Can a baby crawl or crawl? What’s the difference? Clarify these points and let your baby “lead” in development

Can a baby crawl or crawl? What’s the difference? Clarify these points and let your baby “lead” in development

When novice parents are training their babies, they all want their babies to start higher and better than others, but when they grow up Many links in the process cannot be saved. 

For example, babies need to learn to crawl first, then Learn to walk, why is this order? 

The mother-in-law told the baby to walk first and argue with Bao’s mother.

Lili’s baby is 8 months old. When Lili’s mother is playing with the baby, she often supports the baby to exercise and walk. She believes that babies have to learn to walk anyway, so they don’t need to practice crawling hard. 

Lili’s mother said when she saw other people , You see, my baby is smart and learned to walk so early. 

However, Lili does not agree with this view, and believes that learning to walk is a gradual process, so that learning to walk early is not good for the baby’s balance ability. So the two quarreled about the baby crawling and walking. 

In fact, Lili’s statement is correct. When the baby is young, walking after climbing is good for the baby’s healthy development, but not crawling will reduce the baby’s balance ability. Next, I will introduce to you what are the benefits of walking after climbing. 

What is the difference between whether the baby can crawl or not? 

Difference 1: Exercise muscle contraction, which is good for bone development.

Research shows that crawling is the first full-body exercise for babies. 

Crawling can not only exercise the coordination of the limbs, but also promote blood circulation, which is conducive to metabolism and strengthens the growth of baby’s bones. 

Baby has been lying down since birth. When he was young, his bones were all cartilage, and his development was not complete. As the baby grows, the bones are gradually developing, and the limbs are gradually growing. 

At this time, the baby’s crawling ability should be properly exercised, which will not only help the baby’s muscle development, but also accelerate the growth and development of the bones, laying the foundation for future physical health. 

Difference 2: Exercise concentration and concentration , Good for vision development

Before the baby learns to crawl, the baby is easily attracted by many things. 

Research shows that before the baby is three years old, the baby’s ability to pay attention and accept things is relatively strong, and his memory can reach 50% of that of mom and dad. 

For the study of the baby’s vision and the movement of the brain’s control of the limbs, the baby’s right brain is developed first. When crawling, the visual ability is exercised. When the visual ability is mature, the brain is also mature. 

When a baby starts to learn to crawl, he will instinctively focus on one thing. For example, parents and parents can put a toy in front and let the baby crawl to get it. It not only exercises the baby’s concentration, but also prevents myopia when looking at things that are suddenly near and far away. Promote the baby’s brain function, so that the baby can concentrate time. 

Difference three: exercise sensory organ development, yes Good intellectual development

Research shows that the weight of a baby’s brain is about 25% of that of mom and dad. After the age of three, the weight of the brain will reach 85%. 

Therefore, more exercise in baby crawling will have a great impact on its brain development. It can not only promote the baby’s brain’s movement control over the limbs, but also help exercise the baby’s ability to think about problems. 

When the baby just crawls, he needs to cooperate closely with the organs of the whole body. At this time, the brain needs to make different control over different positions. The brain needs to be allocated reasonably, which is very important to the baby’s intellectual development. 

Difference four: exercise your baby’s balance ability, It is helpful for learning to walk

Research shows that babies who crawl more and can not only improve their concentration, but also the cognitive abilities of most babies and their vocalization. Ability, as well as the ability to balance walking and running after growing up are strong. 

This stage of crawling is an important transition for the baby to learn to walk in the future. 

If the baby does not learn to crawl and walks directly, the muscles of the baby’s legs are not fully developed, so that walking will lose the sense of balance and center of gravity and cause the baby to fall. I believe that at this point, Bao Mom and Dad have made it clear that crawling is an important link for babies. 

So if you want to exercise your baby’s crawling, what else do you need to do? 

Exercise your baby’s crawling, clarify these points, and let your baby “lead” development

1. Provide a comfortable crawling environment for your baby

When your baby first starts to practice crawling, Since they have been lying on the bed for a long time and have just got out of the bed, Bao parents and parents need to pay attention. At this time, they need to provide a safe crawling environment for the baby. Sponge mats can be laid on the ground to allow the baby to crawl on the mats to avoid sharp objects. Injure the baby. 

2. Bao mom and dad need help with the baby Crawling

Since the baby has just started crawling, some babies are not used to it. At this time, parents and mothers are needed to assist the child in crawling and correct the baby’s wrong crawling posture. 

Papa and mom can gently hold the baby’s body to help them crawl and help them move forward. When the baby adapts to the crawling rhythm, they can stabilize the balance of the limbs, and the parents can let go of the baby appropriately. 

3. Perform crawling exercises appropriately

Because the baby hasn’t been crawling for a long time, parents and mothers should be careful not to let the baby crawl. The crawling time can be fixed every day, and the baby is still young, so don’t overtrain. Therefore, the baby’s crawling is an important stage before walking. If the baby can’t crawl, it will have a great impact on later walking. 

Extended reading: A small game for training babies to crawl, which is effective in pro-testing (detailed operation, self-search)

2~6 months: push-leg games, cycling games, and group games;

7~9 months golden period: funny crawling game, big crane game, cave drilling game;

10~12 months old driver: small cart game, mountain climbing game, feeling space game. 

If the baby sleeps on the quilt frequently, it may not be because the temperature in the bedroom is high. Mom, don’t ignore

For novice parents with no parenting experience, how to “raise a child” has become a big problem that bothers them, and among them, the one that resonates among the mothers is There is a problem with the child kicking the quilt. 

In the eyes of many parents, it is normal for children to kick the quilt. After all, many of us adults do not sleep honestly, or simply feel that kicking the quilt means that the temperature in the bedroom is too high, but it is not the case. 

Young children can’t speak and can only use body language to express their needs. So if parents find that their children are kicked frequently while sleeping, then mothers should pay more attention to it, because behind this There may be more deep reasons hidden. 

Pushing on the quilt has become a special skill for babies

In the parenting group, there is a mother named Wenwen, who complains that she is almost busier than work at night. Not only does she have to breastfeed the seven-month-old child, she also wakes up from time to time to cover the child, and the little guy frequently kicks the quilt. The actions made her have not had a good night’s sleep for a long time. 

This trouble also resonated with Baoma Li Yan. She said that her child is one and a half years old, but she still has the bad habit of pushing on the quilt. Sometimes she has to cover her baby one night. Quilt five or six times. 

But Li Yan thinks that the child’s house The temperature is not high, and she is also at a loss as to why the little guy is frequently kicked. 

Babies often push on the quilt when they sleep. Maybe it’s not because they feel hot. Mommy don’t ignore the deep reasons.

Actually, there are many reasons why babies kick the quilt. It’s not necessarily because the bedroom feels hot because of the high temperature in the bedroom. Parents have to know their “sorrows”. 

First, the quilt is too heavy for the baby

Many parents worry that their children will catch a cold during the season, so they will cover them with a thicker quilt. But a quilt that is too thick will make the child feel stuffy and hot when sleeping. 

In addition, babies with thick quilts will be uncomfortable and give them a sense of restraint, so babies naturally kick the quilts to make themselves a little more comfortable. 


①Choose a light blanket

The temperature in the bedroom will not be too low now. If the heating or air conditioning is relatively strong, cover the child with a light blanket It will be able to keep warm, and it will not restrict the flexibility of the children’s hands and feet. 

② Sleeping bags can also be a good helper for mothers

Mothers who think that the thin and light blanket will be cold can also prepare a sleeping bag for their children, so that they are not afraid of their children kicking the quilt, and the mothers can sleep at ease

Second, Too excited before going to bed and can’t stop after falling asleep

Some children watch more exciting cartoons before going to bed, or play more exciting games with their parents. These actions will make their emotions Excited state. 

In this way, even if the child is asleep, the brain is still in a state of excitement, so the little guy will not stop lying in the bed, and kicking has become the norm. 

Processing method:

①Form a set of regular Sleeping process

Develop a regular sleep process for your child to avoid getting the child overly excited before going to bed. It will be more conducive to sleep if the child is in a quiet state before going to bed. 

②Use storytelling instead of competitive games

You can also tell children stories to calm their emotions and reduce their excitement before going to bed, so that they sleep The quality will also improve a lot. 

Three, physical discomfort

Of course, children kicking the quilt while sleeping may also be related to their health. If the child feels uncomfortable while sleeping, they will express this discomfort through body language such as hands and feet. 

Based on this situation, mothers must pay attention not to let their children eat too much before going to bed, and do not be too anxious when feeding, so that the children can have enough time to adapt. 

Four. Too much sleep during the day and difficulty in receiving sleep at night

Some babies go to sleep until late, and then continue to sleep during the day, so that a long time will be formed. Bad sleeping habits, and if you don’t like to sleep at night, you naturally start to kick the quilt. 

Solution: Help children adjust the “time difference”

Mothers should actively adjust the sleeping time of their children, and slowly establish a fixed sleeping pattern. After adjusting the “jet lag”, the children will naturally sleep more peacefully. 

There are also tips for making babies sleep peacefully

Smart mothers also have skills when coaxing their children to sleep. They will naturally fall asleep when the sleeping environment allows the children to relax enough. 

▶Try to adjust the thickness of pajamas for your baby

Choosing a pajamas with the right thickness can make your baby more relaxed. At this age of love, too thick pajamas will cause restraint . 

▶Release some soft white noise to help you fall asleep

Before going to bed, the mothers can also play some gentle music to create a quiet atmosphere for the child, and let the child quiet down subconsciously. 

▶Night feeding should be appropriate

Many mothers eat as much as possible when feeding, but feeding at night must be appropriate, and don’t let the children eat. “Amorous Dad” is “seeding” everywhere, with more than 20 babies all over the country. Mom: Thank you so much

Being a parent is a very happy thing, but there are also many people who cannot get pregnant because of various reasons. I had to use other means to fulfill my dream of being a parent. 

At Stanford University in the United States, there was a particularly outstanding graduate Todt. He was not only known for his outstanding ability, but also because of the “seeds” spread all over the world. 

It turns out that Toth often donated sperm before he graduated. Because of his outstanding appearance and belonging to a highly educated group, he was welcomed by the sperm bank. It is precisely because he is so popular, so he Of children are all over the world. 

Toth is in the dying year of the wind candle, I want to meet More than 20 of his own children, so they proposed this idea to the sperm bank, but unexpectedly the sperm bank agreed and helped him find his own child. 

Several families gathered together, and the child’s mother took the child to the party with a grateful mood, thanking Tot for making her dream of having a child come true. 

What is surprising is that these children actually Most of them look similar to Thoth in appearance, and they both like to eat sweets, and both have an unusual talent for engineering. Children come from all over the world. Although their mothers have different skin colors, these children have white skin, which shows that Thoth has a strong gene. . 

At the end of the party, the children left contact information with each other so that they could meet together again in the future, and look forward to new family members joining. 

In which way will parents pass it on to their children? 

Among the genetic genes, some are dominant and some are recessive. It has to be said that the father’s genetic gene has a really powerful influence on the child, and some genes are almost absolutely inherited to the child. 

Parent’s complexion

During pregnancy, many pregnant women will look for various ways to make their children’s complexion white, especially when the other half’s complexion is darker, they tend to eat fruit In this way, if you want to make your child’s skin color white, chances are slim, and the genetics of skin color is difficult to change. 

The skin color of the child mostly neutralizes the skin color of the parent. If both of them are particularly white, then the child’s skin color must be white. And if one has a fairer complexion and one has a dark complexion, then the child may become the middle color. 

Child’s hair

Many parents are self-employed, so children are self-employed, especially male baldness, which is more likely to be passed on to their sons. Of course, inheritance has certain probability problems. For example, the probability of inheritance between generations is about 25%. 

Children’s eyelids

Among genetic genes, double eyelids are a dominant inheritance. If both parents have double eyelids at the same time, then the child is double eyelid. Even if the double eyelids are not changed when they are just born, they will become double eyelids when they are seven or eight years old. 

How to treat intergenerational inheritance? 

Not like their parents

Many children look like neither fathers nor mothers. Some people even start to wonder if this is their own child. In fact, this is not inherited from generation to generation. effect. 

Intergenerational inheritance is also in line with the law of development in science, so there is no need to worry about who the child looks like. 

For example, the famous comedian Pan Changjiang, his grandson He looks a lot like him, perfectly avoiding the excellent genes of his parents. It can be seen that the genetic genes are so magical that we can’t control them at all. Let’s treat them as random permutations and combinations! 

The personality is different.

It is often said that children’s personalities are mostly similar to those of their parents. Different. At this time, it should be considered that the inheritance of the child is inherited from generation to generation. Perhaps the child inherited the gene of the grandfather.

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