Can the baby walk without crawling? Crawling is the “watershed” of children’s growth, parents should not miss it

Can the baby walk without crawling? Crawling is the “watershed” of children’s growth. Parents should not miss it.

When children grow up and develop, parents hope that their babies can follow the rules of “three turns and six sits”, but because of the specificity of each child The situation is not the same, so they will be more or less different from the “standard” growth pace. 

For example, some children will turn over soon after they raise their heads. Some children turn up late but crawl early, some children will call their mothers early, and some children learn to stand or stand up without crawling. Walked. 

Speaking of this, many parents have to ask, since there are differences in the development of everyone, can the baby walk to the end without crawling? In fact, there is no absolute standard for the answer to this question, but this kind of “skip” is not appropriate. Parents must know this in their minds. 

Crawling is a “watershed” in the growth of children

My friend said that soon after his child was about to turn over, he began to “flutter” on the ground with his limbs, which looked like a boat. She also joked in the circle of friends: “It seems that the child is a bit impatient, this is preparing for crawling.”

However, although the child of a friend’s family has exercised like this for a long time, it has not been so. Started crawling a long time ago. But on the contrary, some children have no or only a short crawling process from turning over to sitting to standing or walking. 

In fact, crawling is an important part of the growth and development of children , Which connects the stage from lying to standing, is the cornerstone of walking movement and the watershed where children can move from lying on all fours to standing on their own. 

From this point of view, crawling is a good thing for children, parents should not miss it. 

The 3 benefits of letting children learn to crawl are visible

Benefit 1: Helps improve the child’s physical coordination ability

The seemingly simple crawling not only mobilizes the baby’s whole body strength, but also promotes Development, it is more able to exercise the coordination ability of its limbs in the process of crawling. These all help to strengthen the baby’s physique and provide a solid foundation for the smooth development of the body in the future. 

Benefit 2: Provides children to explore around Environmental conditions

Crawling is a baby’s autonomous activity. When a baby is interested in a certain environment, he will actively crawl there to see what it looks like. Therefore, crawling provides the baby with conditions and opportunities to explore the surrounding environment. 

Benefit 3: Improve spatial perception ability during crawling

In the process of crawling, babies can only perceive their surroundings by grasping, mouth, etc. The ability of the object. 

When they are crawling, they can continue to explore new worlds through the contact between their bodies and the ground, and improve the baby’s spatial perception ability. 

Of course, not all babies are conscious Learn to crawl. Some babies are not actively crawling. At this time, parents need correct guidance. We have summarized three tips. 

To make children crawl fast and steady, parents also have tips.

First of all, it is necessary to make it clear that children’s crawling starts from “rolling”

Parents should know that babies’ crawling is not a parent’s Take the baby to the crawling mat. 

Climbing starts by turning. If the baby does not master the turning skills before crawling, then the baby must first start with turning and make the transition of climbing. At the same time, when the baby can roll over flexibly, it is also a signal that he is ready to crawl. 

Secondly, you can use mini games to further guide your children Crawling

In the process of crawling, parents can guide the baby to crawl through their favorite toys or games. 

It is recommended to train the baby to crawl in a directional direction first, set small goals for him, and give small encouragement such as kissing and hugging. 

When the baby crawls well, you can Encourage your baby to crawl freely, but pay attention to safety protection. In this process, Bao Ma can hide the little toys that the baby likes first, and then let the baby find it by herself. 

Finally, guide the baby to learn the steering in crawling. 

Finally master the time of each training

Although crawling has many benefits, parents should not rush for success. If the baby doesn’t learn to crawl right away, parents can’t force it to guide it slowly. 

In addition, in the process of exercising crawling, Pay more attention to the combination of work and rest, and don’t let the baby exercise blindly to avoid causing the baby to resist emotions. 

Mummy has something to say: crawling and walking are the same, for babies, they all need to be learned. In addition to more patience, parents should also encourage timely. The year of the widow, the cold spring, experts reminded: the cold air is approaching, and the children should be careful in adding clothes and be careful.

The Spring Festival holiday is coming to an end. I also embarked on the return journey under the instructions of my parents. When packing, my mother glanced at the calendar on the wall and suddenly frowned, saying something in her mouth: “There is no beginning of spring on both sides of the lunar calendar, can it be the year of the widow?” This word is novel, I I have never heard of it before, and I was curious about the origin, and my mother said something about the solar terms. 

Originally, According to the lunar calendar, a year with no beginning of spring at both ends will be called the “widow year”, which means “no spring”, which is a bit of folklore ridicule. The reason why it is remembered by the common people is that the “fallen cold” is related to the health of the family, especially the children. Every widow year, the mothers in the family are busy adding clothes, saying that the spring covers the autumn cold, and the cold period may be colder than the winter. 

“You should take your down jacket. It will take more than 30 hours to stay on the train. I am afraid that the sky will change if you get off the train.”

With the instructions of our parents, our family The three brought heavy clothes again. After all, the weather forecast was not accurate. It was already night in Harbin, and they had to change trains in the middle. It was really not negligible. 

In life, most netizens have also heard of the term “Daochunhan”, but they often underestimate its power, causing the children to be recruited frequently. This year is different. The epidemic has not passed, colds and fevers are all major events, and parents don’t want to go to the hospital without problems. Parents should pay attention to the secret of adding clothes if they want their children to pass the cold spring steadily, and abide by the principle of “two warmths and one cold”, with great ambition. 

“Two warms”: warm back, warm back

Most parents have misunderstandings about the warmth of their children, and often use their hands and feet to determine whether their children need to add clothes. From a biological point of view, the heart and back are the parts that truly reflect the temperature of the child’s body. The “two warmths” often referred to by experts refer to the back of the child’s heart and back ten centimeters down from the neck. They all say that cold evil enters the body. Most of them refer to the cold wind from the child’s back invading the body during the cold spring and causing the child. Sick from cold. 

Therefore, parents must pay attention to touching the two parts of the child. When a cold feeling is found, whether the child’s hands or feet are warm or not, parents must be prepared to add clothes. Similarly, if the hands and feet are cold, but the back of the back is warm, it means that the child does not need to add clothes, may have just washed his hands, or been exposed to the air for too long, it only takes time to warm up. However, adding clothes will make the child sweat too tightly. 

“Yihan”: cold mouth and nose

because With the epidemic, many parents are worried that their children will catch a cold and fever. They want to wrap their baby in zongzi when they go out. They don’t even let go of the nose and mouth. The scarves are tightly wrapped. The stuffy children don’t talk about sweating on their heads, and they have little faces. Covered red. 

Experts specifically remind children to keep their mouth and nose cool and ventilated to avoid affecting smooth breathing. The younger the child, the more parents should pay attention to this point, lest the child is covered by the scarf too tightly, breathing is not easy and easy to suffocate, then it will be more than just a cold and fever. 

Have you remembered the above two points? Don’t make the wrong part.

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