Babies wash their heads to “fight”, and the magical shampoo is indispensable. Do you know these good things?

Babies wash their heads to “fight”, and the magical shampoo is indispensable. Do you know these good things? 

Winter is here, it’s difficult to bathe the baby. The bath can be washed every week, but the hair needs to be washed frequently. However, whether it is winter or summer, washing the baby’s hair is always the same for parents. A difficult thing. 

It takes one or two hours to deal with the baby’s movement and to prevent shampoo from entering the baby’s eyes. It takes half the life of the parents. 

As a parent in the new era, we must learn to use “artifacts”, and the same is true for washing children’s hair. Today, I will share some of the good things I have used for baby washing. 

Eye protection shower cap

When washing your hair The fear is that the foam enters the baby’s eyes. If the baby is uncomfortable, it may harm the baby’s eyes. You should be careful every time you wash your hair. 

Want to protect the baby’s eyes, I found a shower cap. This kind of shower cap has a super big brim. It is worn on the baby’s head just to separate the baby’s hair from the face. The foam on the head will only fall on the brim of the hat, not on the face and eyes of the baby, which is very easy to use. 

However, parents need to pay attention to the size of the baby’s head circumference and the size of the shower cap when buying it, otherwise it will be too loose or too tight. 

Ear protection and earmuffs

Except for eyes, parents give children When washing your hair, you are also afraid that water will enter your baby’s ears and affect your baby’s hearing. 

Although there are waterproof earplugs on the market that can be inserted into your baby’s ears, you should be very careful about this choice. After all, the earplugs are inserted directly into your baby’s ears, plus water soaking, which results in poor quality earplugs. There will be various problems like swelling, which are not good for the baby’s ears, compared to in-ear earplugs. 

Parents can choose earmuffs that cover the ears. Some baby shower caps are directly attached to them, but some do not. Parents can buy them separately. Of course, if the home has suitable waterproof and soft materials , Parents can also make one by hand. 

Baby shampoo recliner

Wash your baby separately When there is no suitable place for the baby to sit or lie down, the posture is uncomfortable, and the child will naturally want to move. 

So parents can buy a recliner for their children. There are chairs on the market that are specially designed for babies to lie down and wash their hair. The baby lies comfortably on the chair. Parents can naturally wash their hair when they wash their hair. Save some effort, and don’t worry about getting your baby’s clothes wet and causing your baby to catch a cold. 

Baby shampoo seat

If the baby is sensible If you can sit on a chair honestly, then parents can also consider a chair. There are shampoo seats specially designed for babies on the market, and some have seat belts. The baby can wash his hair while sitting on it, which is much easier than holding the baby. 

Washing the baby’s hair is essential for parents For those parents who are still troubled by this, try the artifacts mentioned above! “Whoever you bring your baby, you will find someone to care for them.” The mother-in-law wanted her daughter-in-law to support herself and was complained.

When the baby was born, it can be said to be the most vulnerable stage of Bao’s mother, because they Not only do I need to be taken care of by others, but I also have to face the unfamiliar and timidity of the child who is waiting to be fed, and the new mother. 

From this perspective, if anyone can help Bao Ma with her baby, this kindness will definitely be remembered in her heart and will be returned in the future. But in the same way, if Bao Ma was wronged for various reasons during the confinement period and forged a “confinement enmity”, then they would also keep this matter in their minds for a long time. 

The 60-year-old mother-in-law asked her daughter-in-law to provide for herself, but she was Tucao

Xinyue is a post-80s mother who has been married from the south to the north. She seems very self-reliant when she is not with her parents, but she is still a novice in giving birth to a baby, so Xinyue My husband and I found my mother-in-law in the same city. 

But the mother-in-law only helped Xinyue with her baby for half a month, and just in time for Xinyue’s little sister-in-law was also pregnant. The mother-in-law considered that Xinyue had no work for the time being and her daughter was still at work, so she threw it away. After the mother and daughter of Xinyue, she went to take care of her daughter, and has been helping her to bring her children to elementary school. Faced with her mother-in-law being so partial, Xinyue just silently swallowed her grievances. 

The time flies quickly, and the moon shines in a flash Xinyue’s daughter has also gone to junior high school, and Xinyue found a job again, but it didn’t take long for her mother-in-law to be hospitalized due to illness. After she was discharged from the hospital, her filial husband took her mother-in-law back to her home to take care of her. 

In fact, Xinyue does not stop her husband from taking care of her mother-in-law. She usually buys some daily necessities for her mother-in-law and also readily gives money, but she and her daughter have a cold attitude towards her mother-in-law and rarely take the initiative to care for and take care of her mother-in-law. 

Later, when her husband was on a business trip, Xinyue had to take over the job of taking care of her mother-in-law for a short time, but she found that her mother-in-law in her 60s always confided in her words that she wanted her son and daughter-in-law to provide for her care. 

The old man is always good The tempered Xinyue complained: “I won’t stop your son from being filial to you, because that’s what he must do, but I don’t have this obligation, so whoever you brought your baby to, now I will find someone to provide you with old age.” /p>

As the saying goes, “Every family has scriptures that are difficult to recite.” Although Xinyue’s incident is only an example, there are actually such “eccentric” elderly people in life. 

The “biasedness” of the elderly is not conducive to family harmony.

Although the elderly themselves are not obliged to help their children with children, and whoever helps them with children is also the freedom of the elderly, but it is not immune to the cold like the mother-in-law Xinyue. My daughter-in-law’s heart. 

After all, a daughter’s child is a pro-grandchild, and a daughter-in-law’s child is also a pro-grandchild. The eccentricity of the elderly will only cause disharmonious relationships in the family. 

Moreover, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is at odds. Not only is the son in If you feel angry in the middle, children are equally uncomfortable. If the relationship is strained to a certain level, it may cause harm to the children and will not benefit their growth. 

“The relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law” is not harmonious, and it is not good for the growth of the child.

1) The child is caught in the middle and is embarrassed.

For children, mother and grandmother are relatives, but two Human contradictions make it difficult for children to do it. 

If you kiss your mother instead of your grandmother, you will feel uncomfortable. If you get close to your grandmother, your mother will be upset, and it will also make your child feel uncomfortable. 

They all say that mothers are relatives, Faced with two relatives, but like enemies, the child will only be in a dilemma. 

2) Insecurities in the heart

In the minds of children, relatives should be harmonious and harmonious. If even the relatives are bored with each other, or even accuse and quarrel with each other, it will affect the child’s Cognitive biases in family relationships, and thus lack of confidence in family relationships. 

This will not only affect the child’s view of family life in the future, but also make the child feel insecure. 

3) It is not easy to form a correct view of right and wrong

The views of family members and the views of people can easily affect children’s views on right and wrong, especially when they force children to “stand in line”, forcing children to agree with their own views and believing that the other person is wrong. 

In order for children to persuade themselves that one party is completely correct, they will often encourage them to form incorrect views of right and wrong. 

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