Baby constipation how to do? Try these dietary methods, health is still effective

Baby constipation how to do? Try these several dietary treatment methods, health is still effective

When the baby is in the infant period, they will easily be troubled by constipation. For example, when the baby is fed with milk powder or starts to eat complementary foods, the situation that the baby suffers from constipation is most obvious. 

Obviously, difficulty in defecation will make the baby feel uncomfortable for a long time, and it may cause more serious symptoms. So when the baby is constipated, how should parents deal with it? 

The baby has started to eat supplementary food, but I don’t expect it soon I was constipated, and the novice Bao Mom felt very distressed.

Not long ago, Nini’s mother started to give her daughter food supplements. Originally, Ni Ni’s mother was worried that her daughter would not be able to accept the taste of complementary food, but seeing the little guy eating with relish, Ni Ni’s mother also felt relieved. 

But what Ling Nini’s mother didn’t expect was that after taking supplementary food for a period of time, the child actually became constipated. 

While changing the baby’s diapers, Ni Ni’s mother found that the child had not had a bowel movement for three consecutive days, and Ni Ni felt a little puzzled. 

“Does the child become constipated because of the supplementary food?” However, Grandma Nini said that this is because the child is accumulating. “Some children do not even have a bowel movement for a week, which is not normal. Yes!”

For mother-in-law, let Nini Mom was relieved a lot, but after observation, Nini’s mother found that the child really seemed to be constipated. 

For example, the little guy sometimes blushes with suffocation. Although nothing is discharged, he has a crying reaction. 

Thinking of adult constipation is uncomfortable, Nini’s mother can’t sit still. So in a hurry, she took the child to the hospital, and the doctor found that the little guy did have some constipation after examination. 

However, the doctor did not recommend Ma Ni Ni to give her child medicine. After teaching Ma Ni Ni some tricks to stimulate her child’s bowel movements, the doctor advised her to give her child diet therapy. 

“In the child’s complementary food, add more vegetables and potatoes. Sufficient fiber supplementation can help the child maintain the normal peristalsis of the intestines and promote bowel movements.” After listening to the doctor’s words, Ni Ni’s mother repeatedly Nodded and said yes. 

What are the symptoms of baby constipation? 

1. Irregular bowel movements

It is not accurate to judge whether the baby is constipated based solely on the interval between bowel movements. However, if parents find that the baby’s bowel movements are irregular, they should treat the little ones more Observe your daily performance. 

Differentiate according to the specific symptoms. If it is indeed a bowel movement, parents must intervene as soon as possible. 

Because the symptoms of constipation will not get better on their own, it will only get worse if not given enough attention. 

2, poor mood

If your baby has a crying response during defecation, it is most likely caused by poor defecation. 

When babies feel uncomfortable due to defecation, they will instinctively resist defecation, which makes the constipation worse. 

3. Poor appetite

If babies are troubled by constipation, their appetite will also be affected. Although it also does not defecate, the appetite of the baby during the period of constipation will not be affected, while the baby during constipation has a loss of appetite due to poor digestion. 

The baby is constipated. It is very good to try these dietary methods Effective

1. Foods rich in crude fiber

For example, the more common potatoes. After this type of food is made into a supplementary food, the crude fiber rich in it is very useful for relieving constipation in babies. Help, such as mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes, etc. 

The potato itself will have a slight sweet taste, which is more in line with the child’s taste, and after being eaten, the crude fiber stimulates the baby’s intestinal peristalsis, and the constipation will be relieved. 

2. Foods with intestinal moisturizing effect< /p>

For example, black fungus has a certain gelatinous substance, and this substance can achieve the effect of moistening the intestines. For another example, black sesame seeds are rich in fats, which can moisturize the intestines after being eaten by the baby. 

When eating, parents can grind black sesame seeds into powder and give them to their children. In addition, they can be combined with pumpkin to make pumpkin sesame cakes, which are also a favorite supplement for children. 

3. Foods that help digestion in the stomach< /p>

When babies are in different months of age, their gastrointestinal digestion abilities will be significantly different. 

If Mommy gives the child food that is not easy to digest, then the little guy is not only easy to accumulate food, but also easy to have symptoms of constipation. 

So when the baby is constipated, mothers should adjust the type of complementary food and try to give the baby some digestive foods. For the types of ingredients that have not been eaten before, mothers should not try it lightly during this period. 

When the baby is constipated, mothers can use Kaiserol and other methods for the little one to help relieve the discomfort and achieve the purpose of promoting defecation. 

However, most of these methods treat the symptoms but not the root cause. To fundamentally solve the baby’s constipation problem, mothers should start with the adjustment of their children’s daily diet. A 1-year-old cute baby sleeps with the word “practice” and will split in 3 months. Relatives and friends: this is a master.

Many cute babies are “geniuses in martial arts” when they are young, or they are “Wizards of dancing”, their bones are very soft. 

When a child sleeps, adults can never imagine what kind of state it is under the blanket. On the surface, it looks calm and calm, but in fact, it may have practiced eighteen martial arts under the blanket. 

The 1-year-old cute baby still “practises” when she sleeps, and she just raises her leg. Mommy: It will split in 3 months.

A mommy shared when her daughter slept. The sleeping position of “Yizima” attracted many discussions among netizens. 

This kid’s name is Zihe, probably Only 1 year old, but in the splits, it seems that he is very talented, which makes many people call “skeletal surprise”. 

Although the bones of children are very soft, most people will not split into this difficult movement, or when they are sleeping, they look even more “ecstasy”. The child’s mother said that although the child was only 1 year old, he was already able to split his legs when he was 3 months old, and also liked sleeping on the splits very much. The family saw it at that time and found it incredible, so they raised their legs in a straight line. You can come, and many relatives and friends also joked: “This is a master!”

Many netizens joked that this kid is “practising” when he sleeps, and he will definitely be a very good dancer in the future. 

Some netizens said that children with amazing bones should be “caught” to practice gymnastics, so they may become gymnasts in the future! 

Some netizens also said that such children are very much loved by yoga teachers, and it is not impossible to practice martial arts. After all, “skeletal surprise” and strong plasticity! 

However, some netizens worry that the child often sleeps with splits like this, which will affect the bone development, but the child’s mother said that he had taken the child to the hospital, and the doctor said that he did not find any problems. 

Children are young and have normal soft bones Some children also like to hold their feet and “gnaw” all the time, which is also incredible. 

Why are children’s bones so soft? 

1. From the physical level:

First of all, the skeletal system of children has not matured, and the proportion of bones in children is different from that of adults. Inorganic salt and organic matter are almost half, but adults account for 2/3 and 1/3, so the bones of adults are much harder than children. 

Secondly, some children do not meet the nutritional intake and other aspects, and may have symptoms of calcium deficiency, so the bones will be softer than other children. 

2. From the external influence:

The softness and hardness of the mattress chosen by the parents for the child will also have a certain impact on the child’s bone development. The mattress is too soft , On the contrary, it is not conducive to the normal development of the child’s bones. 

There are some parents who worry about their children’s overdoing their heads, and they always prevent their children from raising their heads or standing up. The children’s bones are also normal. 

Children’s bones are soft, parents should pay attention What are the problems? 

1. Supplement the nutrients needed in time

Some children have soft bones because they lack the corresponding vitamins or trace elements in their bodies. If parents find that their children are over a certain age Later, the bones are still very soft, so you must take the child to the hospital in time to do related examinations and replenish the lack of nutrients in time. 

2. Let the child do some suitable exercises

For example, when the child is 0-1 years old, help the child to do some exercises such as raising the head and turning over to help the child’s spine Can support physical activity as soon as possible. You can also teach your children to do some baby exercises, grasping toys, etc., which is conducive to cultivating children’s coordination and hands-on ability, and promoting bone development. 

3. Help children maintain correct sitting, Standing posture. 

Children’s bones are soft and elastic, and it is easy to deform if they keep a posture for a long time. Therefore, parents should help their children maintain correct postures such as sitting, standing, and walking. They should not keep their children in a certain posture for a long time, but should move from time to time. 

Don’t give your child too early or play with electronic products too much. This not only affects the child’s vision development, but the child is used to sitting still while watching electronic products, and it can easily lead to bone deformation. . 

Although children’s bones are soft, they look cute, but some relatively large movements, or holding a posture for a long time, will have some negative effects on the child’s bone development. Parents should pay more attention to their children’s developmental problems, and at the same time pay attention to correcting their children’s bad behaviors, so that children can grow up healthily and happily. 

There is a kind of “overdeveloped” called Guan Xiaotong. I saw this group of football photos , Netizen: Who can stand this?

The height of the child has always been a concern for parents. If you find that your child is shorter than his peers, he will increase nutrition and even buy some This kind of health care products for heightening, I have to say that parents really take great pains in order for their children to grow taller. 


Guan Xiaotong’s height is really enviable. Of course, this is inseparable from her parents’ genetics. But besides that, Guan Xiaotong is also a football fan. It is estimated that she has a pair. The secret to long legs. 

She has been very fond of football since she was a child, and she often can Saw Guan Xiaotong’s figure on the football field. And she took a lot of photos of football babies wearing a football uniform. 

These photos are of the proper goddess level in terms of appearance and figure. Some netizens can’t help but shout, how did such a girl come out? You lied to me to give birth to a daughter again. 

Some netizens say, no, we don’t Just thinking about envy, this is obviously overgrown! 


But in any case, having a higher appearance and a well-proportioned figure will make a girl receive more attention from the outside world. However, beauty and ugliness is not what you can decide by yourself. Therefore, parents should not pay too much attention to the surface in the process of educating their children, but should pay more attention to improving the children’s inner world. 

Give the child’s space to the child

Many parents often use their own preferences when decorating the children’s room. In fact, it is better to give the right to design a children’s room to the children. Only when you put your hard work on a thing can you feel its uniqueness. 

Let children try to defend what they like Because of deep love for everything around him, children will feel safe and more willing to maintain a harmonious relationship with each other. 

Using the Internet to show children to the world

There is always one body and soul on the road, but for parents who are already full of financial pressure, it is true that they want to attend the grand scene of luxury Is not easy. In fact, you don’t need to spend money at all, you only need to use the Internet to accompany your children to see the world. 

Search children’s favorite programs or wild animal world When the child asks a question, look for the answer together with the child. Of course, you must control the time your children spend on the Internet, especially for the bad information on the Internet, you should promptly block it. 

Reciting educational picture books

Reciting educational picture books to children will not necessarily produce results in a short period of time, but over time, it will surely bring about changes, but This change is not directly manifested. 

The growth of the brain and mind is different from that of the body. Although it is changing all the time, it is difficult for us to see without experiencing some things. For unseen changes, the meaning of persistence is often doubted. Only by firm inner choice can we find the meaning of moving forward.

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