Birth during the day and at night has an impact on the mother and the child. There is a scientific basis, not superstition.

Birth during the day and at night has an impact on both the mother and the child. There is a scientific basis, not superstition.

I believe that some mothers who have old people at home have more or less heard the old people say, “It’s better to have children during the day. “This conclusion, which at first sounded full of superstition, actually has a certain scientific basis. 

After 4 years of marriage with her husband, Xiao Li, who is 32 years old this year, finally got pregnant as she wished. Ever since Xiao Li was pregnant, when her mother-in-law was taking care of her, she often chanted that Xiao Li could give birth during the day, and preferably in the morning. 

When Xiao Li first heard it, she thought it might be a superstitious idea of ​​her mother-in-law. After all, from the results of the maternity check-up, she must have given birth easily, so the time is uncertain. How could she have a baby in the morning? What? After conceiving in October, it was finally time to give birth. 

However, unlike what her mother-in-law expected, Xiao Li started to have contractions at night, and the family rushed her to the hospital. 

Perhaps because he was too rushed, he forgot to bring Xiao Li’s ID card, and Xiao Li’s husband had to run home from the hospital to get it. 

This time and again, some time was delayed. After finishing the formalities, when Xiao Li entered the delivery room smoothly, the palace entrance had been opened to nearly five fingers. 

Fortunately, in the end, Xiao Li gave birth to the child at 4 in the morning. After returning to the ward, he found that he had missed Xiao Li’s slippers because it was not dawn and the surrounding shops had not yet opened. 

When he woke up the next day, Xiao Li couldn’t help feeling that it seemed better to have a baby during the day, at least you can buy something immediately if you are missing something. 

Xiao Li, who originally thought that giving birth at night or during the day, didn’t matter. After a busy production process, he discovered that maybe having a baby during the day is better than at night. It’s not about the so-called child’s fortune, but it’s more convenient. There are many. It seems that the experience summed up by the mother-in-law as a past person is still reasonable. 

Harmony during the day Birth at night affects both the mother and the child. There is a scientific basis, not superstition! 

1. The physical strength of the parturient during the day will be better than that of the evening

For the parturient, the process of giving birth is a test of both endurance and physical strength. The whole production process is very dependent on physical strength. obviously. 

If you give birth during the day, you will have more physical strength after a night’s rest. At night, it’s the time to sleep. Affected by the biological clock, the physical state of the parturient will be much worse than during the day, making it more difficult to give birth. 

For the parturient, the most important thing is to take a good rest and keep the physical strength in a sufficient state, so as to make the production process smoother and faster. 

Because of lack of physical strength, it will not lengthen the birth time and increase the safety risk of the mother and the child. 

2. It will be more convenient to prepare items.

Even if the delivery package is prepared before delivery, it is still possible for women and family members who give birth for the first time to miss some items in the panic.

< p>This is why there are supermarkets around the hospital. If it is during the day, the family can go to the supermarket to purchase the missing items in time. 

But if the supermarket is closed at night, it will be extremely difficult to purchase items. 

Of course, it is recommended that the mother or her family should prepare the necessary items in advance and put them in a box after repeated counts. This can avoid the occurrence of omissions and ensure the smooth completion of the labor process. 

3. When giving birth at night, family members can have enough time to accompany them

The family members of the mother during the day may also need to go to work normally. If the mother gives birth during the day, the family may have to take time off or adjust work in order to accompany the mother. Arrangements are a bit hectic. 

At night, when it is off work, it is easier to allocate time to accompany. 

For the major events of childbirth, and there is usually an expected date of delivery, the mother’s family can allocate the time in advance, so as to avoid being too rushed temporarily and getting messy. 

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the benefits of giving birth during the day to the mother and the child, the medical staff will be more energetic and physically stronger during the day, and can be more focused on helping the mother to give birth. 

Moreover, there will be more medical staff working in the hospital during the day, which can ensure sufficient manpower. 

After the above, it is indeed better to have children during the day than at night. However, the most important thing is that the mother and her family should prepare in advance, whether it is time, things, or psychology. 

Parturients and their What preparations should the family do before giving birth? 

1. Prepare the delivery package and other items

The delivery package is a must-have item in the production process, including various documents, newborn baby supplies, supplies for the postpartum mother’s hospitalization, etc., all of which must be made in advance prepare. 

Before the puerpera is hospitalized, it needs to be counted again and again to prevent any omissions. Also, you don’t need to prepare too much, generally you can bring a week’s worth, so as not to have too many things and it’s difficult to search. 

2. Determine the accompanying family members

The accompanying family members do not necessarily need to accompany the mother into the ward, but they must ensure that they can always accompany and take care of the mother and the baby from the time of admission. It is necessary to agree in advance who will be responsible and allocate time in advance. 

It is worth noting that at least 2 family members take turns to accompany them to ensure that they have enough physical strength to take care of the mother and child, including life and spiritual encouragement. 

3. Be psychologically prepared

Before giving birth, both the parturient and the family accompanying the parturient must be psychologically prepared, encourage each other, and strive to make the parturient relax and be confident to face the hardships. production process. 

Meeting a new life is not a simple matter. The birth process and the care of mothers and children after childbirth require the unity and cooperation of mothers and family members, mutual encouragement and support, and should not be careless. 

Of course, for mothers who give birth, whether it is day or night, this is not artificially controllable. Being able to have children during the day is naturally much more convenient, but it is not without advantages at night. I hope that mothers-to-be and their families should put their minds in the right place! 

Is your child born during the day or at night? What is your opinion on the difference between the two? Welcome to leave a message to share! When a child breaks something with a bad hand, the parent’s behavior determines the child’s next behavior

Some children are more stubborn and curious. They often like to touch various things, causing the child to be unintentional. Broken a lot of things. At this time, parents often lose their temper with their children because they can’t bear the unreasonable behavior of their children, but is this really good? How should parents educate when the child’s hands are awkward and touch things again? 

Doudou in Sichuan is 6 years old, at the age of curiosity, hyperactivity and ignorance. Doudou’s parents are also very troubled, how to educate and energetic, like a Doudou for ADHD patients. Doudou’s grandmother gave advice at this time. Doudou often touched all kinds of unfamiliar things and often broke things. At this time, many parents must take corrective measures to prevent Doudou from getting underneath. This behavior happened again and again. Doudou’s grandmother gave Doudou’s parents a few tricks, and successfully solved Doudou’s hyperactivity and spoiling behavior. What kind of tricks are so useful? 

Dealing with bear children Tips for messing with bad things

1. Let the children clarify the concept of private items

Children know that things belong to others, not their own, but they still like to touch and play, maybe because The reason why children are not clear about the concept of private goods. At this time, it is necessary for parents to popularize the concept of private ownership to their children. Let children know that other people’s things belong to others, and their own things are their own, so other people’s things can only be touched by others and their own things can only be touched by themselves. Let children know what private things mean. 

2. Let children respect other people’s things

In daily life, parents respect all children’s things, such as children’s toys are not allowed to touch randomly, and children’s favorite things are not allowed by parents. Will be littered. Parents respect their children’s private belongings, and let their children learn to respect other people’s private belongings, and don’t let their children touch other people’s belongings. Let the child know that if he does not want his own things to be harmed for no reason, then he should not go to mess with other people’s things for no reason. 

3. Let the child know the consequences of the damage, and bear it

The child has accidentally damaged other people’s things, then the parents let the child bear the result, let the child be scolded by others, don’t Feel sorry for the child, don’t protect the child. Children need parents to shelter from the wind and rain when they are growing up, but parents cannot always help their children to shelter from the wind and rain. To a certain extent, children will not make mistakes if they have learned a lesson. Parents can also help their children to apologize and deduct expenses from their children’s pocket money, so that the children can learn more. 

4. Let the children understand the rules at home

When a child is used to it by his parents or elders at home, it is likely that the child thinks the whole family’s stuff belongs to his own , So going to someone else’s home is like going to your own home. Parents should help their children to establish a sense of the rules, and let the children know which corners he cannot touch at home. Even if the child is young, let the child obey the rules, and the child is actually the best education when it is young. 

How to prevent raising Adult bear children

1. If the child appears to behave in disorder, he shall be disciplined immediately

When the child is crying or in disorder, the parents should immediately remind the child that it will be soon For education, if you wait until the matter is over and the parents say more, the child will not take it to heart. Children need to know where their mistakes are, and to educate them when they happen, the children will have a deeper memory. 

2. Pay attention to proportions

When educating children, pay attention to proportions. It is not good to be too strict or too loose. Parents should not decide the scale and scale of education based on the temperament and personality of the parents, but should educate based on the degree of the children’s mistakes and the seriousness of the consequences of the mistakes. 

The important point is that parents should observe the child’s motivation for making mistakes. If the child does not understand and makes a mistake, the service clarifies the matter and lets the child know. If the child understands, If mistakes are still made, parents may have to deal with the problem of children’s mistakes seriously. And if the child has a serious moral error or lack of character, then the parents must think about giving the child a long-term ideological education. 

3. Believe in the ability of the child

Parents must believe in the ability of the child. Although the child makes a mistake, we must believe that the child can correct the mistake. If the parents do not believe that the child can correct, then the child himself cannot correct his misbehavior. Believing in children’s abilities allows children to have the courage to face their own mistakes, to have the courage to bear them, and to correct them correctly. It can also help the child to become a person who has the courage to try, and has the courage to assume, and a sense of responsibility. 

For bear children, they must be taken care of in time, and special education methods must be taken to deal with them. It is not terrible for children to make mistakes, but the terrible thing is that children make mistakes many times. Pay attention to your own way of education and raise good children.

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