Baby eczema how to do? Scientific nursing is king, Mommy is coming to make up lessons

Baby eczema how to do? Scientific nursing is king. Mommy will make up the lesson soon.

The skin of the baby is really tender. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will experience dryness, redness, and allergies. Not only did the baby suffer, but the mother felt distressed as well. Take eczema as an example. It is a kind of allergic dermatitis that usually occurs in young babies within 3 months of age. After suffering from eczema, the baby’s skin will be accompanied by severe paroxysmal pain, which makes him cry and restlessly. 

Babies suffer from eczema mainly due to genetic factors. If parents have allergic diseases, the baby will have immunological abnormalities. Such babies are prone to allergies, and their skin is prone to allergies when exposed to external stimuli. Of course, it is also related to diet. For example, allergies to certain brands can also cause eczema. 

When most babies are 6 months old, their eczema gradually relieves and heals on their own at around 1 year old. How to take care of your baby’s eczema scientifically? Moms who don’t know how to take care of babies with eczema, welcome to comment privately to get more tips! Here are 2 tips for eczema care for moms! 

1. Bathe correctly

If a baby with eczema is at home, he should bathe every day to keep his skin fresh. When the mother bathes him, the water temperature must not be too high to avoid re-irritation. To his skin. Generally speaking, the water temperature should be controlled at 37-38℃. Try to minimize the use of chemical bath products, especially alkaline products, such as soap, which may dry your baby’s skin. After taking a bath, apply natural, hypoallergenic and non-irritating moisturizer to your baby. 

2. Dress reasonably.

The skin of the baby’s eczema should be rubbed as little as possible, so the mother should try to wear loose cotton clothes for him, and don’t wear too much. Thick, avoid sweating and irritating the skin of eczema. At the same time, avoid letting your baby come into contact with chemical fibers and woolen clothes. These three words, the baby has to say dozens of times a day! Mommy: It’s so painful when I hear it

Many moms will find that their baby is like a repeater questioning machine when they take their babies. They keep asking “why” every moment of every day. . It is a good thing for babies to be curious, but some old mothers are really hard to answer. When asked dumb, they may even feel that the education they have received for so many years is useless at all! So why do babies ask so many “whys”? 

In fact, babies have to ask questions because of them Have curiosity about this strange world! They will be curious why little birds have wings but they don’t, and why little animals have tails and humans don’t. The process of questioning is also the process of your baby’s understanding of the world. 

Another reason is in the world of babies Here, “I am the world”, this is also the reason why babies hide their heads but not feet when they hide and seek, because in their world, they can’t see themselves, that means everyone can’t see them. Because of this, when the baby has to do things according to the “rules”, he will fight against the rules by asking questions, and will also familiarize and accept the rules by asking questions. 

So for the baby’s soul torture, Mommy How do we answer? 

1. If you can answer, you should answer directly. If it is difficult, you can let your baby understand through picture books, animations, etc. 

2. For questions that cannot be answered, mothers may wish to leave the questions to the baby. It is also a good choice to listen to the baby’s whimsical ideas. When a baby girl was born, she became popular because she stared at the doctor. Netizens: added a new emoticon pack

Every baby is born with a loud “cry” sound, which seems to be Announcing your arrival to the world is also a way for your baby to greet the world. 

But there is a female baby in Brazil. When she was born, instead of “crying”, she put on a “frowning face”. Not only did she cut through the doctors and nurses at the scene, she also showed Many netizens of her photos couldn’t help but laugh. 

When the baby was born, the “smelly face” was glaring at the doctor And became popular, netizens: added a new emoji package

The reason why this girl became popular on the Internet, I also want to thank her mother. In order to record the great and precious moment of the baby’s birth, my mother specially invited a very famous local photographer to take pictures of the whole process of her baby’s birth. 

When the doctor takes the baby out of the mother’s belly After coming out, the baby’s expression brightened instantly. I saw the baby frowning, with a serious look, his eyes glaring at the doctor as if he was saying: “Who told you to get me out?” The doctors and nurses at the scene were amused by the baby’s angry expression. 

However, the mother said afterwards that the baby did not cry like other babies when he was born. The doctor planned to wait for the baby to cry before cutting off the umbilical cord, but instead of cooperating, the baby frowned. , Staring at the doctor with a very angry expression, as if saying: “I just don’t cry, what can you do to me?”

In desperation, the doctor could only cut off the baby’s umbilical cord first, and then the baby started crying, which also made the doctors on site Both the nurse and the nurse breathed a sigh of relief. 

When the mother posted the baby’s photo on the Internet, many netizens were fancied by the baby’s “smelly face” and said one after another:

“This little baby is too cute. It seems that he doesn’t want to come into this world. How much water does Meng Po soup mix?”

“I I guess that when the doctors and nurses at the scene looked at her, they must have been confused, thinking how much hatred we have with you, are you staring at us like this?”

“Little baby is a born philosopher, she was thinking: Who am I? Where am I? What are you doing?”

I have to admit that this “smelly face” look of the little baby is really too cute. I believe I will look at it when she grows up. There must be another monologue in the pictures of myself when I was born. 

Analysis: Why do newborn babies cry when they are born? 

Actually, the “crying” of a new-born baby is a normal physiological reaction, mainly to make the baby’s respiratory system enter a normal working state, which is also a manifestation of the newborn’s health. Therefore, when a newborn baby does not cry after being born, the doctor will slap the baby’s buttocks and back to make him cry, in order to judge whether the baby is healthy. 

If the newborn baby does not cry, it is likely that the baby sucked amniotic fluid or other substances into the respiratory tract during the delivery process, causing the respiratory system to be blocked, so it is difficult for the baby to cry . 

Not only that, it is possible for the baby not to cry It was hypoxia. Especially during normal labor, due to the long delivery process, the baby stays in the birth canal for too long, and loses consciousness due to lack of oxygen, so that he cannot breathe normally and cannot cry. At this time, doctors and nurses generally adopt first aid measures to make the baby. Cry out. 

So, crying of a newborn baby is a normal behavior. If you don’t cry, there will be problems. This is why the doctor will try to make the baby cry after seeing that the newborn baby does not cry. 

So, why do newborn babies have so many “weird” expressions? 

1. The baby’s nervous system develops better

If the baby will show a variety of rich and funny little expressions after birth, it means that the baby’s nervous system is better developed. Since this kind of baby has a better nervous system development since childhood, his facial expressions will be richer and more interesting when he grows up, and his personality will be relatively cheerful. 

2. The baby has not been able to adapt to the new environment.

The baby stays in the mother’s belly before he is born. After he is born, he will feel strange in an unfamiliar environment, so he will show Make all kinds of funny little expressions, because at this time the baby needs a certain amount of time to adapt to this new environment. 

Generally speaking, when a doctor cuts a baby After the umbilical cord, the baby will “cry”. Even if he does not cry, the doctor will pat the baby’s buttocks and back to make the baby cry. 

[Message from Xiaojing’s mother]

Every new life is born from the moment when the baby falls to the ground. The first loud “cry” of the baby is also their first greeting to the world, and Announce your coming. 

It is great and not easy for a mother. I hope that all babies can grow up healthy and happy and be treated tenderly by this beautiful world.

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