Both parents are teachers, and the 12-year-old son of “child prodigy” goes to college: Why is it easy for teachers’ families to go to school?

Both parents are teachers. The son of “prodigy” went to college at the age of 12: Why is it easy for teacher families to go out of school?

There is such a phenomenon in life. Usually, children whose parents are teachers do not have good grades Too bad. 

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Many people think Parents are teachers, and they will definitely give their children a “small kitchen”. Good grades are also normal. Is this really the case? 

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Parents are both teachers, and my son goes to college at the age of 12

When he was in college, there was a little prodigy in the school. He went to college at the age of 12, and most of his peers had just started elementary school. After graduation, he has become a college student. 

Later, I learned that his parents were both teachers in key middle schools. He passed the high school entrance exam at the age of 9 and entered the high school directly. After attending high school, his grades also climbed steadily, and he was successfully admitted to a key university. 

Many people think he can This result is mainly due to his awe-inspiring talent and high IQ. In addition, both parents are teachers and private tutoring is more frequent. If the parents are not teachers, it is difficult to achieve such an effect. 

However, the little child prodigy said that his parents rarely give him tutoring at home, but they will give him some advice in due course. He just watched his parents study and prepare lessons at home every day, and he naturally developed home learning. habit. 

The reasons why teachers’ families are easy to be a master of school

1. Habits developed since childhood

After research, many educators said: It must be cultivated from an early age. 

After teachers become parents, education must start at an early age. At the same time, after many years of education, teachers have their own teaching mode, and there will be many ways to guide children and teach them all their own experiences. 

In this way, children can naturally develop a good study habit and a self-disciplined lifestyle. 

2. The influence of family atmosphere

The impact of the environment on people is subtle. Although there is not much change in the short term, the differences will be manifested over time. 

Families where children’s parents are engaged in the profession of teachers usually have a more learning atmosphere in the family. Parents may have the habit of preparing lessons and enriching their own knowledge at home. Children can naturally be infected by the environment and learn actively. 

3. Parents teach by words and deeds

Many teachers will have some good learning habits. For example, they usually do things related to learning or reading at home, so children can naturally be influenced by their parents. Impact. 

Research shows that children are usually 8 I can imitate the simple movements and expressions of my parents in the process of interaction within a month or so. Therefore, in this process, imitating my parents for a long time will naturally develop good learning habits. 

The Cultivation of Xueba: How to educate children? 

1. Learning habits should be grasped early.

Many children still maintain the habits of childhood when they grow up. Therefore, for parents, they should be developed for their children when they are young. Correct learning habits, encourage them in time, and correct them when they make mistakes. 

2. Goals should be established as soon as possible.

The survey found that: children setting clear goals have an important guiding role for children to complete their studies, and the earlier they are established, the more help they will be . 

From long-term goals to short-term goals should be planned. For example: prepare to go to a certain key to learn which homework should be completed every day. Divide the goals little by little from far to near, so that children understand the importance of goals from an early age. 

3. Create good learning Environment

Many children’s poor grades are inseparable from the family environment. If family members watch TV or play mahjong at home all day, not only will they not be able to study at ease, but they will also be exposed to negative information. . 

The correct approach should be that parents try to maintain a quiet, comfortable and tidy learning environment for their children, so that the children can study at ease and avoid the nuisance of negative information. 

4. Parents should enrich themselves and answer questions for their children.

Schools are the main ground for children’s learning. Teachers will naturally help them when they encounter problems, but they are at home. At that time, the parents are the only object of the child’s help. Therefore, parents should also understand the knowledge their children have learned in a timely manner, so that when the children are facing difficulties, they will not be helpless. 

Extended reading: “Me and My mother took the postgraduate entrance examination together”

The time for a mother to accompany her daughter in the postgraduate entrance examination caused a heated discussion——

My daughter felt that she had no motivation for the postgraduate entrance examination alone, and there are many knowledge points for review. Difficult, but I really want to continue my studies, so I fell into conflict. 

After going home and discussing with her mother, she wanted to give up the postgraduate entrance examination, but her mother encouraged her to “do it if you want to do it. If you are afraid, mother will take the exam with you.” 

Every day thereafter, mother I accompanied my daughter to lectures, reviewing together, and studying questions together. In the end, my mother was admitted to graduate school a year earlier than her daughter. 

However, with the encouragement of her mother, her daughter did not give up. After another year of study and hard work, she was finally admitted to a graduate student in the same school as her mother. 

With such a mother, the child is of course successful. In fact, when parents educate their children, they are actually reshaping themselves. What kind of person parents want their children to be, then they should do it first. Leading by example is far more true and powerful than boring preaching. 

[Said fortunately pregnant]

In fact, every parent is the child’s enlightenment teacher and has an extremely important guiding role in the child’s life. As a parent, you should not just take care of your children’s clothing, food, shelter, and transportation, but should pay attention to every aspect of their children.  “Handy” mothers become popular: for children Wearing “remodeling old clothes” is more beautiful than new clothes

The “smart hand” mother is popular: “remodeling old clothes” for children, which is more beautiful than new clothes

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The children’s body grows very fast, so I gave them Buying clothes has become a problem. In order to avoid the clothes that they just bought cannot be worn after a month or two, mothers often buy clothes of a few sizes. 

In the face of old clothes sent by relatives or at home, although some mothers are very excited, they are not allowed to wear them for the sake of their children’s self-esteem. But some other mothers are very good at handling old clothes. 

“Mama Stingy” is on fire , The three children hardly wear new clothes

Not long ago, a mother on the Internet became popular because of her stingy. This mother is Sarah. There are three children in the family, all of whom have strong self-esteem. At the age of beauty, the cost of clothing is relatively large. 

So in order for the children to always wear new clothes, and to promote the relationship with the children, the mother changed her and her husband’s clothes into a new dress for her daughter. 

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For example, the loose shirt above can be turned into a sweet skirt with lace edges, which is both environmentally friendly and beautiful for your children. 

Her actions have also been supported by many netizens, and more and more mothers imitating her. 

This foreign mother will also The shirt was changed to a skirt, which won her daughter’s favor. 

Some mothers do not Cut and sew clothes by hand, but can change the clothes worn by the mother into suitable for the baby through a ribbon, which is also novel and environmentally friendly. 

But not every netizen Netizens have different opinions on this matter for those who are supportive of moms changing clothes for their daughters. 

Netizen “Shrimp Paste”: If there is only one child, I don’t want to remodel old clothes for him. It’s too much trouble. Can I buy a new one if I have time? 

“I don’t wear old clothes for my children. Regardless of whether it’s remodeled or not, people here say that we can’t wear old clothes for our children, which will affect their luck. .”

“This mother is too good. I also want to change clothes for my children. It is not to save the environment, but to simply like it and learn it right away.”

“I I think it’s good. This mother is not only creative, but also allows her children to wear unique clothes. Their self-esteem may also be satisfied.”

Everyone has a different attitude towards children wearing old clothes, even remodeled old clothes, so , This matter itself has different effects on children, family, and mom, and mom can think about it before doing it. 

▼ For children

✔ Advantageous effects:

❶ Increase children’s sense of security: spend time with parents, do something together, right Many children are very happy, and close and dedicated companionship can enhance the relationship between parents and children and give children a sense of security. 

❷ Satisfy children’s self-esteem: If parents’ craftsmanship is good, they have transformed their favorite clothes, and they are unique, which will make children at the age of comparison and beauty have a great sense of satisfaction , They may be more confident as a result. 

✘ Adverse effects:


Children are bored and anxious: Not every child is happy about their parents changing clothes for themselves. They may not want to try on clothes again and again, or want a space to be alone, or their parents will make changes. The costumes do not conform to their aesthetics. 

These will make the child feel anxious and bored, and feel that he is not respected and understood. 

At this time, you need to respect your children’s choices. If they don’t want to, Mommy really likes to make clothes, so it’s better to make them for yourself. 

▼ For family members

✔ Favorable impact:

If family members support their parents to make clothes for their children, they will also give encouragement at ordinary times. Then the family relationship may be more harmonious. 

✘ Adverse effects:


There are always people who don’t understand how to make clothes for children, that is, they use new fabrics. For example, a mother-in-law complained about her mother-in-law on the Internet and kept obstructing her. She helped her child measure and cut clothes, and her mother-in-law placed an order for new clothes. 

The two quarreled several times for this, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was not good, and the family atmosphere became tense. 

At this time, you need to communicate more with the family members who disagree, so as not to affect the family relationship and create a bad growth atmosphere for the children. 

▼ To yourself

✔ Favorable influence:

❶ Promote the relationship with the child: Attentive companionship has a great effect on improving the relationship between parents and children , When making clothes for children, letting them participate can make the parent-child relationship better. 

❷ Improve your mood: take care of your children It was originally a matter of energy and mood. Bao’s mother made clothes for her children, and she was also taking a leisurely time, satisfying her own interests, and having fun. 

✘ Adverse effects:

Some netizens oppose parents to make clothes for their children because they feel that it is too time-consuming and affects them to do other things. However, time is wasted from time to time. Everyone measures different standards, as long as parents and children like it. 


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