Babies always take pleasure in “pulling socks”? Parents must know the cautious thinking behind taking off socks

Babies always take pleasure in “pulling socks”? Parents must know the careful thinking behind taking off socks.

Baby always has a lot of incomprehensible behaviors when they are young, and these behaviors make new mothers feel novel and make them think that their children are Not too persistent. 

Here, I have to mention the baby’s stubbornness to the operation of “pull socks”. After all, parents do not worry about their children because of socks in daily life, because children seem to be born with each other. Socks have the same “contradictory”, as long as they are worn, they must be pulled off.

Then why do babies always take “pulling socks” for fun? In fact, parents still have to know the careful thought behind the baby’s socks off. 

How do nine babies like to pull socks? 

Lily is a veritable post-90s mother. After she was promoted to the role of mother, she has been doing her best to take care of her children. However, because Lily has no experience with children, she will often read books and check information and communicate with other mothers. 

But even so, there is still a particularly embarrassing problem in front of Lily, that is, my baby always likes to pull socks. 

Although it is spring now, because of the big temperature difference between morning and evening, Lily always puts a pair of thicker socks on the child. But embarrassingly, she often just puts on the socks on the front feet of the children, and the children on the back feet will playfully pull the socks off. 

Although she has heard “ten children nine “I love to pull socks”, but at first she thought that she hadn’t dressed her child properly, but the facts proved that it was not the case. 

So she had no choice but to comfort herself while tirelessly putting on socks for the child, but when her patience was eventually worn out, the long-term repetitive actions made Lily angry and feel that the child is looking at herself Not pleasing to the eye, it is deliberate. 

Later, she really couldn’t help it, so she asked the mothers around for help. It turns out that there is a reason for the child’s behavior. It is not simply provoking him, and the baby’s attitude towards socks will undergo a series of changes before slowly accepting it. 

The baby’s attitude towards socks has changed

When first wearing socks, the baby may not adapt to his small feet being imprisoned, so he will always take off the socks. After a period of time, he and the socks will become familiar with each other, so they will be more kind and treat them. As a playmate. 

In the days to come, the baby’s recognition of socks will be higher. From the bottom of my heart, there is a consciousness that socks are actually a tool to protect themselves, and they should go to a greater degree. Accepted. 

This is why, as children age The increase, the frequency of their socks will slowly decrease. 

So, what kind of careful thinking does the baby who always enjoys “pulling socks” have? 

After all that, we still have to start from the essence of the problem, which is to understand what kind of thinking is driving the child to pull the socks? 

▶I think wearing socks has a sense of restraint

Baby’s skin is relatively immature, and they are more accustomed to the state of bare skin, so when the baby puts on the socks, the baby I feel uncomfortable, so I resist it. 

Then there will be the scene we saw before our eyes, constantly tearing off the socks on the feet, in fact, at this time parents should realize that the baby is really uncomfortable. 

▶Think that dragging socks is a game< /p>

There is also that babies are very curious about everything around them. They will find it fun to pull socks as they try gradually, especially when they are pulling hard by the tip of the socks, really Particularly interesting! 

Sometimes when the power is strong, he will accidentally knock his face on his face, but the baby will not cry, but enjoy it very much. 

▶Think that socks block the contact of the little feet with the ground

Because the baby has mastered the movements of lying, rolling and standing for the first time, he prefers the feeling that his little feet are in direct contact with the ground. The feeling of cold and warm is stronger, and I feel very comfortable. 

So when a parent puts socks on the baby At this time, it will prevent their feet from coming into close contact with the ground. Parents don’t need to be too sensitive to this, as long as the indoor temperature is sufficient and the ground is clean and safe. 

▶I think socks affect my feet.

The last point is that babies are willing to chew their feet when they are young. This is a way for babies to contact the outside world. Put on socks. Later, I have to say that it hindered my performance, so I will tear off my socks mercilessly! 

Can the baby take off his socks? This depends on the situation.

Actually, it is good for babies to take off their socks in most cases, but it must be based on certain premises, that is, the indoor temperature is not low, which will not cause the child to catch cold, and the floor is kept clean. , It is enough to prevent the child’s feet from being hurt. Kindergarten children have a lot of routines. When they see their mother picking themselves up from school, the little face suddenly “turns to cloudy”

Every time the kindergarten starts, teachers and parents have to fight wits and courage with their children. 

Especially those children who are just going to kindergarten, because they lack basic knowledge of the school, they always feel that parents are going to abandon themselves, so there will always be “parting crying scenes” at the school gate. . 

Some people have concluded that children’s going to kindergarten is generally divided into three stages. The first stage is to resist going to kindergarten by all means; the second stage is to be coaxed by parents to go to kindergarten, and the result is in class. In a daze; the third stage can gradually begin to adapt to the kindergarten life, but after seeing Bao’s parents and mothers, they still can’t help but “make it”. 

So what is it like for a child to go to kindergarten for the first time? 

When my mother went to pick up the baby from school, she accidentally found that there was a ” “Two faces”

In the impression of many parents, sending children to kindergarten is a particularly difficult thing, especially after watching the little guy crying and being carried into the classroom by the teacher, Bao’s parents always remembered It can show that the baby is wronged at school. 

But in fact, most of the “work” of the children is only shown in front of the parents, because they know that the parents are reluctant to be wronged, and when the parents leave, they are completely different. 

For example, there is a video of a mother picking up her baby from school. 

In the video, when the little guy didn’t see his mother, he was always very happy playing on the plastic wooden horse. 

You can pick it up when your child sees mom When I was over from school, the attitude of the children changed instantly. The little face suddenly changed from sunny to cloudy, and he ran towards his mother with a sullen mouth, as if he had been wronged. 

Mama Bao probably didn’t expect that there are so many routines for children in kindergarten now, and she can unexpectedly find that her son has “two faces” before and after. 

Actually, children not only have routines when dealing with parents, but they are also full of routines when they don’t want to go to kindergarten. 

Kindergarten children also have a lot of routines for not going to school

The kindergarten children are always resistant to going to school, and their mothers also launched a “competition” in order to be able to rest at home. 

Performing a crying scene is already the most common trick, and a few children will start to pretend to be sick, and falsely claiming that they are unwell has become a common excuse for the little guys. 

In addition, some smart children know that crying with their parents is not good, so they use their grandparents or grandparents as a natural shield. 

In general, most children All have played tricks on going to kindergarten, but there are still a small number of children who are not so resistant to kindergarten. Not only can they bid farewell to their parents, but they also appear very active in class. 

Why are children going to kindergarten in the same way, but the children’s reactions are completely different? 

But it is also going to kindergarten, why is there such a big gap among children? In fact, most of this comes from the education of parents. 

1) Parents resolved their children’s separation anxiety in advance

Some parents are reluctant to be separated from their children, so when their children go to school, they will appear more nervous and anxious than their children. Some mothers Also secretly wiped tears. 

Some parents encourage their children to be independent. They will be happy from the heart when they see their children growing up, and children will feel happy when they are affected by the feelings of their parents. 

2) In the hearts of children, parents give them enough sense of security

Children’s dependence on their parents is natural, but this dependence will affect their growth if not handled properly. 

Generally speaking, parents should consciously cultivate their children’s independence when their children are three years old, so that the children can feel safe enough and feel that their parents’ departure is only temporary. 

When the child has enough security in his heart, he can naturally face the departure of his parents. 

3) In the necessary social interaction, parents Never shy away from hesitation

Parents should also exercise their children’s ability to take care of themselves, so that children do not overly rely on their parents, and encourage their children to face the necessary social interactions and not be afraid. 

Parents should lead by example when facing social interaction. Don’t hesitate to let their children experience the fun of social interaction, so that they can face unfamiliar environments more boldly. In May, the mother-in-law was anxious to hug her grandson, and she was angry with her daughter-in-law to have a second child. The elderly: 4 houses under her name can afford it.

Nowadays, the concept of equality between men and women is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In the first generation, when it comes to having children, most of them think that giving birth to boys and girls is the same, and even some parents are more inclined to give birth to a soft and cute little girl. 

However, because some elderly people are influenced by the patriarchal thought, they feel that there should be a boy in the family to continue, and they are eager to carry their grandson after retirement, so after the second-child policy is opened, they are decisive. Joined the spawning team. 

The 5-year-old mother-in-law is anxious to hug her little grandson and is angry with her daughter-in-law Wanting a second child

Aunt Xu is already 50 years old. She was supposed to enjoy her retirement life, but now she ran to the hospital every three days. There was no other reason, it was because Aunt Xu was pregnant with a second child. 

This matter is actually a long story. Aunt Xu’s son and daughter-in-law already had a daughter, and the little guy was just 2 years old at an ignorant and cute age. However, even though Aunt Xu likes this little granddaughter, she still wants a grandson more in her heart. For this reason, the old man often chases after her daughter-in-law to give birth to a second child. 

The problem is that the son and daughter-in-law are asking The child’s issue has long been agreed, and the intention is to concentrate on raising the daughter, without considering the issue of the second child at all. This has led to conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law because of this matter.

Once, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had a quarrel. The old man broke up again and said: “In addition to the pension, I have 4 apartments under my name. I can afford a child. If you don’t have a second child, I will have it!”

In this way, the 50-year-old mother-in-law Aunt Xu and her daughter-in-law have a second child. Now Seeing that the child was about to be born, Aunt Xu felt a little nervous, worried that she could not take good care of the child, and regretted that she was too impulsive. 

The worries of second-born mothers are not unreasonable.

Raising children is not a simple matter. Feeding, changing diapers, sleeping and other aspects will consume a lot of energy and time, and wait for the child to grow up. For some, parents need to be effective companions, plan for their future, and become “guides” in their lives. 

Aunt Xu is 50 years old, although The family’s financial situation is very good, but their physical condition is far worse than that of young people, and it will be a little difficult to bring the children. 

Not to mention that when the child is 20 years old, Aunt Xu is already 70 years old. When the child sees other mothers of the same age are young and beautiful, she may feel a strong sense of difference in her heart when she thinks of her own mother. 

To have a second child, cannot be impulsive.

To most families, having a second child is a happy event, but parents shouldn’t follow suit, or like Aunt Xu, they want to have a second child without careful consideration. of. 

After all, from the birth of the child, parents have to take responsibility. From clothing, food, housing and transportation to academic education, all aspects must be taken into consideration. All of them need to be worried about by parents. If there is not enough time and energy, it will not work. of. 

Furthermore, the parents are in a hurry to ask for a second child. It is okay for Dabao and his family to accept it. If it is not acceptable, just balancing the relationship between Dabao and Erbao will be enough for the parents. , So parents must think twice before asking for a second treasure. 

Parents must do these three questions before asking for the second treasure.

The first question: Can you provide a good education to your children? 

Educational issues will be related to children’s personal ideological and moral cultivation and future development direction, which is the basis for them to base themselves in society. 

This is also the reason why many parents are busy now, just to enable their children to go to a good school and make friends with good character. 

Second question: I asked for a second at home Will the living standard of Empress Bao go down? 

Chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, these inconspicuous little things in life, sometimes can really crush a family. 

If the family has a second child, the standard of living will drop. The family will cut down on food and clothing. They will often argue over trivial matters. Children’s toys must be divided into half, beds should be divided into half, and clothing should be divided into half. , Then I think it is unnecessary. 

The third question: Can I balance myself? The relationship between the children? 

The life many parents imagine is that two children can support each other on the road of growth, but this is based on the premise that Bao parents and mothers can balance the relationship between the children. 

If the balance is not good, children will quarrel and cold war if they don’t agree with each other, I think it will be very difficult for parents to get caught in the middle.

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