Can women grow taller for the second time after pregnancy? Doctor: It’s true, but the degree of increase depends on the physical condition

Can women grow taller for the second time after pregnancy? Doctor: It’s true, but the degree of height increase is related to the physical condition.

In today’s society, appearance is very important. In addition to appearance, there is another very important thing: height. Height is important for boys. Very important, for girls, if they have a pair of long legs, it is also very enviable. Height is not like weight. When you say you increase, you increase, and when you say you decrease, you decrease. 

After reaching adulthood, it is difficult for some people to grow taller, but did you know that women’s height will grow taller twice after pregnancy? 

Xiaoling has been in her own house before marriage She is worried about her height. She looks good but she is not tall. Because of her height, the university newspaper majors have restrictions on flight attendants and nursing, which makes her very helpless. It may be to make up for the disadvantage of her height. Xiaoling especially likes to wear high heels. Only when she wears high heels does she feel that she has really grown a lot taller, and she is particularly confident. 

But after getting pregnant after marriage, high heels are definitely not allowed. In October of pregnancy, Xiaoling seldom goes out to parties and drinks with her friends. After giving birth, her friends invite her to celebrate her upgrade to motherhood. When I went out to eat, my friends always felt that something was different when they met Xiaoling. 

Looking at it, a friend said, “Xiaoling, are you growing taller again? Or do the shoes you wear today have increased insoles?” Xiaoling looked disbelieving and took the ruler. After measuring her height, she found that her height is indeed taller, from the original 158 to 162, and her full length is 4 centimeters. Now Xiaoling is very happy. She did not expect to be pregnant and give birth to a child, and her height can grow. , I don’t know what the principle is. 

So, the height of a woman after pregnancy is really Will it increase twice? 

For this question, the doctor’s answer is definite, but not everyone will grow taller. Some pregnant women do grow taller during pregnancy. Why does this happen? What? 

1. After pregnancy, the pelvis changes.

After pregnancy, the pelvis is completely opened and the back spine is straightened. This looks a lot higher. This is because after pregnancy, a woman’s uterus enlarges and she has to lean back when walking. In this case, the spine that is not straight may be stretched straight, so , Visually, the height will increase a lot. 

2. The skeletal line is not closed

Some people no longer grow in height after puberty. This is because the skeletal line is closed. Once the skeletal line is closed , The height will stop growing. However, for some people, the bone malignant line will be closed later. After pregnancy, the body’s nutrients are supplemented, the bones will develop again, and the height will rise. 

3. Calcium supplementation and nutrition after pregnancy More sufficient

After pregnancy, for the baby in the belly, mothers will supplement themselves with a lot of nutrition. They eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, etc. In addition to these, there are many nutrients. Among them , There will definitely be calcium needed for the development of human bones, and the supplement and absorption of calcium will also help pregnant mothers to grow taller to a certain extent. 

The most important thing for height growth is the closing of the bone scum line sooner or later. What can mothers do if they want to have such a second growth opportunity for their height? 

1. Before pregnancy, do not take a lot of calcium. Excessive calcium supplementation will make bones develop prematurely, cause abnormal births, and even stimulate the closure of the bone scale line. Calcium supplementation is a must, but everything must have a degree, not too much. 

2. Avoid eating hormonal foods

Many foods nowadays have safety issues that are also very troublesome. For food safety, everyone must pay attention to food safety. For example, there are many pork and poultry meats on the market. They are all eaten with hormones and can mature in a relatively short period of time. If such meat is eaten by humans, there are many hidden dangers. 

Of course, the height after pregnancy Mothers who grow up a long time are generally younger, so they will have better space for their height development in the back. The most important thing is that the bone squamous line is not closed. If mothers want to know if they can grow taller, they can actually be checked by X-ray. As long as the bone scum line is not closed, there is still room for growth. 

Of course, the second development is a lot less active than the first development, and more because the body’s skills are not fully developed, so the height will be awakened. If you want to successfully awaken the body It is still necessary to pay attention to a certain amount of exercise and the intake of rich nutrients. The proportion must be controlled well, and the wrong one will be the opposite. 

It is also important to note that not every The height of pregnant women will increase during pregnancy. Everyone is different, and the result is naturally different. Mothers should not rely on pregnancy to grow taller. You must pay attention to nutrition and exercise in daily life~ these 4 abnormalities of your baby. The behavior may be implying that she is sick. Mommy must understand.

Adults who are uncomfortable will be expressed through words, but for babies who can’t speak, how should they express their physical Discomfort? That’s right, through some physical movements! 

When the baby is uncomfortable, he will frequently make some abnormal behaviors. For example, the following 4 kinds of behaviors are actually the baby sending “signals”. At this time, Mommy, don’t be careless! 

Use hands to cut the nostrils

Many babies have hands The habit of picking the nostrils causes many reasons for babies to pick their nostrils. For example, if the baby is interested in the nose, he will keep picking the nostrils with his fingers. 

Another example is that babies get pleasure by picking their nostrils, because the nerve endings on the nose are more concentrated, so they can get a very pleasant feeling when picking the nostrils. 

But in addition to the above two reasons, the baby’s constant picking of the nostrils may also be due to some nasal diseases, such as rhinitis, eczema, etc., which can cause extreme discomfort in the baby’s nose. 

So when Baoma finds that the baby is picking his nostrils, she must first determine the reason for the picking of his nostrils. If it is related to nasal diseases, she must seek medical attention in time. 

Use your hands to pull your ears

When babies frequently use their hands When picking ears, many mothers think that he is picking earwax, so they don’t care very much, but in fact, baby picking ears may also be a sign of physical discomfort. 

For example, when a baby has eczema, a foreign body, or otitis media in his ears, he will often pick his ears. At this time, the baby actually wants to tell Bao’s mother that my ears are uncomfortable. Take me. Take a look at the hospital, mothers must understand! 

I like “self-abuse”

Baoma is bringing her baby I must have encountered such a situation in the process of the baby. The baby keeps hitting his head with his hands or bumping his head to other places. What kind of operation is this? Vent your emotions? That’s right, when a baby has this kind of “self-abuse” behavior, he is really venting his emotions. 

But besides that, it may also be attracting Bao Ma’s attention and making Bao Ma pay attention to herself. But if the baby frequently exhibits this behavior, then Bao’s mother should pay attention, and things will not be simple. This may be because the baby is reminding Bao’s mother that she is not feeling well, or her heart is upset. At this time, Bao’s mother must be in time. Take your baby to check! 

Hold your belly and kick your legs

Baby is irritable in the middle of the night , Crying with his hands on his stomach, kicking the air with his legs, and farting frequently. What is going on? 

Maybe many inexperienced mothers think that the baby is trying to pull the papa, but in fact this may be the baby’s flatulence, so many abnormal behaviors are all trying to tell her that I have a gastrointestinal problem ……

When the baby cannot speak yet or When you can’t express your thoughts clearly, Mommy must pay more attention to some abnormal behaviors of the baby, because it is likely to be the sick signal sent by the baby!

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