Children are getting more and more “stupid”, mostly because of these 4 points. See how many in your family?

Children are getting more and more “stupid”, mostly because of these 4 points. See how many in your family? 

Parents all want to cultivate a smart child, but some children are very smart when they are born, but they become more and more “dumb” when they grow up. What is going on? 

Actually, talent and intelligence is an advantage, but it is by no means a decisive factor. The growth of the child is more important to a child. The following 4 points may be the reason why the longer the child, the stupid, come see your child How many! 

Do not eat breakfast

According to the old saying, breakfast is Eat well, but in reality, many children’s breakfast is very perfunctory, because most parents in families have to go to work in the morning, and there is no time to cook breakfast for their children, so that the children have not developed breakfast or breakfast is perfunctory. Habits, this is very detrimental to children’s nutrition, and it will inevitably affect children’s brain development in the long run. 

Breakfast is the source of vitality for the day. If you skip or fail to eat breakfast well, your child will lose energy all day, which is very detrimental to his physical development and learning. 

Staying up late

In society, except for adults, staying up late is addicted In addition, the situation of children staying up late is also increasing day by day. Staying up late is very harmful to the human body, especially affecting the development of the nervous system, causing inattention, decreased memory and other consequences, seriously affecting the child’s mental state and learning effect, and will inevitably lead to a decline in the child’s academic performance over time. 

In addition, staying up late will disturb the child’s normal biological clock, leading to a decline in his immunity and affecting his health. Without good sleep, the child’s mental and physical development will be affected. Therefore, if you don’t want your child to become more and more “dumb”, ensuring a good sleep is the key. 

Too much criticism from parents

When children are talented , Parents will have more expectations of him, but when the child fails to meet their parents’ expectations, what is waiting for him is not encouragement, but criticism and ridicule. 

When a child is dull, his parents will have more spurs on him, but when the child is not making progress, what is waiting for him is also not encouragement, but criticism and ridicule. 

Different talents have the same result. This is actually not the child’s fault, but the improper way of education by the parents, and they don’t know how to encourage their children. 

Too much criticism will make the child gradually lose confidence, less and less approve of himself, and over time the child may abandon himself and gradually degenerate! 

The learning environment is too bad

Naka Yong, the same genius In the end, the characters are no different from ordinary people. The reason is that they did not receive a good education, so that they wasted great talent. Therefore, the acquired learning environment is also very important to the “genius”. 

When you complain that your child is getting more and more “stupid”, you may wish to reflect on whether you have created a good learning environment for him, whether he is playing mobile phones, playing games, chatting and chatting while he is studying… …

Children who have been in this environment for a long time tend to lose their concentration. No matter what they do, they can’t do everything perfectly. As time goes by, the disadvantages will be exposed! 

Children’s plasticity is very strong and they grow up In the process, parents must learn to guide him, let him develop good habits, and create a harmonious environment for him to make him smarter and smarter! Your mother hugged my baby into a crooked neck! Bao Ma complained about her mother-in-law, all because of the wrong gesture of holding a baby

Why do you say that men don’t take children? In fact, many reasons are because men don’t take care of children when they are young, such as when the child is just born. , Many men don’t even know how to hold a doll. A little carelessness may make the child cry and make the child uncomfortable. 

In fact, it’s not just men, many old people are hugging The child’s technique is not too scientific. This makes netizens very depressed. For elderly people with rich parenting experience, how could the technique of holding a child be unscientific? actually not. These baby-holding postures are correct, and these baby-holding postures are wrong. Which ones are they? How to identify it? 

Zhejiang Xiaoli hates her mother-in-law very much. In fact, there is a reason. In the past, Xiaoli and her mother-in-law got along fairly well. After giving birth, the two people had more and more differences. Xiaoli even I hate to give her child to her mother-in-law to carry her on her back, and Xiaoli’s husband doesn’t understand why Xiaoli is so tired of her mother taking the child, and the two often quarrel. 

Xiao Li said that her mother-in-law’s posture for holding the child was completely wrong, and her husband felt that the old man had helped with the child, and that he vomited a little error if he made a mistake. 

Xiaoli said, your mother would My child’s neck is crooked. Your husband feels that Xiaoli is making a fuss, exaggerating a little thing, and making troubles are clamoring for a divorce. 

It’s not the correct baby-holding posture, what is the wrong baby-holding posture? How to correct the wrong holding posture? What impact does the wrong holding posture have on the doll? 

Which posture to hold a baby is correct, and which posture to hold a baby is wrong

1. The posture that puts pressure on the spine of the doll is wrong

Some old people like to let The baby went up and lifted me up with both hands. In fact, the baby’s flexion was too great, and the baby’s spine would be very stressed. This is very bad for the baby’s spine development. Not only did it not get stretched, but it was not slowed down. Pressure, instead, puts the entire body’s bending and folds on the spine, which will cause greater damage to bone development. 

2. Let the doll’s neck curl up The posture is wrong.

Some dolls have larger heads. The old people are afraid that the doll’s head will be tired when held. Therefore, they often let the doll’s neck have no support points, and use their hands to support the doll’s neck. The doll’s neck is Curled up. In fact, the doll’s neck is often curled up, which is not conducive to the development of the cervical spine of the doll’s erect neck. The back of the cervical spine is connected to the spine. 

If the cervical spine is often sitting curled up, the connection of the spine will also be affected. The cervical spine bears a relatively large amount of pressure, but the cervical spine does not bear any pressure, so the distribution of pressure is uneven, which is not a good thing for both. 

3. It’s not right to let the doll have no support points.

Some elderly people have less strength when helping, and the whole body is lighter. In fact, this is not because the weight of the baby is small, but It’s because the old man didn’t use any force to hold the baby. In this way, the baby can’t hold the baby firmly, and it is easy to fall into the baby. 

4. Let the doll have support and comfort The posture of the baby is correct

It can make the child feel comfortable, the child can easily fall asleep, and can support the spine and cervical spine of the doll, and support the baby posture of these two points at the same time. It is very correct, too Very scientific. 

What is the impact of the wrong baby holding posture on the child?

1. It’s not easy to fall asleep

The baby holding posture is not correct. The wrong holding posture can easily make it difficult for the child to fall asleep. Tossing over and over, I always feel uncomfortable on my body, how can I fall asleep? Obviously the child is very sleepy, but because of the wrong holding posture, he can’t fall asleep. 

2. Emotional irritability

If the doll is not easy to fall asleep, the doll’s emotions will be irritable and will keep crying, and the person holding the child will definitely be more flustered and more It’s easy to hold the wrong posture. If you hold a baby incorrectly, your child’s mood will of course be irritable, just as someone keeps annoying you when you are in a bad mood, and your mood gets worse. 

3. Children do not want to be hugged< /p>

According to the truth, children in their childhood are eager to be close to people and closer to those close to them, but if the child has already clearly appeared and is unwilling to be tired of being in contact with others, then it is very It may be the wrong way, which is to affect the child’s intimacy. It makes the child feel that being intimate with others is uncomfortable. If he is unwilling to be intimate with others, it is easy for the child to develop an introverted character over time. 

Don’t think that not having to hold your baby is a good thing. In childhood, children who did not live with their parents or He Jing’s parents-in-law and mother-in-law can easily develop anti-social perverted personality when they grow up, do things that violate social rules, and embark on the road of illegal crimes. 

Holding a child is not a complicated matter. He is holding a child and it is definitely a technical matter. If a mother is a novice and does not know how to hold a child, she might as well go to Baidu for similar knowledge. The baby-holding picture will guide many novice mothers.

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