Baby “wet wipes” are very convenient, but it is not advisable to wipe their ass, parents should not blindly follow suit

Baby “wet wipes” is very convenient, but it is not advisable to wipe butt, parents should not blindly follow the example

Baby “wet wipes” are very convenient, but it is not advisable to wipe butt, parents do not I followed blindly

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To make it easier for young parents to take care of their children, major companies have released a lot of new parenting products. Wipes for wiping the baby’s ass are one of them. 

The emergence of wet wipes has rescued many parents from the difficult mode of washing and drying towels. After wiping their children’s ass, they can throw them in the trash can. They can also be taken and used at any time. Especially simple and fast. 

Although wet wipes are convenient, It has advantages such as strong cleaning power, but its disadvantages are more, and it is more harmful to the baby. 

▼ Cause baby red butt, allergies

Many wet wipes contain moisturizers, preservatives, alcohol and some chemicals that enhance the cleaning ability, which can easily cause damage to human skin Irritating, especially children’s skin is delicate, some babies are still prone to allergies and may be more susceptible to irritation. 

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Therefore, many babies who have used wet wipes have red ass, itchy and dry skin, and they are easy to cry and make trouble. 

▼ It is easy to breed bacteria and affect the health of children

Although the manufacturer may use a sterile environment during the production process, the parents buy wet wipes in large packages. After opening the package , Bacteria in the air are easy to enter, pollute the remaining wet wipes, and affect the health of children. 

Many manufacturers use preservatives to reduce pollution, but preservatives can irritate the baby’s skin. 

If you want to be sterile and preservative-free, you also need to buy individually packaged products. However, the daily amount of wet wipes used by children is too large to be packaged separately, and many families cannot afford it. 

▼ The temperature of the wet wipes is too low , May cause discomfort to the child

Although the temperature of the wet wipes is more suitable for parents, the baby’s skin is weaker after all. If the parents are lazy to clean the child’s butt with cool wipes, it may be resistant to Resistance is caused by such a temperature, and the psychology will also be affected. 

However, although using wet wipes Wiping your child’s ass may affect your health, but if you wipe your butt in the wrong way, the harm to your baby will be even greater. 

◆ Causes pain

Children’s butts have many wrinkles and are not easy to wipe clean. If bacteria are hidden in them, they will have pain in their anus under the long-term stimulation of bacteria. 

◆ Causes hemorrhoids

Parents wipe their ass in the wrong way, rubbing too hard or in the wrong direction, they may also stimulate their blood vessels and cause congestion or blood circulation, causing hemorrhoids. 

◆ Contaminate other parts of the body

If the parents wipe their butt in the wrong way, they may also get the poop to other parts of the baby’s body, causing bacterial contamination. 

How to wipe your baby’s ass What? 

☆ Choose a good product

Parents who are not afraid of trouble can prepare a few more soft and comfortable towels for their babies. Parents who do not want to wash towels can prepare soft, comfortable, and comfortable towels for their children. Dry cotton soft towel with good safety. 

☆ Get the tools ready

Trash can, changing mat, a basin of warm water (parents use their wrists to test the water temperature, and feel suitable), paper diapers, a few cotton soft towels or a few A towel, leave one or two dry cotton towels or towels, and then soak the rest in hot water, and finally close the doors and windows. 

It is best when the weather is cold Turn on the heater first to keep the room warm, and then prepare a pot of boiling water to prevent the warm water from getting cold. 

☆ Start operation

❶ Remove the diapers

Put the baby on the diaper pad, take off his pants and remove the diapers, don’t take the diapers at this time Throw it, fold it and put it under the baby’s buttocks to increase the height, and it can catch dirt later. 

❷ Clean

First of all, take out the soaked cotton soft towel. You don’t need to squeeze the water in the basin, just connect it directly to the baby’s buttocks. The poop is cleaned. 

Then, throw away the dirty diapers, clean the butt with a soft cotton towel, throw one after using one, and be careful not to touch the poop with your hands, so as not to put the remaining cotton soft towel Pollution. 

Then, use dry Dip a cotton soft towel to clean the baby’s body. Don’t use it to avoid damaging their skin. 

Finally, apply diaper cream to your baby to prevent their buttocks from becoming dry and red. After applying it, put on diapers again. 

☆ Precautions for wiping your baby’s ass

❶ Posture

You can let your baby lie flat on a urine-suppressing pad, and then arch your legs to facilitate the operation of the parents. You need to wipe more In the back position, parents should pay attention to grab the child’s feet and lift it together. Don’t just lift one leg, so as not to strain the child’s thigh muscles. 

❷ Wipe direction

Male babies may not need attention so much, but female babies need to go from front to back to avoid contaminating other organs. 


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In families where mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are at odds, mother-in-law often has these three manifestations, and mothers must be wary of the impact on their babies

In families where mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are at odds, mother-in-law often has these three manifestations, and mothers must be wary of the impact on their babies.

Text | Mom’s Tao (senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is always the most complicated in a family, and it is also the most prone to conflict. The relationship between husband and wife is maintained by emotion, and the relationship between mother and child is maintained by blood, while the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is more It’s subtle. 

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They rely on the same person to meet and get together. In the traditional concept, they also need to bear family affairs together, and they will have children in the future, which can be said to be a complex social relationship. 

Therefore, whether the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can get along well has a lot to do with the two people’s ways of doing things. Many times the daughter-in-law has just married in and is more respectful and filial to her mother-in-law. 

If you don’t get along at the beginning Well, it is possible that the mother-in-law is deliberately looking for fault. Therefore, if the mother-in-law has these three manifestations, it will be difficult for the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to get along well. 

▶ The mother-in-law wants to control the power of the family

When the mother-in-law has a strong personality and desires to control, she often likes to control all the lives of her son, naturally including her daughter-in-law’s life. 

Therefore, there are always daughters-in-law Complaining that the powerful mother-in-law interferes with her work and life, she also likes to give birth to birth, even the life of her grandchildren. 

Moreover, the sons brought up by strong mothers are generally weaker. If the son also obeys the mother’s words, and asks his wife in this way. 

The daughter-in-law may be in a mess no matter what to do with it: a daughter-in-law with a weak personality may feel depressed and uncomfortable in her heart; a daughter-in-law with a strong personality will quarrel with her mother-in-law. 

▶ Mother-in-law patriarchal

The patriarchal mother-in-law regards “continuing the incense of her husband’s house” as her mission, and when she “births a boy” as herself A bargaining chip with family status. 

So, such a mother-in-law also It will force the daughter-in-law to give birth to a son. If the first child is a boy, they may be in peace, but if the first child is a daughter, the mother-in-law’s birth and instigation will come. 

Furthermore, such a conservative mother-in-law also likes to instill her traditional thoughts on her daughter-in-law. When taking care of her grandchildren, she also likes to use the older generation’s way and is stubborn. 

A daughter-in-law who has an independent personality, new ideas and believes in science makes it difficult to get along with her mother-in-law. 

▶ I like a set in person and a set on the back, provoking the relationship between husband and wife

There are also some mother-in-laws who have tied their lives to their sons and have a strong possessive desire for him , Therefore, do not want the relationship between the daughter-in-law and the son to be better. 

So, I like to make artificially Some contradictions, let the son and daughter-in-law quarrel, like to see the scene where the son is facing him. 

If the son is Ma Baonan, or is particularly prone to be provoked by his own mother, there may often be scenes of couples quarreling in the family, and the whole family will become discordant. 

The psychologist Bert Helinger said that if the relationship between family members is misaligned, the family is likely to go into tragedy. 

Grandma look Unclear where you are and like to intervene in the life of a small family can easily lead to family tragedies. In addition to quarreling and separation between husband and wife, it may also have an impact on the education of young children. 

▶ Not good for parents in children Establish prestige in front of them

Sometimes parents will do many things that restrict them for the health and learning of their children, such as not allowing snacks or watching TV. 

If the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are at odds, they are likely to spoil and indulge the child secretly. 

At this time, parental education may not only fall short, it may also break the parent-child relationship. 

▶ Children are prone to lack of love, low self-esteem and cowardly personality

If the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not harmonious, and the child is raised by in-laws, there is little chance to see their parents. Then this child may have been instilled negative information about his mother by his grandparents. 

Long time, this child When longing for maternal love, he dare not approach his mother, and is often used as a tool for grandma, which is likely to lack love and low self-esteem. 

▶ There may be problems with children’s expressions

When mother-in-law and daughter-in-law still live together, they will divide their camps, and children, as newcomers to the family, also become them The object of wooing is just to slander others. 

Therefore, this child may often live in an environment where family members complain, resent, and blame each other, so he does not know how to communicate with others correctly, and may offend many people because of this. 

How to deal with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law? 

▶ It’s best not to live together

If the two of them have very inappropriate personalities, then don’t live together. If the distance is farther, there may be less mutual complaints. 

Psychology shows that a moderate amount of spatial distance is the most attractive for people. 

▶ Let the husband be on your side

The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is often due to the inability of the husband to balance the relationship between the two. If the woman can’t use words To make him believe in himself, it is better to find a way to let the other party see the facts. 

Don’t quarrel over trivial matters, so as not to damage each other’s relationship,

▶ Use less negative language to communicate

Even if you are a family, the communication skills are the same It is important to use some negative language less, there may be less conflicts between each other, and it may prevent children from “close to the ink”. 


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