Baby O-legs? Mom, please pay attention, it may be the fault of this action

Baby O-legs? Mothers should pay attention to this, it may be the fault of this move.

Every parent hopes that their baby can have straight and long legs, even in order to make the baby grow up straight and the legs are straight. “Leggings can make your baby’s legs straight.” It is important to know that leggings not only cannot make your baby’s legs straight, it may also cause damage to their hip joints. In severe cases, it may even affect the blood circulation and brain development of the legs! It can be seen from these that parents are indeed very concerned about the shape of the baby’s legs. 

In fact, babies are all O-shaped after birth Legs, this has to do with their curled up position when they are in their mother’s belly. Of course, some babies still have O-shaped legs after they grow up. This is most likely because the parents did these things when the baby was young! 

Use a walker

< p>The walker is highly respected by many parents. Everyone believes that on the one hand, the walker can free the hands of parents, and on the other hand, it can also help the baby learn to walk. So is this really the case? It may be true that a walker can help parents free their hands, but it is nonsense that it can help a baby learn to walk. In the walker, the baby often moves with the inertia of the sliding of the wheels of the walker, which is really not good for him to master the balance. The most important thing is that in the walker, the baby’s posture will be affected, which can easily lead to the baby’s O-legs. 

Use a toddler belt

< p>Speaking of toddler belts, many parents think it is simply an artifact for babies to learn to walk. There is no need to worry about the baby falling down with the straps, and you don’t need to bend over and pull the baby all the time. But in fact, when using a toddler to teach a baby to walk, it is very easy for the baby to develop the habit of walking on tiptoes. When a baby is learning to walk, it is very important to learn to master balance. If you use a toddler belt, it is very unfavorable for your baby to learn to master balance. 

Parents help station

Many parents are always worried about their baby standing late, so they simply pinch the baby’s armpit and support the baby to stand. Some older generations say that babies who are four or five months old should practice standing more so that they can exercise their feet. But at this time, the development of the baby’s bones is simply unable to support them to stand. Forcing the baby to stand when the baby can’t support it will also cause the baby to have O-legs. 

In fact, every baby is not fully developed Similarly, what parents have to do is to follow the baby’s own developmental rules. If the parents find that the baby is not too old but have the desire to help them stand up, there is no need for compulsory intervention. Natural growth is the best. of. However, if the baby is still unable to stand after one year old, parents need to take the baby to the hospital for a detailed examination as soon as possible. If a child has these few performances, it means that he has fallen into an inferiority complex. Parents should work hard to help.

We usually use the word “sensible” when we praise other people’s children, but it seems that It is a great recognition for children, but for children, it is not necessarily a good thing. 

From the perspective of parents, it seems that the children of one’s own family are well-behaved and sensible. It seems to be a thing to be proud of. After all, this is the result of self-teaching. 

But if you think about it from the perspective of a child, under the appearance of being too well-behaved and sensible, there is likely to be an inferiority complex and cowardly character hidden. Therefore, when the parents find that their baby is too well-behaved at an inappropriate age, It’s time to pay attention. 

Sometimes a child’s “too sensible” behavior is not a good thing< p>Yuanyuan continued her career after giving birth to her baby. Because of her work, business trips became commonplace, and her children could only be looked after by her mother-in-law. 

Due to late get off work hours and irregularities, the children basically fall asleep when they go home every day. This makes Yuanyuan a little guilty, but she thinks that she can’t do good for her children if she doesn’t work hard. Life, Yuanyuan and her husband can only be cruel. 

Seeing that the child is almost 5 years old, Yuanyuan wants to take the child back to her natal family for a few days during the holiday. She thought that this trip would make him very happy, but she didn’t expect the child at all. Excitement. 

Even at the grandmother’s house, the child is afraid of being “behaved”. Not only will he take the initiative to say hello, but he will also pour water and deliver fruit to others. When nothing is wrong, he is just sensible playing with the doll and is very quiet. Rarely do you play around or ask for something like other children. 

People around praise her children for being good and sensible, but only Yuanyuan knows in her heart that the average 5-year-old child is at the age of playing, but her own child is inferior due to the long absence of his parents. Coupled with being bullied by classmates in the kindergarten, he unconsciously formed such a “seemingly well-behaved” character, always subconsciously trying to please others. 

If you look closely, there are actually not a few children like Yuanyuan’s children

What makes children so unconfident? 

▲Intrinsic reason:

①Thinking that there are shortcomings in themselves: Inferiority children will always magnify their own shortcomings and think that they are inferior to others, which is probably caused by parents who often criticize and criticize their children. . 

②Inner insecurity: a child with a sense of security is like a backing, and a child with a sense of security will have concerns about what he does. After looking forward to it, he still dares not to try. 

▲External reasons:

①The ridicule and isolation of classmates: If a child has been ridiculed and isolated by classmates, and the parents never pay attention to it, it will cause the child to have an inferiority complex. 

②Parents’ wrong way of education: If parents use the wrong way of education and often accuse or criticize their children, then the children’s psychology will subconsciously identify with their parents and think that they are poor. 

③Negative language: If parents often deny their children and often say no to their children, it will also cause their children to feel unconfident. 

④Parents’ neglect or attention to their children Transfer: Some parents are busy with work and often neglect their children, or because the birth of a second child attracts the parents’ original attention, these factors will make the children doubt themselves and become an inferiority complex. 

If these manifestations appear on a child, it means that he has fallen into a vortex of inferiority.

[Performance 1]: Sensitive to other people’s emotional changes, and particularly strong self-esteem

Generally, children with low self-esteem He has a more delicate mind and is very sensitive to other people’s emotions or attitudes. If someone has a bad attitude towards him, he will start to examine whether he has a problem in a certain area, and even get into the horns. 

In addition, when children accept criticism and guidance from the outside world, their self-esteem will become particularly strong, and they will hate others to deny themselves, which will make them feel frustrated and wronged. 

[Performance Two]: Always think that the surrounding People are talking about themselves

If children see people around them talking in a low voice, they will always feel that the topic of the people around them is themselves, especially bad things, they are always easy to think of themselves , This is also a manifestation of inferiority complex. 

[Performance Three]: When speaking, I always like to lower my head like a “head-down clan”

Some children with low self-esteem always speak very quietly, and they dare not look at each other when communicating with others His eyes will even lower his head, appearing very timid. 

[Performance Four]: Pleasant personality who does not know how to refuse

Children with low self-esteem will also have the personality traits of not saying “no”. They are embarrassed to refuse other people’s requirements, and will subconsciously please others. 

When parents find that their child is inferior, they should reach out in time.

If you find that your child has signs of inferiority, parents must work hard to help them. 

You can try to enlighten the child, or take the child to divert attention, and let the child shift the focus of dealing with other things to himself, knowing that the opinions of others are not the main thing, but that the inner strength of oneself is fundamental. 

At the same time, parents should always praise their children and give them affirmations, so that their hearts will gradually become stronger and optimistic. The 33-year-old Baoma’s circle of friends has hotly discussed: Those relatives who persuaded me to have a second child now envy me

With the arrival of the second child policy, in addition to the baby, there are also parents of all kinds. Tangled. 

On the one hand, couples who do not have a second child are struggling about whether to have a second child, and on the other hand, parents who already have a second child are struggling with how to balance the relationship between the two children. 

The British critic David Frost once said: “When you have only one child, you are a parent. When you have two children, You are a referee.”

Based on this situation, many people feel that they can achieve “a bowl of water at the same level”, so they embarked on the road of preparing for the second child, but there are also some people because of this. Various considerations do not want a second child. 

33-year-old Bao Ma’s Moments of Friends caused heated discussion< p>Yu Miao is 33 years old this year, and her daughter Miao Miao is also 5 years old. Seeing the clever and cute look of the little guy, Yu Miao feels very satisfied. 

But in fact, when Yu Miao’s daughter was one year old, her relatives and mother-in-law all urged her to have another child, saying that if the second child was a boy, she would make a “good” word. Even girls don’t worry, after all, two girls can’t spend much. 

Listening to the persuasion of the people around, Yu Miao did not say anything. She thought it was good to have only one daughter. Even after watching her relatives give birth to a second child, her thoughts remained unchanged. 

Now my daughter is in kindergarten and she She and her husband have also achieved small achievements. The family of three often goes out to play, and there is no financial pressure. She enjoys her current life very much. 

But looking back at the older sisters and sister-in-laws who persuaded her to have a second child, now they always revolve around the two children and have little time for themselves. When they see her, they often say that they envy her life. 

So being a mother-in-law once again implied that Miao wants two At the time of pregnancy, the 33-year-old mother wrote in her circle of friends: “Is a child bad? Those relatives who persuaded me to have a second child, now envy me very much.”

The circle of friends posted by the 33-year-old Bao’s mother has aroused heated discussion among netizens. Some people think that there is only one child in the family, which is more beneficial in terms of life and education. 

But some people also said that there are many happy second-born mothers, and the two children’s home is more lively, and the happiness is not felt by the only child. What Bao’s mother said is biased. 

About this topic, everyone is open A reasonable mother says her mother is reasonable, so the question is, is the only child better or the second child family has the advantage? 

Regarding the question of having a second child? The answer is that the benevolent sees the benevolent and the wise sees the wisdom

As the saying goes, “Every family has a scripture that is difficult to recite”, so there is no standard answer to this question. After all, everyone feels different. 

Some people say that having only one child is good, so that not only the financial pressure of the family is small, but also the parents can give all their love to one child, not afraid of an uneven bowl of water. 

Some people say that two children are good and think They can take care of each other when they grow up, and they can accompany each other as they grow up. When the parents get old, the pressure on two children will be less than that on one child. 

But in fact, everything has its pros and cons. Parents can’t just look at the good side and ignore the bad. Then let’s talk about the differences between the two. 

There is one child in the family and two children in the family. In what ways will it be different? 

Currently raising a baby is struggling with financial resources, energy, material resources, and balance. 

1) Differences in family financial pressure

To give a more realistic example, when a child is ready to go to kindergarten at a young age, public kindergartens generally cost 8,000 to 1.5W per year. , And private kindergartens are about 2.5W to 3.5W per year. If there are two children, it needs to be multiplied by two on this basis. 

If Bao Mom and Dad’s The salary is 5,000 yuan, so nearly half of the income in a year is used to pay for the care of the two children. 

In addition, having two children at home also means that Bao’s mother may not be able to work normally, but on this basis, young parents still need to support their parents. The child’s usual food and clothing costs Not to mention. 

2) Parents’ stamina is different

When the parents are able to help with the baby, the four elderly people in the family have their energies all on their children, Mom and Dad. You can go to work normally, and there is no pressure for two people to bring their babies back at night. 

However, if there are two children in the family, Not only is it inconvenient to take care of the elderly, but it also consumes a lot of energy for parents to take care of. It is also difficult for parents and parents to have free time for normal social interaction. 

3) Children’s childhood life is different.

A child who eats well and wears well, uses good things within the economic range, so that the child will live very well. Affluent, but also can enjoy the attention and love of the whole family, childhood life will be very happy. 

Although these children lack the company of their small partners, their self-awareness and expression skills are very strong. 

If there are two children in the family, they need to share, share the love of their parents, share food, and share toys. 

Fu Seoul once said: “When a child has a hundred pieces of candy, she doesn’t mind sharing, then why should she ask when she only has two pieces of candy? She shares”. 

So what followed is also two The contradiction between the children, childhood is also spent in the quarrel with brothers and sisters. 

4) There are differences in the development of the baby’s personality.

The only child is relatively more independent. They do not need to be forced to share their own things and the love of their parents. They directly engage with adults Interference-free interaction, no-interference education. 

In this way, they have stronger expression skills and become more independent in their thinking. But it is precisely because they do not know how to share, the only child may be more selfish. It is necessary to prevent the children from selfishness and other shortcomings. 

The children of the second-child family The meeting is more easy-going, and I know how to share and be humble. However, parents should also pay attention that each child is an independent individual, and do not compare two children. 

So in general, before having a second child, the family needs to consider and consider, and it must be determined according to the actual situation of the family. After all, raising a baby is not only a matter of two people, he has decided one Family happiness.

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