Before the baby goes to kindergarten, teach him these abilities, the baby will suffer less, not to mention the parents also benefit a lot.

Before the baby goes to kindergarten, teach him these abilities, the baby suffers less and the parents also benefit a lot

A person’s good habits need to be cultivated when they are young, which will benefit them throughout their lives, otherwise they will develop bad habits and want to It’s hard to change. 

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Parents will always have trouble with their children My heart, as the baby grows up, I think that after they enter kindergarten, they will be able to relax a lot, but this is not the case. When the baby is about to go to kindergarten, they will worry about whether they can eat enough and whether they will be well integrated. In the collective, is there any crying? 

Therefore, in order to avoid the above-mentioned worrying things from happening, parents need to teach their children some necessary abilities before they enter the school, so that their children can quickly adapt to the life in the kindergarten, so that they can be able to live in the kindergarten in the future. The road goes smoother. 

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Before children go to kindergarten, parents must teach them these abilities.

1. Self-care ability

Cultivating children’s self-care ability refers to them Independent living ability and thinking ability. 

Before entering the kindergarten, parents should teach their children the basic self-care abilities such as eating, drinking, and putting on clothes by themselves, because the teacher can’t control so many children at all, and it’s impossible to feed them personally, or It is during the lunch break, everyone helps to put on and take off the clothes, which requires parents to let their children study in normal times, and they can do these things well after going to the kindergarten. 

I won’t be laughed at by other children because I don’t know these basic life skills. 

In addition, parents should let their children develop the ability to think independently, and don’t arrange everything for them. This will not be conducive to the baby’s physical and mental development. This requires parents to pay more attention in daily life. 

For example, when they want to do something, parents should not find it troublesome and should let their children participate in it. On the one hand, it can satisfy the curiosity of the baby, and on the other hand, it can help them acquire more knowledge and skills in the course of action. 

Children have strong self-care skills since they are young, so they can not only integrate into school better when they are young, but they will also be able to be on their own in the future. 

2. Awareness of sharing

In real life, some children see what they want, and they want to immediately take it for themselves, but they don’t know how to share it. Belongs to a selfish performance. 

Children will begin to develop awareness of property rights after they are 2 years old. Parents should not cultivate their awareness of sharing, but they should not force their children to share their own things. Instead, they should adopt a gradual approach. To guide them to take the initiative to share. 

For example, when a child is playing with other children, the parent can say to the child: “If you give Mumu your own toys, then he will also give you his toys to play with, so that you and Mumu can be alone. I’ve played with two toys. Isn’t it great?”

In addition, many parents habitually leave the best things to their children. For example, let the baby eat the delicious ones first and eat the rest by themselves. , Then the baby will think that it should belong to him for a long time and will not share it at all. Therefore, it is possible to guide the child to share some with his parents before eating. Even if they do not eat, they must behave like this. 

As the saying goes, “Give someone a rose, the hand will have a lingering fragrance.” Sharing with others is a very happy thing. Learning to share can not only let people integrate into the collective life faster, but also gain the trust of others. And goodwill. 

3. Language ability

For most children, kindergarten is a relatively unfamiliar environment, so babies are prone to anxiety and uneasiness, making them feel insecure. At this time, if they dare not say their own Demand, there will be some unnecessary troubles. 

But if parents teach their children the basic language skills in peacetime, then they can clearly express their ideas to the teacher when they need it, which will also make the baby more confident. Therefore, I am more willing to communicate with others. 

Teach children good language skills, not only to be able to clearly express their needs to the teacher in school, but also to help children get along with others, make more friends, and blend in more quickly in the future. It can also be helpful to your own business. 

4. A sense of responsibility

In addition, parents should also cultivate their children’s sense of responsibility. This will not only enable them to get along with others, but also enable them to go better in the future. Smooth, easier to succeed. 

Zhou Ziyan once said: “If a person has a sense of responsibility, then he will strive to do everything perfectly.” Then if a person wants to succeed and become outstanding, he needs to be responsible for himself and have a sense of responsibility. 

And a person’s good habits need to be cultivated when they are young, so that they can benefit their lives, otherwise they will develop bad habits and it will be difficult to change them in the future. 

Children are naturally curious and will have many points of interest as they grow up. However, due to weak willpower, it is easy to transfer their interests. At this time, parents should encourage and support their children. Finish this thing. If they don’t want to do it by themselves, parents can accompany the baby to finish it, and teach the children to do things from beginning to end so that they can experience the fun. 

After the child has done something wrong, parents should not blindly criticize or condone, but should listen to their explanation first, and then the parents will guide the baby to truly recognize the mistake. If it causes harm to others, it is also necessary Take the child to take the initiative to apologize to others. 

In addition, in choosing some small things at home, you can also involve your child, making him realize that he is also a member of the family and he needs to take responsibility.  Calcium deficiency during pregnancy usually has three types Hidden dangers, one of which is particularly harmful, 90% of women can’t escape

Yogurt and milk contain 100 milligrams of calcium per 100 milliliters, and cheese contains 800 milliliters of calcium per 100 grams. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

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According to statistical surveys, my country’s population has a daily calcium deficiency The amount is 300 mg, and pregnant women are all calcium deficient, and the probability is 100%. Especially in the formation and growth stages of fetal bones. 

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How do I know if my body lacks calcium during pregnancy? 

Because the nutrients absorbed by the fetus come from the mother, if the body lacks calcium during pregnancy, it will send out several signals, as follows:

1. Loose teeth

Calcium It is an important component of human bones and teeth. If the calcium in the body is insufficient, it will cause abnormal tooth development, reduce the ability to resist caries, and loosen the hard tissues. Therefore, if the calcium in the pregnant mother is insufficient , It is easy to have loose teeth. 

Recommendation: If this happens, pregnant mothers can go to the hospital for blood calcium testing. If it is confirmed that it is calcium deficiency, calcium needs to be supplemented in time. At the same time, you need to pay attention to cleaning the oral cavity. 

2, calf cramps

Because calcium exists in the human blood in the form of ions, if the pregnant mother’s body lacks calcium, it will easily cause the calcium ions in the blood The concentration becomes low, which leads to muscle cramps due to excitement, which is specifically manifested as leg cramps, especially at night after 5 months of pregnancy, this phenomenon will be more obvious. 

Suggestion: The pregnant mother should replenish enough calcium in time. You can relieve the discomfort by massaging or separating the hallux and second toe with both hands. 

3. Joint pain

As the fetus continues to grow, the pregnant mother’s abdomen will gradually become larger, and the body’s weight will also increase. At this time, if the expectant mother’s body lacks Calcium can easily cause the body to release a large amount of calcium in the bones in order to maintain the normal calcium concentration in the blood, and cause joint pain. 

Recommendation: The pregnant mother should replenish enough calcium in time, and massage can be used to relieve the pain. 

4. Hypertension during pregnancy

There is a certain relationship between calcium deficiency during pregnancy and hypertension during pregnancy. Medical research has confirmed that if pregnant mothers lack calcium, it is easy to induce Hypertension during pregnancy. 

Therefore, if the pregnant mother has hypertension during pregnancy, it is necessary to consider whether there is calcium deficiency. 

Recommendation: During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet to make supplementary nutrition more comprehensive. Pay attention to the supplement of protein, calcium, potassium, etc., which can effectively prevent high blood pressure during pregnancy. 

calcium deficiency during pregnancy

1. The sequelae of the pregnant mother’s fall

Because the pregnant mother’s calcium deficiency easily leads to joint pain and osteoporosis, coupled with the bulge of the abdomen during pregnancy, it will lead to spine and lumbar pain in the pregnant woman. The situation is aggravated, and it is likely to have sequelae, and even accompany it for a lifetime. 

According to investigations and studies, more than 90% of women have different degrees of back pain. Among them, there is a very important reason that is caused by calcium deficiency during pregnancy, and they have to take care of their children after childbirth. A kind of overworked injury. 

2. Affect the baby’s tooth development

Because the baby’s deciduous tooth germ will begin to develop at 6 weeks of gestation, the permanent tooth germ will develop at 16 to 20 weeks of gestation, and the primary anterior tooth root will develop within 2 years. Completely, it takes 10 years for permanent anterior roots. 

Therefore, if the pregnancy period is changed, it will easily affect the development of fetal teeth and cause the development of the roots of the baby’s teeth to be unstable after birth. 

3. Affect the baby’s bone development

As an important part of the bones is calcium, if calcium is lacking during pregnancy, the fetus will not be able to absorb enough calcium to satisfy The normal growth and development of bones will lead to stature growth retardation, poor resistance, shortness, etc. after birth. 

How to make up during pregnancy Calcium is the healthiest? Recommend four “reliable” foods for calcium supplementation

1, milk

Milk is the best source of calcium supplement. Whether it is milk powder, fresh milk or yogurt, it is rich in calcium, high-quality protein, and easy Absorbed and used by the body, if you can insist on drinking a glass of milk every day, it can not only supplement the body with sufficient calcium, but also make the body’s intake of nutrients comprehensive and improve your own immunity. 

PS: yogurt and milk contain 100 milligrams of calcium per 100 milliliters; cheese contains 800 milliliters of calcium per 100 grams. 

2. Shrimp skin

The calcium content in shrimp skin is also very high, about 900~1000 mg per 100 grams, but because the sodium content in shrimp skin is also relatively high, about 100 There are 5000 mg in gram, so when you buy, you should choose shrimp skins with low sodium content, and don’t eat too much at one time. 

3, soybean

Soybeans include green beans, soybeans, black beans, etc., which not only taste good, but also have a high calcium content and high protein content, so they are very suitable for pregnant mothers to eat, but soy milk contains The amount of calcium is relatively low, so soy milk cannot be used as the main source of calcium supplement. 

4. Vegetables

There are many types of vegetables, rape, celery, spinach, cabbage, etc. with high calcium content, which can not only supplement calcium, but also promote the development of fetal bones and teeth , It can also improve the physique of pregnant women and increase immunity. 

In addition, pregnant mothers also need to pay attention to supplementing vitamin D, so as to ensure that the calcium in the body can be better absorbed and utilized. 

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