Babies love to compete with socks, should parents correct them in time, or choose to let him play?

Babies love to compete with socks, should parents correct them in time, or choose to let him play? 

It is undeniable that the arrival of babies does add a lot of joy to the family, but due to their limited cognitive abilities, they will always do a lot of things that are not understandable, so parents’ hearts will follow The little guy’s behavior “suddenly up and down”, like riding a roller coaster. 

For example, in the case of babies taking off their socks, some parents always take the trouble to correct them because they are worried about their children’s body, but the little ones don’t seem to appreciate it. 

The baby’s socks always can’t be worn because Is it too hot in the room? 

As a novice mother, Nana spends a lot of energy to take care of her children every day. Because she had no previous parenting experience, she always seemed very careful when bringing a baby, and at the same time, she was more inclined to follow the advice of the older generation. 

Nana heard from her mother-in-law that children are very easy to catch cold in winter. As the saying goes, “cold starts from the feet”, so be sure to put on socks for your children. 

For this, Nana specially prepared a lot of thick woolen socks for the baby, and changed them every day to wear them, but she was annoyed that the baby did not cooperate at all and always went to Pull down, if one is not paying attention, I don’t know where the socks are thrown. 

In fact, at the beginning, facing babies like to take off their socks Nana is still a little patient with the situation, but after a long time, she is also full of grievances. I really don’t know why the child has to fight against herself. Is it because the room is too hot? 

Similar to this kind of trouble, I believe that every mother has had it, but the child loves to compete with socks must have his own reasons, and the parents can prepare to deal with it after understanding the reasons. 

3 reasons why babies take off socks frequently. Parents should understand

1. Feeling uncomfortable wearing socks

Feeling uncomfortable wearing socks is actually a higher possibility. 

Children’s skin is so immature and easy to be affected by the outside world. If the material of socks is not good or too tight, they will be disgusting. 

Also, if the temperature at home is already very hot At this time, wear cotton socks or velvet socks for the baby, which will make the baby’s feet sweat and produce an uncomfortable feeling. 

2, think it is a way to play games

Children also have a nature to love to play. They have rich exploration ability and curiosity when they are very young. So they will make socks a kind of toy, and take off socks as a kind of game. 

Then we saw the child repeatedly fall off Putting socks in your hands or putting them in your mouth is the kind of cute picture. If this is the case, parents should not be too restrictive and keep their socks clean. 

3. I want to feel the ground with feet

Baby’s little feet are a useful tool for children to explore the world. When they are in contact with the ground, they will promote the sense of touch The development of it makes it more sensitive. 

Based on the above, children are more willing You can feel the ground with your feet, so parents should cooperate with their children and provide them with such convenient conditions to help children grow up together. 

Since there are so many benefits for children being barefoot, babies always love to compete with socks. Should parents choose to correct them in time or let him play around? Regarding this issue, parents still need specific analysis of specific circumstances. 

Under what circumstances is it not suitable to take off your baby’s socks? 

In fact, in most cases, babies like to take off their socks and play. Parents should not stop it. However, it is not recommended to take off their socks when the baby is unwell. 

When the indoor temperature is low overall In this way, if the indoor temperature is lower than 24 degrees, you should put on thinner socks for your baby. If the temperature is lower than 15 degrees, you need to wear thick socks. At this time, it is not recommended to let your children play barefoot. 

In addition, if the indoor floor is not in good condition, such as the floor is damaged or has not been dragged for a long time, in this case, parents need to wear socks to protect their children’s feet. Avoid letting them play barefoot. “Unfair” family affection is on the rise, my aunt is not merciful when buying things for my nephew, but my own baby is like an outsider

They all say “uncle, break the bones and connect the tendons”, this is what people use to describe family affection. A word that blood is thicker than water. But any kind of emotion is paid and maintained in both directions, even if it is family affection, it cannot be kidnapped morally or emotionally. 

Nini’s family has such a situation. Nini has a younger brother. Since Nini became an aunt, she has always bought things for her nephew, ranging from clothes, toys, and snacks to children’s balance bikes and adjustable study tables and chairs. 

From tens to thousands, her expenditure in the growth of her nephew is not inferior to the nephew’s parents-Nini’s younger brother and younger siblings. In fact, as an aunt, Nini did not let her nephew buy things because part of it was sincere, but part of it was “compulsory command” by her parents, and this kind of effort was not rewarded. “Family affection has also added a lot of trouble to her. 

There is a kind of “unequal” kind of affection on the rise, aunt “Being asked” to buy things for my nephew

Actually, after Nini started a family and gave birth to a baby, her younger brothers and sisters have been arrogantly trying to give Nini’s children some practical “big items”, but Nini I feel that there is no need to waste, and there is a saying that a child picks up other people’s children’s leftovers to be auspicious. 

So Nini said that the younger siblings can give them the things that the nephew used before. Therefore, the “big items” of the younger siblings have never been implemented. 

Because she also has a child, Nini and Husband’s expenses are not small, so apart from wrapping a big red envelope for her nephew this Spring Festival, she didn’t buy any more gifts. 

Seeing that the birthday of her nephew is approaching, Nini received a call from her mother. The purpose of the call from her mother was only one, “On your child’s birthday, as an aunt, you must express it well. Don’t be like You are so stingy during the Spring Festival, others will laugh if you know it.”


Nini feels ridiculous and aggrieved. On the one hand, her child’s birthday is within a few days of her nephew’s birthday, but she did not see the child’s grandmother mention it, and Nini’s son has not yet gone to school, so her financial situation is not comparable. My brother’s family is good. On the other hand, my family didn’t see my family caring so much on my child’s birthday. My parents’ remarks made my family’s baby look like an outsider. 

Unequal pay, some people will always be wronged

The situation like Nini’s family is a typical “unequal” pay. This not only makes Nini, as an aunt, feel unbalanced, but also makes The younger brother’s family is not enterprising, always thinking of being given instead of giving for others. 

What’s more chilling comes from “Kidnapping” by the parents. These unclear parents often use the name of a family to promote the development of this asymmetric relationship. They only ask their daughters to pay for their son’s family, but they don’t want their daughters to be their children. Why don’t they need the care of their families or It is the reward after paying. 

If this continues for a long time, it will not only be detrimental to family harmony, it will also create a gap between the family, and change the taste of the brotherhood of a blind family. Therefore, the way a family gets along is not one-sided contribution, but moderate contribution and corresponding return. 

A family must know how to “moderate” and “repay”

It is often said that “the palms of the palms and the backs of the hands are all flesh”. For the elderly, whether it is a son’s family, a daughter’s family, grandchildren or grandchildren, Even if the last name is different, the family relationship cannot be changed. 

As an elderly person, we must know how to balance children appropriately Only the relationship between them can be impartial. At the same time, the giver and the recipient should know how to be moderate, and have to repay each other, so that they can live in harmony. 

Of course, these givers are often praised very high. They are often described by family members as being very capable, discerning, etc., and givers willingly because of these high hats of “sweet talk” Pay. 

Everything must be done within the limits of one’s ability. Sometimes it causes the person to be “satisfied”, and it also comes from the giver’s self-defense. Once giving is beyond your ability, you must also learn to refuse.

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