“Bring my baby to sleep and give you five thousand.” The child wakes up when he puts it down. Most of the parents do three things wrong.

“Bring my baby to sleep and give you five thousand.” The child wakes up when he puts it down. Most of the parents do three things wrong.

“Sleep when you hold it, and wake up when you put it down” Is this your child? 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

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When the night comes, many parents and mothers start to worry about how to put their children to sleep. Sometimes it’s hard to put their children to sleep. What are they hearing? After waking up after the sound, crying… This is all the parents are exhausted. 

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Dapeng felt a little hungry after coaxing her baby at home and ordered a takeaway. He was happily waiting for the food at home and was ready to enjoy supper, but what I didn’t expect was The takeaway boy took the wrong procedure and delivered the takeaway directly to the door without calling beforehand, and knocked on the door. 

In fact, there is nothing wrong with sending it up directly and knocking on the door, but this knock woke up the baby who had spent a lot of effort to coax the sleeping baby. 

Seeing the baby crying after waking up, Dapeng’s anger rose directly and he quarreled directly with the takeaway boy. The takeaway boy was also helpless. He didn’t know that such a situation would happen. 

Dapeng said angrily, “Go and put the baby to sleep. If you can sleep, I will give you two thousand or five thousand. You can kneel down if you don’t sleep. ”

The two quarreled downstairs, and finally the police came forward to coordinate, and the matter came to an end. Before going home, Dapeng sighed: “It’s too difficult for children to fall asleep now.” 

Why kid So hard to sleep? 

Actually, this is probably related to the sleep environment created by the parents’ way of coaxing them to sleep. That is, the parents form bad habits during the process of bringing the baby, which makes it difficult for them to fall asleep. 

Parents do three things wrong, and it is often difficult for babies to sleep:

1, hug and shake to sleep

Many parents are used to holding their children while walking and shaking them to sleep The method allows the baby to fall asleep in his arms, but in fact, this method not only makes it difficult for the baby to sleep peacefully, but also restricts the baby’s body, and cannot get enough rest, and it is particularly easy to wake up. 

Therefore, even if it is difficult for babies to fall asleep, they need adults to coax them to sleep. After the babies fall asleep, they can slowly place their buttocks, backs and heads in a certain order. The bed can alleviate the situation of restless sleep to a certain extent. 

2. Continue to sleep as soon as you wake up

Many babies move their limbs or open their eyes suddenly after falling asleep. At this time, Bao Dabao Mom must not pick them up or beat them to sleep. As long as they don’t actively seek out their mother, don’t use their behavior to suddenly interrupt their deep sleep process. 

In addition, if they wake up and pat, it will be difficult for them to sleep peacefully. This is because the baby will have some unconscious movements after falling asleep, which is a normal manifestation of brain development. 

3. Turn on the light to sleep

Some parents simply turn on the night light to sleep in order to better take care of the baby at night, but this approach is incorrect, because it will lead to The room is always bright, so it will be difficult for the baby to distinguish between night and day, which may lead to inverted sleep schedules, which is not only detrimental to their growth and development, but may also affect the baby’s normal sleep. 

How do parents let Is it easier for children to fall asleep? 

1. Help the child to suggest a normal routine of work and rest

When children are still young, they can’t tell the difference between day and night. Basically, they fall asleep when they want to sleep. As parents, they should help them develop a routine of working and resting early to bed and get up as much as possible. You can appropriately shorten the daytime sleep time, so that you can fall asleep earlier at night, so that after a period of time, not only can fall asleep well, but also enable the baby to grow and develop better. 

2. Avoid large mood swings before going to bed

Parents should try to avoid large mood swings when giving their children even one hour of falling asleep, and don’t let their children feel sad or excited before going to bed In this state, the brain will be in operation for a long time, which will make it difficult for the baby to fall asleep. 

3. Create a good sleep environment

As mentioned above, do not turn on the light when the baby is sleeping, so that the child has a good sleep. In addition, some parents become very careful after their babies fall asleep, for fear of making some noise to disturb their sleep. 

In fact, this approach is not conducive to the baby’s good sleep. This is because if the child gets used to a very quiet sleep state, the nerves will become sensitive, which is likely to cause the baby to fall asleep later. the sound of. 

The correct way is that after the child falls asleep, as long as he does not go in or out of the nursery, he speaks with a lower voice, and he can perform activities and things normally, without deliberately keeping quiet. 180 is not the perfect height for humans, there is a range More ideal, but many people don’t know it

According to research and investigation, the ideal height of Chinese men is 180 cm or more, and the height of women is not less than 170 cm. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

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With the continuous changes in people’s thinking and concepts, tall people are deeply loved by the public. When choosing a spouse, the man will hope that the height of his spouse is above 165 cm, and the woman hopes that his spouse is no less than 165 cm tall. 180 cm. 

Therefore, parents hope that their children can have long legs, especially the parents of boys hope that their son can reach 180 cm. 

All the pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant

The ideal height for human beings is not as high as possible.

According to research and investigation, the ideal height of Chinese men is 180 cm or more, and the height of women is not less than 170 cm. 

I have to admit that height can indeed add points to the image of the human body, but the latest research found that from the perspective of science and health, 180 cm is not the most ideal height, and height is too high. Harmful to the body. 

Therefore, parents should not always think that their children will be able to reach 180 cm in height in the future. 

1. The most ideal height range for humans

The brave research data of Brown University in the United States found that the average height of adults in the world increases once every ten years, about 1 cm. 

And the latest research shows that the ideal height range for human beings is 167~170 cm, and the best height is 168 cm. 

People within this optimal ideal height range will not have to bear excessive stress and burden, and the nutrients and water intake daily can achieve the best balance with the body. 

2. The ideal height of human beings is related to lifespan

According to research findings, when the height of the human body is at 168 cm and the fluctuation is between 167 and 170 cm, it can let The ability to absorb is maintained in a relatively balanced state, and it will not bring any burden to the body. The organs can also function normally, so they will be healthy and have a longer lifespan. 

3. The relationship between human’s optimal height and cancer

According to American researchers, the human body For every 10 centimeters of his height, the risk of cancer increases by 10%. 

According to an investigation conducted by epidemiologists, it is found that for every 10 centimeters tall in women, the risk of cancer increases by 12%, and the risk of cancer in men Increased 9%. 

Experts believe that it may be due to too much height, which leads to an increase in the number of living cells in the body, which mutate after division and DNA recombination, resulting in The risk of cancer is increased. 

After reading these, some tall parents began to worry about whether their children are at risk. In fact, this is completely unnecessary. The purpose of the incidence rate obtained by these studies is to predict the future. The chance of cancer is increasing. The statistical results are not exactly the same concept as the actual incidence rate. 

Therefore, parents are worried about these, and it is better to help their children create a good physical quality so that they can grow up healthy and healthy. 

How do parents guarantee Children grow up healthily? 

1. Ensure good work and rest habits

According to studies, 80% of the human body’s growth hormone is secreted at night, and only in a deep sleep state. Reach the pinnacle. 

In addition, only when the human body is in deep sleep, can it complete better metabolism and regulation, so that it can return to its best condition the next day. 

Therefore, parents should help their children develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, such as getting up at 7:30 in the morning and going to bed at 10 in the evening, which can not only promote the growth of children, but also maintain their bodies In a relatively healthy state. 

The American Pediatric Association recommends that children aged 3 to 6 need to sleep for 10 to 12 hours a day, and children aged 6 to 12 need to sleep for about 10 hours. Children between the ages of 12 and 18 need to sleep for 9 hours a day. 

2. Adhere to moderate exercise

According to research, the average height of children who love to exercise is higher than Children who don’t like sports should be 7~8 cm tall. 

Therefore, parents who insist on taking their children for appropriate exercises in normal times are not only beneficial to the growth of children’s height, but also to promote blood circulation, accelerate body metabolism, and make physical fitness better. 

3. Ensure balanced intake of nutrients

The growth and development of children cannot be separated from the intake of nutrients, so parents want Better, the physical fitness becomes better, you need to ensure a balanced and comprehensive intake of nutrients. 

The Nutrition Society recommends that children aged 4 to 12 should control daily calories at 1830-2470 kcal, 500-1000 mg of calcium, 30-75 grams of protein, 2000-4000 international units of vitamin a, and vitamin B for 20.5 mg and 6 mg of niacin, 40-50 mg of vitamin C, and 6-15 g of zinc. 

Further reading: The 2020 Children’s Height Table

The experts have obtained a newest reference table of children’s height through research, survey and statistics, as shown in the figure below. 

It can be seen from this table that children’s height standards can be divided into five types, but only those who reach the average value or above indicate that the baby is growing well. 

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