Can the shape of the eyes predict the fate of a child? The experience summed up by the ancients, what kind of baby does your family belong to

Can the shape of the eyes predict the fate of a child? According to the experience summarized by the ancients, what kind of baby does your baby belong to?

Can the shape of the eyes predict the fate of the child? The experience summarized by the ancients, what kind of baby does your baby belong to?

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The eyes belong to the face A very important position, it not only helps people see things, but also an important part of the overall appearance. A pair of good-looking eyes can add points to the average facial features, and a pair of eyes may reduce the good-looking facial features. 

Besides, eyes of different shapes and conditions also feel very different. Therefore, the ancient people made a summary to predict the future fate of children with the same eye shape. 

The four common eye types commonly seen by children have their own benefits.

★ The popular peach eyes

People with peach eyes feel particularly distracted. In fact, they are just because their eyes are too good-looking, and when they laugh and not laugh, they have a kind of intimacy, which makes people feel very close. 

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There are many people who want to be friends with such children, regardless of whether they are male or female, so they give people a sense that they are very bothered. 

The popular children will be more prosperous in their future life. 

★ Triangular eyes with distinct love and hatred

In ancient China, people always believed that people with triangular eyes were scheming and had a particularly bad heart. One of the representatives was Wang Xifeng. 

But in fact, people with this type of eyes just look bad, because they are not liked by others, so being stricter may be regarded as a bad person. 

Children with this type of eyes may gradually become rational and distinct in love and hatred because of their general popularity. 

★ The clever and talented Dan Fengyan

Danfeng eye is a kind of slender eye shape, the curvature of the outer corner of the eye is between the peach blossom eye and the tip of the hanging eye. It looks very beautiful. 

Furthermore, just looking at the eyes gives people a feeling of a smile but a smile, which is like a wise counselor. 

When looking through the ancient character illustrations in the Chinese textbook, you can also find that many poets are Dan Fengyan. 

★ Resolute and mature dangle eye tip

The upturned arc of the outer corner of the eye dangle eye tip is too large, giving people a feeling of pulling, so many people have a particularly bad impression of them. Children who think that they are stubborn are more mindful. 

But if you look closely, they just appear to be more mature and determined. 

After reading this, everyone should It can also be found that these so-called destinies are actually people’s subjective feelings. 

Although different eye shapes have nothing to do with fate, it will affect children

We can also see that children’s eye shapes are different and they give different impressions to others. So you will receive different feedback from people around you. 

These feedbacks may affect the fate of a child, they may cause them to go in the direction of their evaluation, or they may go in the opposite direction, so it gives people a feeling that the eye shape can predict the fate . 

Especially those children with poor reputation and eyesight are more adversely affected:

◆ Rejected by other children

When a child and other children have very different eye shapes At the same time, they may be ridiculed and rejected. Especially when the child hears the evaluation of the eye shape from the family, the feeling of rejection and isolation will be stronger. 

◆ Poor self-identity

Some children may also feel that their eyes are not good, which affects the overall appearance, and the meaning is not good, so they feel inferior and self-esteem Poor sense of identity. 

◆ Self-destructive and self-rejection

When everyone around thinks that children with triangular eyes have scheming and are particularly bad, they may also think so, and then give up and become negative. development of. 

Children’s eyes are in There will be certain changes in the process of growth, and it may become less attractive due to various reasons. 

Parents need to pay more attention to the following aspects

✔ Prevent children from drooping eyelids

Sagging eyelids will make their eyes smaller, parents should pay attention to reducing their eye rubbing , The number of staying up late. 

✔ Prevent children’s eyes from myopia

Research shows that every 300 degrees of myopia in human eyes, the axis of the eye will become longer, that is, the eyes will bulge out, which will also cause the children’s eyes Deformation, therefore, protecting their eyes is also very important. 

Especially now that the ultraviolet rays are stronger, for babies over 6 months old, when they go out, they should be sunscreened for their eyes, otherwise it will also aggravate myopia. 

You can dry it when the ultraviolet light is weak Bask in the sun, because the sun can also prevent myopia. 

✔ Pay attention to their eyes

Children who are physically and mentally tired and at a loss in life may become less energetic and their appearance will decrease. Parents need to pay more attention and enlighten them . 


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Children who grew up in several native families may have violent tendencies, and their potential manifestations are obvious

Home is a warm place, but once you suffer from domestic violence, it becomes a suffocating place. 

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Finalized: Su Zihou

What are the manifestations of people with violent tendencies

1. Unable to control emotions well

People with violent tendencies find it difficult to control their own emotions. They are easy to get angry because of small things. When they lose their temper, they like to speak swear words, throw things, and smash things. 

2, like to use violence to solve problems

We may encounter various problems in interpersonal communication, and people with violent tendencies like to adopt It is resolved by force, and there is always verbal violence before physical violence. 

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3. Strong machismo

Men with machismo are more paranoid, have a strong desire to control their wives, and think of themselves He is the most powerful person in the family, and his wife’s actions and thoughts must be obedient to her. What she says is the imperial edict. If such a man is wronged outside, he is likely to sprinkle his anger on his wife when he returns home. Give orders, yell, and even punch and kick. As long as the opponent doesn’t obey, he will reprimand him. 

4, there is a bad hobby< /p>

If a man has bad habits such as alcohol and gambling, domestic violence may also occur. Data shows that the wife is beaten for admonishing her husband to give up bad habits. This is the main factor of domestic violence. This type of man’s addiction is Because of the lack of self-control, it is difficult to suppress anger when feeling bad, and it is easy to make outrageous things. 

What family grew up Children are prone to violence.

Some psychologists once said that the original family has a great influence on children. Most people’s psychological problems are closely related to the original family, and violent tendencies are also manifestations of personality defects. First, in what kind of family environment are children who grow up prone to domestic violence? 

1. The relationship between parents is not good , A disharmonious native family

Whether a person is prone to domestic violence, the key depends on his growth experience. A family with poor parental relationships will most likely raise a psychologically distorted child. This is because of the parents. The way of getting along directly determines the children’s future getting along with the other half. They will treat their parents’ getting along as an experience in the subconscious, and their behaviors and feelings after growing up are caused by the subconscious. 

2. The family has a strong concept of male superiority and inferiority to women

If a man grows up under this family concept, he will believe in the traditional idea of ​​male superiority and inferiority, and there is gender discrimination against women in his heart. In their minds, men are the heads of the family, and women must unconditionally obey their authority, and even regard domestic violence as a normal family rule, or a means of forcing women to obey. 

3. Both or one parent Domestic violence exists

Generally speaking, if both or one of the parents in the original family has domestic violence, then this trait will be inherited, and children will inherit this “gene” unconsciously. Adopt the same way of dealing with problems as their parents, especially children who have suffered domestic violence from their parents. They are often denied, abused, and criticized… When they grow up, they have extremely distrust of people around them, and their desire to control has become more and more intense. , I very much hope that people around me will follow my own ideas, and if there is a slight inconsistency, they will use violence to release their depression and insecurity. 

What should I do if I encounter domestic violence ? 

Domestic violence is a common violent behavior in couples after marriage. It is more common in men. Because women are weak in power, they are vulnerable to both physical and psychological harm. Some people even feel that family ugliness cannot be publicized. Forbearance and forbearance, I don’t know that doing so will only encourage the abuser’s behavior. What should I do if I encounter domestic violence unfortunately? 

First of all, in the event of domestic violence, try to protect yourself as much as possible. It is best to leave evidence in audio and video recordings. 

Secondly, actively seek family members, For the help of neighbors, community organizations, women’s federations and other grassroots organizations, dial 110 for help in time. 

If you do not want to get a divorce, you should leave the violence environment temporarily, prepare important documents such as cash, ID card, real estate certificate, marriage certificate, etc., in case of violence, take it away in time for self-protection. 

Finally, go to the inspection agency or hospital designated by the police station to inspect the injury, keep the treatment record, go to the relevant agency to sue for divorce, and get a certain amount of compensation. Return to Sohu to see more

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