Babies always like to eat hands, do parents need to stop it? Still depends on the situation

Babies always like to eat hands, do parents need to stop it? It still depends on the situation.

Many mothers know that many babies like to put their hands in their mouths. This behavior sometimes looks cute, but it may convey some other things. Information. 

Recently, my girlfriends have been telling me that their baby is six months old and still likes to put her hand in her mouth to suck it. 

And I often drool when inhaling. She and I complained about changing a lot of clothes for the baby every day, even with a lot of saliva towels. 

So she went to the Internet to find a lot of information about the baby putting his hand in the mouth, but some of the information said that putting the baby’s hand in the mouth was a manifestation of intellectual development, while others said it was She didn’t know how to deal with bad behavior for a while. 

Why do babies like to eat hands? During pregnancy

In fact, parents should correctly view the baby’s hand-eating behavior. The baby’s hand-eating behavior is already manifested in the mother’s belly. 

In fact, the baby starts to suck in the mother’s belly. This is a normal behavior, and it is also a behavior engraved in everyone’s DNA. Because the child begins to suck and search for food after coming out of the mother’s belly, and only in this way can the child grow up healthily. 

The appearance of the oral phase

When the baby is one year old When left and right, the baby begins to explore the world, and this exploration process is completed with his own hands and mouth. 

At this time, the baby likes to use his mouth to explore the surrounding things, so he also likes to put the hand that he can control into his mouth to suck. This is normal behavior. 

Long teeth

The baby is born four or five Baby teeth will begin to grow in the first month of the month. At this stage, the teeth are generally buried in the gums. 

At this time, the baby is very sensitive to the growth of teeth in the gums, and will feel pain and swelling in his mouth. 

The only thing the baby can use flexibly at this time is his own hands, so the baby will stretch his fingers into his mouth to touch his gums to relieve his pain, and even touch his ears. , Because there is a certain connection between the nerves on the gums and the ears. 

Comfort yourself

Many netizens know something Babies will put their hands in their mouths to suck when they are hungry and when they want to sleep, because they see this behavior as a comfort to themselves, so that they can feel more at ease when they are angry or scared. . 

Signals of development

In fact, after babies can use their hands flexibly, many babies begin to put their hands in their mouths. 

If the baby starts to put his hand in the mouth to suck after two months, then parents don’t need to worry too much, because this shows that the baby’s brain is developing. 

The ability of a baby to put his hand in his mouth shows that the baby’s coordination and hand-eye control are growing. 

At this time, the baby’s touch, vision and other perceptions that need to be felt by the brain will drive the development of the brain and strengthen the baby’s health. 

How can parents control the baby’s eating behavior? Before the age of two

It is very normal for a baby to eat hands before the age of two. This is just like the above-mentioned is the baby’s exploration of the world and also explains the baby’s development. 

If parents forcefully control the child’s hand-eating behavior at this time, other unexpected effects may be produced, which may not be a good thing for the child’s growth. 

After two years of age

If the baby is still eating hands after two years of age, parents will have to control it. Because babies at this stage like to move very much, their hands often touch some dirty things around them. If these bacteria and dirty things enter the baby’s mouth, it will also have a great impact on the baby’s health. 

In addition, putting your hands in your mouth for a long time may have a great impact on the baby’s bones and the baby’s mouth development. 


Therefore, parents should regard two-year-old as a watershed when their children eat their hands, and parents should also learn to treat them rationally. 

It is a long-term process to correct this habit of eating hands. Parents should not insist on it, but should proceed step by step. Do netizens have any other views on eating hands? Parents are particular about naming their children. Pay attention to these three types of names. They don’t sound good and can easily hurt your self-esteem.

When I was young, I watched TV dramas. Feed, so people are familiar with funny names such as “dog eggs” and “dog leftovers”. 

At the time, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with this kind of name, but as I got older, especially when I named my own children, I would really unconsciously think about these down-to-earth names. . 

Actually, parents nowadays give their children big names, which are generally formal, generous and nice. However, breast names, as most of the names often evoked by family members, seem a little more casual. 

However, although the name of the milk does not need to be written in the account book But it’s also very particular, because some names are not only unpleasant but also easily hurt their children’s self-esteem. Parents shouldn’t be careless. 

Can the baby’s name be taken casually? 

Some children’s milk names are related to their zodiac attributes. For example, the baby of Xiao Liu’s family was born in the Year of the Ox, so the child’s milk name is Daniel. For a boy, it feels cute and strong. 

However, Daniel’s cousin took some troubles when he came up with the name. Daniel’s cousin was born a year earlier than him, just in time for the Year of the Rat. The young parents didn’t think much about it. They took a “down-to-earth” nickname, so they named the child “Haozi”. 

This is annoying to my cousin’s grandpa Grandma, they said it’s not enough to name it like this, a homophonic mouse, and when they grow up, everyone won’t be able to call it? So the cousin’s parents named the child “Mickey Mouse”, but still failed, and finally named “Mickey.” 

But grandparents prefer to call the latter words, so mom and dad are called “Mickey”, and grandparents are called “Qiqi”. After several changes of a milk name, everyone is happy in the end. 

From this point of view, naming is really full of knowledge, even if it’s a nickname, you should pay more attention to it. 

Parents are particular about naming their children. These three types of names need to pay more attention.

It’s not that the older generation’s names are not good, but because the names are not only used when the child is young, the parents will meet When they grow up, they will still be called by their family members, so pay special attention. 

First, the name of the milk that is too grounded


Some nicknames are too grounded, such as the well-known “dog leftover” and “ugly girl”. 

Needless to say that children grow up to adulthood, once they enter kindergarten or elementary school, they will often be laughed at by their classmates because of their breast names, and some will lose confidence because of inappropriate names. 

Second, use a certain feature of the child to name the baby

Some parents will name their children based on some of their characteristics. For example, the children are chubby and cute, and the parents will name them “two fat”, “big head”, “fatty” and so on. 

Such a name makes it easy for others to label children. Not only does it not sound good, but it also makes children lack self-confidence if they are called too much. After all, no one wants to let others mention their shortcomings repeatedly. 

3. Milk names that cannot have a positive effect on children

There is also a kind of milk name. Although it embodies the good wishes of the parents, it does not have a positive effect on the child itself, such as “weight male The parents of “Naughty Girl” named the girl “Zhaodi”, and some parents were self-effacing and named their children “Stupid Girl”. 

When the child grows up, he will understand The connotation in the name may not agree with the parents’ ideas. 

A bad name is not only unpleasant, but also easy to hurt the child’s self-esteem.

Some parents will imitate the way celebrities name their children, such as Zhao Wei’s daughter Xiao Siyue, Yang Ying’s son Xiao sponge, and Yang Mi’s daughter Xiao Nuomi, wait, it sounds good and special. 

When your child is named, parents There will be some “little pot lids”, “wontons”, “pigs” and the like. These milk names are sometimes referred to as “bad” milk names by parents for whatever reason, and they may even be rejected by their grown-up children. 

From the aesthetic point of view of modern people, these names are indeed easy to remember, but they are not necessarily nice, and some can cause ambiguity, especially bad names, which can seriously hurt children’s self-esteem.

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