Be vigilant: When the child reaches the age of three, the height and weight do not reach this standard, it may be stunted

Be vigilant: When the child reaches the age of three, his height and weight do not reach this standard. It may be due to stunting.

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Final draft: After the birth of Su Zi

After the baby is born, the development of all aspects is the most important part of the parents, and the most obvious is the physical development. Many babies will not get fat by eating alone. In this case, it is very likely There is a problem of stunting. 

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The child’s skinnyness is painful, and it’s the roundworms.

My nephew is two and a half years old this year, but he looks too skinny compared to children of the same age, my sister-in-law’s family It has always been thought that it is caused by too little breast milk. 

So he chose desperately to supplement nutrition for the child, but the effect was not obvious. It wasn’t until the child kept screaming for stomach pain a few days ago that the sister-in-law noticed that there was a problem, and hurriedly called her family to the hospital for examination. 

The check result shows that the child is in the belly There are many roundworms, they exist in the child’s body and compete for nutrition, which makes it difficult for them to absorb enough nutrition before they have the problem of stunted growth. 

The height and weight standard for three-year-old children

The stage from birth to three-year-old is an important process of its development. All aspects of the body are in a state of rapid growth. At about age, the weight can reach three times that of birth. 

After this, the growth rate will gradually decline, but the overall speed is still relatively fast. 

According to the “Reference Standards for the Development of Children Under 7 in China” issued by the Ministry of Health, children should meet this standard when they reach the age of three. If they do not meet this standard, they may be stunted. 

A. Boy:

The height range should be 86~109 cm; the weight range should be 10.6~20.6 kg. 

B. Girls:

Height range It should be between 85.4 and 108 cm; the weight should be between 10.23 and 20 kg. 

Usually a child is relatively normal in this range. If the weight is less than 10 kg and the height is less than 85 cm, you should pay attention to whether there is a problem with the body. 

These factors are critical for underdevelopment.

① Poor sleep quality

Baby in the developmental stage sleep is very important, because growth hormone is secreted more vigorously at night. It reached its peak from eleven o’clock at night to two o’clock in the morning. 

If you don’t get enough sleep or wake up often while sleeping, it will cause poor sleep quality, which will lead to the difficulty of rapid development of various functions of the body, and will also make metabolism worse. Difficult to absorb, naturally not conducive to development. 

② Poor absorption capacity< /p>

The direct cause of this situation is that the child’s digestive ability has problems, and the baby’s gastrointestinal tract itself is relatively fragile. If you accidentally feed irritating food or food that is difficult to digest during the feeding process, it will affect it. Gastrointestinal function. 

If parents have prepared a variety of nutritious foods for their children and they still do not grow up, then the parents need to take him to check and regulate the stomach in time. 

③ Single diet

You will need to add complementary foods to your diet after 6 months. In this process, you should be careful not to give your child a single complementary food, or just eat what he likes. 

This will lead to a certain kind of overnutrition, and other nutrient deficiencies, leading to malnutrition and affecting development. 

④ Roundworm

The growth of worms in the body is a problem that many children will have, because their immunity is poor and the worms are easy to survive in the body. They grow in the digestive tract and compete with the children for nutrients in the food. It is natural that they will not be wiped out for a long time. Will affect normal growth. 

Do these points well, the child will develop well

1) Ensure the quality of breast milk

Especially infants and young children within six months of age, their bodies are in a rapid development stage , Breast milk is the only “nutrition supplier”, and its quality plays an absolute role in the development of the child. 

Formation of high-quality breast milk:

Feed the milk early and feed it about an hour after delivery. The baby can stimulate the breast milk during the sucking process and increase the secretion of breast milk; Eat a balanced diet, eat more and good quality Protein foods, fruits and vegetables should also be taken into consideration, such as fish, chicken, apples, etc.; adequate rest, less staying up late without fatigue, can promote the secretion of breast milk; avoid items that affect the quality of breast milk: spicy and stimulating foods. 

2) Diversified dietary structure

In addition to breast milk, the source of nutrition is the daily diet. Many children have minor problems with picky eaters. Many parents are afraid of their children crying and may choose to obey, but this is indeed easy to damage their health. 

In terms of supplementary food: it must be added according to the age of the month. The early stage should be mainly delicate, and the particles should be gradually enlarged to exercise their chewing ability and digestion ability. 

When it is a little bigger to eat some ordinary meals, you should also pay attention to the balanced combination of various nutrients. 

3) Pay attention to gastrointestinal health< /p>

If there is a problem with the stomach, no matter how much nutrition is added, it is useless. Therefore, pay special attention to the health of the stomach and intestines. If the child has the problem of skipping meals and gradually losing weight, it should be checked in time. 

In daily feeding, pay attention to eating small and frequent meals, and exercise to help digestion. With strong gastrointestinal function, the absorption capacity will be better, and nutrients will be more easily absorbed. Four things about pregnant mothers after pregnancy The more you bother to do it, the healthier Tirebao tends to be. See if you are hit

Women who want to be good wives and beloved mothers should not take advantage of the time to raise the baby during pregnancy. They can wait until the baby is born before taking action, otherwise it is likely to cause harm to the fetus. hurt. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

After the couple gets married, they will gradually get married. This plan is put on the agenda for the baby. After pregnancy, she will be cautious, for fear that the fetus in the abdomen will appear aesthetically, and will not feel at ease until the moment when she sees the result of each birth check. 

Actually, the fetus is not as fragile as we think. Just pay attention to it. Don’t rush to be a good wife and mother. You will be busy after the baby is born. 

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The lazier the expectant mother is in these matters, the more beneficial it is to the growth and development of the fetus.

1. Too lazy to get angry

After pregnancy, the hormones in the body have changed. , Become very sensitive, causing emotions to become very irritable and angry. Some pregnant mothers will burst out directly, and some will choose to hold them in their hearts. Such a method will be detrimental to the growth and development of the fetus. 

Some pregnant mothers are very good at adjusting their moods. After thinking about them carefully, many things will be turned into small things directly, so that they are too lazy to be angry, and maintaining a good mood can keep the fetus healthy. Growth and development. 

According to research, pregnant women’s bad emotions can easily cause the blood vessels in the body to constrict, which affects the blood supply to the fetus. If this happens for a long time, it will easily cause the fetus’s growth restriction and even affect the brain. development. 

2, too lazy to do too heavy housework

Because everyone’s physique is different, some pregnant women are advised by doctors to take more rest during pregnancy, so try not to do housework and follow the doctor’s advice to avoid Causes adverse effects on the growth and development of the fetus. 

If the doctor does not give such advice, pregnant mothers can do some simple housework appropriately, but be careful not to be too laborious, and do not do some heavy tasks, such as cleaning windows, moving things, Bend over to clean, etc. After all, there is still a baby in the abdomen. If you become tired or engage in physical work, it is likely to cause harm to the fetus, even miscarriage, premature delivery, etc. Therefore, in this regard, expectant mothers can Be lazy. 

Pregnant mothers can do some simple yoga and go for a walk during pregnancy, so that they can control their weight gain, which is conducive to childbirth and body recovery after childbirth. 

3, too lazy to eat snacks

Some pregnant mothers have a good appetite after the first trimester, so they start to unscrupulously eat some of their favorite snacks, such as spicy noodles, instant noodles, stinky tofu, etc., and they still want to eat them. , The roots can’t stop, and eating once occasionally may not have any effect. 

But if you eat this way for a long time, not only will it not absorb any effects, it will also affect your appetite, and the snacks contain more preservatives, which may be harmful to the growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen, such as nutrition Poor, growth defect, etc. 

Therefore, if pregnant mothers are too lazy to eat snacks, they can eat nutritious foods when they are hungry, and eat healthy and nutritious foods for three meals a day. This will ensure The fetus absorbs sufficient effects, which is conducive to normal growth and development. 

4. Too lazy to make up

Women are born to love beauty, so they will make up to make themselves look beautiful, but cosmetics generally contain a lot of chemical substances. Used during pregnancy, it is likely to be transmitted through the skin to the fetus, which is harmful to the growth and development of the fetus. 

Therefore, if the mother-to-be is too lazy to make up during pregnancy and only use some skin care products for pregnant women, then the harm to the fetus can be greatly avoided, so that the fetus can grow and develop healthily. 

Pregnant mother is here What aspects of diligence are beneficial to the development of the fetus? 

1. Frequent delivery checkup

In October of pregnancy, pregnant mothers must do frequent delivery checkups so that they can understand the growth and development of the fetus and their own physical conditions in time, so that any When there is a problem, the corresponding measures can be found quickly to ensure the health and safety of oneself and the fetus. 

2. Communicate with the fetus frequently.

During pregnancy, a lot of communication and interaction between the expectant mother and the fetus is not only conducive to the emotional exchange between mother and child, but also stimulates to a certain extent When the fetus’s brain develops, the baby can be smarter than other children after birth. 

3. Diligently study pregnancy knowledge

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should look at their knowledge about pregnancy and childbirth in their spare time, so that they can understand the growth and development of the fetus at each stage, as well as during childbirth. Facing some unexpected events calmly, it will not be rushed, which is more beneficial to yourself and the fetus. 

What to keep during pregnancy Good habits are conducive to the growth and development of the fetus? 

1. Maintain good work and rest habits

Pregnant mothers maintain good work and rest habits, so that not only their body can get a better rest, but also the hormone levels and metabolism in the body can be experienced. Restoring to the best state after the rest of the night will also be more conducive to providing more nutrition and oxygen to the fetus and promoting the healthy growth and development of the fetus. 

2. Maintain good eating habits

As the saying goes: “Illness comes from the mouth.” During pregnancy, pregnant mothers maintain good eating habits, can match meat and vegetables, and reject all unhealthy foods. It can ensure the health of its own body, and can also provide the fetus with healthy and sufficient nutrition to meet the growth needs of the fetus. 

3. Maintain an appropriate amount of exercise

Keeping an appropriate amount of exercise during pregnancy can not only control your own weight, facilitate the smooth progress of production, but also facilitate the acceleration of blood circulation in the body. The fetus in the womb gets more nutrition and oxygen, which promotes the healthy growth and development of the fetus. 

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