Can menstruation delay aging? This time I finally made it clear

Can menstruation delay aging? This time I finally made it clear

After the age of twenty-five, the struggle between women and aging slowly unfolded. The saying that menstruation can detoxify and beautify and maintain youth is widely spread. More than one woman has asked a question, “I heard that a woman will shed 400 eggs in her lifetime. If the menstrual period is prolonged for a few years, the menopause will be delayed a little later, and you will get old. Slow down, is it really useful?” Many women spend a lot of money on this. 

This statement is so beautiful, but it is not. Calculated by age, from twelve or thirteen to fifty-somethings, except for the cessation of ovulation during pregnancy, about 400 eggs are discharged in a girl’s life. In fact, there are three to four hundred thousand follicles in the ovaries, each of which may mature for ovulation and has a strong reserve force. What really makes us aging is not the number of eggs discharged, but the condition of hormones in the body and the degree of aging of the ovaries. 

As we age, the body’s organs The ovaries will gradually age due to natural physiological degeneration, which is irreversible. After the ovaries age, the number of follicles decreases, followed by a decrease in the secretion of sex hormones. Some people may be anxious seeing this, what should I do? The connotation of aging is rich, and there are many influencing factors. Ovarian decline is not the only factor. If you really want to delay aging and work less on menstruation, you might as well try to calm your mind, maintain a good mood and a good schedule, eat a balanced and reasonable diet, and exercise more. This is nothing terrible. Life is still beautiful. Calcium supplementation during pregnancy is related to two generations! These 4 responses are to remind you that it’s time to supplement calcium.

After pregnancy, the mother’s daily nutrition must be provided to the fetus in addition to its own activities, so the nutritional requirements will naturally be better than It turns out to be much. Especially for pregnant mothers, calcium supplementation is inevitable, because the diet of Chinese people is mostly vegetarian, and the calcium content is low. If the pregnant mother’s body lacks calcium, it will inevitably affect the fetal bone development, and even cause bone development abnormalities, and the baby’s milk teeth may grow late in the future. 

Moreover, when the pregnant mother’s body calcium is insufficient , The body will also “protest”, the most common are these three manifestations, for the healthy development of the fetus, pregnant mothers should rest assured! 

Especially easy back pain

As the fetus grows up, it will bring greater pressure to the lumbar spine of the pregnant mother, which is normal. However, if the back pain is still not relieved after the rest adjustment, or even more serious, it is likely that the body is lacking in calcium. Because calcium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis of pregnant mothers and decrease in bone hardness, it is more likely to cause back pain. 

Every three to five calf cramps

Calf cramps are also one of the common manifestations of calcium deficiency in pregnant mothers. Calf cramps are the most uncomfortable, the pain that can’t be said, especially if the pregnant mother is dragging the heavy body, the pain is even more difficult to speak. If the pregnant mother feels that her calf cramps are frequent and severe, she must quickly supplement her with calcium to avoid delaying the fetal bone development. 

Loose teeth

Everyone knows that teeth are also part of human bones. Under normal circumstances, teeth will not loosen. But if the body is deficient in calcium, the teeth will become loose just like bones in other parts of the body. Mothers during pregnancy have a high demand for calcium, and it is easy for calcium deficiency to cause loose teeth. Pay attention to this! 

These are common phenomena of calcium deficiency in pregnant mothers , But you must know that the body responds to calcium deficiency, indicating that the problem has become more serious. Therefore, in order to avoid calcium deficiency, from 3 months after pregnancy, pregnant mothers must consciously supplement calcium, and the daily calcium supplement should be controlled at 1000-1200mg. The fetus will develop faster in the third trimester, and the calcium will also be Correspondingly increase to 1500mg or even more! Of course, if calcium supplements want to be effective, mothers might as well try these 3 methods! 

1. Eat more high-calcium foods


There are many common high-calcium foods in life, such as pure milk, eggs, soy products, sesame paste, etc., which are all very good natural calcium-supplementing foods. Mom can eat some properly every day! 

2, take calcium tablets or calcium agents< /p>

There are many calcium tablets or calcium supplements designed for pregnant mothers on the market. The calcium content is high but not exceeding the standard. It is also good to choose these products for calcium supplementation. However, mothers should choose quality manufacturers when buying, so as not to affect the fetus. 

3, eat high-calcium milk powder for pregnant women


Pregnant women’s high-calcium milk powder is also a popular calcium supplement method. In addition to high-calcium, this kind of nutrition also contains many vitamins, DHA and other ingredients that promote fetal development, and the supplementary nutrition is more comprehensive. 

Calcium supplementation is related to the body of two generations The key to this, pregnant mothers must not be careless. Of course, in addition to calcium, other nutrients should not be left behind! Xueba’s draft paper became popular, and the teacher couldn’t help but praise after reading it: self-disciplined children, even the drafts are neat

Vocabulary such as IQ and talent was a universal excuse to deal with parents when we were young. 

I don’t know how to study well, and I don’t have the talent for bad exam results. But now that we have grown up and are parents, have everyone been prevaricated by our children with this excuse? 

In fact, we all know in our hearts that a person’s talent is important, but if you want to become a schoolmaster that everyone admires, you can’t have this trait alone. 

“Xueba draft paper” became popular unexpectedly and was mistaken for it It’s the answer sheet

There is such an “examination paper” on the Internet. Judging from the photo, the answer to the questions on this “roll paper” is clear and accurate. Many student parties admire it. 

However, what really makes it discussed by netizens is not its accuracy, and this “examination paper”, which is cleaner than the average test answer sheet, is actually a draft paper for Xueba. 

For this, everyone said that this draft The cleanliness of the paper surpasses that of the average student’s examination paper. It is worthy of being a student, and at first glance, he is a super self-disciplined person. 

At the same time, many teachers couldn’t help but praised after reading it: “Sure enough, self-disciplined children are like this. They even have neat drafts.”

Look. At this point, some people shouldn’t understand, how can you tell the children’s high self-discipline just by relying on a piece of draft paper? In fact, the answer is very simple. 

In fact, self-disciplined children always give people a kind “Cleanliness”

Actually, this is not an overly imaginative interpretation of netizens, because self-disciplined children will indeed reflect this beautiful character in all aspects. 

They will not only divide the books and papers into categories, but they will also plan their lives well and grasp the key points, so they give people a very tidy and organized feeling, and these characteristics It is also vividly reflected on this discarded draft paper comparable to an exam answer sheet. 

And it’s not difficult to find in our lives, Most of the high school students and outstanding people around them have the excellent quality of self-discipline. This is also the cornerstone for them to become “children of other people”. After all, self-disciplined children have more advantages than other children. 

What are the advantages of self-disciplined children in life?

1) Understand the concept of time and work efficiently.

Self-disciplined children are masters of time management. Of course, this statement is praiseworthy. 

They have strong self-control ability and do things Never procrastinate. This strict time concept allows them to be very efficient in accomplishing one thing, and this is also the key to self-disciplined children to stand out in this society. 

2) Have a detailed plan for the future

Self-disciplined people have strong requirements for the “sense of quality” of their lives. They will control themselves to do it every day to make themselves Get things to improve, and plan what benefits these things will bring to you in the future, and have a clear plan and goal for your future. 

3) Self-disciplined children are more focused

There are so many temptations from the outside world, which is a great test for children who go to school. If the child does not have super self-control and self-control ability, it is easy to be unable to focus on schoolwork. Self-disciplined children have both qualities, will not be attracted by foreign objects, and have stronger concentration ability. 

So how can parents develop their children’s self-discipline ability? 

To cultivate children’s self-discipline ability, the first thing we have to do is to learn self-discipline by ourselves. Because parents are the children’s first teachers, their children’s words and deeds will learn from us, so parents should pay attention to setting a good example for their children, and remember not to show bad habits such as laziness in front of their children. 

The second thing we should pay attention to is character development As early as possible, try to guide the child as early as possible when the child’s personality is developed at the age of two or three, so that the child will have this good character from an early age, which is much easier than forming a habit after school. 

Finally, cultivating children’s self-discipline requires scientific methods, not blindly. Parents are advised to cultivate them in a planned way for better results.

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