Being a mother is not easy, after giving birth, these “skinless and faceless” things will come to you

Being a mother is not easy. After giving birth, these “skinless and faceless” things will come to you

They all say that a woman is the happiest thing to be a mother, but they only see the surface of the matter. I didn’t realize the hardship of a woman taking care of a child at all. The happiness of a woman is really not something that can be obtained simply. 

When Xiaolu was not pregnant, her family members persuaded Xiaolu to have a baby all day long, and brainwashed Xiaolu all day, how happy the pregnancy is. After giving birth, the family will help Xiaolu look after, and Xiaolu can still do it Go to work and do what you like. 

Furthermore, her family also persuaded Xiaolu to take advantage of her young age to recover quickly after giving birth. After the province is older, she will not be able to recover slowly after giving birth. 

After listening to the persuasion of her family, Xiao Lu thought that it was indeed the case, so after discussing with her husband, Xiao Lu and her husband decided to have a baby, whether it is better to be young, and soon Xiao Lu became pregnant. 

During pregnancy, Xiaolu’s body was normal in all aspects, and her family took good care of Xiaolu. Soon the child was born smoothly, and Xiaolu became the hero of the whole family. 

It is true that after the birth of the child, the mother-in-law took on the heavy responsibility of taking care of the child. Xiao Lu is indeed very relaxed, basically she does not need to worry about the child. 

Xiaolu originally thought that she was out of confinement and went to work when the child was 3 months old, but Xiaolu found that the facts were not what she thought. 

Now that the child is 3 months old, Xiao Lu’s body has not recovered yet. Although she was in a normal childbirth, but because the baby was older when she gave birth, Xiao Lu had a side cut when she gave birth. Although the wound has healed, Xiao Lu always feels uncomfortable underneath. 

The most embarrassing thing is that Xiaolu finds that she leaks urine from time to time. Sometimes, sneezing, talking and laughing, this embarrassing situation will happen. Therefore, Xiaolu’s plan to go to work 3 months after giving birth is estimated to be temporarily impossible to achieve. 

In fact, there are many mothers like Xiaolu who think about giving birth very simply, thinking that they can quickly return to their previous state after giving birth. 

Of course, everyone’s physique is different. Some mothers have no physical changes after giving birth, but some mothers are not. After giving birth, their bodies are plagued by a lot of problems. 

Bao Ma Sheng After the child is over, what questions are easy to find Bao Ma? 

1. Leaking urine anytime and anywhere

Many mothers have leaked urine in the later stages of pregnancy, and sometimes at some time and place, sometimes they don’t feel the leakage of urine, so this is why Is the most embarrassing place. 

I thought that after giving birth, Baoma’s urine leakage would be better, but she never expected that the situation would be worse after giving birth. Some serious Baoma didn’t dare to go out after giving birth. Fear of embarrassment on important occasions. 

2, a lot of hair loss

After Bao’s mother gave birth, there was another very distressing thing, a lot of hair fell, You can see Bao Ma’s hair on the bed, on the floor, on the body, in the corners of the house. 

Even some mothers are afraid that they will become bald. In order to prevent hair loss after childbirth, many mothers cut their long hair that has been kept for many years into short hair. 

3. Stretch marks full of belly

After a woman gave birth, she thought that everything would be fine after unloading the goods, but some mothers have a belly that has been born for 2-3 months and still can’t get it off. 

Sometimes I was mistaken for 6-7 months of pregnancy. Afterwards, my belly finally went down slowly, but the stretch marks on my belly were really scary. 

Some mothers like to wear a umbilical dress before they are pregnant, but since giving birth, they can’t show their belly anymore, because the stretch marks on the belly are really horrible, let alone others Even I despise myself. 

4. Withered and invisible breasts

After a woman has given birth to a child, most mothers will choose to breastfeed their baby. Breastfeeding is not only economical, but the key is to be good to the child. 

Since I became a mother, I couldn’t bear to look directly at my breasts. The strong breasts that were previously strong are gone forever. The longer the breastfeeding time, the less shape of Baoma’s breasts. 

Many mothers have their breasts hung on their chests like two pieces of cloth after weaning after feeding their babies. Wearing a bra barely has a shape. If you don’t wear a bra, it’s really nothing to see. La! 

5. Wide and broken crotch

Women can see that the crotch is obviously wider after giving birth. Although some mothers have restored their weight before they had a baby, the crotch is very different from before. Same, I used to be able to wear 2 feet waist pants. 

Now that the weight has not changed but the waist size has not changed, but the crotch can’t be lifted. Either the crotch is suitable and the waist is not suitable. In short, it is difficult to buy clothes. 

So women’s giving birth is really not as simple as imagined, thinking that the baby will be fine when the baby comes out in the stomach. In fact, after giving birth, if the mother does not pay attention to the postpartum recovery, a series of physical problems will appear in the body. Sequelae. 

Of course, some problems will gradually get better over time, but some problems will never be solved if Mom is not paying attention. It’s not that there is no “sequelae” after a caesarean section, it is only manifested when the second child is born, especially these three types

Many pregnant mothers think that the delivery method should be “cesarean section”, after all, the smooth delivery brings women The impact is too obvious, and the difference in postpartum comparison is clear. 

In recent years, according to clinical statistics, more and more parturients are more inclined to choose cesarean section. One of the reasons is related to this aspect. 

However, is there really no obvious “sequelae” to the cesarean section? Is it really as simple as leaving a “scar”? 

In fact, this is not the case. The sequelae of caesarean section are far more serious than we think, especially for the mothers who want to have a second child, they should pay more attention to it, otherwise it is likely to be dangerous. 

1. Placenta previa is prone to occur in the second child

The so-called “placental previa” means that the placenta of pregnant mothers should be located on the back, sidewall, or front wall of the uterus. In the case of placenta anterior, the placenta will cover the cervix. 

The scar left on the stomachs of pregnant mothers after the cesarean section is actually the part closest to the cervix. Therefore, if mothers give birth to a second child, the placenta is easy to attach to this area or directly cover the scar, which is the cervix. 

When the environment is in the uterus, the function of the placenta will be weakened, blood transport, nutrient conversion or transmission will also be hindered, which may affect the normal growth and development of the fetus, and may cause heavy bleeding in pregnant women, which is a direct threat Safety of pregnant women and fetuses. 

According to research, primiparas use caesarean section to increase the probability of placental previa in the second child by more than three times. 

Therefore, pregnant women with a second child must be extra cautious, and a check-up at the second child stage is essential. After all, there are many problems as long as they are discovered early in the early stage, and they can be avoided. 

2. Uterine scars

Uterine scars can be said to be the most common sequelae of Caesarean section mothers. Normally, if pregnant mothers have a better assessment of uterine scars after the first caesarean section, then There is basically no need to worry about the second child. 

However, if the risk of uterine scar assessment is high, even doctors do not recommend that you continue to have a second child, so personal advice is not to regenerate, otherwise the pressure behind this will definitely not be so easy. Once the danger occurs, don’t It is said that it is a fetus, even the life and health of pregnant mothers may be threatened. 

In addition, the mothers who choose C-section for the first childbirth, even if they have a second child, the second child basically can only choose C-section, just in case the uterine scar affects the smooth delivery. Hazardous conditions such as heavy bleeding or uterine rupture that are difficult to control during the normal delivery process. 

3. The time limit for the second child

It is still the scar problem of the caesarean section. For the mothers who choose the caesarean section, it is not recommended to have a second child within 2 to 3 years after the end of the caesarean section. The recovery time of the normal delivery is usually 1 It takes longer for a caesarean section to be about a year old. 

Although the scars on the abdomen of the mothers seemed to have recovered some time after the caesarean section was over, it was only on the surface. In fact, the internal tissues under the scars have not recovered completely. 

Obstetricians and gynecologists said that most of the recovery time of caesarean section scars is about 1 year, and it is only an initial recovery. If you want to recover and stabilize the effect later, you need to wait about 1 year, so it is not recommended Anxious to give birth to a second child. 

If you give birth to a second child prematurely, it may cause the scar tissue to suffer secondary damage and tear, and the fibrous tissue layer will become thinner and thinner. It may even rupture and cause hemorrhage. Even if the follow-up treatment is performed, the possibility of scar hyperplasia is nearly 80%! At that time, it will be more difficult to remove scars, and it will also cause intense scars and itching, which will even torture the mothers. 

Therefore, this is why mothers who emphasize the choice of caesarean section for the first delivery should pay special attention to the second child problem. Don’t be foolish to think that caesarean section is not harmful, although you may not be able to observe it with the naked eye or your body. I can’t detect it, but once there is a problem, the sequelae of caesarean section are often very “damaging”. 

At the same time, we must also remind mothers that after a caesarean section, they must take good care of themselves. Not only should pay attention to diet, but also pay attention to exercise, especially the pelvic floor muscles and abdominal wall muscles, to increase skin fiber elasticity. , Can also help promote the recovery of caesarean section scars to a certain extent. 

Bao mothers also pay attention to nursing, because more than one-third of women will have scar hyperplasia after caesarean section, and more than one-fifth of women will have severe scar hyperplasia. 

Therefore, during the nursing period, you must not scratch the itching, try to use scar removal products, which can better alleviate the growth of scars, and also achieve a certain scar removal effect, but if you do not persist, ” Two days of fishing and three days of netting”, then it is of no avail.

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