“Buy a mobile phone at the age of 6, marry a mother at the age of 8”, Huo Siyan’s method of parenting, many parents do not understand

“Buying a mobile phone at the age of 6 and marrying a mother at the age of 8”, many parents don’t understand Huo Siyan’s parenting method

For children, parents are their closest people in the world, so children are growing up. Zhongdu has repeatedly expressed his love and dependence on his parents. 

But do you know? Although children can rely on their parents, they must have a certain sense of boundary with their parents. I must have heard of them in life. 

“I will marry you when my mother grows up” or “I will marry you when my father grows up”. Although parents can maintain close feelings with their children, the opposite sex parents and children There must also be a certain sense of boundary between, otherwise it is not conducive to the psychological development of the child. 

Star son pair Mom shows love, Huo Siyan’s parenting methods are hotly debated

Stars have always been people’s after-dinner talks. Not only are they themselves a topic that ordinary people like to talk about, even their children will appear in the public eye. 

We all know that the stars Huo Siyan and Du Jiang have a very cute son, and they are also a lover. 

Before Huo Siyan posted such a message on Weibo, it explained her son’s life plan. The son indicated that he wanted to buy a mobile phone at the age of six and married his mother at the age of eight. Faced with his son’s plan, Huo Siyan said I will never forget that you love you in this life. 

Such words from a young child won’t make people feel bad, but they are always weird when they are tasted carefully, and Huo Siyan’s response is also very plain. 

In the face of children’s love, although you don’t need to be very serious, you should also pay attention to drawing a clear line with your children, otherwise it will easily affect your children’s future marriage, and it is also not conducive to gender education. 

Be aware that once the boundaries between some children and their parents are not clear, the psychology of Electra and Oedipus will arise. 

Children and parents The lack of a sense of boundary between them will lead to two major consequences.

First, make the child develop an Electra or Oedipus complex

If the child always depends on his parents, and even often engages in some intimate behaviors with their parents, If the parents do not refuse, it is easy to cause the Electra or Oedipus plot when the child grows up. 

The unusual attachment to parents is not conducive to the establishment of a child’s future view of marriage, and will eventually make the child fall into this wrong ethical relationship and become unable to extricate himself from it. 

Second, make children have a wrong view of marriage

Many parents feel that it is normal for children to attach themselves to themselves, because in this world, children and their parents have the closest relationship. 

But if in the process of growing up, parents always do not control the sense of boundaries between them and their children, it will affect their children’s outlook on marriage in the future. 

What should parents do How about keeping a sense of boundaries with the child? 

The relationship between parents should not be out of balance

Some couples like to quarrel after marriage, and they like to woo their children after they quarrel. Once the children feel this unbalanced relationship, they will involuntarily favor the weak. Fang, even a kind of protective sentiment towards one parent. 

Such a process can easily cause a child to have an Electra or Oedipus complex, because his parents did not bring him a stable family relationship during his growth. 

Let the child only feel that he is the support of the family relationship, so that in the process, it will develop into a more intimate relationship. 

Parents do not value sex education for their children

Parents who value sex education will maintain a clear sense of boundaries with their children and will not have excessive intimacy with their children. 

However, some parents don’t pay much attention to these, so the relationship between the child and the parent will cross the boundary. When educating the child, the child should be guided to let the child have the concept of men and women, so that the child will not Will have undue feelings for opposite-sex parents. 

Parents should not be too strong

Too strong parents will raise children who cannot be independent, and the desire for control projected on the child will also counteract the child. 

When children grow up, they will project their desire for control on their parents. Such children will have a sense of dependence on their parents both in thought and behavior. 

When they grow up, they can’t eliminate this sense of dependence, which not only makes the child’s character lack of responsibility and sense of responsibility, but also tends to make the child have an Electra complex. 

Don’t condone children’s cross-border behaviors

Because children’s three views are immature, many inappropriate behaviors will appear during the growth process. For example, when they grow up, they ask to sleep in the same bed with their parents. Or when the parents take a bath, the children should also be with them. 

At this time, parents should control this behavior of children and tell them that men and women have other concepts. Boys can sleep and bathe with their father, but girls are absolutely not allowed; then the same girl can bathe with mother , But never take a bath with Dad. 

Parents must pay attention to maintaining a sense of boundaries with their children, and don’t allow children to be overly attached to their parents. Only in this way can the children get a healthy development of their psychology, and will not cause the children to have psychological problems, and Doing so can also make the child’s independent ability higher and higher. 

Finally, what do you think about how to maintain a sense of boundaries with your children? Please leave a message in the comment area. Born to be “relationship households”, the “tadpoles” that are more popular with eggs come from these men.

Nowadays, when young couples go to the hospital for examination before getting pregnant, they will find that many are due to men. “Little tadpoles” are of low quality, which makes pregnancy difficult. Some pregnancy preparations may last as long as two or three years without results. This is the most tormenting one. 

It can be said that the “mate selection criteria” of egg cells is still relatively strict. When encountering some poor quality and low activity “tadpoles”, they will not give a straight eye. It can be seen that the “tadpoles” are improved. “The importance of quality. 

1. Men who don’t have the habit of smoking or drinking

This is a common topic. Some men advertise that someone smokes and drinks, but is not a pair of children and a long life span? 

Many men like to use such examples to justify their smoking and drinking behaviors. In fact, studies have shown that the quality of “tadpoles” in men who smoke and drink is lower than that of normal men. 2 About times. 

So, if you smoke or drink alcohol for a long time, the quality of “tadpoles” will be more or less affected, so don’t worry about it anymore. 

If it is really impossible to change, then it is recommended to control it during the period of pregnancy preparation. This is also to improve the quality of “tadpoles”, otherwise the child will be “in the period of fertilization.” Lost at the starting line”. 

2. Men with exercise habits

It is said that men who exercise regularly have a stronger secretion of male hormones. This is because exercise promotes men’s metabolism and helps coordinate the balance of various hormones. 

Male friends often exercise, which can improve the quality of “tadpoles” to a certain extent, especially in terms of activity. The normal “tadpoles” survive for about 1 to 3 days, and the less active “tadpoles” may be inactivated soon after entering the female body, or may be inactivated after they survive for less than 1 day. 

Most of the men who exercise regularly have a longer survival time for their “tadpoles”, which increases the success rate of pregnancy. 

3. Men who don’t have the habit of staying up late

Many people know that staying up late hurts the body, but most people don’t know where it hurts. Under normal circumstances, the most affected is the reproductive system and hormone stability. 

When men stay up late for a long time and lack sleep, the quality of male “tadpoles” will drop sharply, and even the number will be reduced to a certain extent. At this time, men behave as couples. The behavior time is short, and the “tadpoles” are abnormal in color and low in quality. 

In the opinion of many doctors, staying up late for men is the most harmful behavior of “tadpoles”. If this is the case for a long time, not only “tadpoles” will be affected, but men’s fertility and sexual function may be affected. Small impact. 

Therefore, it is recommended that male friends try to minimize staying up late, especially during the pregnancy period. Even during the non-pregnancy period, they should avoid this behavior for their own health in the future. 

4. Men who have a healthy diet

If men have healthy eating habits and are not picky eaters at ordinary times, whether it is fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, etc., they will take more or less balanced intake Enter, then at least in terms of nutrition will also be guaranteed. 

The reason why I want to emphasize this is that most male friends are “carnivores”, and they are basically meatless and unhappy. They do not like to eat vegetables are their biggest characteristic, and this also leads to They have nutritional imbalance. 

Be aware that only when the nutrition is balanced, the synthesis of “tadpoles” can be smoother and the quality will be higher. Otherwise, if even the “raw materials” are not enough to support the synthesis, then How can the quality of “Little Tadpoles” be high? 

Therefore, this requires male friends to change their eating habits, a balanced combination of meat and vegetables, even if they no longer like to eat, they should also be ingested for pregnancy and their own health. 

In the final analysis, the above-mentioned types of attention factors are actually issues that we have been emphasizing in our lives. However, it is precisely because they are too common that most people are reluctant to pay attention to them. They just hope to find some “special ones”. Place”. 

As everyone knows, even the most basic aspects are not consolidated and the welding is firm, so it is even more difficult to “reach the sky in one step”, and the reality is that it is difficult for most men to integrate the above several Both factors. 

If a man can do all the above aspects, is he afraid that the quality of the “tadpoles” is poor or the activity is low? I am afraid that when the time comes, the eggs can’t wait to combine with them. After all, such healthy “little tadpoles” are actually relatively rare at the moment. 

The above-mentioned habits require male friends to develop at once, which is relatively difficult. It is recommended to take a gradual process. At the same time, young couples are also reminded that it is best to start preparing for pregnancy after a period of recuperation, and give the body a buffer period. In this way, the babies born will be healthier and smarter.

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