Breast milk is so good, the baby is still tired of milk! What was he thinking about?

Breast milk is so good, the baby is still tired of milk! What was he thinking about? 

Many mothers find that their babies no longer like breastfeeding when they are about 4 or 5 months old. Not only do they eat intermittently and their appetite is also reduced, which makes them worry about whether the baby is uncomfortable or not. The breast milk I used to eat with relish, but now I have no appetite. 

What is the anti-milk period? 

In fact, this is when the baby is tired of milk. The baby’s physical signs are normal, energetic, and the increasing curiosity can easily distract him, which leads to their lack of previous love for breast milk. 

However, parents do not need to worry too much. This is a common problem for babies under one year old. As long as it does not affect the baby’s physical development, parents do not need to seek medical treatment. 

The reason why the baby is tired of milk? 

1. Physiological anti-milk

Baby’s anti-milk is also divided into physiological anti-milk and pathological anti-milk, and physiological anti-milk The characteristic is that the baby’s development is normal, but the amount of milk is reduced. 

The main reason is that feeding a baby is a reflex action when the baby is born. As long as the baby is given milk, he will drink. Therefore, many parents The baby is feeding on time. 

Then wait until the baby grows up a little bit, and will be more energetic after 4 months of age. Under the stimulus of external things, it will be inattentive when feeding. 

2, pathological anorexia

There is also pathological anorexia, which is mostly related to disease, so besides anorexia, babies also have other abnormalities, such as lack of energy, Night trouble, fever, etc. 

The diseases that cause the baby’s pathological anorexia are generally acute and chronic diseases related to eating, such as making the baby uncomfortable during breastfeeding and the amount of food consumed Reduced mouth and tongue sores and pharyngitis and other diseases. 

How to determine which kind of anorexia a baby is, parents need to observe the baby’s state of feeding, whether it is pathological anorexia or seek medical treatment in time. 

What should parents do when the baby is tired of milk? 

1. Eat smaller meals more often

Although the anorexia period does not have any adverse effects on the baby itself, but There are still many parents who are worried that they want to relieve their baby’s anorexia. 

Parents can adopt the method of eating smaller meals and more meals, that is, reducing the amount of food consumed per meal, but can let him eat more times, so as to maintain the original breast milk intake The purpose of the constant intake is to let the baby get adequate nutrition. 

At the same time, provide your baby with a quiet breastfeeding environment so that his attention will not be distracted from eating. 

2. Add complementary foods

In fact, babies can already eat complementary foods when they are 4 months old. If parents are worried that the baby’s breast milk intake will cause insufficient nutrition, they can pass Appropriate supplementary foods are added to make up for it. Some rice noodles, fruit purees, etc. are very good. 

Since the baby is “tired” of breast milk, give him a new taste to enhance his pleasure in eating. At the same time, it can make up for the lack of nutrients in breast milk, allowing babies to have balanced nutrition and grow up happily. 

Parents, the baby must be afraid of being tired of milk, let alone thinking about it, determining the reason and finding the right way to deal with it is the most important thing, what do you think! The children’s grades have been unable to improve, and the application of various training courses has no effect.

Nowadays, the social development is fast, and the living conditions of many families have also improved, and the education of parents to their children has become better. The more and more important it is, the standard for judging the quality of children is actually based on their grades. 

Some children have poor grades. Parents start to enroll their children in various classes without in-depth understanding. The children not only fail to improve their grades, but they also become bored with learning. In fact, as long as you master good learning methods, your child can easily become a top student. 

arrange time reasonably

Most children don’t Reasonable planning time is in accordance with the teacher’s requirements, and there is no order in which to complete the homework, so it is often the case that the child can not finish the homework. 

At this time, the parents can tell the children that they should put the commonly used learning-related things in a sequential or urgent order, so that it is not only convenient to find, but also can cultivate the child’s management and coordination skills. 

Secondly, we must make a plan for the whole day of study, so that children will not be in a hurry and make full use of their time. 

dare to ask questions

Some children may be introverted, or I dare not ask questions for fear of the teacher’s fault But often asking questions can not only solve children’s learning doubts, but also exercise children’s expressive skills. 

In the process of learning, children need to ask questions that they have not understood to achieve a thorough understanding and mastery of knowledge. 

Students who are easy to ask questions often have a unique advantage. Students who don’t like to ask will take the initiative to abandon the help of others and make themselves more and more trapped in the predicament. 

Be good at summarizing

The child’s general learning process is Those who don’t like to take notes, let alone summarize them. But summarizing is actually equivalent to a day’s rehearsal, and children discover their own shortcomings and advantages through summarizing. 

The bad places will be corrected next time, and the good places will continue to be maintained. Some children become top students because they know how to sum up themselves. Being good at summarizing is also conducive to exercise children’s thinking and logical ability. 

Diligent in thinking

Thinking runs through lectures and doing Homework, review and other stages. Not only do you need to know the answers to the questions, but you must also clarify the knowledge points of the test, which methods are used, and why are these methods used? Then draw inferences from one another, by analogy. 

Learning not only remembers the knowledge points, but also grasps the internal connections between the knowledge points through thinking, and even the penetration between different disciplines, in order to form a clear knowledge network. 

Each child has a different acceptance of learning , Then the speed of knowledge absorption is also different. If your child’s grades are poor, parents must not be impatient, and should not be too harsh on the child. This will undermine the child’s self-confidence, and the child will be less willing to learn, and the decline in grades will be even more severe. 

In fact, it is not difficult to become a top student. The difficult thing is whether you can always stick to the learning method of top students. A good learning method can get twice the result with half the effort. These four methods can help children improve efficiency and improve their grades better.

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