Can a baby after 6 months of “preparing meat”? These kinds of meat are very suitable for babies, come and have a look

Can a baby after 6 months of “preparing meat”? These kinds of meats are very suitable for babies. Come and have a look.

For babies who are growing their bodies, nutritional intake is essential. This is also something that many parents are more concerned about. Now, do everything possible to let your baby get more nutrition! 

In the beginning, many parents simply let their babies eat some vegetarian food supplements, but slowly, some parents feel that their children’s age has reached the time to eat meat, so they will add some meat to their babies. Class as a food supplement! At this time, there will be some problems! 

Because many parents only know how to give their children To control a vegetarian diet, I don’t know how to control meat. Moreover, there are certain age requirements for children to eat meat. So when can the baby be “open meat”? 

Actually, for a newborn baby, the main source of nutrition is breast milk and milk powder! But when the baby is six months old, parents need to consider adding some supplementary food to the baby. If it is a simple supplementary food, it is okay, but if you want to add meat to the supplementary food, many parents will start to worry, and the baby can now eat Meat? Will it affect digestion if the baby eats meat? 

To be honest, there is no such worry necessary! When the baby wants to add supplementary food after six months, the most important thing to consider is meat and other iron-containing paste foods! 

This is because as the baby grows, the iron element obtained from breast milk will become less and less, and it is urgent to take it from the outside world. Among them, rice noodles is a good choice. It’s meat food! 

So, when the baby is six months old After that, you can start adding meat supplements. If the baby has a resisting reaction when he first eats, then the parents can let the baby eat more rice noodles for the transition, which is all right! 

For a six-month-old baby, what kind of meat is more acceptable? 

1. Chicken

First of all, the first type of meat is chicken. Chicken is rich in amino acids and protein, which are necessary for babies who are growing their bodies. Less nutrition! 

The most important thing is that chicken is different from others Meat, it does not contain a lot of fat, and chicken is used as a supplement for babies to eat, the taste is also very delicate and easy to be absorbed! 

Furthermore, the nutrition supplemented by different parts of the chicken is also different. Among them, chicken thigh meat is the best choice for babies, which can effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia! 

2. Beef

In beef, it contains amino acids and proteins that are more easily absorbed by the human body. This is very useful for some babies whose immunity is still poor after six months of age. of! 

Moreover, the iron element in beef is also very It is rich in fat and not much fat. Even if the baby eats beef too much, there is no need to worry about getting fat! 

3. Pork

Pork is our most common type of meat. It is a kind of food suitable for all of us. But in many cases, pork is not for parents. The first choice for children to make complementary food, because the baby may be difficult to accept! 

But, do you know? The vitamin B1 contained in pork is 4 times that of beef. Vitamin B1 is also very important for babies who are growing their bodies. It is this element that is lacking in baby’s nervous system and brain development! 

However, when parents choose, try to use pork tenderloin as a baby’s supplementary food, and also use more lean meat, so that the baby will be easier to absorb! 

So what principles should babies pay attention to when eating meat? 

1. Meat supplements should be added according to the baby’s age needs

As the baby grows, the needs of meat supplements will also change. If parents really do not control it well With this amount, it is recommended to consult a doctor on how to add supplementary food to the baby in a reasonable manner! 

In the beginning, it is better to choose some comparisons Digestible meat, such as some fish, is very soft after being broken up, and is very suitable as a meat supplement for the baby at the beginning! 

2. Adding meat supplements to babies must be sufficient

According to the survey of relevant information, if conditions permit, it is recommended that babies of 7-12 months can supplement 15-50 per day Grams of chicken, 25-75 grams of fish! 

It looks like for someone less than one year old The baby does have more, but this is what the baby needs every day! However, you still need to refer to your baby’s own situation. If your baby develops well, it is okay to make meat supplements this way, but if your baby does not develop well, it is recommended to add it according to your baby’s physical condition! Elementary school students imitate world famous paintings, so vividly that people can’t help but laugh: the master is in the folk

I believe everyone has heard the word “Cosplay”, which is the role-playing that people often say. Cosplay is loved by young people. When Cosplay is gone What happens when you enter the classroom? Will it be like a comic show? 

Of course not, this group of primary school students with world-famous COS figures will tell you the answer! 

Primary school students’ homework imitates world-famous paintings, and the results make people laugh. This craftsmanship is amazing! 

The primary school homework of “imitating world famous paintings” became popular on the Internet. After the assignments, the primary school students played with the famous Cosplay paintings. The results of cos were so wonderful that people couldn’t help laughing. Just click on one of them and you can be shocked. People can’t help calling the master in the folk! 

For example, this baby imitated Johannes Vermeer’s very famous “Girl with Pearl Earrings”. The blue towel was wrapped around her head. It is probably the pearl earrings her mother had placed on the towel near her ears. Hanging, twisting his head is a “famous painting”, his expression is not perfunctory at all, I can see that this child is very serious! 

This painting of the second baby cos is no stranger to everyone. It is the famous impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh’s “Self-Portrait with Ears Cut”. The child found a head with Van Gogh. I put on a similar hat, which looks like Grandpa’s winter hat. The sides of the ears are really bandaged. There is a pipe dangling from his mouth. His expression is serious. God restores the appearance of Van Gogh after cutting his ears, and he does not forget his face. Paint a little bit of color to cover up your childishness. 

A small piece in the Annunciation The scene was also taken out by the children to imitate, but a boy who imitates the Virgin, is this serious? I found a piece of blue cloth to cover my head, put an open book in front of him, gestured with one hand, and the boy turned into a Virgin in an instant, but his face was really rounded. 

A baby imitated Picasso’s famous painting “The Boy with a Pipe” very much with his strength, but it looks a little funny as a whole. 

The background of the selected pattern curtains, with fake flowers on the head, the clothes are the same color, but are you holding a pipe? 

Looking at this baby’s expression, I laughed a lot when imitating. 

These paintings are so vivid, let People can’t help but laugh, this craftsmanship is really amazing! 

Children imitating famous paintings are fun and interesting, but also controversial! 

After the children’s famous cos paintings were exhibited on the Internet, they attracted many people’s onlookers and comments. 

Some people think that school assignments like this are very meaningful. Children must choose paintings, prepare materials, design and pose when imitating. Every task is not easy for children. There will also be parents’ participation during this period. Parents and children working together can enhance the relationship and leave different memories. 

Some people think that the teacher assigns this kind of homework to “get nothing to do”. They think that this kind of activity is meaningless at all, tossing the children and the parents, it is better to let the children do more homework. 

In response to these controversies, the school also explained: imitating famous paintings is one of the school’s art festival series of activities, the purpose is to achieve aesthetic education in a variety of ways, and at the same time to improve children through activities that children love to hear Creativity. 

Children are choosing famous paintings, checking the background, While looking for props, I was also understanding the famous paintings. Imitation also brought a lot of thinking to the children. It is not a waste of time and useless for the children. 

How important is the ability to imitate, do you know? Don’t underestimate the child’s imitating behavior.

Imitating ability is the most basic ability of every child. The process of imitation is actually the process of learning and adapting to the child. The child speaks mainly by imitating, and the child eats, walks, etc. through imitation. educational. Studies have shown that imitation ability is directly proportional to a person’s IQ. Strong imitation ability means high IQ. Children with weak imitation ability will not have strong learning ability. It is conceivable how important imitation ability is to children. 

If you want your child to have a high IQ, you can start with imitation. How to cultivate it? 

1. Cultivate language imitation ability

The better the child’s language imitation ability, the faster the development of language ability. When the child is learning to speak, parents can let the child listen more, speak more and accumulate, such as Listen to children’s reading, speeches, etc., and communicate with them more during their growth period to enhance their language imitating ability. 

2. Cultivate the ability to mimic actions

The process of action imitation is actually the process of children’s learning and creation. Children are still young, and the best way to develop their ability to imitate actions is to play imitating games. Parents give their children more demonstrations and guide them to follow suit. When the child grows up, the child can imitate other more advanced movements, that is, learning skills. 

3. Cultivate talent imitating ability

If you want children to have special talents, the ability to imitate talents is indispensable. Parents can also judge their children’s hobbies by imitating their children, such as children’s favorites. Imitate singing and dancing, like to imitate painting, playing chess, etc., to improve the ability of talent imitation in a targeted manner. 

Children’s learning is more than just learning the contents of books. Everything in the world can be used as a learning tool. Imitation is the beginning of learning. Parents should not stop it easily! 

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