At the age of three, it depends on the whole life, whether the child will make a difference in the future, there will be signs at a young age

At the age of three, you can see whether the child will make a difference in the future. At a young age, there will be signs.

At the age of three, you can tell whether the child will live well in the future. Is this sentence accurate? The words of the ancestors always make sense, otherwise, how could a word be passed on to our children in the next generations for thousands of years? 

So how to judge the future situation of the child based on the child’s performance when he was young? It’s actually very simple, only 4 small tricks are needed. 

Xiao Zhang from Fujian finds that his baby is getting more and more weird recently. Now the three-year-old baby not only asks his mother to wash his face, but also asks himself to eat independently. Mother feeds. 

Xiao Zhang is very strange. It is said that children at this time are the most dependent on their parents. Why does the child make independent demands, hoping to do things without parental interference? Xiao Zhang and his mother-in-law talked about her confusion, but her mother-in-law was very pleased, saying that this is a good thing for Xiao Zhang to teach the children. The children are independent since they were young. They don’t want to drag their parents. They will do their own things and want to do well. Will definitely become a useful person in the future. 

Three-year-old children already have this kind of consciousness. It seems that three-year-olds are indeed true. Children who are bound to grow up in the future, what signs will they show when they are young? Parents can judge who the child will become in the future based on which child’s situation? 

1. What signs can indicate that children will become useful talents when they grow up

1. Children who will share good things with their parents since childhood

Share good things with your parents, you will know what is good for your parents to taste, and you will know what is good for your parents to have fun together. 

One of the children who will share with their parents is to show that the child is not lacking in material. The child has a sense of material security and has received better material support. The other is to show that the child knows how to deal with interpersonal relationships and knows to share with others. When dealing with interpersonal relationships in the future, such children should not be underestimated. Another aspect also shows that such children are very smart, and they know that they need to respect their parents since they were young. 

2. Children who can do things well

Children will do things well since they are young. They will concentrate on eating while eating, and concentrate on playing while playing, and have their own world in themselves. In the world of humans, being creative will create all kinds of novel things for parents to see. 

Such children are not only creative, they are also good at doing things, because creativity also requires concentration and earnestness to achieve. Therefore, as long as such children are better educated and raised in the future, they will definitely become good talents. 

3. Will know the child who says thank you

Children who have known to say thank you since childhood, thank others, are definitely smart, because he knows that he has got other people’s After being kind, a thank you is needed to give back to others. 

And such children also know how to be grateful. A child who knows how to be grateful will become a kind person in the future. A kind person always gets help from others. A child who knows to thank others and a child who knows to say thank you are also more polite. A polite child is always more likable and will be more easily taken care of by others in the future. 

4. Children who know what to do

If they show a clear plan when driving since they were young, they know what to do. And it can still be fully expressed to parents, such as what I am going to buy or eat tomorrow, what animation I am going to watch tomorrow, so that I have a clear goal since I was a child, and I know what I want to be a child with a good memory, in the future Not much difference. So parents don’t stop talking about their children. Such children with good memory and regular behavior are good children. 

Two. Smart kids, how to give him smart education

1. Believe in children’s own exploration ability

The education that smart kids need and the possibilities of ordinary children It is not the same. For example, some children have been active since they were young, but have good math scores and strong problem-solving skills. 

For such a child, parents should no longer force him to do math problems, instead encourage him to cultivate better mathematical thinking, and let him explore and explore in his own world. It’s better. 

2. Support children’s creation

Smart children need more clever education from their parents. For this type of child, parents must support and encourage him to create from an early age. Parents let their children do what they want to do, let their children create new things, and encourage their children to cultivate creativity since childhood. Creativity is the scarcest wealth in this society. 

A person who can create is much better than a person who can only write and do. Therefore, to cultivate children’s creativity from an early age is to create by smart children, which is also to contribute to society. Smart children are not in the minority, but there are not many parents who can teach their children smart. 

To judge whether your child is a smart child, if he is a smart child, we must give him a good education so that he can become a useful person in society in the future. Parents who lack a sense of boundaries can’t raise happy children. This is his biggest disaster.

Xiaowei is the only one in his family. The whole family treats him as a baby. Xiaowei has already I’m nine years old, and I still let my grandma feed me. 

Whenever someone opposes this method, grandma always says that the child eats too slowly by himself, feeds fast, and the child eats too much, so whenever it comes to eating, he will be fed first . 

One time the school organized a group trip, everyone else was eating at the table, only Xiaowei, who didn’t know how to use chopsticks, he was ashamed to say that he didn’t know how to use chopsticks. pause. 

Xiaowei is used to being a bully at home, and the same goes for other people’s homes. I competed with other people’s children for toys, flipped through other people’s drawers, and once even took away other people’s money directly. 

Bear children do not make people worry, there is no sense of boundaries between parents and children, how can children grow up? No matter how much the parents give, the children think that this is what the parents should do. Return the freedom to the children and let the children become children. This is the meaning of education. 

Long Yingtai once said that our whole life is to say goodbye to our children, watch them leave again and again, and the children tell us from their backs that we don’t need to chase them. 


Every parent’s love for their children is true, but love that is too tight will suffocate the child, and love without a sense of boundaries is harmful to the child. 

1. There will be a drama of control and escape in a family without a sense of boundaries.

Parents always interfere with their children’s lives in the name of good for their children. It is better for children to be tired from studying. I want to play games and take a break, but the parents feel that the child is not doing his job properly and must let the child follow him to exercise outside. 

After the child is six years old, he needs his own private space, and most parents treat the child as a transparent person, go to the child’s room, never know how to knock on the door, and just push the door. Go inside, the child’s codebook is often cracked privately. Children will inevitably try to resist until they are truly out of the control of their parents. 

2. Misunderstanding that there can be intimate behaviors between opposite sexes

Many parents go to the bathhouse to private rooms as a family after their children are three years old. Even some family fathers and daughters will have intimate behaviors. For example, after their children are out of school, they will kiss their daughters on the cheek as soon as possible to indicate intimacy, and some parents will even kiss their daughters’ ass. This approach is simply ridiculous. 

After children grow up, they must understand the difference between men and women, especially when they get along with the opposite sex, and they must understand the sense of boundaries. Only in this way can they be clearly aware when they are violated. And ask for help. 

3. It may destroy the happiness of the child

On Zhihu, I saw a girl who said that her ex-boyfriend is good, but she just can’t stand her ex-boyfriend. There is no boundary between the family and the mother. Mother can enter his room at will. Even though he and he were resting in the room, they never knocked on the door, opened the door and walked in. 

The ex-boyfriend was 27 years old at the time, and he usually slept on the same bed with his mother, his underwear The mother is also washing. The girl was separated from the boy because she couldn’t stand such an overly intimate affection. 


Parents are the ones who bring their children into this world. This is also the first task of parents, but there is another task for parents, that is, to know how to draw a line with their children and give them Before getting a sense of boundaries, find out where you are. 

1. Don’t just learn to let go for the good of your children.

Many parents have been doing what they think are good for their children throughout their lives, constantly forcing their children to become better , Constantly strict requirements on them, always afraid that they will go astray accidentally, but in the end they often backfire. 

You are working hard for your child, but the child desperately wants to escape. Instead of always wanting for the good of the children, let yourself learn to let go! The vast sky allows him to fly freely. Only eagles who have experienced ordeal can fly freely in the sky. If you really love your children, give your freedom back! 

2. Guide children to distinguish between good and evil by themselves

Life is so long, children always have to move forward on their own. If you are not at ease, you should teach your children how to distinguish between good and evil and how to deal with the things around them correctly, instead of not letting him do everything, letting him consider everything for him, and let him know that he should What to do. 


I have become accustomed to the care of children, how can parents withdraw step by step during the growth of their children, and leave life to their children to control. 

1. Respect the privacy of the child and give him independent space

When the child takes a bath in the bathroom, do not enter and leave at will, knock on the door when entering the child’s room, know how to respect the child and respect the child With her privacy, she knows how to treat others correctly. Many parents think that their children are their own private products, so no matter what the children do, they have to ask them one by one, always worrying about the children doing bad things. In fact, the children’s abilities are very strong, but we worry too much and we haven’t given them the space to fly freely. 

2. Be intimacy with children appropriately, and help children cultivate boundary awareness

There is no boundary between intimacy between most families and children in our country. In their view, children are themselves Yes, I can kiss as I want, and I have nothing to do with outsiders. In fact, the intimacy between you and your child should be moderate. Doing so is to cultivate the child’s concept of correct gender awareness, and it is also related to her ability to establish a good intimacy with the opposite sex in the future. 

3. Don’t hold back your child, be your child’s life mentor

This is the child’s first teacher. What the parents do normally, the child will see In the eyes, what you say doesn’t work, they will only look at what you do. Then they will learn everything. If you want your children to understand the boundaries of communication between people, you must first be strict with yourself. Only when you do it, your children will have an example to learn from. Never kiss a child, let alone kiss the child’s private parts, neither can parents. Strictly abide by this rule. In daily life, parents who know how to give their children a certain amount of private space, never break in privately, and let the child be a little adult with autonomy. 

Life is short, let us learn to let go. Children will eventually drift away from us so that they understand that life is a personal practice. When a child really gets better and better, we will feel joy from the heart, not only because he has grown, but because he has grown up. Because it seems to see another better self.

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