CCTV has exposed 19 types of vacuum flasks that are unqualified, and warm water has become “poisonous water”. Do you still dare to use it for your baby?

CCTV has exposed 19 types of vacuum flasks that are unqualified, and warm water has become “poisonous water”. Do you still dare to use it for your baby? 

CCTV reported a piece of news that the Beijing Consumers Association randomly checked 50 kinds of thermos cups in the market, and 19 of them were unqualified “death cups”, which contained a large amount of nickel, manganese, Harmful heavy metals such as chromium will become “toxic water” when warm water is poured into it. 

If children drink the water in this thermos cup for a long time, it will cause chronic poisoning, even damage the organs, and endanger the life of the child. When choosing a vacuum flask for their children, parents must not be greedy for cheap, and they must carefully compare the following 4 points before buying. 

depends on the material Its inner container, so the first thing to pay attention to is the material of the inner container of the vacuum flask. Generally, it is sufficient to buy a thermos cup with a 304 stainless steel liner, which is not only effective in heat preservation, but also safe. 

201 stainless steel material can also be used, but the heat preservation effect is poor. A bottle of hot water in the morning will cool down by noon, and the experience is not very good. 

There is another kind of 316 stainless steel, which belongs to medical grade. It is less on the market, but if it can be purchased, 316 stainless steel is the priority. 

see accessories The inner liner is not enough, and there are food-grade accessories, that is, the small plastic ring on the lid of the cup. Although the circle is small, it looks nothing special, but if you accidentally lose it, the cup will leak. 

The material of the accessories should be PP or silicone, so that there is no need to worry about harmful substances entering the water, and it is durable and not afraid of breaking due to blisters. 

See the craft

Common insulation cup craft on the market With or without tail vacuum, laser welding, ultra-light cup body, etc., these processes determine the appearance and use experience of the cup. The more expensive the vacuum flask, the better the craftsmanship, which is light and comfortable to hold. It is best to buy an ultra-light cup for your child, so that it will not be too heavy when filled with water and is convenient for the child to carry. 

The heat preservation effect of the vacuum flask with tailless vacuum technology will be better. The laser welding technology can reduce the leakage of the inner tank, so that the vacuum flask will not be broken for a long time. Be sure to ask the merchant carefully before buying. To understanding. 

Look at the brand and price

You must buy a vacuum flask Depending on the brand and price, the quality of the steel used in the vacuum flask of the big brand will be better, the craftsmanship will be better, and the quality will be more guaranteed. 

The price of the steel materials used in the vacuum flask is relatively high, so the price of the finished product will be slightly higher. On the online shopping platform, the 9 yuan 9 free shipping vacuum flask, do you really dare to use it for your children? 

Don’t try to buy low-quality products at home cheaply. It is not only inconvenient to use, but also harmful to children. 

Winter is here, and the thermos cup has become a child’s school A must-have item for children, parents must keep their eyes open and compare them carefully when choosing a thermos cup for their children, so that they can choose a cup of good quality and high quality. 

It is best to put only hot water in the thermos cup, do not put liquids such as milk, juice, etc., which will corrode the stainless steel and affect the use time of the thermos cup. 

Moreover, these liquids have a relatively high viscosity, which is easy to stain the cup and difficult to clean. If it is not cleaned in place, it will easily breed bacteria and endanger the health of the child. Parents must pay attention to it. Because her boyfriend can’t afford the gift, the female teacher had a cold war for 2 months. When she contacted, her boyfriend was already married to someone else.

Nowadays, there are more and more boys and girls left. Will you choose a blind date? Miss Li is a middle school female teacher. She originally had a good boyfriend, but she did not expect to be in a cold war with her for 2 months. When she contacted her again, her boyfriend was already married to someone else. In the final analysis, all of this has a great relationship with Ms. Li. The boyfriend and Ms. Li are about the same age, and they know each other on a blind date. 

The other party’s salary is not very high, but he works He was very hard-working, and the leaders valued him very much. He believed that he would be promoted in two years, so Miss Li first talked about love with the other party. After being in love for a year, the two parties met with their parents and mentioned the marriage. The mother of the woman asked for more than 300,000 yuan as a gift. After the two parties returned, Miss Li and her boyfriend had a big quarrel, so her boyfriend couldn’t afford the betrothal. 

But Ms. Li didn’t buy it, she said This money is waiting to buy a car for the younger brother, even if her boyfriend explains anything, Miss Li will not listen. Ms. Li thinks that her boyfriend will figure it out one day, but she didn’t expect that when she met again, her boyfriend was picking up a wedding ring with her incumbent. Now the girlfriend doesn’t care about the bride price, but more importantly the character of the other party. Miss Li has once again embarked on a blind date after being broken in love. 

There are more and more male and female leftovers. Parents are very worried that their children will not find a partner in the future, but if the children have the following characteristics, parents do not have to worry about them finding a partner in the future. 

What kind of children don’t worry about finding a partner? 

①, strong and courageous

Most women like strong and courageous men, and this has become their first consideration when choosing the other half. If children are bold in doing things since they are young, and will not escape anything, then I believe that in the future, they will attract more women’s attention and make it easier to find a target. 

②, independent and autonomous

Nowadays, parents are over-doing everything for their children. In fact, parents do not need to help children think about everything and do them well. Children can learn to handle some simple things by themselves, with a little guidance from parents, so that they can cultivate their independent ability. 

③、Have a sense of responsibility

A person with a sense of responsibility is more popular with the opposite sex in the marriage and love market because they can give their family members a sense of security. Whether children have a sense of responsibility has a lot to do with their parents. Parents should cultivate the children’s sense of responsibility as soon as possible, let them do some simple housework, and let them learn to take responsibility after doing wrong things. 

Everyone has their own standards for mate selection. It cannot be said that the criteria for choosing a spouse are good or bad, but those who are unhappy or unhappy in love or marriage mostly have the following wrong views on choosing a spouse. 

Which mate selection views are wrong? 

1: Excessive pursuit of appearance

Everyone likes beautiful things. When choosing the other half, they also hope that the other half will look handsome and beautiful. This is understandable. But everything should have a degree. If you chase the appearance too much when looking for an object, and only pay attention to the appearance, then this kind of feeling is also very superficial. 

2: Excessive pursuit of money

Although love is easy, marriage is not easy, and marriage must be built on a certain economic basis. Nowadays, young people who get married require a gift, a house, a car, and a good job. For the sake of love and marriage, it is understandable to want protection, but excessive pursuit of material comfort, just to satisfy one’s vanity, this kind of idea is not reliable, after all, in this world, more ordinary people. 

3: With a playful attitude

There is also a group of people who have a very scumbag attitude towards love, playing with their feelings in the name of loving each other, and even hurting others. This way People who are actually scumbags are scumbags. And their view of love can no longer be explained simply by mistakes, it can be said to be very shameless. 

The reason why there will be mistakes after children are adults The concept of marriage and love, in the final analysis, also has a great relationship with their parents. If a child is born in a family full of negative emotions and quarrels all day long, then the child’s idea of ​​marriage will become very negative. Therefore, parents must first give their children a warm and harmonious family environment, so that the children can form the correct three views.

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