Cancer treatment is difficult and the fatality rate is high? 91-year-old Academician Sun Yan: Try not to touch these 3 things

Cancer treatment is difficult and the fatality rate is high? 91-year-old Academician Sun Yan: Try not to touch these three things

Academician Sun Yan is one of the main pioneers of medical oncology treatment in my country. He has been fighting cancer on the front line for nearly 60 years. Now 91 years old, he is a properly longevity old man. But every time Academician Sun Yan speaks at the conference, he is so powerful and energetic, and sometimes he even joked with people around him, saying that he is a post-80s. 

Academician Sun Yan once said: “I have always believed in the idea that’prevention is better than cure, and early treatment is better than late Most of the health problems are early stages and can be effectively controlled.”

Moreover, in a public interview, Academician Sun Yan also shared some anti-cancer and anti-cancer Of advice. Next, let’s take a look together. 

91-year-old academician Sun Yan reminds: try to touch these three things as little as possible, which is undoubtedly self-destructive

1. Bad living habits

According to relevant statistics: Approximately 50% of cancers occur, which is related to people’s bad living habits. 

In the diet, if you regularly eat some high-calorie, high-fat foods, it is easy to cause obesity, and there is a close relationship between obesity and a variety of cancers . 

If you regularly eat foods with a higher risk of cancer, such as pickles, etc., under the action of gastric acid, the nitrite contained in it will react with protein, which will generate carcinogens, nitrosamines, which greatly increases esophageal cancer, gastric cancer, etc. The incidence of cancer. If you overeating frequently, or like to eat some foods that are too hot, it will also increase the risk of cancer. 

Of course, there are also some bad habits in life, such as staying up late and drinking alcohol, which can also increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, Academician Sun Yan reminded everyone that it is very important for good health to develop good living habits. 

2, stay away from environmental pollution

Environmental pollution mainly includes indoor environmental pollution and outdoor environmental pollution. 

Outdoor environmental pollution mainly refers to industrial waste gas, automobile exhaust, etc., while indoor environmental pollution mainly refers to smoking (including second-hand smoke), decoration pollution, kitchen oil fume, etc. Regardless of the type, frequent contact may increase the probability of cancer. Therefore, staying away from environmental pollution can make one’s body healthier. 

3. Smoking

Tobacco contains a variety of carcinogens, such as nicotine and polycyclic aromatics , Nitrosamines, etc., are the chief culprits of lung cancer, esophageal cancer, breast cancer and other cancers. 

Therefore, for the health of themselves and their family members, friends who have smoking habit should quit smoking as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you enter the hospital to quit. By then it will be too late. 

In fact, in order to prevent cancer, in addition to avoiding the above-mentioned causes of cancer, we must also actively adopt some countermeasures. Next, we share some of the tips of academician Sun Yan to prevent cancer. 

Academician Sun Yan’s “Cancer Prevention” Tips

1. I would rather be hungry than hold it

As the saying goes: “It is better to be hungry than to support, and to be thin is better than to be fat.” This is because there is a close relationship between obesity and a variety of cancers. 

Therefore, if you cannot control your mouth and consume too much high-fat, high-fat food, the risk of cancer will be greatly increased. 

Academician Sun Yan’s method of weight loss: “I’m afraid I can’t stand the temptation of food. In order to avoid eating too much, I will leave the table every time I eat about 7 minutes full to avoid losing control of my mouth. I ate two bites of food.”

2, regular physical examination

In fact, the timing of cancer treatment is very important Therefore, it is best for everyone to have regular physical examinations every year, especially for middle-aged and elderly people. If possible, it is best to have physical examinations twice a year. Because some cancers are relatively hidden, it is difficult to find an ordinary physical examination once in a while, such as early Lung cancer is difficult to be detected by about half of the patients through chest radiographs, X-rays, etc., and increasing the number of physical examinations greatly increases the probability of early detection. 

Academician Sun Yan said that he has worked in the Cancer Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences for more than 50 years. More than 60 people were diagnosed with breast cancer in the hospital, but only 3 Due to some special reasons, the others were basically cured. 

Perhaps many people think that there must be some doorway in this. In fact, it is not. It is just that the staff of the cancer hospital insists on conducting physical examinations every year, so that early detection is achieved. Treatment, so the effect will be so good. 

3. Controlling precancerous lesions

Under normal circumstances, the development of cancer requires a relatively long period of time. It does not appear all at once, and basically goes through three processes: Precancerous lesions, carcinoma in situ, invasive carcinoma. 

However, this stage of precancerous lesions is not considered cancer in the strict sense, but cancer has occurred on this basis. But if we don’t pay attention to this stage and deal with it in time, it is likely to develop into cancer and increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, early detection and early treatment are very important. 

4. Learn to enjoy life

Academician Sun Yan also said that most of the patients he has contacted , There is basically a common incentive, that is, high pressure, long-term depression, excessive worry, sulking love and so on. These negative emotions will cause the human body to produce a stress response, and too strong stress response will greatly reduce the body’s immunity, allowing cancer to take advantage of the opportunity. 

Therefore, in order to prevent cancer, it is very important to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. At the same time, I hope everyone can enjoy life, find pleasure in the ordinary life, and let yourself be happy. 

Academician Sun Yan’s small coup for adjusting his mentality: For praise of yourself, listen less, because you are not so good; for words that slander yourself, don’t take it seriously, because you are not that bad either. If you can maintain such a mentality, your mood will naturally get better. 

In short, cancer treatment is difficult and the fatality rate is high. We must focus on prevention and achieve early detection and early treatment, so that we are responsible for ourselves , Responsible to the family. The marriage certificate of “Natural Couple” is on fire. The names of the couples are very awkward, and the registered employees are also the first time to see.

The name is the code name of the world we live in. It is a very important tool that will Accompany us for life. Many parents take this into consideration when naming their children, so they are very cautious. 

When naming children, there is often such a phenomenon that the children of one’s own family have the same name as the children of other families. This is because many people have the same aesthetics and tend to the same hobby when naming them. 

Recently, a couple went viral on the Internet , Because they exposed their marriage certificate, some clues were discovered by everyone. On the two marriage certificates, the words Li Qiuyi are written on both the left and right sides. In other words, the names of the groom and the bride are the same. 

The staff member said she saw two people The name is a little unexpected, because the probability of a husband and wife with the same name is still very small, and she is also the first time I have seen you. I really don’t know what kind of fate this is, it can make the two people finally come together and enter the palace of marriage. 

After the fire broke out, the bride posted the chat records of the two people when they first met. In the record, the man was surprised when he learned the name of the woman, saying that it was a coincidence. He also said the reason for his name is that the mother hoped that the child would not be too naughty, so she chose a more feminine name. 

This mother should not have thought that she This past move will bring the child a beautiful marriage. Maybe this is fate, and it can’t be stopped. The experience of this couple made netizens full of curiosity, wondering what name they would name their children? 

There are taboos in naming children, parents need to pay attention

①Add rare words

Every parent thinks that their children are the best in the world It should stand out and become the focus of everyone. So I gave him a unique name to help the child go higher. 

Chinese culture is extensive and profound. In addition to some Chinese characters we use daily, there are also some rare characters that contain very far-reaching meanings, but they are also difficult to write. If you add rare words when naming your children, it will undoubtedly increase their burden, but it is actually not a good thing. 

②Blindly follow the crowd

Blindly following the crowd is a habit that many people can’t change, and the same is true in the matter of naming. Seeing that a name is used by many people, they think that the name is good, so they gave the child the same name. 

So that there is such a phenomenon, the children all over the street are called Zi Han, Zi Xuan. In fact, these parents don’t know the meaning of these two words at all, they just think it sounds good and fashionable. 

How to name the correct posture? 

①Don’t be too complicated

Think about it, what is the name for? It is our code name and our passport to walk in the world. Every day our name is called several times or even a dozen times by others. 

If a person’s name is too complicated, it means that the pass is too complicated, and it is even difficult to record on the computer. Others don’t want to call your name anymore, after all, they may not even know you. 

②Don’t be ambiguous

< p>When choosing the name, the parents got hot and gave the child a name without careful consideration. After the name has been registered and entered into the computer system, the parents come back to their senses, as if the pronunciation of this name is similar to other words, so that there is ambiguity. 

When our names have some bad ambiguities, children are easily ridiculed by their classmates in school, which makes them suffer very much. So when naming a child, there must be no ambiguity. 

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