At the beginning of the new semester, the large kindergarten classes have become “empty classes”. Is advanced education necessary?

At the beginning of the new semester, the large kindergarten classes have become “empty classes”. Is advanced education necessary? 

Children’s education has always been the focus of parents’ attention. In order to keep their children ahead of others at the starting line, parents are broken. 

Not only is it overwhelming with a wide range of early education classes, but when the child is at the age of kindergarten, parents will carefully examine and compare multiple kindergartens and choose the “best solution” in their minds. 

Do you know if you found it? Whenever it comes to the new semester, the number of children in the public kindergarten class will gradually decrease, and there will even be “empty classes”. 

As soon as the beginning of the new semester, the children of the big class “automatically ask for leave”

Ms. Chen’s son is in a public kindergarten near her home in the big class. Ms. Chen thought there was nothing wrong with it, but after school started. Something happened that made Ms. Chen very anxious. 

At the beginning of the new semester, Ms. Chen sent her children When I went to school, I found that there were a lot of students missing in the class. The original lively class was much quieter. After understanding, I found that these students were all transferred to private kindergartens. 

After asking a few parents who are usually close to each other, Ms. Chen realized that they felt that the teaching content of public kindergartens was too little, and they were afraid that their children could not keep up when they were in elementary school, so they transferred their children. Or go to the young cohesion. 

After hearing the news, Ms. Chen also transferred the child to a private kindergarten after balancing the pros and cons. Ms. Chen said: You can’t just watch your child be left by others. 

The large class of public kindergarten becomes “empty class” What’s the matter? 

Generally, the teaching mode of public kindergartens is relatively relaxed. Teachers will pay more attention to the development of children’s daily routines and learning patterns, and teach them good learning methods. 

On the contrary, in order to find more students, private kindergartens pay more attention to teaching knowledge and let children learn elementary school content in advance. In contrast, parents may find the teaching of private kindergartens more meaningful. 

Therefore, when there is a parent who prefers to be private In kindergarten, it may cause a chain reaction. After all, the teaching progress of elementary school teachers is fast, and parents don’t want their children to lag behind others, so the kindergarten class becomes “empty class”. 

The question is, is it really necessary for the children to pursue such a blindly anxious parents? 

Parents “snap off” in this way, there may be a “third-grade effect”

Parents love their babies eagerly, and it is understandable that they will do so for their children’s learning. However, there is a “third-grade effect” in the primary school stage, which means that the children will learn very well in the first and second grades, but by the third grade, they will fall sharply. 

In fact, children in this situation , Most of them are children who have learned the content of the first and second grades in advance. 

Because such students have studied the first and second grade courses, the class is basically a review. Of course, they will be far ahead in grades, but this also leaves hidden dangers for future learning. 

When they find that the content of the teacher speaks by themselves, they will have a loose attitude in class, and they will not pay attention to the class. 

When they enter the third grade, Because the foundation is not solid, there is no good learning method, coupled with the poor self-control of the children, this has led to a rapid decline in their learning. 

From this point of view, this “snap run” by parents is not conducive to the improvement of children’s future performance. 

Learning requires one step at a time, and you can’t think about eating into a chubby dun with one bite.

Learning more importantly is to pay attention to the method, pay attention to the stage of teaching, follow the steps, and not rush, otherwise the child will have a fault. 

In the kindergarten stage, it is important to cultivate good habits for children. Everything is unknown to children who are new to school. Let them take the initiative to learn. Therefore, we need parents to help children learn well. bedding. 

▼Positive learning attitude: to be in the child Cultivate children’s learning attitude when they are new to learning, so that children are willing to learn, like to learn, and can experience the joy of learning. 

▼Good study habits: Old people all say that they need to lay a good foundation for their children, and this bottom line is the children’s study habits. 

▼Excellent learning thinking: In addition, it is necessary to exercise children’s thinking, so that children can ensure that their thinking is divergent when studying, and they can draw inferences from one another. This can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. Dads, understand the mothers who take care of their children at home! You are tired, they work harder.

A year ago, a boy called the police and said, “My mother is drunk, and my sister is unattended.” At this time, a baby’s cry came from the other end of the phone. When the police arrived at the boy’s house, they found a six-month-old baby girl under her arm pressed by her mother. She was wearing thin autumn clothes on the upper body and only diapers on the lower body, while the child’s mother was lying on the side drunk. The reason was that her husband who was working in another place quarreled with her, and she drank alcohol in a fit of anger. 

We don’t know exactly why it is noisy, but I can appreciate her tiredness, how much physical strength it takes to bring two children alone. However, sometimes you can’t get the understanding of your family members. Some people will say more excessively, what is the tiring of staying at home, isn’t it just two children? There is a saying in our hometown, “I’d rather go to the mountains to lift the rocks than take the kids at home.”

Since I became a mother, my freedom is gone and my friends don’t have time to contact me. I can’t wait to devote all my time to it. child. Sometimes in the afternoon, I’m too tired to walk, I can’t wait to fall asleep wherever I go. In this kind of almost isolated and exhausted situation, but in exchange for your husband to quarrel with you, what will happen to you? 

01 Not having a second child is “lazy” ? Please experience the pain of giving birth first. 

A friend complained that her husband and other family members wanted a second child, but she didn’t want it. I have been communicating for three or four years, but my friend firmly disagreed, and her husband repeatedly said that she was lazy. Let’s not talk about lazy or lazy, how painful it is to have a baby, do men know? Jiang Qinqin’s husband, Chen Jianbin, can’t stand the pain at the fourth level! There is a man who is strong enough to reach the tenth grade. The description of the tenth grade pain is: it is like the muscles are all torn and the bones are broken. As a woman, it is a child born under this kind of pain that is similar to a muscle being completely torn. But all mothers who have given birth are really great. 

Before giving birth, my nightmare was a mess. After giving birth, my nightmares are all related to having a baby. Either in the delivery room or during a pregnancy checkup. Every time I woke up, I felt frightened. I touched my belly and said to myself comfortably when I was sure I was not pregnant: “Oh my god, I’m not pregnant, that’s great.” But even if you panic again, you have to look at the quilt of your son lying on the side when you are awakened by a nightmare. 

Talk about the “lazy” thing again, I don’t know how many fathers try to bring their babies alone. Especially when the child is just born, you know how many times the wife gets up at night. 

I have a friend who sent me a screenshot of the time one day. He woke up seven or eight times in one night. Either the child cried, or the child urinated, or was breast-feeding. Can she sleep this night? 

Less sleep is one aspect. Taking care of children during the day can be described as exhausting. Of course, as a mother, you must ensure the child’s food and clothing. And my friend lost more than ten kilograms in half a year. Under normal circumstances, she would just take a bite if she had something to eat at home, or just some fruit if she didn’t. Does it seem to some husbands that a wife who doesn’t even cook is too lazy! 

But after this experience, it’s painful On the journey of giving birth, I have experienced countless mothers who can’t sleep well day and night. As dads, besides encouragement and praise, do we need more support? Where can I say the word “lazy”. Our new generation must keep up with the thinking, not to mention how the mother’s generation is, let alone the attitude of the mother and mother-in-law to look at women taking care of their children. 

The mother-in-law in “Home on the Ramp” once said a particularly representative sentence, “No matter how the times change, the woman who gives birth should not just take care of the child because it is too exhausting. If I can’t sleep, I yelled to know that I would not give birth. Also, women shouldn’t expect too much from the father of the child to help.” When my friend was pregnant, she had a heart problem and couldn’t sleep all night, so she and My mother complained that it was too hard, and in return it was “hypocritical”. When I was pregnant, I couldn’t eat spring onions, ginger and garlic, and I was “just used to it” in exchange for my mother-in-law. 

The parents’ generation is old, and they used to be like this, but as a dad in the new era, don’t jump into this cycle and join the ranks of accusing your own wife. 

02 It’s too much to spend, but there are How much is for the child? 

Some netizens said: “I don’t eat at home. My wife spent 20,000 yuan at home for half a year. I criticized her for spending too much. I was annoyed and left the child.” Not more than 20,000 yuan. There are certainly not many in big cities, and not many in rural areas. My in-laws are in the countryside and they are self-sufficient for almost all the vegetables. They don’t eat rice and they mainly buy meat and other things, but they also spend close to 10,000 yuan in half a year. And if a mother with a baby at home compares with the two elderly people, 10,000 yuan is definitely not enough. 

Because the speed and amount of money spent by children is really incomparable to that of the elderly. In daily life, their little feet and height grow very fast. You can’t let your children barefoot, basically It takes three or four months to change a pair of shoes. Once my husband mumbled when picking shoes for his son, your dad’s shoes lasted for three or four years, the soles were worn out, and the uppers were worn out before buying new ones. You guys don’t do well. Change one pair in three or four months, and each pair is extremely new. If you complain, you still have to spend the money. The clothes are even more so. You have to buy them for the seasons, and you have to buy the clothes if they are short. You can’t watch your baby wear a cropped outfit. 

Eating, this is the most worrying Something is wrong. First, they don’t eat well, and sometimes they are picky eaters. I’ve tried my best just to cook and feed. The ingredients should be fresh, and the meat should be relatively better, some kind of grass pork. Regardless of whether your adult eats fatty meat or other meat, you will always do your best to buy the best for your child. The money for a child’s meal is enough for an adult to eat at least one day. 

The lack of an adult in the family who eats such a meal or two does not affect the overall amount of money spent, because the majority of the money is on the child. Don’t just look at the money spent, and just say that your wife spends too much, and don’t listen to their explanations. If the family income is limited, analyze with your wife how much income you have at home, how much fixed expenses you have, and how much you can spend freely in the end. When the husband and wife live together, no one is going to spend all their money. Communicate well and understand more, so which wife is willing to leave her beloved baby and leave. 

03 There are still many things to do on the road to parenting Wife needs to understand more. 

As a mother of a young child, she takes care of her child’s work every day at home, including cooking, feeding, reading to the child, playing with the child, taking a bath and so on. Do you know how hard it is to bring a child? Have you experienced the state of staying for a whole day, so tired that the soles of your feet hurt, you can’t walk, and you can fall asleep immediately when you lie down anywhere? I exchanged with my husband for a period of time. My husband took it alone for two days, and the original insomnia was cured. During those two nights, I was able to fall asleep immediately after lying on the bed, no more insomnia, no more dreams. Not to mention a boy, let alone a girl. Physically suffers too much, and occasionally my wife has a little temper, just understand it. 

The tiredness of the body is over, let’s talk about the heart. When the children were young, they were almost always surrounded by them. At this time, they were almost isolated from the rest of the world. The only time that belongs to me is the time I have not fallen asleep after changing diapers and breastfeeding the child in the middle of the night, but at this time everyone else is asleep and can only look at the mobile phone, no one can communicate. Every day, except for the baby, there is almost no channel for contact with the outside world. Just imagine how lonely it is. The only adult who can communicate with each other every day is the husband, but when he comes back, he accuses and complains about how hot he is as a wife. 

Take care of the child When he gets older, the child starts to go to school again. Try the tutoring homework again, can it blow your lungs. The mother and son on the opposite floor usually fall asleep after 10 o’clock in the evening. Why do I know that it is usually the mother who yells while tutoring homework, while her son is crying while doing his homework. 

As a child’s mother, when she was a child, her physical fatigue was greater than her mental fatigue. When she went to school when she was older, her mental fatigue was far greater than her physical fatigue. 

As a mother, I am filled with fatigue, impetuousness and anxiety every day. I hope my husbands can understand more. You must know that as long as a child’s mother, she can take care of the child from childhood to adulthood, no one is qualified to make irresponsible remarks to them. 

It’s not easy to take care of newborns. These 7 “arms” are really superfluous. Newbie mothers must see them.

Many pregnant mothers feel that pregnancy is the hardest thing, and it’s hard to eat and sleep. Now, the pregnant mother is looking forward to the stars and the moon, looking forward to the moment when the baby is born. I thought that after the baby was born, I would finally be able to get free, but I never expected that there would be more busy things after the baby was born, especially for the novice mother, who has no experience in caring for children and has many misunderstandings in caring for children. 

It hasn’t been long since baby Xiao Ke was born , Because her mother’s family is out of town, her mother can’t take care of Xiao Ke, and Xiao Ke’s mother-in-law is not in good health, so after Xiao Ke is out of confinement, she can only take care of the children at home. 

Xiao Ke has no experience, so he is also groping forward in taking care of children. He often reads other people’s experiences on the Internet, and the elderly will learn how to do it by themselves. The weather was relatively cold in those few days, Xiao Ke read on the Internet and said that the cold air has come recently, and the child should be dressed thicker. So Xiao Ke hurriedly put on the quilted jackets given by others to the baby. In fact, the temperature at home is not low, so there is no need to dress the baby so thick. 

It didn’t take long for the baby to start She was crying, and it was the kind that couldn’t be coaxed well, but she was frightened. In the end she couldn’t help but thought that the baby had some disease. So she hurriedly took the baby to the hospital, but when he arrived at the hospital, the doctor said. Look, the baby is not sick at all, it’s all because the clothes Xiao Ke put on the baby are too thick, and the baby is uncomfortable. The child doesn’t know how to express, and can only express discomfort by crying, so it’s okay to dress the baby less after going home. 

Now Xiao Ke’s hanging heart is finally let go. Fortunately, the child is okay, or he will regret it. After the child was all right, Xiao Ke sighed, taking care of the baby is so troublesome, so it’s better to worry about it! 

Regarding the issue of newborn care, there are indeed many aspects that need to be paid attention to. Sometimes the “care” provided by Baoma for newborns is really redundant. Not only is it not good for the child, but it also gives Baby makes an impact. 

Some misunderstandings in taking care of children

1 .Newborns wear gloves

Newborns like to scratch back and forth with their hands in the air after they are born. Sometimes they will scratch their faces by accident, scratching their own faces one by one, so some parents In order to prevent the child from scratching himself, he is smart to wear gloves so that the child will not scratch himself. 

In fact, it is a particularly unwise decision to bring gloves to children. The reason why children like to grab their hands is exactly what they need. Children keep scratching their hands to inform the outside world. , Parents entangle their children’s hands, which is equivalent to cutting off the path for children to explore. 

2. Newborns wear too thick


When parents take care of newborn babies, they are always afraid that the child will be cold, so they like to give the child a thick three-layer and three-layer outer layer. Some children can not move at all when they are put on the bed directly by the parents. This not only restricts the child’s activities, but also wears too thickly to affect the self-regulation of the child’s skin, and the child is prone to eczema. 

3. Sleeping pillow pillow for newborn babies

Some mothers give their children pillow pillows after the birth of their children, just to let the children sleep with a good-looking head shape, but the children just Pillows are not suitable for birth at all. Parents giving children a pillow prematurely affects the child’s spine. 

4 newborns shake and hug to sleep


After the newborn is born, some parents are so rare that they love their children all day long. The children cry and hold them, and hold them without crying. Gradually, they get used to holding the children. In the end, the child who does not hug can not sleep, so the parents hug the child to sleep all day long. Sometimes the parents still hold the child while shaking, and sometimes the child’s rhymes are still muttered in their mouths. This is the only way for the child to sleep easily. With. 

But parents think that it is very effective for the child to shake and sleep, but it is not good for the child. Because the child’s brain is too poorly developed, parents always shake the child, which can easily damage the child’s brain. 

5. Kissing a newborn’s cheek

It is new to parents of newborn babies. Some parents express that they love their children either by kissing their children’s cheeks or pinching their children’s cheeks. It’s cute, but if parents always kiss or pinch their children’s cheeks, children will be prone to drooling in the future. Parents kissing or pinching their children’s cheeks will hurt their parotid glands, so don’t pinch your cheeks when expressing your love for their children! 

The newborn’s body is sensitive and fragile, parents Pay special attention when taking care of the newborn, especially in the details. A little carelessness may harm the child. In addition, parents should not take care of their newborns too carefully. For example, some parents bathe their babies every day in order to keep their children clean. Although bathing is good for newborns, it is necessary to wash them every day. Because parents bathe their children every day, it is easy to destroy the protective film of the child’s skin, and the child’s skin is easy to become very fragile.

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