Can the children inherit their parents’ real estate? If the new regulations change in 2021, will children still fulfill their filial piety?

Can the children inherit their parents’ real estate? If the new regulations change in 2021, will children still fulfill their filial piety? 

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For many parents, the biggest wish is that when they are old, their children can be filial and take care of them. ,accompany him. Although there are many filial children, there are also many who are unfilial. 

They are willing to stay with their parents to flatter them, or they may have taken a fancy to those hundreds of thousands to millions of real estate. Some children relied on the partiality of their parents and were unwilling to pretend to let other brothers and sisters take care of the old age and reap all the benefits by themselves. 

My brother went abroad, and my sister took care of his father for 3 years and got nothing

Uncle Li worked hard for many years in the first-tier cities and finally got a house worth millions of dollars. Successfully sent his youngest son to study abroad, and his eldest daughter also graduated with a master’s degree from a prestigious school. 

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Unfortunately, I have not enjoyed the relaxing days for a few years, and suddenly I am not able to move much. Although there are nurses who can help take care of them, my daughter is afraid that she will not care about nursing, so she accompanies her almost every day after work. Take care of Uncle Li. 

She called her younger brother, hoping that he could come back to accompany his father more, because with Uncle Li’s situation, it may not last for many years, so the younger brother can always refuse to study and work. 

But what my sister sees in his circle of friends every day are pictures of eating, drinking and having fun. Even Uncle Li said not to disturb his son’s study, and praised him for always sending gifts back and being very filial. 

Three years later, Uncle Li died, and the will he made was to leave the house to her son, and she didn’t get anything. Chilling and angry, sister and younger brother started a lawsuit, but there was no good news for a long time. 

What do the children give to the elderly No, it’s very common in life to be eccentric, but new regulations are coming. The Civil Code, which will be implemented on January 1, 2021, has a new explanation on the issue of inheritance. . 

Children who are truly filial may get more in return. 

1. Children may not be able to inherit their parents’ house

The new regulations clearly stipulate that parents may not leave the house to their children, especially if the children do not fully support They can leave their houses to strangers and organizations. 

Just as an old man in Shanghai did not give a house to relatives, but to a fruit vendor, as long as it is notarized, the gift is legal. 

2, those deprived of inheritance rights It is also possible to inherit a will.

Those who have forged, tampered with, destroyed, or concealed the will, saying that they abused their parents and forced them to make a will, will be deprived of the right to inheritance. There is now a system of forgiveness for those deprived of inheritance rights. 

If they take care of their parents more seriously than others and are forgiven, the parents can relist them in their will and inherit the estate. 

3. To pay more for your parents, you also get more inheritance

For the situation of Uncle Li’s daughter, there are also new regulations. The new regulations indicate that every family member All children have equal inheritance rights. 

If parents are eccentric, they will all The real estate is reserved for the one who does not support the elderly, and the child who really supports the elderly has nothing, so the other child is now more likely to win the lawsuit. 

With the emergence of new regulations, will children still perform their filial piety? 

It is not difficult to find that the new regulations link the inheritance of the elderly’s real estate with the support of the elderly. Children and even strangers who care for the elderly can inherit more. In fact, it is to enable more elderly people to realize their old age. . 

However, it is too chilling to use heredity in exchange for the old age of our children. 

1. Parents who have no property may still enjoy old-age care for their children.

Parents who have property can use the property to lead their children around, and all the money is spent for the son, or the Parents who can’t make much money may still live alone if their son is not filial. 

2. Children who are favored by their parents still get more

Although the favored children can’t get the full inheritance, they may get half of the inheritance without paying, and other children can only get the inheritance if they do their filial piety. 

Raising a filial child is the best way to provide for the elderly

Parents have taken care of their children for half their lives, they should be filial, and can’t take it for granted that the property they leave behind must be their own. Not to mention abandoning parents just because they are useless. 

However, the degree of filial piety to children also has a lot to do with their parents. Unable to raise filial children and unreasonable parents, life in old age may become more and more difficult. 

For example: parents have been eccentric since childhood The eccentric child may not know how to be grateful and unwilling to do his best, and the neglected child may only be willing to give financial help because of the chill. 

I hope that parents will not forget to educate their children when they are busy earning real estate.  The seventy-year-old man said frankly: I want to spend my old age Well, these four are the key, and two of them are very important.

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Many people are right My old life was both full of longing and fear. People are getting older, not only physically inferior, but also the ability to create value and earn income. 

Therefore, people who are afraid of old age and no support have been thinking about what kind of person is easy to live happily in their old age, and netizens have also started discussing this. 

▶ Happiness in old age depends on money

“When you are old, you still have to have money. If you don’t have money to see a doctor, if you don’t have money, your children will ignore you.”< /p>

“I think those rich people live well in their old age. They don’t seem to have an old life, they still live the same way as before.”

▶ The happiness of old age depends on Child

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“We are all ordinary people, we have nothing when we are old, and the money we save is still spent on marriage and buying a house for our children. When we are older, we will look after our children. Would you like to take care of you.”

“Of course I have to rely on my children to provide for the elderly, otherwise, what am I doing after giving birth?”

▶ The happiness of old age depends on technology Development level

“It depends on the level of medical care. In the future, medical technology will be high, and old people can be as active as young people.”

“I hope that elderly care robots will be launched as soon as possible. Come out, I don’t have to worry that no one will care about me when I’m old.”

But young people’s communication is all about their own expectations and fantasies about the future, and the elderly’s current pension problem is the most important. 

The 70-year-old father said that happiness in his old age does not depend on the filial piety of his children. There are mainly 4 reasons.

Daddy Ji is now 75 years old and has already retired early. Life, going to college for the elderly, taking walks, and communicating with other elderly people every day is a relaxed and leisurely life, which is enviable. 

And there is nothing else for Season Daddy The old man’s bad temper and stinking problems make it easy to chat with the young people in the community and get along well. 

Some people asked him: “You are so happy to live by yourself. Why don’t you move to your child? Anyway, your child is filial and will definitely treat you well. Then someone will take care of you. Wouldn’t it be better? “

Father Ji said: “They just come back to see me from time to time, and staying together will avoid it. I have such a good life now, and it is precisely because I didn’t live with them.” < /p>

Others said they were puzzled: “Living with a child, why is life in old age not as good as now?”

Daddy Ji said meaningfully: “The knowledge of elderly care is great, and they all talk about raising children to protect against old age, but now I feel that I will have a good old age. Whether it’s good or not has much to do with children. When you’re young, it’s hard to do these 4 things well, and it’s hard to be unhappy.”

He also said: “One is not to interfere with the lives of children and grandchildren; the other is to pay attention to health preservation. Have a good body; the third is to save more money when you are young, and the fourth is to keep the desire to learn.”

The happiness of old age requires a good foundation when you are young

✔ Do not participate in children and grandchildren Life

When the children reach adulthood, they will have to go their own way. When you are a parent, you can just pull it when they are desperate. Don’t make decisions for them at other times, so as not to affect them. The relationship with the child. 

Sometimes, if you help your children a lot, their independence may be affected. In the future, they will not be able to live independently, and they may start to chew on the old. 

Next, participate in the In life, the living habits of several generations are different, it is easy to have conflicts, and they are angry and help them with their children, how can they lead a good life in their later years. 

✔ Pay attention to health care and have a good body

The body is arguably the most important thing for the elderly. For the elderly with good health, if they can’t rest, they might be able to make a difference. Fan career. 

In normal life, they can eat whatever they want, and travel. 

Therefore, it is very important to start health preservation from a young age. 

Take the trivial matter of tooth protection. When you are young, it is not good to protect your teeth. When you are old, there are many delicacies that you can’t eat. And for the elderly with good teeth, it is delicious to eat. 

✔ Leave pension savings< /p>

When you are old, if you want a better life, saving is also very important. With a certain amount of protection, you are not afraid that you will have no money to see a doctor when you are in poor health. 

Moreover, I have savings, the children are less stressed and live better, and the elderly are also happy. 

✔ Keep learning

It is also very important to keep learning. If the times become too fast and the technology becomes more and more advanced, the elderly who do not want to learn will not use it soon The latest electronic products. 

As a result, many products that are convenient for life may be wrong, and it may also make it more difficult and at a loss when traveling. 

Therefore, the elderly who can keep up with the times may live happierly in their old age. 

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