Before the age of 6, girls have three better brain development than boys, so it is difficult to say that sons have a scientific basis

Before the age of 6, girls have three better brain development than boys, so it is difficult for a son to have a scientific basis

According to research, the development of the frontal lobe of the brain of boys is slower than that of girls, so their self-control will be weaker and their response to external stimuli Will be more intense. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

In the minds of the older generation, I feel that I have a son Well, boys can not only pass on from generation to generation, they can also guard against old age, but with the continuous progress of society, people’s thinking has begun to change. Gradually, they feel that having boys and girls are the same, and some prefer their daughters? 

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After four or five years of falling in love with her husband, Linlin decided to marry and have children. At the end of the previous year, she gave birth to a big fat boy. She is almost two years old now. She is really mischievous. Linlin was a little helpless sometimes. Taking this son consumed her a lot of energy, and she didn’t even want to have a second child. 

I recently looked at the lovely daughter of the newly moved neighbor’s house, who is well-behaved, sensible, and very cute. Let’s look at my own baby who can’t be free for a moment. I am a little tempted and want to have a daughter. , Plus the husband has been singing and wanting a daughter. 

Why is there such a big difference between boys and girls, let us take a look. 

Before the age of six , The three major differences in brain development between boys and girls

1. The spinal fluid in the brainstem is different

Boys and girls have different spinal fluid in the brainstem. Boys have significantly more spinal fluid in the brainstem than girls, and blood The dopamine in it is also higher than that of girls, which causes boys to have higher energy congenitally than girls, and their physical strength is also better than that of girls. 

This is also the reason why little boys are naughty every day and will not stop for a moment, while girls can sit quietly with their parents or settle down to do something. 

2. The language ability is different.

Girls’ brains develop earlier and develop stronger language areas than boys, so they are better at expressing and reading. This can be seen earlier than the boys speak, and they are more willing to communicate with others, and they are more able to listen to the truths of Bao’s mother. 

And boys prefer to practice with their hands and explore the unknown with their bodies. If they are interested in something, their attention will be drawn to the past, and they will not listen to what their parents say. Reason, because their brains do not allow one mind and two purposes, so when parents explain reason or assign tasks to their son, they must stare into his eyes to speak, otherwise it is very likely that they will not listen to anything. 

3. The development of the frontal lobe of the brain is different.

According to research, the development of the frontal lobe of the brain of boys is slower than that of girls, so their self-control will be weaker and their response to external stimuli will be stronger, so negative Your emotions or things will also have a greater impact on the boy’s physical and mental development. 

In real life, when encountering things, parents and parents always warn boys to be brave and not cry at will, but in fact their hearts will be more fragile. 

To sum up, it tells the difference between the brain development of boys and girls before the age of six. After reading it, I understand why sons are more difficult to carry than daughters. 

How to educate Where is a good boy? 

1. Give him a sense of security (0~6 years old)

When children are still young, they have a strong sense of dependence on their parents. They are also unfamiliar with the world, so it is easy to feel insecure, and the main thing for parents is It is to give them a sense of security. 

So, when the boy is young, don’t think he is a boy, just push him out and let him face the outside world alone. Even if we adults are faced with the unknown, we will develop fear, let alone a child? Parents should lead them to explore the world together when the child is still young. When the baby feels scared, they can hold the son’s hand and tell him not to be afraid. Mom and Dad will protect her and let the child gradually learn to be brave. 

2. Let him know the sense of responsibility (6~14 years old)

When children reach the age of elementary school, parents should stop being the umbrellas for their children and pampering them. Let them learn to be responsible for what they do, no matter the result is good or bad, they need to bear it themselves. 

Of course, boys in this matter are still eager to get the recognition of their parents and teachers, so they can let them experience some things on their own, so that the baby can have different sports, but when the baby does something wrong, it must be corrected and guided in time. The son takes on the responsibility of believing, so that he will grow into a responsible and responsible man. 

3. Give him freedom and dependence (14~18 years old)

Children of this age have entered middle school and entered puberty, and may be a little rebellious and dislike their parents Of discipline. 

At this time, parents can let go appropriately. The child hates being bound, so give him some freedom. After all, everyone has their own little secrets, and there are things that children don’t want. Let mom and dad know. 

Therefore, as parents, don’t blame them for everything. This will only aggravate the child’s rebellious mentality and want to escape control. 

In addition, adolescent children are more fragile, so when the baby is in a bad mood or sadness, parents can rely on them. If parents can try to be friends with their sons, it will make them more dependent on their parents, and things will be even worse. Willing to talk out. “Being a mother is all based on a breath of immortality Hanging”, the post-90s Bao mother collapsed late at night, and she felt distressed when she watched it.

Taking care of the child should never be a matter for the mother alone. 

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalization: Su Zihou

When a child is just born, all parts of the body are relatively fragile and need to be taken care of carefully. A slight difference may be correct. Damage to its health. 

This should be the responsibility of the entire family, but often at this stage, the mother basically bears all the responsibilities alone, which is unfair to the mother. 

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The current mother Survival status

According to the survey, 80% of families in China are responsible for taking care of their children alone after the birth of their children, and 67% of these mothers are working while bringing their children. Baby, this means mom’s pressure is huge. 



When eating dinner two days ago, the child kept crying and went to work all day I was tired and hungry, but because of my mother’s instinct, I chose to serve the child first-feeding first, then changing the diaper, and finally sleeping. 

No one at home helped. After a meal, I felt that I was out of my body. I was so hungry that I didn’t have any energy. I went to the kitchen and found that there were no leftovers and the plates were empty. 

At that moment, my heart was ashamed of death , Felt the online saying that “being a mother is all hanging by a breath of immortality”, and silently assumes the responsibility of taking care of the children, but as a result, I can’t even eat a bite of cold rice, which is really wronged and uncomfortable. 

Lingling’s experience may have been encountered by many mothers. It’s really not easy to take care of babies, especially young children. They often like to cry at night, and parents have to endure sleepy crawling. Get up to sleep. 

This is a true portrayal of many parents around, but taking care of children is far more than that, there is also a lot of bitter history, and I heard people come out one by one. 

A mother’s sad daily life, maybe you have experienced it too

1. Irregular eating

When adults eat, their children are also easy to cry and want to eat breast milk. At this time, the mother can only take care of the child. Generally, it takes half an hour from breastfeeding to coaxing the child. In this way, the mother’s own meal time is delayed. 

When I go back to the table to eat, even if there are leftovers, it will basically cool off, and sometimes even a bite of leftovers can’t be picked up. If this happens for a long time, my mother’s intestines and stomach problems are prone to occur. 

2, lack of rest time< /p>

When the baby is small, it is easy to cry and make trouble when he feels a little uncomfortable. At this time, the mother needs to rush to take care of the child. 

Therefore, mothers don’t have much rest time, especially at night, babies have various sleep problems one after another, such as frequent night waking, frequent night milking, waking up and so on. 

The actor Zhang Xinyi once posted an alarm clock on the Internet that she set for breastfeeding her children. Many mothers felt the same way, claiming that “Since becoming a mother, a whole night’s sleep has become a luxury.” , Long-term lack of sleep, headache, dizziness, not to mention, often cause Baoma’s immunity to decline. 

3. Lack of private time< /p>

After the mother has a baby, it can be said that she has no personal time of her own. The baby’s food, clothing, housing and transportation have taken up her entire life. Apart from going to work, she has to take her baby everywhere. 

4. Worry and worry

Besides mother’s physical fatigue, she is also mentally strained all the time. Babies are very fragile when they are young, mothers must be careful, from eating to using, dare not fake their hands, and must be meticulous in every aspect. 

In this way, the mother’s spirit cannot be relaxed, naturally it is easy to “pregnantly stupid for three years.” 

What should mother do? 

1. Participate together: When taking care of the baby, the mother can pull her husband to learn about parenting together, so as to increase the husband’s sense of participation and sense of responsibility. 

Surveys show that men’s participation when women take care of their children is more likely to increase their sense of responsibility as fathers, and can also enhance the relationship between husband and wife. 

2. Properly let go: At present, when taking care of children, it is not necessary to do everything by yourself. Sometimes it is better to let go, not only to relax yourself, but also to check together. Fill in the gaps. 

3. Help the elderly: part The mother may be taking care of her baby while going to work. At this time, she must be under more pressure, facing the pressure of the company and family. 

If the physical condition of the elderly at home allows, you can actually ask for help at the right time at this time. This can not only reduce your own pressure, but also increase the feelings between you and the elderly. 

What should my husband do? 

Husband actually played a very important role in this period. Many fathers do nothing after get off work and only see their own business. In fact, this kind of psychology is incorrect. 

1, take the initiative to share

When the wife is taking care of the baby, he can help her by the side, for example: can help wash the child’s clothes, help take care of the baby when the baby is crying, share Housework at home. This is not only to help the children’s mothers share the burden, but also to fulfill their responsibilities as a father and as a husband. 

2, timely comfort


The main reason is to understand the difficulty of the wife, to give comfort when the wife is sad, and to consider the mother’s situation and feelings as much as possible when doing things. 

For example, when the mother goes to breastfeed the baby or coax the baby while eating, the father should keep a good meal for the mother, and even take the initiative to help heat the meal when it is cold. In this way, my mother will feel that she is not alone in struggling. 

3. Work hard

In addition to the hard work of taking care of children, the biggest worry of general full-time mothers is the financial aspect. The unemployed mother means that the father needs to bear more financial pressure. Therefore, as a child’s father, he should work hard to create good economic conditions for the family and at the same time reduce the psychological pressure for the mother. 

Today’s topic: If it’s you , Would you like to be a housewife by yourself (or your significant other)? 

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