Children brought up by the two kinds of parents will often suffer a lot in the future, and their marriage and career may be implicated.

The children brought up by the two kinds of parents will often suffer a lot in the future, and their marriage and career may be implicated.

How is the child’s childhood life, how happy is it? Have a great relationship with parents. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

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As the saying goes: “Happy people are cured by childhood, and unfortunate people need a lifetime to heal childhood.” Parents do not need a certificate to work in this profession, so many parents do not Know how to raise children correctly. 

But when a child is born, it is a blank piece of paper. What it becomes in the end has a lot to do with the parent’s later education. 

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Lily’s parents’ relationship has never been very good. When she was young, she quarreled a lot. After every quarrel, her mother would point fingers at Sang Huai, and she would especially like to complain. Has been shrouded in a negative emotion. 

And the father is a kind of grumpy person, so the two people often fight and sometimes beat their children, which makes Lily very painful. Every day, she hopes that she can grow up quickly. Get out of such a family. 

The largest child Unfortunately, I met these two kinds of parents.

1. Parents transfer the misfortune from their marriage to their children

Some parents are very discordant in their romantic lives after marriage, and there are often conflicts, and some of them are Transferring the injuries suffered by oneself in the marriage relationship to the child will cause great harm to the child. 

The quarrel between their parents has made them very painful. At this time, this situation will only increase the damage and hurt the children’s young hearts. 

Parents are arguing and the cold war process, children will be very uncomfortable in the middle, if parents at this time continue to ask them: “After divorce, who are willing to be with”, then the whole baby Childhood will be a nightmare, not only can’t feel any sense of happiness, but also make oneself fearful, forming an inferiority complex and cowardly character. 

2. Parents’ personalities are too strong

Some parents have strong personalities, and look at problems from their own point of view, even under the banner of being good for their children. No matter what matters, it’s up to my parents. 

Children are under the control of their parents for a long time and cannot have their own opinions. This will make them feel that their life is incomplete, it is not conducive to the growth of the baby, and the children cannot be independent after they grow up. 

If you want to ask your parents about anything, you will become indecisive. It is difficult for such a person to be appreciated by the leader in his career. 

To sum up, the above two kinds of parents with grown-up children may indeed suffer more than others, and future marriages and careers may be implicated. 

Which parents have Conducive to the growth of children? 

1. Loving parents

Family therapy master Satya once said: “The best gift parents can give their children is their own love and a good family environment.”

This is because if parents are loving, then children can grow up healthy and happy under the nourishment of love, and the whole childhood will be happy. 

According to survey statistics, children who grow up in a harmonious and loving family environment will become positive, lively and cheerful when they grow up. 

2. Democratic parents

Parents should not think that their children have no ideas of their own when they are young, and directly let their children listen to their own opinions and make decisions for them, but this way Not a nationality at all, not only suppresses the children’s inner thoughts, but also disables the development of the children. 

Democratic parents know how to understand and respect their children’s opinions. This will not only promote the healthy growth of their children, but also their personal abilities will become stronger, and it will also be more conducive to the harmonious development of parent-child relationships. 

3. Positive and optimistic parents

If parents always have a positive and optimistic attitude, then they can face everything in life in this way, and the child will gradually become such a person in the face of the ears and eyes. , Then no matter what problems you encounter in the growth process in the future, you will be able to move forward courageously and face the difficulties. 

4. Parents who are willing to spend time with their children

The healthy growth of children cannot do without the high-quality company of their parents. In real life, parents of the younger generation are busy with work. When I got home from get off work, I picked up my mobile phone and seemed to be with my baby, but in fact I was playing with my own mobile phone. Such companionship is meaningless. 

Parents who are willing to spend time with their children belong to the whole-hearted, high-quality company. Time is like water in a sponge. There will always be a squeeze. 

The high-quality company of parents, while feeling the love, can also make their ideas understood, satisfied, supported and encouraged in time, so that the children can distinguish right from wrong, so that they can feel the warmth of the family, which is conducive to health The formation of personality. Several kinds of food can be called “child killers” , It hurts the spleen and stomach and also delays growth, parents don’t feed it anymore

The spleen and stomach are acquired. 

Writer: Muzi

Finalized: Su Zihou

Children’s health issues have always been of the greatest concern to parents. 

However, if you want your child to be healthy, you must first protect your child’s spleen and stomach. After all, many health problems are linked to the spleen and stomach. As long as the spleen and stomach are raised, the child will have a better appetite and absorb the nutrients needed by the body, and the physical fitness will be improved accordingly, and then have a healthy body. 

However, some foods are more “damaging to the spleen” than instant noodles. Children who are in the growth and development stage should eat less. 

Case: The child’s spleen and stomach collapsed due to food accumulation

Xiao Wu is a cherished mother. Due to work, she rarely returns to her hometown. When she was free some time ago, she took her child to visit his grandparents who were far away. 

However, I didn’t expect that after returning home, the children would often quarrel without eating. The food they made was their favorite food, but the children were always angry and didn’t want to eat anything. , I don’t even eat the braised pork and potato chips that I usually eat. Not only that, even sleeping has become a problem. It’s hard to fall asleep. I often wake up in the middle of the night and cry and make the whole family restless. 

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Just a few days ago, the child had a fever in the middle of the night. At first, Xiao Wu thought it was because the temperature dropped and the child caught a cold. However, thinking about the child’s performance during this period, he took the child to the hospital. 

After the examination, the doctor told Xiao Wu that the child was not frozen. It was fever caused by the spleen deficiency and accumulated food. The reason why he did not like to eat was also because of the accumulated food, the spleen and stomach was dragged down, and he wanted the child to slow down. When you get better, you must take care of it from now on. 

After listening to the doctor’s words, Xiao Wu breathed a sigh of relief, and finally let go of his hanging heart. 

During the communication with the doctor, Xiao Wu learned that his children would hurt their spleen and stomach due to food accumulation, and it was also caused by frequent consumption of braised pork, potato chips and other foods. 

This kind of food is more “damaging to the spleen” than instant noodles

I, a decoction for tonic

In the process of growing up, many parents give their children to grow faster and taller. Children eat a lot of tonic decoctions. Although this kind of food may indeed help the child’s growth and development, long-term consumption is not a good thing. On the contrary, it will “pull seedlings to promote growth.” 

If the child eats this kind of food often, not only the stomach cannot absorb it, but it also brings a great burden to the spleen and stomach, which affects the spleen and stomach transportation and the child’s physique will also deteriorate, and may even stop. The situation of growing taller. 

Ⅱ. Fried foods

Children like to eat snacks. Parents are not forbidden to eat snacks for their children, but they must be careful when choosing snacks for their children. 

Like compared to normal meals, many children prefer fried foods, such as potato chips, french fries, chicken rice noodles, etc. Few people can refuse its deliciousness, but this kind of high calorie , High-fat foods are actually not good for children’s growth and development. 

After the food is deep-fried at high temperature, the nutrition will be destroyed, and various flavoring agents will bring burden to the child’s spleen and stomach, and will cause great harm to the child’s spleen and stomach transportation and kidney metabolism. The situation that causes children to accumulate food is even more harmful than instant noodles. 

Therefore, parents must always pay extra attention not to eat this kind of fried food for their children. 

Ⅲ. Fake milk

It is well known that drinking milk is beneficial to the growth and development of children, but parents also need to be careful when choosing milk for their children. Do not choose some “fake milk”. 

Nowadays, there are many “fake milk” on the market, such as various sweet and sour milk drinks, dairy milk, etc., which are not real milk. 

This kind of “fake milk” does not contain any nutrients and cannot promote the child’s development. On the contrary, it will damage the spleen and stomach and affect the child’s growth. 

Ⅳ. Functional beverages

Nowadays, there are many functional beverages on the market. These beverages do contain nutrient elements, which can quickly replenish certain elements needed by the body, but this is not for children, especially Children under 6 years old can’t drink it even more. 

The child is still in the growth and development stage. Drinking this functional beverage will not only harm the spleen and stomach, but also cause the child to have overnutrition, which is not good for health. 

How to raise the spleen and stomach for the child? 

★The diet should be reasonable

Every child reaches a certain age, the body needs different nutrition. As a parent, you must match the diet according to the child’s age. Cultivate children’s gastrointestinal receptivity. 

Although children’s cravings for snacks gradually increase with age, parents also need to help children develop healthy eating habits and not allow children to eat too much due to their weaker spleen and stomach. Snacks. 

★The diet should be rationed.

When children are young, parents are most afraid of spleen and stomach problems: one is holding on and the other is cold. If you eat too much food, it will increase your child’s gastrointestinal burden. If the food cannot be digested well, problems such as abdominal distension and food accumulation will easily occur. 

Therefore, at any time, parents should strictly control their children’s food intake, and not allow children to eat too much. It is enough for every meal to be 70% full or 80% full. 

★Persist in exercising

Children have weak spleen and stomach and tend to accumulate food, which has a lot to do with their physical fitness. 

On weekdays, parents should take their children out for more activities, especially after eating, let the children walk around, can speed up the gastrointestinal motility, and promote the digestion and absorption of food. 

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