Child growing pains? Mommy must know these mitigation methods

Child growing pains? These mitigation methods, mothers must know

Some mothers are very confused about one thing, that is, the children in the family, who are young, don’t do anything. Live, why do you yell at leg pain all day? Especially when you sleep at night, you can wake up with pain in severe cases. In fact, this kind of leg pain is growth pain. 

What is growth pain?

Many parents think that growth pain occurs because the child is growing up, but it is not. Growth pain most often occurs when children increase their physical activity during the day. In addition, if the child’s bone density is low, growth pain may also occur. Generally speaking, growth pain occurs at night, and the pain is concentrated on the muscles rather than the joints. 

So how should we relieve children’s growth pain? Here are two small methods to share with you, if you need more methods, you can privately write to the editor! 

1. Massage, stretching

If the child has growth pain, Bao’s mother can use heat Put a towel on the painful muscles of the child, and then gently massage to relax the muscles and promote blood circulation to achieve the effect of alleviating pain. At the same time, Bao Ma can also let the child do more stretching activities to enhance muscle toughness. 

2. Vitamin supplements

Some children have growth pains because of their low vitamin D content, which will affect the child’s absorption of calcium. Therefore, Bao’s mother can properly supplement some vitamin D and calcium to the child at this time, and at the same time eat more foods with high protein content. After pregnancy, these four kinds of nutrition should be supplemented mainly, which is of great benefit to the mother and child

Everyone knows that the nutrition supplemented by mothers during pregnancy is not only for themselves, but also for the fetus at all times. For better fetal development, mothers must ensure a balanced and comprehensive intake of nutrients. In addition to the daily gain of energy such as protein and fat, vitamins and minerals should also be added. In addition, the following 4 kinds of nutrition should be supplemented, which is of great benefit to mothers and fetuses! 

Folic acid

Persist Taking a standard amount of folic acid every day can effectively prevent fetal neural tube defects and prevent the birth of deformities. Generally speaking, mothers must supplement folic acid from the period of pregnancy preparation to the first 3 months of pregnancy. Mothers can eat more foods rich in folic acid, such as grapefruit, citrus, broccoli, etc., or buy some folic acid tablets for pregnant women for targeted supplements. 


Pregnant In the middle and late stages, the mother’s demand for iron will increase. If it is not supplemented in time, the pregnant mother will develop iron-deficiency anemia, causing palpitation, shortness of breath, fatigue, and fetal hypoxia. Therefore, mothers should pay more attention to iron supplements and eat more high-iron foods, such as lean meat and animal liver. 


The same During pregnancy, mothers need a lot of calcium to provide for the development of the fetus. If the calcium is insufficient, it will not only lead to leg cramps and back pain, but also affect the fetal bone development. It is recommended that mothers eat more high-calcium foods or buy special calcium tablets. 


Pregnant Moms should also pay attention to the supplement of DHA. DHA is an important component of fetal brain neurodevelopment and can make babies smarter after birth. There are usually two ways to supplement DHA: fish oil and algae oil, and mothers can choose according to their own needs. 

These nutrients are critical for mother and child. Don’t mind that the “high-looking baby girl” is on fire. Rely on her appearance to conquer netizens. The nurse sighs: I will see you for the first time.

I believe that many novice parents will be a little bit when they see the baby at first glance. Disappointment, because before the baby is born, everyone will have countless times in their minds looking forward to what the baby will look like, whether it is more like yourself or a little more like your partner. 

But everyone who has given birth to a baby knows that there is fetal fat all over the body of a newborn baby, which is really not very good-looking, but there are also some babies who are surprised by the birth. 

There was a beautiful baby girl before Because my mother casually took a picture and became popular on the Internet. When the mother successfully gave birth to the cute little princess, she was naturally overwhelmed with joy. She took pictures of the baby when she was born and shared them with everyone on the Internet. She did not expect her daughter to become popular in an instant. 

Although this baby is just born, his weight is not It’s not light, it looks like a full-moon baby, completely different from some babies who are thin and thin at birth. 

And the skin on her body is very white, and more importantly, it is very clean, there does not seem to be excess fetal fat, and the whole skin is smooth to the touch. 

The baby is curious with his big eyes open Looking at this world, from time to time, he will grin and show a smile, which really makes people melt when they look at it. Even the nurse could not help but sigh: I have seen such a beautiful baby for the first time. 

I have to say that this baby is really Winning at the starting line when he was born, with such an outstanding appearance, it is no wonder that he can successfully conquer netizens. I must be a beauty when I grow up, which is really enviable. 

Seeing such a high-value baby, netizens speculate that the baby’s parents’ appearance should not be low. After all, most of the children look like moms and dads. This is the function of genetic genes. 

Which characteristics of the parents will the child inherit? 

1. Baldness

Nowadays, people’s hair loss is very serious, which is of course related to certain life pressures, but also related to their own endocrine. Of course, there is one thing that everyone may not know. If it is a boy, it is possible to inherit the characteristic of baldness from the father. Of course, if it is a girl, even if the father is bald, it may not be inherited. This is the so-called transmission of males to females. 

2, looks

If the appearance of the parents is at the upper-middle level, then the child is likely to inherit the good genes of the parents, especially the eye area is more likely to be the same as the parent. After all, the eye is a dominant inheritance, even if there is only one parent. If the child has big eyes, the probability of having big eyes is higher. 

3. Height

Most of the height of a child depends on genetic inheritance, so we often find that if parents are taller, such as Yao Ming and Ye Li, the child’s height will naturally not be short. Of course, height will also be related to acquired factors. For example, basketball player Yi Jianlian’s parents are not tall, but Yi Jianlian has achieved a perfect counterattack. 

Of course, if a child looks very beautiful after birth, it does not necessarily mean that it will remain beautiful in the future, because people’s appearance sometimes changes, which is related to the child’s own daily habits. A certain relationship and good habits will make the child more and more beautiful, otherwise the image of the child will be affected. 

What factors can cause children to become beautiful? 

1. There is a regularity in life.

Every one of us is not just a child. Life should be regular. For example, three meals a day are fixed and fixed, when to go to bed, when to wake up, and when to do Exercise, these should form a habit, do not change at will. 

Only when children’s lives are regular, they can get better diet and exercise, and they can also have more adequate sleep, which will naturally keep them in good condition at all times. 

2, have good habits

If a child usually pays great attention to his own words and deeds, walks with his head high and does not hunch over, behaves properly and does not pick his nose and touches his eyes casually, and be careful not to always press one cheek when sleeping, etc., these can make The child becomes better looking. 

In fact, compared with the appearance of children, their temperament is the most important, and temperament can be cultivated through the day after tomorrow. So don’t worry about your ordinary appearance, let yourself become a temperamental person, and often can go further.

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