them to read books, tell stories, and listen to music before going to bed. Try to help your children relax. 

▶ Do not give them when you sleep Turning on the night light

Turning on the night light to sleep at night is not conducive to the secretion of melatonin, thereby inhibiting the normal secretion of growth hormone, and also promoting the secretion of gonadal hormones, which may cause the child to grow up or mature prematurely. 

▶ Maintain the regularity of sleep

Go to bed and get up on time every day, which can help children form regular sleep and keep their biological clocks undisturbed, so that when the child arrives at the same time every day, Naturally, I was sleepy. 

Furthermore, regular sleep makes them sleep better and is more beneficial to their health. 


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The “miscarriage” that often occurs in the 5th week of pregnancy, many women mistakenly treat it as menstruation, which is hard to prevent

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In real life, some women may have encountered the “two bars” clearly detected with pregnancy test sticks ( Mostly to confirm pregnancy), but menstruation comes again a few days later, what is going on? Was the pregnancy test inaccurate, or was it a miscarriage? 

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Lily and her husband were preparing for pregnancy for nearly a year. This time she found that her menstruation was delayed by 9 days, so she went to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick. The result showed “two bars”, husband and wife The two were very happy, thinking that their love crystallization was finally coming. 

Lily was a mother for the first time, and she was careful every day for fear of harm to the baby in her abdomen. What people didn’t expect was that her menstruation came again a few days later, which made her worry about whether the pregnancy test stick she bought was inaccurate and she didn’t get pregnant at all, or she was not careful enough that the baby had already Quietly “slid away”? 

I came to the hospital with these questions. After the examination, the doctor gave the final conclusion that it was caused by the biochemical pregnancy. 

About biochemical pregnancy

It means that the sperm and egg successfully combined to form a fertilized egg, but did not successfully complete the implantation in the uterus, but flowed out along with menstruation. 

Under normal circumstances, pregnancy is the combination of sperm and egg to form a fertilized egg, which differentiates in the fallopian tube. In about 10 days, it enters the uterus with the peristalsis of the fallopian tube, and then on the endometrium. Find yourself a place to camp, that is, embryo implantation. 

To complete the embryo implantation, the endometrium needs to be adequately prepared, and the endometrium needs to reach a certain thickness. After implantation, the trophoblast cells in the maternal placenta will secrete a large number of people Chorionic gonadotropin can be detected by early pregnancy test paper. 

However, if the fertilized egg does not implant and develop before entering the uterus before successfully developing into a gestational sac, but for some reason, it falls off and leaves the endometrium, resulting in a normal pregnancy. It will be called a biochemical pregnancy. 

At this time, it can only be detected by professional biochemical technology. In the hospital, through B-ultrasound technology, the gestational sac is not visible at all. 

Biochemical pregnancy belongs to Miscarriage? 

Strictly speaking, a biochemical pregnancy can only be regarded as a “small” abortion. 

Before 5 weeks of gestation, the fertilized egg is preparing for implantation. The cells in the placenta secrete β-HCG, which enters the pregnant mother’s blood and is excreted with urine. 

At this time, the embryo has not yet developed into a gestational sac. It can only be judged by the concentration of β-HCG in urine or blood to determine whether it is pregnant. If the embryo does not implant normally due to some reasons, its concentration will decrease, B I can’t see a gestational sac. 

The miscarriage we often say refers to the condition that the fetus does not exceed 1 kilogram in size within 28 weeks of gestation and stops developing. It is called early abortion before 12 weeks of gestation, and late abortion is 12 to 28 weeks of gestation. 

Biochemical pregnancy usually occurs within 5 weeks of gestation, and the gestational sac cannot be detected. It is also called “subclinical abortion” in medicine. 

In addition, the reaction of biochemical pregnancy is very slight, and it is often excreted with menstrual blood. It can be said that every menstruation may be a biochemical pregnancy. Compared with the traditionally said abortion, it completely makes People can’t perceive it. 

Because of the traditionally said abortion, there is a lot of bleeding during the non-menstrual period, and the abdomen will feel no pain. Biochemical pregnancy usually coincides with the menstrual period. If you don’t specifically check it, you can’t detect it at all, and you don’t even know that you have been. I’ve been pregnant, and I only regard it as menstruation, which is hard to prevent. 

The United States randomly tested more than 7000 menstrual blood of more than 200 newlyweds and found that more than 20% of them had experienced biochemical pregnancy. 

Biochemical pregnancy pair Are women harmful? 

When many women hear about biochemical pregnancy, they will have a doubt, that is, will it cause harm to the body? 

In fact, don’t worry at all. The emergence of biochemical pregnancy is only the result of the survival of the fittest in nature. It appears only to screen out unqualified embryos, so as to create new healthy embryos. Opportunity, it will not cause any harm to the body, nor will it affect the next conception. 

According to statistical investigations, the probability that biochemical pregnancy accounts for the total number of pregnancies is 25% to 30%, especially for those couples who are preparing for pregnancy. Every menstruation may be caused by biochemical pregnancy. 

How women can prevent Frequent occurrence of biochemical pregnancy? 

If women often have biochemical pregnancy or early miscarriage, it is best to go to the hospital for a detailed examination. 

If you are healthy after a series of examinations, but it is caused by too much mental stress and stress in life, you should take care of your doctor’s advice before getting pregnant. 

But if it is found that the following reasons are caused, you need to actively treat it before considering pregnancy. 

1. Chromosomal abnormalities. One of the spouses has abnormal chromosomes, which affects the quality of the fertilized egg and thus affects the successful conception. 

2. Endocrine abnormalities. Disorders of the female endocrine system, such as the abnormal function of the corpus luteum of the ovary, can cause the normal secretion of progesterone, which will directly affect the success rate of pregnancy. 

3. Abnormal uterine environment. The uterus is the environment for embryo implantation and growth and development. If it is abnormal, such as too thin, it will directly affect implantation. 

4. Immune abnormalities. If the female’s physical fitness is poor, and it is difficult to conceive, this will need to go through a long period of conditioning. Return to Sohu to see more

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