Can the baby wake up 7 or 8 times a night? Parents don’t worry, it may be that the child has entered a sleep regression period

Can the baby wake up 7 or 8 times a night? Parents, please don’t worry, it may be that the child has entered the sleep regression period

Many mothers will lament that it is particularly difficult to have children, even if the young ones only appear to be a little unreasonable. In the performance, Bao Ma will be extremely nervous. 

After all, the baby’s eating, dressing, housing and transportation are things that every mother cares about and pays attention to, and we all know that sleep helps to grow and is the foundation of baby’s development. 

However, there are thousands of children when it comes to sleep problems. Some babies sleep soundly during the day and cannot fall asleep at night, and some babies can wake up seven or eight times a night, and their parents cannot sleep well. 

No, Baoma Xiaojiang is here The problem is difficult, she does not understand that her child has always had a good sleep quality, but as the month gets older, why does the baby suddenly start to wake up frequently at night? 

What should I do if a 5-month-old baby can wake up 7 or 8 times a night? 

Xiao Jiang is a novice mother. When her child was 5 months old, she was on maternity leave and needed to return to work. 

In fact, when Xiao Jiang is on maternity leave at home, the baby has always performed very well, especially the “skills” of being able to sleep at night, which also makes her feel very pleased and proud. Speaking of this matter, other mothers would be envious. 

However, it’s about 5 months after the child , The baby’s sleep quality has regressed. At first, Xiao Jiang thought it was an old man who brought the baby and that the child slept too long during the day, so he told the elderly in the family not to let the child go to sleep in the late afternoon to prevent the child from sleeping at night, but this trick was obviously not working. 

So she started to study the baby’s feeding and “smelly smelly” conditions before going to bed. On the one hand, she can make the baby have a full meal before going to bed, and on the other hand, she will help her baby before going to bed. Put on a dry diaper, but this still won’t change the baby’s waking up at night. 

And every time the baby wakes up at night, it’s not a translation Just kicking, Xiao Jiang will follow up to comfort the baby, because he can’t sleep well for a long time, Xiao Jiang has big dark circles at work every day. 

The performance of raising legs and turning over to sleep restlessly indicates that the child may have entered a stage of sleep regression.

Like Xiao Jiang Baobao, he wakes up at night and often turns over or kicks. If uncomfortable and other reasons are ruled out, it may be It is the child who has entered a phase of sleep regression. 

Sleep regression usually occurs when babies are 4 to 8 months old. During their physical development, they may face the eruption of deciduous teeth and the development of large movements, which will affect the baby’s sleep. Therefore, the above situation occurred. 

When the baby is in retrogression, the main It will be manifested as late sleep, messy work and rest, frequent waking up at night, difficulty sleeping and so on. However, parents should not feel annoyed by their children’s sleep regression first, and they can also use some tricks to make the transition. 

If you want to help your baby fall asleep, parents need to take a four-step walk.

Sleep regression is a normal phenomenon in the baby’s growth. Parents don’t need to worry too much and stick to the four-step walk to help the baby go to sleep smoothly and steadily. 

The first step: Find the reason why the baby has difficulty falling asleep

Parents must observe carefully to help the baby find the reason for the difficulty in falling asleep. For example, when the baby is 4 to 5 months old, the baby will have difficulty falling asleep because of the uncomfortable teething, and when it is about 8 months old, the baby will have difficulty falling asleep. The development of movement often flips, and some babies will be too excited or frightened before going to bed that affect their sleep. Only by identifying the cause can we solve it in a more targeted manner. 

Step 2: Pay more attention to and capture the baby’s “sleepy” body signals

If the baby is not sleepy at night, parents should not force it. But if you find that your baby is yawning or rubbing his eyes, he is mostly sleepy. At this time, parents should put the baby to sleep in time. 

Step 3: Accompaniment more, more correct sleeping methods

In the process of coaxing you to sleep, you should also pay attention to the use of correct methods, such as adjusting the sleeping environment, preparing for going to bed, or accompany your baby more. However, avoid incorrect sleep patterns such as milk sleep, hug sleep, shake sleep, etc. 

Step 4: Help children form regular sleep by adjusting the feeding time

Some babies are used to drinking night milk, so not only do they wake up at night, but they also don’t eat milk before going to bed. Case. It is recommended that Baoma make appropriate adjustments, such as “supplement” before going to bed. The “running wife family” has become a strange situation in the countryside: the sky-high price of gifts to marry a wife enters the door, and within a year they abandon their husband and abandon their children

Spring Festival return Home, I have heard a lot of strange things from my relatives. The more strange things in the countryside, the more the better. They always focus on private life and spread in the fields. What I heard is no exception. It is a strange situation that has been popular in rural areas this year. The protagonists are women. They sound delicate and subtle, but the plot makes the rural people unable to laugh. 

Everything is still Let’s start with “running wives”. 

For this term, it is estimated that many netizens have never heard of it. Rural people pay attention to face and their family ugliness should not be publicized. It is not such a glorious thing to be stuck on the forehead of this word. The word “running wife”, as the name suggests, means that the men in this family are impatient. Although they have married their wives, they can’t keep their wives. If they can’t live their lives, their wives ran away, and they grew old together. 

The reason why the run-wives have become a specific group in rural areas is that this phenomenon is particularly common in rural areas. During the seven days of the Spring Festival, the protagonists of the run-wives do not have duplicates. I knew a cousin who was over forty years old and got the sky-high price gift, but his wife left her husband and abandon her son to go out to work less than a year after she came in. He said he was a workman, but he actually met other people on the Internet and didn’t have any contact information. Staying, people disappeared, leaving the cousin holding the child collapsed and desperate. 

Although marriage is free, children are innocent. Living in an environment without a mother from an early age, children’s growth path is prone to distortions, especially in terms of personality, parents need to pay special attention to. 

Childhood shadows produce personality defects

Lack of parental care since childhood Children are often paranoid, no one teaches them how to deal with emotions, and no one shares happiness. This makes children lack emotional vent since they were young, and become withdrawn and introverted in character, and they are not good at getting along with others. 

What’s more, the development of rural areas is backward, and the children of the runaway family are obviously victims of their parents’ unfortunate marriage, but they rarely receive sympathy and pity from the people around them. Accompanied by running away from his wife, there are often endless gossips, which will bring a great psychological shadow to the child, not to mention the psychological inferiority, it is also wary and fearful to treat the outside world, and be trapped for life. 

The perception of marriage is almost distorted

“Women are not good!”

When I heard this, I was shocked, because it was a child who was only ten years old and his father was Run away from his wife, because the family was too poor to see hope, so his mother left him early and left. 

It stands to reason that the affairs of adults should not affect the children. Unfortunately, the education concept in rural areas is backward. The father of the child does not have so much scruples. Instead, he often threatens his wife to come back under the name of the child, and instills it in the child every day. Some misogynistic remarks have had a serious negative impact on children’s cognition of gender and marriage. 

In my opinion, children have been pitiful enough to live without a mother. In the future, they may be prejudiced against the opposite sex due to the hatred instilled by their father, and even affect marriage. After all, children who have never seen the correct marriage pattern since childhood, and cannot get the love from adults, will find it difficult to establish close relationships in the future, and it is even more difficult to obtain true happiness.

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