Can I not shave before giving birth? Many people still don’t know, expecting mothers to have a look

Can I not shave before giving birth? There are still many people who don’t know that pregnant mothers who are expecting to give birth should take a look.

Many people think that the hospital just provides a place for the child to be born, and other operations such as surgery are not required. 

This understanding is incorrect. In fact, normal delivery may also require surgery, which is called “lateral resection”. Those pregnant women who have difficulty in giving birth need to do it in particular, otherwise they will be difficult to give birth. 

In addition, there is a project called “skin preparation” that every woman who has given birth can’t escape. 

Skin preparation is a medical term. Skin preparation during childbirth refers to shaving the private parts of the mother before delivery. Many people who don’t know the professional term “skin preparation” call it shaving. 

The skin preparation is to reduce infection. Both cesarean section and normal delivery are required, but since the operation is performed directly in the private part, it will bring great embarrassment to the parturient. 

Last month, my colleague Xiao Zhang gave birth to a child and made a joke because of this incident. When she was lying on the hospital bed, a nurse ran over and said that she was going to prepare her skin. 

Xiao Zhang doesn’t know what skin preparation is, but since the nurse said that, she should naturally let her do it. Unexpectedly, the next second, Xiao Zhang felt that something was wrong, and the nurse held the blade and stretched her hand down. 

Xiao Zhang was shocked and asked the nurse what he was going to do. The nurse answered questioningly, “I told you to prepare the skin!”

Xiao Zhang asked if he would use a knife for skin preparation. The nurse smiled Laugh, just explain to Xiao Zhang what skin preparation is and what it does. 

After listening to the explanation, Xiao Zhang was still a little unacceptable, so he asked if he could not prepare the skin. Now the nurse was very firm and said absolutely no, otherwise the hospital would not be able to bear the responsibility if an infection occurred. . 

Hearing that, Xiao Zhang can only let the other party operate, and the heart that was originally nervous about having a child has become even more nervous. 

Like Xiao Zhang, many pregnant women don’t know that skin preparation is done. Although some people do, they also want to avoid it. 

Is it necessary to shave before giving birth? The answer to this question must be something that many pregnant women want to know urgently. 

Prenatal OK Don’t shave? If you really want to do this, you have to be at your own risk.

The skin preparation is to reduce infections

Cesarean section skin preparation is understandable, because the cesarean section will cause wounds, and the pubic hair is thick and easy to harbor germs. 

If the skin is not prepared, that is, the hair here is not shaved, it is easy to cause infection during the later wound healing process, which will seriously affect the postpartum recovery and even endanger the life of the mother. 

So why do we have to prepare skin for normal delivery? This is because there may also be lateral incisions in the normal delivery, and there will also be postoperative wounds, but they are smaller than those of a caesarean section. 

Even if you don’t have a lateral resection, lacerations are likely to occur during normal delivery. If you don’t prepare your skin, you also have a high probability of infection. Therefore, for safety reasons, skin preparations must be prepared regardless of caesarean section or normal delivery. 

Skin preparation can allow the hospital to reduce the risk

If any hospital does not prepare skin for the parturient, once the postpartum infection occurs, the responsibility of the hospital will be heavy. 

So in order to reduce the risk, regular hospitals will prepare skins for pregnant women. Even if the pregnant women refuse, they will persuade and even enforce them. 

Furthermore, skin preparation is also for the sake of maternal health. This is not excessive, but it should be done. 

Seeing here, I believe everyone should understand that prenatal shaving is very necessary, it can greatly reduce the risk of infection after childbirth. 

In fact, in the process of giving birth, in addition to skin preparation, there are many things that will make Baoma feel embarrassed. If you don’t know in advance, once you encounter it, the psychological pressure may be very great. 

when giving birth For these embarrassments, mothers should know in advance

Check the opening of the uterus

Before the normal delivery, the doctor needs to check the opening of the parturient. At this time, the doctor will put the finger into the private part. Probing into the neck of the uterus. 

This will inevitably make people think of some indecent actions, and sensitive women will definitely be embarrassed. 

However, this operation is very necessary. Only when it is detected that the uterine mouth is ten fingers wide, does it mean that the patient is about to give birth, and the doctor may take further measures. Otherwise, you will have to wait. 

Male obstetricians

When giving birth, there are not only female doctors, but also male doctors. This is something that many birth mothers can’t think of. 

Let unfamiliar men watch their private parts, or even put their hands in, normal women will develop resistance. 

However, this is very unnecessary, because in the eyes of the male obstetrician, only his patients, and no other roles. 

So birth mothers should treat the existence of male doctors calmly, and should not make too many associations to add psychological burdens that they should not have. 

In fact, male obstetricians have many advantages over female obstetricians, such as greater strength and higher average level, etc. If you really meet a male doctor, mothers should feel happy. 

Compared with all kinds of embarrassment, the pain of giving birth is more unbearable for mothers. 

You know, that is the legendary top pain, which is more painful than broken hands and feet. Instead of focusing on those embarrassing things, mothers should think of ways to deal with the pain. , This is the more important thing. These fruits are cheap and delicious and can detoxify. Pregnant mothers should eat more for the children in their stomachs.

Fruits are rich in vitamins, dietary fiber, etc., can provide us with rich and healthy The nutrition is welcomed by the public. And with the popularization of health knowledge, the necessity of fruit for human health has become a household name. Pregnant mothers during pregnancy have been told by doctors on the importance of eating fruits! 

It is said that constipation in tenth pregnancy and ninth pregnancy can not be avoided for hot moms born after 95. Since pregnancy, there was no dream of constipation, but with the growth of pregnancy, the situation of constipation has become more and more serious. From the first bowel movement in 2 days, it gradually became once every 3 or 4 days. When she went to the hospital for an obstetric examination, Mengmeng also asked the doctor if she could use Kaiserol to relieve her constipation. However, the doctor said it is advisable to use as little medication as possible during pregnancy, not to mention that Mengmeng is only more than 6 months pregnant, and the constipation is more serious in the third trimester, and it will be better to consider using Kaisailu at that time. In order to alleviate Mengmeng’s constipation, the doctor’s recommendation is to do aerobic exercises such as walking and eat 1 banana a day. 

Following the doctor’s advice, Dream Meng, who has never liked bananas, began to try. In order to ensure that Mengmeng’s bananas are not added with ripening agents, Mengmeng’s husband bought some naturally-ripe bananas from relatives in the country. Originally, I was just holding the mentality of giving it a try. I did not expect that after 3 or 4 days, it would actually improve. It has changed from only one bowel movement after a lapse of 3 or 4 days to about 2 days. 

The diet during pregnancy affects the health of pregnant mothers and the healthy development of the fetus. Foods such as vegetables and fruits that are rich in vitamins, dietary fiber and other nutrients and trace elements are worthy of pregnancy. Mothers eat more. After eating the right fruits, it is not only beneficial to the health and nutritional balance of the pregnant mother, but also to solve many special conditions during pregnancy, and it can also greatly help the skin and development of the fetus. 

Clinical studies have shown that more than 80% of pregnant mothers experience constipation during pregnancy, and as the fetus develops gradually, it compresses the pregnant mother’s gastrointestinal tract, which affects the pregnant mother’s normal gastrointestinal motility, and constipation occurs. If it cannot be relieved , It will lead to the production of hemorrhoids. Bananas contain a lot of water-soluble fiber substances, which promote the secretion of hypertonic gastrointestinal metabolites and achieve the effect of moisturizing the intestines and laxatives. However, generally only ripe bananas will have this effect. If it is not ripe enough, it will cause indigestion. Pregnant mothers should choose carefully. 

Like bananas, there are also very common ones that have a laxative effect. Apples are sold all year round. And apple not only has a good laxative and detoxifying effect, its rich vitamins can also promote the development of the fetus. For example, the zinc contained in apples has a positive effect on the development of the fetus’s intelligence and immune system, and potassium can help pregnant mothers to remove edema. Therefore, pregnant mothers can maintain the habit of eating 1 to 2 apples a day during pregnancy. 

During pregnancy, in addition to solving the problem of constipation, pregnant mothers will also have symptoms of iron deficiency anemia. In addition to vitamins C and E, which are beneficial to the skin development of the fetus, cherries are also rich in iron, which can effectively prevent the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant mothers. In addition to these fruits that are beneficial to the health of pregnant mothers, grapefruit, which is rich in folic acid and has great benefits for fetal development, is also a fruit that pregnant mothers can eat more. What’s more, the price of grapefruit is not expensive, and you can basically buy it at supermarkets and fruit stalls all year round. 

With the continuous development of the economy, fruits are already affordable for most families. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers are even more inseparable from fruit. Bananas, apples, grapefruits and other common fruits that are rich in nutrients, can relieve the discomfort of pregnant mothers during pregnancy and are conducive to the healthy development of the fetus. Pregnant mothers can eat more. Of course, although fruit is a good thing, you also need to pay attention to the time, quality, dosage, etc., otherwise it will have a counterproductive effect on pregnant mothers during pregnancy. 

For pregnant mothers What are the points to pay attention to for fruits? 

After long-term clinical observation, the doctor has made scientific and reasonable suggestions on the timing of the pregnant mother’s consumption effect. That is, it is best to eat fruit around 10 in the morning, because the gastrointestinal activities during this period are more active and can be fully digested and absorbed without the problem of overnutrition. If you eat fruit in the afternoon, you should try to do it 1 to 2 hours before the meal. 

In addition to paying attention to the time of eating fruits, it is also necessary to control the amount of eating. After all, the most important ingredient in fruit is fructose, and eating too much may affect the blood sugar of pregnant mothers. If some pregnant mothers have weak gastrointestinal function, eat too much fruit and supplement a lot of fiber, it will also cause diarrhea, which is not conducive to the health of the pregnant mother. 

The benefits of fruit to our human health must be well understood by everyone. For pregnant mothers who need to maintain adequate nutrition during pregnancy in order to cope with the physical development of the fetus, they cannot do without fruit. What’s more, there are many fruits that can relieve constipation and prevent the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant mothers. Therefore, pregnant mothers should still follow the doctor’s advice and eat enough fruits during pregnancy! 

Did you have a habit of eating fruit every day during pregnancy? What effect does it feel? Welcome to leave a message to share!

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