“Can you lend me 30,000 yuan for family affairs?” The school teacher opened his mouth and borrowed money, and Bao Ma witty reply was praised

“Can you lend me thirty thousand for family affairs?” The school teacher borrowed money, and Bao’s mother witty reply was praised.

As the saying goes, having children is easy and difficult to raise. Many mothers thought that pregnancy and childbirth are the most difficult , But did not expect that the growth of children is the biggest challenge for mothers. 

For example, after finally waiting for the child to be old enough to go to kindergarten, I have chosen thousands of choices and finally selected a satisfactory kindergarten, and try to communicate with the child’s teacher as much as possible. So that the children can live better in kindergarten. 

But I don’t know since when, the relationship between teachers and parents began to become more subtle, and some parents seem to be creating a harmonious kindergarten environment for their children, but they unintentionally fostered some Some “careful thinking” of the teacher. 

Kindergarten teacher: “I can lend me 30,000 if something is urgent A dollar?”

Tao Tao’s mother spent a lot of time in choosing a kindergarten for her son Taotao. After many inspections, she finally decided on a kindergarten with very good conditions in all aspects. 

Facts have proved that Taotao’s choice is correct. Taotao likes her kindergarten very much. From the monitoring, we can also see the teacher’s patience and care, so Taotao’s mother will give it to Xiaoyi teacher every three to five. Bring some homemade food. 

On this day, Taotao’s mother went to pick up Taotao from school as usual, and as usual learned about the child’s situation with Teacher Xiaoyi, Taotao mother took the child home. 

Just in a family of three enjoying themselves at the table When eating, Taotao’s mobile phone rang, she clicked it on and looked at it. She didn’t expect it was a message from the Xiaoyi teacher of Taotao class: “Sister, I’m sorry to disturb you, there’s something urgent at home. Can you lend me 30,000 yuan?”

Seeing this sentence, Taotao’s mother was a little bit muttered. If the teacher wants to borrow money, he should also control the borrowing of relatives and friends, how to borrow money to herself Up? But the problem now is that if she chooses to borrow without hesitation, Taotao’s mother still has to think about it, but if she refuses directly or pretends not to see it, it is unrealistic. After all, Taotao is still in school. 

Facing the problem of school teachers opening their mouths to borrow money Later, she had the idea to return to the teacher: “Your account number has been hacked”, and gave them to the steps of both parties. Such a problem was easily resolved by the witty mother. 

Sure enough, when Taotao was sent to kindergarten the next day, the teacher Xiaoyi didn’t say much, and he took Taotao into the classroom as usual. Later, after a period of observation, Xiaoyi teacher was still patient with Taotao, and her heart was finally relieved, and Baoma’s witty reply was also praised by many netizens, saying that this should be a relatively good treatment. One of the ways. 

In fact, parents and teachers have an equal relationship, and it’s nothing if you don’t borrow money.

To allow their children to be treated better in kindergarten, parents now become the “Party B” in life, and they demand teachers. It is also responsive. 

And when you encounter something like Taotaoma In this situation, some parents will be very entangled. If you don’t borrow, you’re worried that the teacher will make your child wronged. If you lend it to the teacher, the relationship between your parents and the teacher will only stop there. In case the teacher doesn’t have an excuse, for an ordinary family It is also a big loss. 

In fact, the intersection of parents and teachers is mainly in the children. Although the two sides communicate on weekdays, they are all working hard to enable the children to have a better future. In essence, they are no different from colleagues. There is no such thing as “Party A” and “Party B”. 

So parents don’t need to communicate with teachers Too many worries, stick to your own ideas and bottom line, and deal with some unreasonable requests as you should. 

In the face of teacher’s unreasonable request, parents must have the courage to say “no”

Some parents often get confused about their children’s problems, especially after their children go to school. “There is no bottom line. 

But in fact, when the child graduates, parents There is little contact with the previous teacher, which means that the relationship between the two ends here. Therefore, parents should be able to say “no” to the teacher’s unreasonable request. 

In doing this, on the one hand, it is to let the teacher understand the parent’s bottom line, on the other hand, it can also see the teacher’s character through this matter. If the character is really bad, then transfer the child to school in time. Belongs to the behavior of timely stop loss. Students’ “classical Chinese” leave notes are on fire, and their literary talents are very creative and praised by office teachers.

Many parents have lamented that the process of tutoring their children in learning is really worrying and a headache. Although many families have put in a lot of time and energy, expecting that their little baby can become the “child of another family” as other parents call it, but in the end it is difficult to achieve their wish. 

Moreover, there are some subjects. As children get higher and more difficult, the so-called “talent” of some children will gradually appear, so the gap between the learning ability and performance of different students will gradually widen, such as Classical Chinese in Chinese. 

But people have found that, no matter when, creative ideas and good language skills will make children shining, even when writing leave notes, it will also make the teacher’s eyes shine. 

The student’s “Classical Chinese” leave note is on fire, and the literary talent is flourishing Be creative

For the average student, “classical Chinese” is definitely difficult to learn. Not only is it awkward to read, but the literal meaning is also obscure, and there are more than one word, which increases the difficulty of learning. 

However, some students really learn in this aspect that is called transparent, not only can they learn well, but also apply them clearly, for example, have you heard of those who write application notes in classical Chinese? 

For example, colds are common in children For the same thing, the children of other people’s family will state in the leave form, “I feel cold and cannot see it personally, so I will elaborate on this article…” This kind of leave form does not require the child to say much, just let People feel that the literary talent is flying and creative, and the teacher will also feel very gratified. Of course, it is easy to approve fakes! 

Furthermore, if there are relatives and friends at home who are married, it is reasonable to say that you can give or not give false, but the sentence “you have to meet the person you like, get married at the end of the month” is not only creative, but also influenced by the office. Teacher’s praise: This is a cultural man! 

Some students accidentally hurt their legs , I didn’t forget to call the teacher, it was really heartwarming, how could the teacher bear to disagree with his recuperation? 

Excellent language skills are a wealth for children.

I have to say that although children have tried their best to ask for a fake, they have exhausted their cleverness, but the practice of applying what they have learned is worthy of recognition and encouragement. . 

After all, ordinary people call for leave, culture People are called dazzling skills. Students can not only use their excellent language skills to add points to leave, but also urge them to use it better in their future life or work, which is a wealth for the children. 

Of course, this kind of enviable children from other people’s families also needs parents’ patient guidance and training. 

When improving children’s language skills, parents must also master methods

We all know that language and writing skills require a little talent, but they cannot do without acquired accumulation and cultivation. Parents can help children improve. There are many ways. 

Language improvement starts from reading

any language The learning process is from input to output, so parents should pay attention to the cultivation of children’s reading habits. 

The correct approach is that parents choose children’s picture books with both pictures and texts, read stories for their children in the way of parent-child reading, and encourage their children to read independently after they are literate. 

Accumulating vocabulary is an indispensable step

The accumulation of vocabulary is also a process from less to more. Whether it is vernacular or ancient, there is no difference for children. 

Therefore, many parents , Then he learned ancient Chinese by teaching him ancient poems. However, in the process of teaching children to learn ancient poems, parents should avoid rote memorization, so that children can understand the meaning of poems and it is more helpful to understand. 

Express more, communicate more, improve through practice

Expression and communication are important ways of language application. Parents don’t need to worry that their children are not literate. As long as the parents repeat the story for their children, after a certain period of time, the children will repeat it. 

But this requires a gradual process, during which parents should encourage more and not force it. 

Writing and changing is an opportunity to recognize one’s language skills

After children have mastered a certain vocabulary, parents can encourage them to write. For example, keeping diaries and travel notes are good habits. 

Through writing and repeated revisions, children’s writing skills can be continuously improved, and at the same time, their confidence in language use can be enhanced.

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