Baby with a small face will also become a “big face”. If you do not change before the age of eighteen, the parents may regret it later

Little-faced babies will also become “big-faced”. If they don’t change before the age of eighteen, parents may regret later

Little-faced babies will also become “big-faced” and they will not change before the age of 18. Parents may regret it in the future

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Nowadays, in the Internet age, everyone is more and more concerned about appearance Pay attention, having a good-looking baby at home can also become the envy of everyone. 

The biggest influence on a person’s appearance is the shape of the face. Although the aesthetics are different in different times, the melon face and the oval face are always the standard for beauties. 

In contrast, people with big faces suffer even more. Not only do they lose the wind when taking pictures, they also need larger, three-dimensional facial features to look better. 

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Although most of the face shape is inherited from parents, some external factors can also cause children with small faces when they are young to become big faces when they grow up. 

These habits can easily lead to If the child’s face becomes bigger, parents should pay attention to help them correct it.

▶ Eat hard food

If the child likes to eat hard food or often chew gum, keep his chewing muscles always in motion State, it is easy to develop the chewing muscles, causing the lower half of the face to become larger. After a long time, it becomes a big face. 

But also can not eat too soft food, so as not to make the child’s teeth get exercise, especially the baby in the changing teeth period, there may be a double row of teeth. 

▶ Eat heavy taste food< /p>

Children who like to eat heavy and salty foods will drink more water. Coupled with the influence of sodium, it is easy to cause swelling of the child’s face, which is also better than other children’s faces. Looked a big circle. 

▶ Obesity

Children who are too fat will have more fat on their faces and will also become bigger. Therefore, it is very important to control their weight. 

▶ Lack of sleep

When the child does not have enough sleep, the collagen on the face will be broken down by the secreted sebaceous alcohol, resulting in sagging and sagging of the face, the same is true Make the face look bigger. 

Especially after the age of eighteen, collagen will disappear on its own. If the habit of staying up late is not changed, it may be more serious. 

▶ Cheek support

Children who feel bored in class often pose for cheek support, but this can easily cause deformation of their developing mandibles. It may become wider, and the bones will be shaped in adulthood, and they will not be able to change back. 

And the cheeks have been dragged for a long time , It is also easy to cause the size of the child’s face. 

▶ I like to lower my head

Whether it’s lowering your head to play with your phone or lower your head to eat, it’s easy to loosen the skin on the neck and cause your child to have a double chin. From a visual point of view, The child’s face seems to be enlarged. 

How to make babies with big faces Does it look good? 

Some babies may be judged as big faces as soon as they are born. How can parents improve their children’s appearance at this time? 

▶ Protect your eyes

If a baby with a big face has big eyes, the face value will not be low, so it is very important to protect the child’s face value. 

❶ Do not rub the eyes

Long-term rubbing of the eyes will cause the baby’s eyelids to droop, and the eyes will become smaller, which may make their facial structure look more uncoordinated, so , Parents pay attention to control the children’s hands, not let them rub their eyes. 

❷ Prevent myopia

Myopia in the eyes, long-term wearing glasses can also cause children’s eyes to deform. Therefore, usually let children pay attention to rest their eyes, relax and sunbathe outdoors, which has certain benefits to prevent their eyes from myopia. 

▶ Weight control

Since the child’s face is already bigger, parents cannot make it bigger. Therefore, help the child eat less sweets and greasy food and control weight It is also very important. 

▶ Improve aesthetics

In addition to genetics, parents can also improve their children’s appearance by dressing up. Although children with big faces are not in line with the mainstream aesthetics, they can also use dressing, Make good use of strengths and avoid weaknesses. 

Parents can help their children in the future How to dress and get ready. 

In addition, parents should also pay attention to other areas that will lower their children’s appearance as they grow up. 

Children’s faces are easy to pull Places of low value

▶ Facial skin

No matter what the color of the child’s skin is, smooth, consistent, and flawless skin can enhance the child’s overall mental outlook. 

Therefore, parents may wish to take care of skin care when they are young, and also pay attention to diet and sun protection to prevent babies from developing acne and spots. 

▶ Teeth

The neat teeth not only give people a direct beauty, but also improve the appearance of the entire profile. 

Parents should pay attention to their children’s teeth changing period, not to let their teeth grow crooked, usually not to sleep with their mouth open. 

▶ Dark circles

The formation of dark circles in children has a lot to do with them staying up late or having rhinitis. 

Therefore, it is very important to develop good sleeping habits for your baby. If you find that your child has rhinitis, you should treat it in time. 


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Spring is the child’s “strong term”. While supplementing calcium, parents should pay attention to the “three musts and three nots”

Spring is the child’s “long term”. While supplementing calcium, parents should pay attention to the “three musts and three nots”.

Text | Mom’s Tao (Senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

Now spring is coming. When parents take their children out to play, don’t neglect this good time for them to grow taller. 

Various studies show that children Grow faster in the spring

The World Health Organization’s research shows that the growth rate of children varies from season to season. 

They grow the fastest in spring, usually 2~2.5 times in autumn. When children are in May (spring in the northern hemisphere is March, April, and May), they can It grows 7.3 mm tall, and in October, it can only grow to a height of 3.3 mm. 

It has also been said in Chinese medicine: “Spring grows in summer, grows in autumn and harvests in winter.” It shows that spring is a suitable season for growth. 

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Modern medicine also agrees that the human body has a strong metabolism, faster blood circulation, and better breathing and digestion functions than other seasons, especially for height control. The secretion of growth hormone is more than in other seasons. 

Therefore, children grow faster in this season. 

For today’s children and parents, the best effort to grow taller may be to drink more milk to supplement calcium. This method is very simple and fast, and because it directly affects the bones, it is still very Effective. 

But the calcium is supplemented, It is harmful to children’s body

▶ Affects appetite and gastrointestinal digestion

Calcium and some components in many foods can form indigestible substances, which are deposited in the stomach, such as forming calcium oxalate with oxalic acid in vegetables, and Phytic acid calcium and magnesium salt formed by phytic acid in rice, etc. 

Children’s stomach and intestines are inherently bad. The accumulation of these foods in the stomach not only affects the health of the stomach and intestines and affects its absorption of nutrients, but also increases the feeling of fullness and reduces the child’s appetite. 

▶ Affect brain development

Infants and young children’s calcium supplementation can also cause premature closure of the fontanelle and affect brain development. 

▶ It’s not good for bone development

Although supplementing enough calcium can make bones harder, but the supplement will affect the toughness of bones and make them more brittle. Can be broken easily. 

Therefore, supplement calcium for children , Or according to the amount recommended by the Chinese Nutrition Society. 

When the role of calcium is limited, Parents should also not forget to use other methods to make their children grow taller, and pay attention to “three needs and three not”. 

“Those things to do to grow taller in spring”

▶ Take your children out to exercise

Exercise also promotes children’s height:

❶ Promote bone growth

During exercise, the force of the collision between the body and the ground can stimulate the proliferation of bone cells, thereby promoting the growth of bones. Therefore, do more high jump and stretching exercises. The development of height has great benefits. 

❷ Promote growth hormone secretion< /p>

Research shows that after 10 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, the growth hormone in the blood tends to rise. 

❸ Delay the growth of bone age

Studies have shown that children with precocious puberty can accelerate their growth after the intervention of exercise, but the bone age will not increase faster, but slow down , This can also extend the time for the child’s bones to close. 

▶ Take your children out to sunbathe

Vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and it also plays a key role in the growth of children’s height. However, vitamin D is scarce. It can be obtained from natural foods, generally synthesized on the skin through sun exposure. 

Spring At that time, parents may wish to take their children to exercise for a while when the sun is right, to promote their growth in both directions, and the ultraviolet rays in spring are not too strong and the weather is right, which is very suitable for exercise and sunbathing. 

▶ Pay attention to your child’s balanced diet

Human growth and development are also inseparable from the role of other nutrients. Nutritional elements such as protein, zinc, iron, and phosphorus all contribute to the growth and development of children. It has a promoting effect. 

These substances exist in different foods, especially fruits and vegetables, so it is also important to prepare fruits and vegetables of different colors for children. 

“Don’t do these things when you grow tall in spring”

▶ Don’t let your children stay up late

The secretion of growth hormone is strongest when the child sleeps at night from 11 to 2 in the morning and around 7 in the morning. Therefore, it’s also important not to let them stay up late. 

When children sleep at night, don’t forget to turn off the lights. The lights will also inhibit the secretion of melatonin and may also cause them to mature prematurely. 

▶ Don’t eat too much snacks

Snacks have a lot of negative effects on children’s height:

❶ Causes children to be picky eaters

Snacks usually contain more additives and have a strong taste. Children who are used to these foods may not be interested in the meals their parents make, so they are often picky eaters, leading to malnutrition. 

❷ Components that affect calcium absorption Too much

Too much fat, sodium, etc. in snacks may form indigestible substances or cause the loss of calcium when eaten in the stomach, thereby reducing the body’s absorption of calcium. 

▶ Don’t gain weight

Children with more body fat will also increase sex hormones, especially girls, they are prone to premature maturation, leading to premature closure of the epiphyseal line or secretion of growth hormone Too little affects height. 


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