Can’t guess the character of the child? You can tell by looking at your child’s sleeping position. It is nothing more than these 5 types, the most special one is it

Can’t guess the character of the child? You can see it by looking at your child’s sleeping posture. There are no more than these five types. The most special one is that

Many parents find their children’s personality elusive. This also has a great hindrance to parents in educating their children. After all, education now emphasizes “teach students in accordance with their aptitude”, and its premise is to understand the child’s character clearly. Only in this way can “shoot the target” and the child will teach well. 

So how do you find out what the child’s character is like? In fact, it is not difficult. The American Institute of Child Behavior has previously published a report that pointed out that a child’s personality is 68% related to his sleeping posture. 

It can be seen that sleeping posture has a high degree of influence on children. Although it is not 100%, it is enough to see its influence. 

I want to know children Character? You can tell by looking at your child’s sleeping position. There are no more than these five types. The most special one is

1. Sleeping on your stomach

Many children like to sleep on their stomachs. Parents may think that children sleep like this because It’s more comfortable. In fact, the most important reason is that children’s subconscious choices are like this. 

Children sleeping on their stomachs are derived from their sense of self-protection, indicating that these children are usually insecure, and their stomachs are the most vulnerable part of the human body, and sleeping on their stomachs can better protect their stomachs, so subconsciously The child chooses this sleeping position to protect himself. 

In their personality, this part of children reacts as introverted, talks less, and is more indecisive in doing things. For this part of children, parents should not only give them a sense of security, but also give them a certain amount of security. Encouragement. 

2. Curled up sleeping position

If sleeping on your stomach is one of the manifestations of a child’s lack of security, then the child’s curled up sleeping position can be said to be a typical response to an extreme lack of security. 

When the child is in the mother’s belly, they feel the most secure. At that time, they are usually curled up. The habit of up to forty weeks is formed. When the child is born, even There is no mature consciousness in the head for the time being, but the body will remember the most secure posture, which is the curled up type. 

So when children are in a state of extreme insecurity, they will choose a curled up sleeping position. For these children, they are more introverted in character, they don’t like to socialize, and they lack self-confidence. It is him who is the most special and needs the most attention. 

In addition, there is a problem to remind parents not to let their children sleep on their side for a long time, especially if they are accustomed to one side. Many parents have previously reported that the child’s cheekbones and mandibles on one side of the face that were pressed are too small, while the cheekbones and mandibles on the other side are protruding, making the entire face asymmetrical in size. 

Correspondingly, the skeletal structure of the body is connected. When the bones have problems, the children will naturally have high and low eyebrows, big and small eyes, etc. If some parents do not believe it, they can carefully observe the children around them. , There must be a few such cases, and the longer the duration, the more obvious this feature. 

Parents should give enough patience to guide their children to socialize, so that they can change their introverted personality, and they should also encourage their children to cultivate their self-confidence. 

3. Large-shaped sleeping position

The child with the strongest sense of security is the child who likes to adopt the large-shaped sleeping position, because these children usually have an absolute sense of security around them, otherwise they will not Sleeping so “rest assured”. 

These children are more outspoken, and they are more volatile and decisive in doing things, but it is precisely because of their carelessness that things always fail in the details. Such children often suffer the most. 

Therefore, parents should pay attention to their children’s ability in details and cultivate their patience, otherwise they will easily embark on the road of failure. 

4. Surrender sleeping position

Surrender sleeping position is common in newborns. When children still like to adopt this sleeping position after 3 years of age, parents should pay attention to it because of this sleeping position response. In the subconscious, the child longs to be heard and expressed. 

As long as these children are given a certain amount of space to play and exercise, the children will be empathetic in the future and their eloquence will be greatly improved. 

On the contrary, if the parents do not pay attention to this aspect, then the child will feel neglected and disrespected. In the future, the child will not listen to the parents’ opinions and will not respect the parents. 

5. Arbitrary sleeping position

In addition to the above-mentioned sleeping positions, there are some children whose sleeping positions are not always certain. Sometimes they may sleep like this, and sometimes they sleep like that, which causes headaches for parents. 

For this type of children, it is really difficult for parents to understand their personality, because most of them are expressed as “various emotions”. In the words parents often say, “one thought is one thing.” 

What parents need to do is to characterize their children, because such children usually have no ideas of their own and need someone to guide them before they are willing to put in practice. Otherwise, if they just let the children think and do it themselves , Then they usually deny their own ideas, and even if they put in practice, they will give up halfway afterwards. “I haven’t registered a baby girl in a day” before the nurse’s words were finished, the originally happy mother-in-law was nervous

In our country, the imbalance of the sex ratio is a very serious problem. According to statistics, even if all women enter into marriage, there will be 30 to 50 million more remaining men unable to get married. 

That is equivalent to the total population of a medium-sized country. However, what is more serious is that until today, the gender ratio imbalance has not been reversed, and it has even worsened. 

Half a month ago, my colleague Xiao Zhang gave birth to a son in the hospital. It was originally a happy thing, but because of a word from the nurse, the family was unhappy. 

Xiao Zhang’s husband has been passed on for three generations. This is her first childbirth. The mother-in-law has always hoped to be a boy, but she did not expect her wish to be fulfilled. 

After the baby was born, the mother-in-law smiled from ear to ear and kept staring at her grandson for fear that he would run away. After learning that she had a son, Xiao Zhang also let out a long sigh of relief, which means that she doesn’t need to have a second child. 

Because it was said at the beginning that if it is a first-born boy, it will not have a second child, and a first-born girl will wait a few years to have a second child. 

Xiao Zhang has experienced how hard it is to have a baby this time, so the surprise brought to her by the birth of her son can be imagined. 

However, when a family was immersed in joy, a young nurse suddenly complained. She said, “I haven’t registered a baby girl for a day.” 

As soon as the nurse blurted out, the originally happy mother-in-law became nervous and her complexion gradually became serious. Xiao Zhang and her husband looked at their mother-in-law, and immediately understood the old man’s thoughts, and immediately became unhappy. 

The birth of a child was originally a joyous event, not to mention that it was a boy who gave birth to it. How could it be overwhelmed by the nurse’s words? 

Combining with the current gender imbalance, I am afraid it is not difficult to understand. Mother-in-law, Xiao Zhang and husband, because of the nurse’s words, all three of them all thought about the problem of marrying a wife after their son grew up. 

No one day When registering a baby girl, why is the imbalance of the sex ratio getting worse? 

1. The influence of the thought of inheriting the lineage

The reason why the gender ratio in our country is so prominent is related to the popular thought of inheriting the lineage. 

The Chinese may be the nation that admires ancestors the most, and ancestors here only include ancestors with the same surname, usually pure paternal ancestors. 

Affected by this kind of culture, not having a son is equivalent to “cutting off one’s offspring”. No one wants to be scolded for “cutting off children and grandchildren,” so secular pressure forces people to hunt down sons. The families with several older sisters and a younger brother with multiple children are typical examples. 

2. It’s easier to be bullied without a son

There is another reason that cannot be ignored, that is, in many rural areas of our country, it is easy to be bullied without a son, and people may even worry about family property. The so-called “exhausted households”. 

So if it is possible, everyone is more willing to have a son, so as to ensure that they will not be bullied by other people, and the family property that comes out of hard work will be more secure. 

3. Technological development has made it easier for fetal sex identification

The above two factors have been there since ancient times, but the serious imbalance of the sex ratio has only occurred in the past ten or twenty years. This is the same as the third The factor is related, and that is fetal gender identification. 

With the development of technology, fetal gender identification has become easier and cheaper. Although my country’s law prohibits the identification of the sex of a fetus, there are always people who do it through various illegal means. 

Once a female baby is identified, it is likely to be corrupted. As more people do this, the gender ratio will naturally develop in the direction of more men and fewer women. 

Technology itself does not do evil, but the people who use it do. The reason why these people use fetal gender identification to abort women is ultimately related to the first two factors, that is, cultural and practical factors. 

Only by fundamentally changing people’s perceptions and no longer taking narrow-minded lineage ideology as the supreme truth, will my country’s sex ratio become normal. 

All the same, the malicious choice of the baby’s gender should be terminated.

Son and daughter can pass on the family line

Our country’s law stipulates that children can follow the father’s surname, and the mother’s surname is still the mainstream in the society. , But with the awakening of female consciousness, the proportion of family names will continue to rise. 

So even from the perspective of inheritance, giving birth to a daughter does not mean “a household”. Your grandson and granddaughter can inherit your surname. 

The imbalance of the sex ratio ultimately hurts families with sons

If the situation continues to not get better, the families that give birth to sons will also be victims in the long run. 

In fact, judging from the current situation of marriage and love in our country, the evil consequences of more men and fewer women have already appeared. In rural areas and small cities, men over 30 years of age are not married. 

If it weren’t for years of killing girls and aborting girls, how could this be so? 

A society in which the sex ratio is seriously unbalanced will certainly not be harmonious. The reason is simple. Those men who cannot get married will inevitably become a major destabilizing factor in society. 

And China is the most populous country in the world. It is certainly unrealistic for the extra male bachelors to “neutralize” by introducing foreign women. 

So, if you haven’t registered a baby girl for a day, not only the mother-in-law of the pregnant woman needs to be nervous, each of us should also be nervous.

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