Can the second child be cesarean only if the first child is delivered by caesarean section? One type can be delivered normally, and the other three types have to continue to be dissected

Can the second child be cesarean only if the first child is delivered by caesarean section? One type can be delivered normally, and the other three types have to be continued.

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

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With the opening of the second-child policy, many families have gradually added to it. At this time, some mothers who chose to have a C-section for their first child will give birth to their second child. Will start to have difficulties, do not know how to choose. 

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Caesarean section for the first child, but also for the second child? Under normal circumstances, for women who undergo a C-section for their first child, the doctor will recommend that they consider the second child at least two years later. As for the method of production, how to choose? 

You can choose normal delivery:

According to the research, 40% of the mothers who have a C-section for their first child can choose a normal childbirth when they have a second child. 

Most of the mothers who can shun are in this category:

When the mother had a cesarean section last time, the surgical incision was relatively low, and the wound recovered well, and the thickness of the scar was more than 5mm In addition, the fetus’s weight is moderate, the weight is less than 3850 grams, the fetal position is positive, and there are no other signs, so in the second child production method, it is possible to choose normal delivery. 

Caesarean section again:

According to statistics, it is found that 70% of doctors will give a Caesarean section to the first child and recommend a Caesarean section again after 39 weeks of pregnancy. 

Which women are they? After the first cesarean section, the second child needs to continue the cesarean section? 

these 3 types For parturients, the first child’s cesarean section will have to continue with the second child.

1. The parturient whose incision was not well healed the last time

This is the most important consideration for the recovery of the first child’s cesarean section because during the first child’s cesarean section , Will leave a wound on the abdomen and uterus, resulting in weakening of the elasticity and firmness of the uterus. 

If the recovery is not good, then it is best not to choose a cesarean section, because the normal delivery needs to undergo uterine contractions, the uterus needs to withstand pressure, and the scar tissue at the wound is under pressure. It is very likely that there will be a rupture, which not only increases the difficulty of childbirth, but may also threaten the lives of mothers and children. 

2. Parturients with incorrect fetal position

Incorrect fetal position is a relatively common phenomenon during pregnancy, such as horizontal position, breech position, etc. If the doctor finds this during pregnancy examination Caesarean section is generally recommended, let alone women who choose C-section for the first child. 

First of all, this is because an incorrect fetal position will increase the difficulty of the delivery, causing fetal hypoxia, maternal dystocia, etc. If the fetal position has not been turned before delivery, the doctor will recommend a cesarean section, especially the difficulty factor of the first child cesarean section. Will be bigger. 

Secondly, the body’s pain tolerance and physical adaptability of the mother who gave birth to the first child by caesarean section will be much lower than that of the mother who gave birth to the first child. If she insists on giving birth during the second child, it is likely to cause the mother to give birth. Syncope or hip nerve injury after childbirth, etc. 

3. The parturient’s own physical fitness is poor

Since delivery requires a lot of energy and physical strength, if the wound of the first child of the parturient is recovered well, the growth and development of the fetus is also good, and the fetal position is relatively good. Yes, but their own physical fitness is poor, such as anemia and hypotension during pregnancy. 

In this case, the forced choice of caesarean section is likely to cause bleeding during delivery, or even shock. Even if the baby is successfully born, it is likely to induce infection. 

Therefore, women who have undergone a C-section for their first child must listen to the doctor’s advice when choosing a production method for the second child, so as not to endanger the safety of mother and child. 

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The answer is yes. The specific reasons are as follows:

1. The difficulty of the operation is different.

This is because when the first child was delivered by C-section, the pregnant mother’s abdomen was intact and the body was intact. The structure doctor knows it well and can clearly identify it, and the operation difficulty is relatively small. 

For the second child to undergo a laparotomy, the structure of the pregnant woman’s abdomen is obviously much more complicated than that of the first child, and the incision for this operation needs to be performed again at the scar left by the first child. The doctor needs to carefully cut the baby out, and then suture it. , And may also encounter intrauterine adhesions or other situations, which greatly increases the difficulty of the operation, so the doctor’s operation time will be prolonged, and it will naturally be more expensive than the first child. 

2, the age is different

Be pregnant again after a caesarean section, it takes a certain interval, the doctor recommends At least two years, and some even three or four years, such a fast-paced life, prices will rise faster, hospital charges will also increase, so the second child will spend more money to have a Caesarean section again. 

3. Different medications

When the first fetus is delivered by caesarean section, the degree of difficulty is small, and the medication may be used It will be more ordinary, and the cost will be much less. 

When the second child has a Caesarean section, the degree of difficulty is high, so it will naturally need to use some better medicines, and may even use imported medicines, which will cost more money. 

4. Different hospitals

The fast-paced life has led to more and more hospitals now However, public hospitals, private hospitals, county-level hospitals, and city-level hospitals will charge different fees for each. Generally, public hospitals in towns and villages will charge a lot cheaper, while those at the provincial and municipal levels will be much cheaper. 

When the second child is born, the economic conditions will be better. When choosing a hospital, a better hospital will be chosen for delivery, so the costs will naturally be higher. Return to Sohu to see more

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Criticize children for learning and mastering three skills , Can often reduce damage, and the baby is more obedient

When children make mistakes, parents often directly criticize and educate them, but is this method really useful? 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

As the child grows up, learning After walking, they gradually begin to have their own ideas, so they will often make some mistakes. At the beginning, parents may patiently talk about teaching, but after many times, they will directly criticize and educate. 

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Minmin has a 3-year-old son who is mischievous. As long as he wakes up, he will continue to destroy him. 

On this day, this little guy ran around and knocked over the small stool in the living room after a while. Minmin angrily pulled her son over and shouted, “You day What are you doing here, haven’t you seen a stool here?”

As a result, the little guy ran away at the moment Minmin let go with a look of uncooperativeness, making her very helpless. 

From the above case, it can be seen that the education method criticized by Minmin did not play any role, and even aroused the baby’s rebellious psychology. 

criticize children for mastering These three techniques make the baby obediently

1, make the rules clear

Children are still young, and they don’t know the rules at all, so they may not intentionally make mistakes, but they don’t know it’s wrong to do so, such as beating people. , Grab other people’s things, etc., and these require parents to tell them clearly. 

Therefore, when children make mistakes, parents should not blindly criticize and educate, but first see if they do not understand the rules of the society, and tell him in time that these practices are incorrect Yes, tell me how to make corrections in simple words, just say it, don’t repeat the nagging matter. 

2. Inappropriate criticism of children in public

Children will start to develop self-esteem after they are 3 years old. Therefore, if parents criticize their children in public in public, they will feel that their self-esteem is hurt. , Even if you clearly know that you have done something wrong, you will want to defend yourself, and even think of you saying that to me anyway, and I will just do it like that, a “broken can and broken”. 

Therefore, when parents are educating their children, they must pay attention to the situation, otherwise it will hurt their self-esteem, which may stimulate rebellious psychology or contradictions, making it more difficult to control in the future. 

3. Right to the wrong person

When a child makes a mistake, parents can patiently ask the reason, and slowly teach and let the child know the mistake, and tell “Parents love him very much, but they don’t want him to do this thing.” “Such words, let the children understand that they are right or wrong, but they just feel that it is wrong to do so. 

Besides, don’t just turn out all the previous mistakes just because the child made a mistake. This will only make the baby feel dizzy. In the end, not only don’t know how to correct the mistake, but also feel that Parents are nagging too much. 

To sum up, when parents educate their children, they should pay attention to methods and avoid directly criticizing the way of education. Otherwise, not only will the baby not be allowed to correct mistakes, but it may also cause harm to the baby. 

Direct criticism from parents What kind of harm does the child easily cause to the baby? 

1. Lack of security and timid heart

When parents directly criticize and educate their children, they usually speak angry and yelling. This makes it easy for the baby to feel scared. If this happens for a long time, it is easy for them to become cautious. Knowing when things you do accidentally will offend your parents. 

In the end, the child becomes extremely insecure and timid, even to extremes. 

Therefore, when parents encounter children making mistakes, they must pay attention to restrain their tempers, do not get angry with their children, let alone do not want him, dislike him and similar things, but should use a gentle tone and They speak. 

2. Introvert personality and become inferior.

When parents face their children, they always criticize education severely because of their accidental mistakes, which is likely to hurt And their self-confidence makes the children feel inferior, feel that they can’t do anything well, and always annoy their parents. 

Growing up in such an environment will allow children to suppress their inner thoughts, gradually become introverted, and have a low self-esteem. 

3. Become defiant and form a “pleasant” personality.

Parents often criticize and educate their children, which can easily hurt their children’s self-esteem. In addition to frustrating their children’s hearts, they Gradually, in order to make parents happy, they will take the initiative to become obedient and obedient, so as to reduce the number of criticisms. 

As time goes by, children will become disincentive and listen to their parents’ opinions on everything. They will only do what their parents want them to do. In the future, they will also use this way to interact with others. Able to accept and agree with him. Return to Sohu to see more

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