At the age of 3, he was forced to “running naked” in the snow. Behind his parents’ cruelty, there is more than love for their children

At the age of 3, he was forced to “running naked” in the snow. Behind his parents’ cruelty, there is more than just love for their children.

Should be stricter in children’s education, let the children be full of skills, or be more relaxed, let There is also a happy childhood topic that parents have always thought about and discussed. 

For He Yide’s father, he would still choose the former without hesitation. Many people have never heard of the name “He Yide”, but many of my friends may be familiar with things such as running at the age of 1 and running naked in the snow at the age of 4. 

If everyone thinks that He Yide’s father is a tiger dad and wolf dad who likes to challenge the limit with his child’s body, then it’s wrong. He Yide’s studies are also solely in charge of his father. He Yide is a 17-year-old 12-year-old It was successfully admitted to the self-examination major of Nanjing University. However, because the grades are only enough for the professional line, in 2020, He Yide will start preparing for the undergraduate self-examination again. 

The child’s sports, learning, physical and emotional intelligence, Dad He has not fallen behind. I have to say that the effect is really good. However, many people also objected, because the child started this kind of devil training life at the age of six months and had no childhood at all. It was the father who imposed these things on the child, and the father was too cruel. 

This statement is also out of distressed children, but many people do not know that He Yide was born 3 months prematurely and was said to be cerebral palsy. Such a statement is a bolt from the blue for any father and mother, so He Yide’s parents began to save their son. In this process, they are more confused and painful than anyone else, but for the sake of their children, they can only continue cruelly. They love their children, and of course they will love their children, but they must not just love them. 

This kind of training is a bit cruel, but it is better than a child’s disability, and the quality of life is greatly affected. Now He Yide is not only normal, but also very good. All this is due to the cruelty of his parents. If parents want their children to be good, especially children with special circumstances, they must be as good as possible, then the parents must first pass the test of themselves, learn and be cruel. 

There is a special baby at home. It doesn’t mean that the future will be dim. The key is to see what the parents do.

Be hard to exercise your children

Being a parent always feels distressed. Children instinctively want to protect them, not to mention their special physical and intellectual conditions. But the truly wise parents will not be blinded by love, otherwise the life of their children will be more difficult if they are old or gone. 

Therefore, for children with special circumstances, parents must be ruthless to exercise their children, learn as many life skills as possible, and move closer to self-care and normalcy. This is the long-term solution. 

Don’t miss the child’s growth and exercise

Seeing that the child is physically or mentally disabled, some parents simply abandon the child, or have another one, and are not concerned about the child. It is important to know that the growth of a child requires the participation of parents. Children with special circumstances are more sensitive, have more delicate feelings, and cannot do without the company of their parents. Especially when studying and exercising, the company of parents can give them great support. 

Encourage children not to give up

If you are different from others, your child will have a sense of inferiority and want to escape and give up. Faced with such a situation, what parents should do is not to hide their children under their own wings, but to constantly encourage their children to let them know that even if they are different from others, they are worthy of being loved. Only if parents and children do not give up, the future will get better and better. 

The blind girl goes to school independently every day, and her mother quietly accompanies her; the uncle in her 50s who has only a 5-year-old IQ works to make money and hand in, and the 80-year-old mother insists on exercising him. This example is very inspirational. It is the reason of the parents. Many children in our lives are normal physically and mentally, but because of their parents’ education disorders, they have become “bad students” and “bad children” in the eyes of teachers and parents. 

Parents are tireless in doing this. No matter how talented the child is, he will fall behind.

Doting on the child

Of course, your child is hurt by himself, but this There is also a limit to pain. Loving a child too much is actually feeding the child sugar-coated poison. Now many children are naughty and are called “bear children” because of their parents’ indulgence. This kind of education gives them preferential treatment everywhere, so that they will regard themselves as special and like to walk sideways. 

Not paying attention to children’s problems

Colleague’s children always stop going to school for various reasons, and ask colleagues to pick him up in advance for various reasons, even though we all say children This is not right. The colleagues themselves have a headache and are clear, but they have never educate their children seriously. 

Now that the child is a few years older, he doesn’t listen to discipline anymore, and it’s even more difficult for parents to correct the child. Parents are actually very aware of the shortcomings of the child’s body. They thought that opening one eye and closing the other is the way to get along with the child. 

Even if it is congenital deficiencies, it can grow up normally under the dedication of parents’ education, even very good. And the parent’s own education has problems. A normal child, even a highly talented child, will be stunned by everyone, and it will also cause headaches. Do you have any views on this phenomenon? A 3-month-old baby with emphysema was sent for emergency treatment. After the doctor found out the cause, he even shook his head and ignorantly pits the baby

Newborns are the most difficult to bring because their body is not fully developed yet, and they are particularly fragile. . Not to mention, Depot mom pays great attention to eating only. For example, babies under the age of six months are strictly prohibited from adding complementary foods. But let’s talk about it, in real life, all kinds of prominent incidents still occur frequently, and the root cause is mostly related to the wrong way of bringing a baby by the parents. 

A three-month-old baby had a sudden emphysema. The doctor’s parents actually fed this kind of stuff to the baby.

There was a piece of news in Shaanxi that a three-month-old baby suffered from a sudden emphysema. He was rushed to the hospital for rescue, and his parents panicked outside the operating room. After a long time, the doctor came out to report that the child was delivered in time, saying that the child was delivered in time and was rescued from danger. However, the things that were taken out by the operation caused all the doctors to be outraged and expressed that the child’s parents were too careless. 

It turned out that the doctor found that there were a few small round pellets in the baby’s lungs, which were suspected to be pills. After an emergency operation, it was found that it was really a pill that hadn’t melted. Later, I asked the parents to find out that this was the “Seven Zhendan” that was fed to the child earlier, which is a very common medicine used to treat children’s fever. Previously, because the child kept having a high fever, my father learned that this medicine was very useful from elsewhere, so he asked my mother to feed the child a few pills. Unexpectedly, it was these small pills that almost made the child “finish”. Up. 

This pair of parents obviously lacks common sense of parenting. Three-month-old babies can only take breast milk or formula milk powder. Any supplementary food is not allowed. What about hard pills? If the parents are not so ignorant and big-hearted, how can the child experience this danger? In fact, similar situations are very common in reality. According to media reports, a large number of newborns die every year because of foreign bodies choking in their trachea or lungs. 

Newborns must pay attention to eating. Once they choke on a foreign body, it may be fatal.

For children aged 0 to 3, the death caused by foreign body inhalation accounts for nearly 7% of the total.

In China, foreign bodies in infants and young children Inhalation occurs from time to time, and statistics show that in all deaths of children aged 0 to 3 years, the death caused by foreign body inhalation alone accounts for about 7%. This is a very scary figure, which shows that children inhaled foreign bodies. How dangerous. If seeing this hasn’t made you wary, then you might as well take a look at another more frightening figure. For babies under one year old, deaths caused by alien inhalation can account for more than 40% of the total! This ratio is already quite high, so every caregiver should be 100% vigilant and don’t have any chances, because once it happens to your child, it is a great probability of death. 

Nuts such as peanuts and melon seeds and pills are the most common inhalants

In all inhalants, nuts such as peanuts and melon seeds, as well as the pills in the above case, are most common. It can also be seen that the vast majority of children’s foreign body inhalation cases are caused by the fault of the parents. Therefore, I hope that every mother can learn more about parenting before giving birth, and I must not step on the pits that predecessors have stepped on. A child is incompetent and innocent. If you bring him harm because of your mistakes, wouldn’t it be too unfair to his new life? 

We have repeatedly emphasized that the culprit of children’s foreign body inhalation is the fault of the parents. Therefore, to prevent this kind of situation, the most fundamental way is to strengthen the parents’ sense of responsibility and improve scientific parenting. 

To prevent children from inhaling foreign objects, parents should do so.

Take all the foreign objects that children may swallow into places where children can’t reach them.

Infants and young children are very curious, see Small items such as coins and thumbtacks are likely to be swallowed. Therefore, parents should usually store such items out of the reach of children to avoid danger. Especially when it is used temporarily, you should pay more attention not to let the child hold it in your hand, even when the adult is staring, because the child swallows it only for an instant, no matter how fast the adult reacts, there is no time to stop it. 

Infants need to be cautious about medication, and parents should not take control without authorization

For infants under one year of age, parents should strictly follow the doctor’s requirements to operate, not like Shaanxi’s The parents gave the newborn pill without authorization. Doctors usually prescribe decoctions for infants with limited swallowing ability, or direct injections of drugs instead of swallowing pills like adults. This kind of common sense needs to be mastered by every parent, especially parents whose babies are under one year old. In fact, even a little knowledgeable parent will not make the obvious mistakes in the case. After all, how can a baby who can’t even eat complementary foods swallow hard pills? If there is no problem, then it would be contradictory to “cannot eat complementary foods”. 

Accidents always come suddenly, and once they happen, they will be regrettable. I hope that parents will take precautions in normal times, instead of waiting for things to happen before summing up their experience, because not every time, you will be given a chance to make up for it.

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