Baby meals are exquisite, this “children’s tableware” may be harmful to health, parents should use it with caution

Baby meals are exquisite. This “children’s tableware” may be harmful to health. Parents should use it with caution

Baby meals are exquisite. This “children’s tableware” may be harmful to health. Parents should use it with caution< /p>

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When babies can eat complementary foods, parents will choose the lovely colorful tableware in order to attract them to eat. 

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In addition to the color and shape, these tableware are very attractive to children. They also have a crisp sound like ceramics, are easy to clean, but are stronger than them, and resistant to fall. Therefore, many parents prepare for their babies. The first choice for tableware. 

But few parents know that such convenient and cute tableware hides huge hidden dangers. Some children suffer from serious diseases as a result, and the whole family is shrouded in haze ever since. 

A one-year-old girl was diagnosed It is leukemia, which the doctor believes is caused by the imitation porcelain bowl

A few years ago, a little girl in Guizhou, about one year old, suddenly developed dizziness and weakness in her limbs. The parents took her to the hospital for an examination. The result was bloody. The routine shows abnormality, and the doctor recommends to go to a larger hospital for treatment. 

At the Provincial Children’s Hospital, the child went through a series of painful systemic examinations and was finally diagnosed with leukemia. After excluding the family from having the disease, the doctor thought it might be caused by the anti-ceramic tableware commonly used by the baby. 

The little girl’s family I am not wealthy, and I am even more desperate after hearing this sad news. The treatment of this disease takes a long time and is expensive, but the family does not want to give up. Grandparents even sell vegetables to raise the cost of treatment. 

Used by unscrupulous merchants What is the “blood sucking” imitation porcelain bowl? 

The imitation porcelain bowl is made of 100% melamine resin material. It has the advantages of drop resistance, low temperature resistance, cute shape and color, and easy to clean. However, the production cost is higher and the price is also high. quite expensive. 

So some unscrupulous merchants cut corners to make money. They use cheap urea-formaldehyde resin and other materials to replace or dope melamine resin, and some small factories have unqualified manufacturing processes. 

Therefore, these inferior tableware, which are three or four times the price of qualified products, will release strong formaldehyde when the temperature is about 80 ℃, which will cause great damage to the human body’s organs and various systems. Big risk. 

Especially those with weak immunity Strong, children whose body organs are still in the developmental stage are more likely to get serious illnesses after being exposed to strong formaldehyde. 

The formal imitation porcelain bowl does not actually release strong formaldehyde. Pour hot water into the imitation porcelain bowl, the formaldehyde released in it is 0.04 mg, which is in the safe range (less than 0.08 mg); when poured into hot oil, the formaldehyde released is 0.06 mg. 

So, Parents should pay attention to the following points when choosing and using imitation porcelain bowls for their babies. 

▶ What kind of imitation porcelain bowl should I choose

❶ See the standard

The label of the tableware should be affixed with the “MF” or “QS” logo. It may be a qualified and safe product. 

❷ Formal purchase

When parents choose tableware for their children, don’t be greedy for small and cheap. They should choose large supermarkets and shopping malls instead of buying them on the street. 

❸ Observe carefully

● Color:

Although brightly colored tableware is more popular with babies, it may contain lead or other harmful substances , There is a great hidden danger to the baby’s health, so it is best to choose light-colored tableware. 

● Status:

Don’t choose tableware that is deformed, wrinkled, cracked, air bubbled, or faded. 

▶ How to use the imitation porcelain bowl

❶ Purpose

It is best not to use the imitation porcelain bowl to hold acidic, oily, alkaline, and high-temperature foods. So as not to release Thank you. More formaldehyde. 

❷ Cleaning

When cleaning, it is best to use a soft cloth to wipe, instead of rubbing with sharp objects such as steel wire balls, so as not to affect its safety. 

Furthermore, it is best to replace the baby imitation porcelain bowl once a year. It cannot be used for a long time, otherwise its safety may decrease. 

Parents choose and use for the baby What are the precautions for tableware made of other materials? 

▶ Material selection

The safer materials include PP, food grade silicone, wood, stainless steel, ceramics, glass and so on. For example, ceramics emit zero formaldehyde when they are immersed in hot water. 

Of course, no matter how safe the material is Also choose a formal place and brand to buy. 

▶ Appearance selection

The tableware you buy for your baby must not be too bright in color. The brighter the color, the more complex the ingredients are, which is very harmful to their health. Even ceramics are divided into decorative and food grades. 

▶ Separate use

Some parents find it troublesome to let their baby use adult tableware, which is not acceptable. Children can easily get bacteria from adults, especially Helicobacter pylori. 

This kind of bacteria can only be infected by children, and it is basically contacted from places such as tableware, toothbrushes, and toothpaste used by adults. 

I hope that all parents will take the responsibility to provide a safer growth environment for their babies. I also hope that those unscrupulous businesses can be wiped out. 


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There are three “smart switches” on your baby. The more you touch, the smarter you get. Many parents ignore it.

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The arrival of a newborn is a huge surprise for every family. Seeing the baby’s soft body, many parents can’t help but kiss and touch their faces. Touching my little hand, I basically like it how I look at it, and I can’t wait to hold it in my arms all day and touch it. 

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However, many novice parents may not know that some parts of the baby’s body can’t be touched casually. Yes, if you touch the wrong place, a big problem is likely to occur. 

Case: A novice mother picks up her ears, causing her baby’s eardrum to rupture

Some time ago, the Mili family’s baby had been tossing in the hospital for a long time. My friends thought it was just a small problem such as a cold and fever. Because the baby’s eardrum is ruptured. 

The friends around me are very surprised: Okay, why did the eardrum rupture? 

When I went to the hospital to visit, Mi Li cried so much that she said that she was ignorant of her mistake, but she did not expect to ruin the child’s life. 

It turned out that the rice grains found that their baby often touched their ears, thinking that there was a foreign object in the baby’s ears that made it uncomfortable, so he took a cotton swab and gave it a few times. Unexpectedly, the baby moved a bit unintentionally during the process of removing the ears, and the result was stuffed. Into a catastrophe. 

In fact, such things are not uncommon. Many novice parents often do stupid things that they regret because of their lack of experience in bringing children. 

Which parts of the baby’s body can’t be touched casually? 

Baby who is just born is completely different from adults. You should also be careful when taking care of them. For example, some parts of the baby’s body cannot be touched casually. 

①, Halogen Gate

The Halogen Gate refers to the gap between the skull bones of infants and young children that are not tightly integrated. There are pre-halogen and post-halogen. 

Under normal circumstances, the baby’s posterior halogen closes within 2-4 months after birth, and the bregma closes at 1-1.5 years after birth. 

For a newborn baby, the halogen door is very fragile and easy to deform. It will gradually harden as the baby grows up and heal slowly. Random strokes are not conducive to the baby’s skull development, and even It will also cause certain damage to the brain. 

In addition, a layer of yellowish-brown grease-like dirt will appear on the halogen door of many babies. This is mainly caused by the sebaceous glands. It looks dirty. Some mothers will want to clean the baby. However, this layer of cradle cap is difficult to clean, so I will pull it hard. 

But this way, it is often easy to cause unnecessary infections. 

Tips: In fact, this layer of cradle cap will fall off automatically after a certain period of time. Parents don’t have to worry about it. If you have to clean it, you can apply olive oil to the baby’s dandruff. After it becomes soft, rinse it off with water. can. 

②, ears

Many parents have a certain degree of “obsessive-compulsive disorder”. When they find that their babies often touch their ears with their small hands, they will check whether there is any Dirt, once you see it, you will want to clean it up. 

However, cleaning the dirt in the baby’s ears is actually a very dangerous action, because it is difficult for the baby to maintain a position for a long time, and if one is not careful, it is easy to damage the baby’s eardrums. 

In fact, a small amount of earwax will not affect hearing, but can also protect the ear canal and filter noise. 

Tips: If the baby feels uncomfortable in the ears, parents can choose the baby-specific cotton swab to gently rotate at the external auditory canal. Do not put the cotton swab deep into the place invisible to the naked eye, or The baby is regularly sent to the hospital for cleaning. 

③, belly button

The umbilical cord usually falls off naturally within 3-7 days after the baby is born, and before that, parents should pay special attention to avoid contact with water around the belly button. . 

When the baby grows up, I expect it will look a little deeper, so many parents think that there are a lot of dirty things hidden in it and want to try to clean it out, but in fact it is a normal secretion from the belly button. , Can protect the baby’s belly button. 

The baby’s belly button is most susceptible to bacterial invasion. Picking with your fingers or excessive invasion can easily cause irritation to the internal organs and cause physical discomfort. 

The belly button is indeed a good place to hide dirt, so how to clean the baby’s belly button? 

Tips: Do a wash every few days. Before washing, apply a little baby oil and wipe it off gently with a cotton swab when the dirt is softened. 

Which parts of the baby’s body become smarter as he touches them? 


After the baby is born, the development of the nervous system is not perfect. Parents often massage the baby’s small feet, which can accelerate blood circulation and promote the baby’s brain development. 

Because the feet are the most abundant place in the body’s nerve reflex area, regular massage can not only strengthen the baby’s sense of touch, but also promote the development of various parts of the body. 

However, when massaging your baby’s small feet, you must also pay attention to strength. Do not use vigorously or scratch your baby’s soles. You should let your baby’s feet touch various materials of different materials, such as towels, carpets, etc. It stimulates the baby’s feet to different degrees, promotes the development of the sense of touch, and improves the baby’s cognition of things. 


For a newborn baby, lying flat is the norm in life, only relying on digestion in the intestines to absorb nutrients, and some babies are congenital Insufficient nutrition, so intestinal digestion tends to be slower. 

Therefore, parents can gently rub the baby’s belly, which can promote intestinal digestion and help the baby’s body achieve the effect of nutrient absorption, but in this process, be sure to avoid the belly button. 

►Little hands

When the baby’s age is about 3 months old, the strength of the little hands will increase accordingly, and with the sense of grasping, no matter what is around can be grasped Whatever you pick up, you will subconsciously grasp it. 

Parents can help the baby to carry out certain grasping training to make the hands more flexible, and the baby’s brain will be stimulated, the brain development will increase, and the baby will naturally be smarter. 

Therefore, often use your fingers to touch the baby’s palm to stimulate the baby to make grasping actions, or find some objects suitable for the baby to hold in the hand, which can not only strengthen the flexibility of the baby’s hand, but also play a role in the development of the brain. A certain effect. Return to Sohu to see more

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