Can pregnant mothers travel abroad during the National Day holiday? The expert has compiled a super detailed travel guide for you

Can pregnant mothers travel abroad during the National Day holiday? The expert has compiled a super detailed travel guide for you

As a special group, expectant mothers must pay more attention to many aspects in order to successfully produce. 

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The 11th long holiday has been The arrangements have been made. Many expectant mothers want to go out to play and relax before the child is born, because the child may not be able to travel for a long time after the birth. 

But now there is a little baby living in the body. It is inevitable that there will be a lot of people going out to play during the holidays. If you are not careful, you will bump into it, so many expectant mothers are very entangled in this. 

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November Can mothers-to-be go out for a long vacation? 

In fact, expectant mothers can travel in many cases, especially expectant mothers who are 4-6 months pregnant. At this time, the fetus is relatively stable and safe, and the body is also safe at this stage. It will not be overly bulky, and it will not feel too tired to go out to play. 

So for expectant mothers in other months, some mothers can also go out, but some things need to be paid attention to. Of course, expectant mothers are at different stages of pregnancy, so their requirements and precautions are also different. 

Mothers need to make corresponding preparations according to their pregnancy time. For expectant mothers who want to travel on National Day, experts have compiled a super detailed travel guide for you, and put it away quickly. 

Early pregnancy:

An authoritative study found that most pregnant women have miscarriages caused by improper care in the first trimester. 

It can be seen that the first trimester is the most vulnerable and most important time of the entire pregnancy. During this period, the fetus has just implanted, and it is just a small embryo, which is not stable. Any improper movement or omission of the mother may cause miscarriage. 

Therefore, mothers in the first trimester who want to go out during the eleventh holiday must pay special attention to their own body: avoid long-term walking, climbing and other physical activities and crowded environments to ensure the health of pregnant women And safety. 

Note: Folic acid supplementation in the first trimester is particularly important. Even if you are going out to play, you should bring folic acid and supplement it in time. 

On the one hand, it can relieve early morning sickness, and it can also prevent fetal nerve malformations. At the same time, you can prepare some antifetal drugs. Consult your doctor for detailed usage. If there is an accident, you can follow the doctor’s instructions Taking. 

Mid-term pregnancy:

The fetus has gradually stabilized during this period, and some of the mother’s morning sickness reaction has been basically relieved, and the pregnancy belly is not very large, the body is still relatively light, and it is easier to go out and play. Therefore, expectant mothers at this stage can rest assured to go out and play. 

Attention: Although this stage is relatively safe, it is pregnant after all. Many aspects still need attention. Do not eat some raw and cold irritating foods, and do not be too tired. If there are any abnormalities, please See a doctor promptly. 

Third trimester:

In the third trimester, especially for mothers who are approaching the due date, it is best not to travel too far away to avoid the need to give birth halfway and give birth to the child. Halfway, this is a kind of harm to pregnant women and babies. 

Because the expected delivery date is not absolutely safe and reliable, the survey shows that only about 5% of pregnant women give birth exactly on the expected date of delivery. 

Therefore, mothers in the third trimester of pregnancy are advised to take a stroll and take a walk closer to home. Also need to be careful not to be too tired to prevent premature birth. 

Places to avoid for mothers-to-be

1) Popular scenic spots


A variety of popular attractions are emerging now, and everyone wants to check in. Everyone has time on the National Day and will go to these places. As a result, these attractions are crowded and crowded, and they are prone to accidents, so mothers-to-be should not go. In addition, there are too many people to basically see no scenery, and more to see “the sea of ​​people”. 

2) Cinema

There are usually many new movies online during the holidays. In this way, many people will choose to spend their holidays in the cinema, and there will be more people. Pregnant mothers are not recommended to go. In addition, pregnant mothers will basically have the habit of frequent urination. The layout of the movie theater is dark and the lights are very dim. It is easy to fall when going to the toilet on the way. 

3) Station

The frequency of cold virus outbreaks in autumn is very high, and major stations are very crowded and the flow of people is particularly large. Pregnant mothers will not only be crowded when going to the train station, but may also be infected, so pregnant mothers try not to go. 

Extended reading: Can pregnant mothers fly by plane? 

Because the stations are generally crowded and the journey time is relatively long, pregnant mothers who travel long distances or pursue comfort will choose to travel by plane, but there are certain restrictions on pregnant mothers by plane. All pregnant women can ride. Specifically, it should be based on the airline’s requirements. 

Generally speaking, more than pregnancy A 36-week pregnant mother can’t choose to fly. 

Pregnant mothers who have not exceeded this time should prepare some relevant information when choosing to fly by plane. Although some airlines do not need it, some airlines are indispensable. Therefore, be prepared This information can be prepared. 

1. All relevant medical records of pregnant mothers after pregnancy. This thing can be carried with you. In addition to responding to inspections, it can also be convenient for timely diagnosis and treatment in any situation. 

2. Some airlines will require mothers to provide a diagnosis certificate issued by the hospital, as well as a doctor’s signature and stamp, so that pregnant mothers can board the flight. 

Today’s topic: Will you choose to travel during the 11th long holiday? Sleep has a higher impact on height and intelligence than diet Exercise is the best time for a baby to fall asleep. Parents should grasp it.

Text | Mom’s Way (Senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

One-third of the time is in sleep time. It can be seen that sleep is very important to everyone’s health, and the sleep time required by minors is longer. 

They are in the physical development stage, they need more than 8 hours of sleep a day, and they are also particular about the time to fall asleep. 

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However, the latest adolescent sleep survey shows that today’s minors are mostly in a state of sleep problems, mainly with these manifestations:

Habitual Stay up late, play with your mobile phone every day and go to bed very late;

The study pressure is high, the extracurricular homework is too much, and the sleep time is forced to squeeze;

Irregular work and rest during holidays, falling asleep early in the morning , Only got up at noon. 

What are the effects of sleep problems on children’s physical development? 

So many sleep problems have also brought subtle damage to the child’s physical development, especially the height and intelligence that parents are very concerned about. 

▶ Affect the child’s height

70% of the child’s final height is inherited from the parents, and 30% is affected by sleep, exercise, diet and other factors. 

Research shows that in other factors Among them, the impact of sleep on the child’s height is the first:

When the child enters deep sleep, the pituitary gland will release growth hormone to promote the growth of bones. Without the stimulation of growth hormone, parents can supplement the child’s height. No amount of calcium may be useful. 

▶ Impact on children’s intelligence

I believe that many people have this experience. If you don’t get enough sleep the day before, you may feel dizzy and lose your concentration the next day. , Work can not lift the spirit. 

Professor Benedict of Uppsala University in Sweden found through investigation that when people lack sleep, the chemicals NSE and S-100B in the brain will rise and cause damage to the brain. 

For children whose brains are in the developing stage, this kind of damage is even more serious, and the children’s intelligence will decline in the future. 

▶ Other effects on the body

❶ Get fat

If children don’t sleep at night, they will have a hungry response. Children can easily eat midnight snacks and do not exercise, which will cause their bodies to get fat. 

Being fat will not only cause a child to have a higher probability of physical illness than others, but also intelligence and height will be affected. 

❷ Immunity

Children with insufficient sleep are more likely to get sick. Parents can also find that many children may catch a cold after staying up late for several nights. 

Of course, in addition to adequate sleep, the time to fall asleep is also very important

The time to fall asleep affects the secretion of growth hormone

The secretion of growth hormone in children is affected by time Yes, after entering deep sleep, 11 pm to 2 am, and around 7 am is the peak period of growth hormone secretion. 

especially after 11pm During the period of time, growth hormone secretes the most. 

They need to fall asleep before this time period before they may enter deep sleep during this period. 

The time to fall asleep affects the quality of sleep

People’s sleep is also affected by the biological clock. Because of schoolwork and general work and rest reasons, most people sleep at night and spend their days active. 

Therefore, children’s biological clocks generally rest at night and get up at 7 or 8 in the morning. 

When a fixed biological clock is formed, easy changes will affect the quality of sleep. 

For example, if you don’t go to sleep at the time you usually fall asleep or wake up at the time you should wake up, even if you sleep for the same amount of time, your child still feels tired and doesn’t have a good rest. 

And during the day, the room The light is bright and the surrounding environment may be noisy, which will also affect the quality of sleep. 

Considering the above two points, parents should develop the habit of going to bed at around 10 o’clock in the evening for their children, and don’t miss the best secretion period of growth hormone. The time to get up in the morning can be based on the sleep time required by the child consider. 

Generally, children aged 6 to 13 need about 10 hours of sleep, and children aged 14 to 17 need about 9 hours of sleep, so they generally need to get up at 7 to 8 in the morning. 

After getting a regular sleep, you should not change it easily, so as not to affect your height and intelligence. 

What are the reasons why children cannot sleep well at night? 

▶ Delays in doing things

Sometimes the children’s extracurricular tasks may not be high, but they are slow in doing homework, and they are delayed in washing at night, which leads to sleep. The time has receded repeatedly. 

Therefore, parents need to help their children make adequate plans, strictly specify the time for homework, washing, and sleep, and supervise their completion. 

▶ Too much pressure


Parents’ high expectations and pressure of study may cause their children to lose sleep at night, so parents should pay attention to enlighten them. 

▶ The attractiveness of electronic products is too high

Nowadays, there are more entertainment items on electronic products, which are very attractive to children, and parents also need to regulate their use time. 

It is best not to use it one hour before going to bed. If you are too excited before going to bed, it will also affect the quality of sleep. 

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