Babies love to bite? “Take a tooth for a tooth” is not advisable, the clever mother will do this trick

Babies love to bite? “Take a tooth for a tooth” is not advisable, clever mothers will use these tricks

Many mothers have found that when their babies are 1 or 2 years old, they bite people, and they don’t agree. They open their mouths and bite, even if nothing happened, they want to bite. 

This situation really makes many mothers feel troubled. Especially when the baby is playing with other children, he will often bite other children. The mothers apologize behind the baby’s butt every day. 

In the eyes of adults, biting is a very aggressive behavior, so adults feel that the “bad problem” of baby biting must be corrected. 

But the most important thing is that mothers do not know why the baby bites, and there is almost nothing to do except scold the baby. So why does the baby bite? 

Physiological needs

Baby biting is very important The reason is ignored by many mothers, that is, this period is actually the baby’s mouth and hand sensitivity period! 

At this time, the baby puts whatever he catches into his mouth, and there is no such thing as a mouthful. Many babies still have this situation when they are 2 or 3 years old. 

This is because they were not satisfied during their oral period. Moreover, sometimes the baby may bite because of the uncomfortable teething, and biting some objects can alleviate this discomfort. 

At this time, it is also a good choice for moms to buy chews for their babies. 

Psychological needs

Many babies have the habit of biting , Or it may be because they want to attract attention and get noticed. When a baby is very young, he has no idea of ​​what is right and wrong about one thing. 

When the baby bites a person, the bitten person has a very violent reaction, and he will equate the biting with attention. In fact, the baby just feels that he bites you, so he can get your eyes and attention. 

So if the baby bites someone, the family should not react, just do a desalination treatment. When the baby feels boring, he will not do such a behavior again. 

Social needs

In fact, there is one more baby biting The reason is because this is also a way for babies to “greet”. 

Because the baby at this time does not have any language skills, when he finds that the child ignores him, he will let the child see him and respond to him in this way. 

After all, when he was at home, he occupies the position of “a hundred responses”. And when the baby is at an age that can only be expressed in body language, when he expresses anger and other emotions, he will also use biting movements. 

So baby biting is not terrible This is the performance in a stage that almost every baby will go through. Moms don’t have to put the hat of “attack others” on their babies, after all, this little cutie really doesn’t understand anything! The head teacher frankly said: Students with these characteristics are usually “hidden learners” in the class.

After the children enter elementary school, the parents’ focus on the children will gradually shift to In terms of children’s learning, after all, everyone hopes that their children can become a master who is liked by teachers. However, Xueba also needs to develop slowly. 

Tangtang is in the first grade of elementary school this year. When he first went to school, the little guy was not very comfortable. After all, elementary school is not as free as kindergarten, and the task of learning has become more onerous. But the monthly test results were not satisfactory, Tangtang still cried aggrieved. 

Later, mother and Tangtang communicated patiently After a while, I found out that although Tangtang can listen carefully in class, and can also take the monthly exams, but it does not have the requirements for good questions, and the examination is not serious, so the grades are low. 

Understanding the reason, Tangtang’s mother also communicated with the teacher privately, hoping that her child’s grades would improve and he could become a schoolmaster, and wanted the teacher to give some suggestions. Tangtang’s class teacher said frankly: Generally, students with these qualities will usually become the “hidden learners” in the class. Parents can guide their children according to these qualities. 

So what kind of characteristics did the teacher say? 

The first trait: strong concentration, seldom miss the number in class

The teaching method of elementary school is different from that of kindergarten. Elementary school teachers may teach a lot of knowledge in one class. If children can listen carefully and attentively If the teacher teaches, then the knowledge will be absorbed very well, and naturally the academic performance will not be wrong. 

Some children may be easier to attend class In the case of slipping numbers, the content of the teacher’s lecture may be passed in the child’s mind without even listening. Then such a child may still be far away from the school bully. 

The second trait: good at summarizing and reflecting on their own mistakes

In the process of children’s growth, they will inevitably make mistakes, and the same is true in learning, such as making paper rolls. The knowledge may be good, but the paper rolls When the score came out, it was a bit wrong. 

At this time, if the child can summarize himself Where are these mistakes? Even if you record these mistakes, you may not make them next time. As time goes by, your children’s grades will be improved. 

The third characteristic: Attention to details, careful examination of questions

I often hear many parents say that if a child makes a wrong question, the child is sloppy, or even loses the question, and did not do it at all. 

So for hidden schoolmasters, they often pay great attention to details, especially when they look at the questions very seriously. This kind of care is definitely very beneficial to the results. 

The fourth characteristic: Know time allocation, can distinguish academic work

Children who have the concept of time and can better divide the time, the children who arrange their time reasonably also have the potential to hide the learning hegemony. 

Moreover, such children can better distinguish the priority, such as which subject is not good, they will spend a little more time to consolidate, instead of rushing to finish homework and play immediately It is also one of the necessary conditions to be a student leader, distinguishing the primary and secondary, and having a clear mind. Therefore, parents should pay attention to cultivating their children’s ability. 

But then again, parents’ learning for their children The problem should also be relaxed. After all, there are many factors that affect a child’s performance, and one or two performances do not actually mean anything. 

The quality of children’s academic performance is composed of many factors. Parents cannot pay attention to one aspect.

Nowadays, children may all be burdened by the pressure of learning, but in fact, children’s academic performance is related to Bad is caused by many reasons. 

For example, family harmony and family enjoyment will also make the child’s condition very good and more active in learning. 

In contrast, parents always quarrel , It will definitely affect the children’s performance, so parents can’t always pay attention to the children’s poor learning, that is, the children’s problems, but also find some problems from themselves.

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