“Bringing a baby to work” is becoming popular, picking up early in the morning and sending off at night to live in different places, both the elderly and children recognize

“Bringing a baby to work” is becoming popular, and both the elderly and children recognize it. “Bringing a baby to work” is popular. It is recognized by both the elderly and children.< /p>

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Family with young children, bringing children has become a problem. Many parents have their own business to be busy, and there is no time to take care of them, so this important task is left to the elderly at home, but it is inevitable that there will be conflicts between generations of people living together. 

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Because of the different living habits and ways of thinking, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is always cautious or full of contradictions. Not only young people don’t like to face such embarrassment, but today’s elders I also feel that it is not good to live with children. 

So, in order not only to help their children take care of the children, but also to make themselves more leisurely and free, the old people started a “bringing baby to work” model. 

What is “working tape baby”? 

When the children go to work from 9 to 5, the old people also bring their babies from 9 to 5. 

During the time when the children cannot take care of the children, they come over to cook for the children, play with them, pay attention to their safety, and leave when the parents of the children return home. 

If you are bringing your child with your in-laws, it will be easier. The child’s grandparents can come and bring the morning time, and the grandma can bring the afternoon time. 

Although this way looks Too frustrating, but it is well received by young people and old people. 

Many elderly people said that if they spend a little time with their children every day, they can do activities on their own, which is good for their health. After that, I don’t live in my children’s house, I won’t have too many conflicts with them, and my family relationship is better. 

Young people also said that after the division of labor with their parents, they don’t have to worry about the safety of their children at home during work hours, and they can also educate their children after get off work. People of different generations live separately, and there are fewer conflicts when educating children. 

Total In other words, “bringing a baby to work” brings many benefits to the elders and children. 

▶ For the elders

❶ Less pressure

In the past, when the elders were helping to find the children, they usually needed to live together, because they had to look at the children all the time. , They need to keep working, sometimes not only to look after the children, but also to do housework, which is very hard and stressful. 

Nowadays, old people only take a few hours of responsibility every day, and they immediately feel much easier. 

❷ family relationship balance


If the parents of the man and the woman can participate in bringing the baby, and if it occurs at different times, there will be fewer conflicts between several families. 

At the same time, they all have time to spend alone with their children, and they can all establish a closer relationship with their children. There is no need to compete with each other, and the family relationship can be more balanced. 

▶ To the children

❶ Solved the problem of taking care of the children

First of all, the help of the parents is to solve them. No one takes care of the children during working hours. A huge problem. 

Furthermore, parents’ pressure is less, and children’s psychological pressure and guilt can also be less. 

❷ Don’t have to face more complicated family relationships

If mother-in-law and daughter-in-law don’t get along well, not only will the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law feel uncomfortable and unhappy every day, the husband caught in the middle is also very Difficult, if it is not handled well, the marriage relationship may be shattered. 

Family with fewer members The relationship is not so complicated, and the children may also be a little easier. 

❸ Take on more responsibility for taking care of children

Parents play a very important role in the education of children, but now many families with the participation of the elderly are responsible for their children Most of the parenting responsibilities, but the problem of inter-generational parents is more common. If the parents do not stop, the child may be spoiled. 

Research shows that many children who are brought up by grandparents are actually very eager to establish close relationships with their parents. These children may also have personality defects, such as low self-esteem and lack of love. 

But “working style with baby “Faced with the problem of the division of labor in childcare, how does the family need to divide the labor in the education of children? 

▶ Division of Responsibilities

The parent of the child needs to take the primary responsibility for the upbringing, while the elders bear the secondary responsibility. 

Because two generations of Children’s concepts are inevitably different. Therefore, parents can set standards for children’s education and other major issues, so that the family can abide by them. 

The elders can be responsible for the child’s food, clothing, housing, transportation and other minor aspects. If the parents are not at ease, they can also make a diet plan for them to implement. 

Even the responsibilities between the children’s parents must be distinguished. In terms of raising children, clarify the responsibilities so that everyone can be a little easier. 

▶ Time division

Parents also need to make arrangements in advance when taking care of their children, such as how long grandparents and grandparents will come to take care of, how long will grandparents and grandparents come to take care of, and what time should be spent on weekends arrangement. 

With clear responsibilities, I believe that many families can take care of their children while maintaining a harmonious relationship. 


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Children with low emotional intelligence often have the following common performances. The latter will have the greatest impact on the baby’s future

In the current society, the importance of emotional intelligence has become more and more obvious. 

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To raise an excellent child, parents not only need to pay attention to the development of their IQ, but high EQ is also a course that needs to be studied. 

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Emotional intelligence Importance

Everyone is a member of society, and our life is strictly a social activity, in which emotional intelligence plays a vital role. 

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the “Twenty-Eight Rule”, which means that 20% of a person’s success depends on IQ, and the remaining 80% is due to other factors, and among these factors The most important thing is emotional intelligence. 

Especially in today’s society, the status of emotional intelligence is even more prominent. It is a kind of self-emotion management ability, a manifestation of a person’s mental integrity, in career, family, and interpersonal communication. China is indispensable. 

According to Gore Professor Mann’s research shows that the family and educational environment at an early age are critical to the cultivation of a person’s emotional quotient and are the basis for the level of emotional quotient. 

Therefore, cultivating emotional intelligence must start from an early age and be integrated throughout family life and learning. High emotional intelligence enables us to create infinite value from the finite, which is very necessary for the current over-stressed living environment. 

What is emotional quotient? 

Many people have begun to understand the importance of emotional intelligence and have begun to learn to cultivate emotional intelligence, but they do not understand what it is. 

Some people think that emotional intelligence is to say something nice and what others love to hear, but in fact it is not the case. 

When studying EQ, Professor Gorman believed that EQ is the ability of self-emotion management. In simple terms, it is the five aspects of knowing, managing, motivating oneself, and knowing and managing others. 

Because of us You need to communicate with people every day and be able to handle all kinds of interpersonal relationships. The most important factor is emotional intelligence. For example: when we are faced with some emergencies, we can use high emotional intelligence to balance our own emotions and hearts, which is conducive to physical and mental health. 

As parents, when educating their children, they must understand the powerful function of emotional intelligence, which not only allows children to understand themselves better, but also can be liked by others when interacting with others, and can make more friends. If IQ is the basic condition of learning, then EQ is the basic condition of life. 

Children whose EQ is not up to standard, There are four more manifestations.

1. Too capricious

Children’s willfulness is inevitable, but some children only think of themselves when they do things, and don’t think about other people’s feelings at all. This behavior is actually a manifestation of lack of emotional intelligence. 

2. Poor emotion management ability

Happiness, anger, sorrow and joy are the emotions that everyone will have. It is more obvious in children, because children will not hide their emotions. Some children will vent their anger to others when they are angry. Such children usually lack the ability to control their emotions and are also a manifestation of low emotional intelligence. 

3, weak social skills< /p>

Whether a child has friends is part of the child’s social life. Some children are accompanied by people to play wherever they go, but some children often stay at home alone by themselves. When children have few playmates around, parents should pay attention to their children’s emotional intelligence. 

4. No self-confidence

Generally, when children’s EQ is not high, their self-confidence will be relatively low, because self-confidence is not only given to themselves, but the most important thing is external influences. Those with low EQ Children are easily influenced by the external environment. And this performance often has the greatest impact on children’s future life. 

How to help children improve their emotional intelligence

Release emotions:

Everyone has a variety of emotions, and children are no exception. Only adults can vent, but children are not clear. Sometimes they may rely on instinct to vent such negative emotions to other people, causing conflicts with others.

Parents should guide them in time. Tell your children that when they are in a bad mood, they should use some external objects to vent their emotions, such as listening to songs, paintings, or talking to their parents, and not to vent their emotions on others. 

Learn to communicate:

Communication is a manifestation of emotional intelligence. Nowadays, many families are only children. They have been with their parents since childhood, and the elders are also very fond of them. Children will have fewer opportunities to communicate with other children. 

Parents should take their children to places with a lot of people, such as amusement parks or some outdoor development courses, and let the children take the initiative to communicate with others. In this way, the children get along more with their children and not only improve their communication skills It can also reduce the child’s loneliness. 

Thinking in another place:

This aspect is mainly to allow children to have a certain empathy ability. Generally speaking, low EQ is because they basically only consider themselves in their own position. The problem is not considered from the perspective of others, so teaching children to switch positions is the most important part of cultivating children’s emotional intelligence. 

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As far as the current social situation is concerned, emotional intelligence has become more and more important, and in many cases it even exceeds IQ. 

Low emotional intelligence may just be difficult to integrate into the group when you are young, but it will have a huge impact on career, family, friendship, love and other aspects after adulthood. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the cultivation of children’s emotional intelligence. Return to Sohu to see more

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