Before entering the delivery room, the mother repeatedly confessed “don’t cut sideways”, but the doctor was first angry

Before entering the delivery room, the parturient woman repeatedly confessed that “don’t cut the sideways”, but the doctor was first angry.

The sideways cut during the normal delivery refers to the fact that the doctor treats the newborn’s head during the delivery process. Judgment of weight, whether it will cause severe perineal tears or fail to deliver smoothly. 

If there is a relevant situation, the doctor will make an oblique incision in the perineum to ensure a smooth delivery. Relevant surveys show that more than 90% of parturients need to undergo lateral resection during childbirth. 

Not in yet In the delivery room, the mother repeatedly confessed “don’t cut sideways”, but the doctor was first angry! 

Xiaomeng is a standard post-95 beauty expectant mother. From the moment of pregnancy, she buys all kinds of beautiful maternity clothes and takes several sets of pregnant women’s art photos. 

Because of his youth and good physique, there were no obvious adverse pregnancy reactions during pregnancy. Although I am afraid of gaining weight, I have deliberately controlled my diet, but I have a good appetite, and I still ate a lot during pregnancy. 

In the end, not only did I gain a lot of weight, but after the birth check, the doctor also said that Xiaomeng’s baby was too heavy, and it may be more difficult to give birth smoothly. 

However, Xiao Meng heard that if she had a normal childbirth, her postpartum recovery would be faster and it would be better for her child. Most importantly, she didn’t want to leave obvious scars on her belly due to C-section. 

It was the time to give birth soon, and when she was about to enter the delivery room, Xiao Meng repeatedly told her obstetrician that she should never cut sideways. She didn’t want to leave a scar. 

However, just like the doctor’s conclusion during the birth check, Xiaomeng’s baby was too heavy and had a larger head circumference. It was stuck and could not be delivered smoothly. 

The doctor immediately informed Xiao Meng that he must cut her sideways. Xiao Meng was still very hesitant at the time, until the doctor was completely angry, and told Xiao Meng seriously

“If you don’t cut sideways first, then it will be severely torn, and it will be even more ugly to stitch up and stand up! You will suffer a greater sin. !”

After hearing the doctor say this, Xiao Meng agreed to cut sideways immediately. Finally, he gave birth to a son of 7.8 kilograms, and the mother and son were safe. 

Because no tearing occurred, the doctor’s suture technique was very good. After the confinement, the wound healed and the scar left was not obvious. 

Actually, it is very common to have a side cut during normal labor. 

when the following appears In case of the situation, the doctor must arrange a side resection for the mother and the fetus for the safety of the mother.

1. Since the elasticity of the mother’s genitals is not very good, tears are prone to occur during the delivery of the child. In order to avoid a serious tear, the doctor will perform a lateral incision on the genitals. 

2. There is a high probability that elderly women need lateral resection, mainly because for them to have a baby, not only the heart needs to bear a great load, but also the blood pressure is higher than that of young women. Too much time-consuming, insecurity will increase. Therefore, in order to complete the production as soon as possible, a lateral genital incision is usually performed. 

3. Some parturients with high myopia may be at risk of retinal detachment during the delivery process. In order to reduce the risk, doctors usually perform lateral cuts at the beginning of delivery. 

4. The head of the fetus is too large and the weight is too heavy, and it may not be delivered quickly, so the fetus may be hypoxic. In order to deliver the fetus as quickly as possible, a lateral incision must be performed. 

5. When premature birth occurs, the pressure that the fetus can bear is much weaker than that of a full-term fetus. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the fetus, lateral incision is used to reduce the pressure and shorten the delivery time. 

In order to ensure a smooth delivery process and a safe mother and child, if the above-mentioned conditions occur between the parturient and the fetus, it is better for pregnant mothers to follow the doctor’s treatment. 

From the perspective of the need for lateral resection, the main reason is that the maternal physical condition is unable to deliver smoothly, or the development of the fetus is not ideal, and eventually a lateral pudendal resection has to be performed. 

It can be seen that if pregnant mothers pay more attention during pregnancy, there is still a great chance that the incidence of lateral resection can be reduced. 

How to reduce side cut The odds? 

1. Appropriate massage

From the 32nd week of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can massage the perineum every day, which can increase the elasticity of the perineum. 

Be careful to wash your hands and trim your nails evenly when you massage. In a semi-sitting position, when pressing the perineum, keep gentle pressure toward the rectum. 

When you feel a slight tingling or burning sensation, it can stop. 

2. Pay attention to your diet

When the fetus’s head is too large or the weight is too heavy, it must be cut laterally. Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers still pay attention to diet and maintain scientific and nutritious eating habits. 

Don’t make too much supplement, so as not to affect the normal development of the fetus and cause excess weight. 

3. Maintain a proper amount of exercise

During pregnancy, if there is no special reason, it is best for pregnant mothers to exercise properly every day. Whether it is walking or doing some yoga for pregnant women, it can increase muscle strength and help For production, effectively reduce the chance of side cutting. 

When pregnant mothers maintain their best condition and fetal development also meets the standards, so that the production can be completed smoothly and safely, then the incidence of lateral resection is reduced. I hope pregnant mothers can pay more attention! 

Many parturients are afraid of side cutting because they worry about the impact on their future lives, such as leakage of urine and impact on married life. 

Actually, with today’s medical technology, as long as you pay attention to rest and a reasonable diet after giving birth, eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits, and pay attention to the cleansing of the wound, you will soon be able to recover. 

So, in order to ensure the safety of mothers and children, pregnant mothers still have to follow the doctor’s advice, and the side incision must be done! 

Did you encounter a side cut when you gave birth? Welcome to leave a message to share! There are tens of thousands of ways of tutoring. In fact, letting children be clear is more important than simply learning knowledge.

Parents cannot help their children in everything. Only good tutors can accompany their children throughout their lives and help them resolve invisibly. Various crises and situations. 

Tutoring is not blunt knowledge, but moisturizing things silently, dissolved in the daily education and getting along with parents to their children. Compared with the knowledge of various professions, a good family education is the most valuable asset of a child. 

What is a good tutor? This girl’s behavior is a perfect interpretation. Adults may not be able to do it.

I saw a video on the Internet a few days ago, and one of the children’s performance was very admirable. 

In the video, a man is bullying a beggar. Although the people passing by are very angry, but looking at the burly man, they are basically afraid to speak up. At this time, a girl in a middle school uniform was stuck between the man and the beggar, and said firmly to the man, “The earth is yours, why not let people stay here?”

A The little girl could say these words loudly, and the man was obviously blinded, and could not help but sigh the girl’s courage. After saying this, the girl turned around to appease the beggar, instead of simply hitting the abuser back, besides courage, she had a gentle and delicate heart. 

Having the courage to stand up against the perpetrators, as well as tenderness to the weak, such a child is so good that many adults may not reach this level. 

The reason why a girl is so good must be inseparable from the education she has received. We can even imagine how her parents taught her not to fear power and to help others. We dare not infer the academic performance of this child, but there is no doubt that she is already a very good child, and she will achieve a lot in the future and become the pride of her father. 

Therefore, in educating children, we must first teach them to be a kind and upright person. Good family education is the foundation of a child’s life. However, family education is often the easiest to be ignored by parents. For example, some parents believe that education should happen in school and that children should be spoiled. As everyone knows, this is actually harming the child. 

What is a good tutor? With these three points, the child’s tutoring will not be bad.

Neither humble nor overbearing when interacting with others.

Children have no distinction between high and low, and they will not dislike the dirty clothes of cleaners. Parents who don’t dislike their friends are not powerful enough. So why do children gradually become influential when they grow up? In fact, this is inseparable from the education of parents. 

People who pursue the strong and bully the weak will inevitably be abandoned by the public. Therefore, parents must educate their children to be firm, not humble or overbearing, no matter who the other party is, neither enthusiastically flattering, nor coldly watching or even falling into trouble. This is the quality of a gentleman. Only in this way can a person make different friends in various circles. 

Be calm and strong in the face of difficulties

Many children are usually very angry, but when they encounter problems, they faint and can only hide behind their parents. From bluffing to composure and stability, parents need to be “cruel” behind the scenes to let children deal with their own problems and frustrations more. It is in this time of difficulties that the child can grow up calm and strong, able to be alone, and able to protect his family. 

No arrogance or rashness in front of joy

The child’s face always changes as it changes. If something is achieved, praise and rewards are obtained, it will immediately be like a balloon It’s going to fly to the sky. And such a proud personality will only lead to greater setbacks and failures in the end. 

When children face the joy of victory, parents have to stay awake and remember to teach children not to be proud and continue to work hard. Only by maintaining a humble and unsatisfied heart can children continue to grow. 

The scope of family education has no boundaries. In addition to the above three points, respecting the elderly, loving the young, observing the law and filial piety to parents are all classic topics in family education that will benefit children for a lifetime. What do you think should be taught to children in family education?

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